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Fantasy A Story of Royalty and Nobility


Hey, my name is Jack and I've been rping for a good 4-5 years. I consider myself to be a rather literate writer and I enjoy OOC discussions and plotting. I often write long detailed responses and I would like for my partner to be literate as well for the sake of compatibility. I'd recently taken a break from rping due to my classes but since it's now near the end of the semester, I'm looking to dive back into the world of roleplays. There's a particular idea that I've been craving lately and I'm sure the title kind of gives it away. I will give a brief summary of the idea below but feel free to pm if you want to discuss more details.

Setting: This story takes place in a medieval/fantasy world within the nation of Avaritia. The world is more magic and sword to sword fighting, so no gunpower or cannons. I'm hoping to do a little world-building as we go so if that's your cup of tea, feel free to mention it and we can work on it together.

Premise: The plot itself is kind of a simple one at the start, although I'm hoping to find someone that can help me elaborate more on the details and maybe even do some world-building. Avaritia itself was among the most powerful countries of this world until recent decades of foreign incursions and internal strife caused the country to slowly wither away. The nobility grew greatly in power while the Crown's authority slowly decentralized. YC would be a princess belonging to the royal family of Avaritia while my character is a duke hailing from a renowned and highly influential noble family. The rp will base around these two's interactions, which would consist of betrayals, romance, and a little bit of tragedy perhaps.

There are several ways to go about this but I think the easiest would be an arranged marriage where both of our characters instantly develop a strong hatred for one another.

My character is a young charismatic and overly ambitious nobleman who seeks to one day usurp the throne. He was raised with such ambitions and has succeeded in becoming a relatively respected and feared noble within the royal court. He eventually realized that he could use YC to further this goal and would try to get close to her. Due to YC and MC family's rivalry, I imagine both our characters have a negative view of each other from the start. This would of course change as the rp progresses. MC's ultimate goal would be to stage a coup to overthrow YC's father, which he eventually succeeds. I think we can split the rp into two parts. The first would be the beginning where our two characters meet and develop their relationship. Then we can potentially do a little timeskip to the eventual coup d'etat and YC's realization that her family had been betrayed by the one who she had fallen for.

If this idea interests you, feel free to private message me. Thanks for reading
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