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Fandom A Star Wars Thread

Hello! If the name of the thread and my user name don't make it apparent, I am currently looking for Star Wars RP's.

Before we get into my ideas themselves, here's a bit of info about how I write, and how I prefer stories to be.

  • I can play Canon and original characters.
  • Most of my ideas will be base ideas, foundations for a bigger plot. I generally prefer to brainstorm with my would be partners. I feel that a mutually developed plot will be more enjoyable for those involved
  • I generally like things to be semi lore friendly. In that sense I generally opt out of doing AU's. I may make an exception on occasion, but that's rare. Generally this just means things should make a bit of sense, IE: There only being two True Sith during the Clone Wars, or not giving a canon Jedi a random Padawan unless it makes sense for that to happen.
How I write:
  • One Liner to Multiple Paragraphs, with a preference for the latter or at the very least one Paragraph
  • I write in Third person
  • Generally try to be detailed
  • I generally try to reply a couple times a day, but this depends on my mood, interest in the RP, and how many I have
  • I prefer threads for writing, and PM's for OOC stuff (Plotting and all that.). If whomever I may write with prefers things to be done throughout DM's then I'm fine with that however.
Important things to know about how I RP Star Wars:

  • I generally draw a lot from Legend Continuity with my plot ideas. If you aren't aware of what that is, then allow me to explain. 'Legends' is every piece of Star Wars material ranging from books, video games, audio dramas, comic books, and the original Clone Wars cartoon. Things were made before Disney bought Star Wars, with the only exceptions being the CGI Clone Wars Cartoons and the Movies. None of it is canon anymore. Now, for many of my plots, no real knowledge of these things is required. I may make reference to things from it now and again, but generally anything that is required to know I'll explain during the RP.
  • I 'really' don't like the Sequel Movies. I don't like the plot, I don't like the characters, It's one of the few things I can say I hate pretty much everything about. That doesn't mean I wont do anything set around that, but the idea will have to be 'very' good, more so if I'm to play a canon character from that time period.
  • Despite Star Wars being science-fantasy, many of my ideas incorporate different genres and themes. Be that horror, Western influence (Think Clint Eastwood movies.) and things like that.

Below are plot ideas of mine. Some will be fairly straight forwards, while others will be the sort that need to be built upon. This will be split into two seperate sections. The first will be primarily set around OC's. The next will be one's where Canon characters play a big influence:

Imperial bioweapons Project I71A. The Sickness. An unnatural viral agent created through the twisted practices of Sith Alchemy. Created several thousand years ago during the reign of a Sith Empire in an attempt to achieve the unending Sith goal of Immortality. Many years later knowledge of this Virus fell into the hands of Darth Vader. Under the orders of the Dark Lord of the Sith the Imperial Biological Weapons Division attempted to weaponize the virus to further Imperial Interests. The Virus was dubbed 'Blackwing' and scientists attempted to ready it for deployment.

However, one year later, onboard the the Imperial Star Destroyer known as the 'Vector' an unknown incident lead to the virus being unleashed. Infecting the Crew. Storm Trooper, Scientist, and star ship personal alike were all infected. Turning into a hive mind of beings that sought only to eat the flesh of the living, and further spread the virus. The infected crew managed to cripple a Prison Barge known as the Purge. Were it not for a handful of inmates lead by two Smugglers the Barge was disabled, destined to float through space like the husks within. Few infected attempted to spread the sickness by piloting smaller shuttles. But quickly died, truly died, due to leaving the atmosphere provided unending exposure to the virus...

...However, the empire was far from done with this virus. Instead of simply sending a Star Destroyer and Bomber squadron to erase all evidence a clean up crew made of the most elite small scale teams in the Empire was sent with two objectives.

Acquire the accumulated Data of the virus, and the destruction of the Purge before knowledge of the virus became wide spread.

The great hunt. Once a Mandalorian Competition upon the Jungle Moon of Dxun. A Competition for Glory and Honor. The Competition later became open to all Warriors and Bounty Hunters alike throughout the Galaxy to prove who was the greatest. Hunters were more then welcome to kill one another if they were pursuing the same bounty, however, this was the only time a Hunter could kill another.

Five years after the rise of the Galactic Empire a Great Hunt would be held by the Bounty Hunters guild, with the support of the Galactic Empire which proposed the Targets. Three Targets.

-A Squad of Clone Troopers which went rogue instead of purging the Jedi alongside their brothers.

-A survivor of Order 66 Leading a small group of Rebels on various attacks against the Empire

-And the greatest of these threats, a fallen Jedi, twisted by the orders attempt to create a living symbol of the Lightside. The sole Force Vampire in the Galaxy.

A Padawan in hiding, a smuggler with a high price on it's head, an ex con, and an awol storm trooper. All four of these people live within the underworld of the Imperial Capital of Coruscant. Each with different factions on their tail. But what would happen when they come together? (This plot requires two characters to be played each.)

Within the Outer Rim Territories lay many worlds. Many irrelevant worlds. Within one of these worlds was a large store of Cortosis, a rare material lusted for by many factions within the Galaxy. On this world, were two children. A boy, strong in form, and strong in will, but with a temper. A girl, physically frail, but gifted in mind, with the force flowing through her body. Within the early days of the Clone Wars the Confederacy of Independent systems learned of this world, and quickly occupied it to mine the valuable ore within it. But it wasn't long until the Republic, and the Jedi, liberated the world from their clutches, though taking it for the same purpose. Many lives were lost, including the lives of the boy and the girl's parents. The Jedi felt the power within the girl, and took her with them. Leaving the boy alone.

It wasn't until many cycles had passed that a man took interest in the boys potential. The man was a Bounty Hunter. A Mercenary. A Warrior. A Mandalorian. He took the boy under his wing, and with him, the boy saw much of the Galaxy, the good, and the bad. While the girl was taught by an Order of Light, the Boy was raised in darkness, living and working within the darkest sides of the Galaxy.

Two Stars. One that that was made brighter. Another that's light was smothered in darkness.

It's the Golden Age of the Jedi and Republic. With the Sith seemingly destroyed in the final Battle of Ruusan several hundred years have passed, with the Ruusan Reformation. But the Sith are far from gone. Instead they have a new philosophy . They set aside swords and armor for cloaks and daggers. Instead of waging war they gather influence, wealth, and power, and number in only two. One to embody the power. The other, to crave it

The Clone army consists of many different Clones, with different training, skill, and talent. But none of which are comparable to Clone Commando's. Specifically selected for special training under Mandalorian Warriors selected by Jango Fett himself. Trained for covert operations most Clones couldn't do in small numbers. Whether it be sabotage, gathering intel, or even assassination. As an experiment, a single Jedi was sent to work alongside one of these Squads. In order to carry out operations viewed as dangerous for even Clone Commando's.

The days of the Old Republic were days which saw countless wars between the Jedi and Sith. When Jedi wore armor and fought as warriors. Beating back various Sith resurgences, and even Sith Empires. There are many stories set within this time, but which story will be explored this time?

This idea is similar to my Clone Wars one, only this time around it'd be focusing on the Dark Times (The time between episodes 3 and 4.)

Ideas where canon characters play a big role:

The Desert World of Tatooine. A Backwater world, where knowledge of Galactic events is a commodity mostly exclusive to those lucky enough to earn a wage allowing them to live in one of the very few cities the world has. On this planet live various moisture farmers, using moisture vaporators to farm water to sell, or use for hyrdoponic Gardens. Yet unlike the city dwellers, these farmers do not live safely. Even within the tight knit communities they form, Tusken Raiders are an ever present threat, along side thieves and goons of Jabba the Hutt.

So when a mysterious Cloaked figure arrives, saying little about himself, living near one of these communities, rumors begin to spread, drawing much attention to the new arrival. Good and Bad.

Both of which, he does not wish to have.

After the reformation of the Galactic Republic into the very first Galactic Empire much of it's military were changed. The Republic Commando's were part of one such change. Becoming the Imperial Commando Special Unit. One with objective. Hunt down any Jedi that survived Order 66, as well as Any 'Jedi Sympathizers'. One of the most skilled of the Commando's known as Unit 39, previously called Delta Squad, became part of an experiment. Instead of conducting operations on their own. They would be lead by a single newly trained Dark Jedi, to see how well Clones would fight against these type of Force Users, and to increase their effectiveness against those they hunt.

This idea is fairly simple and straight forwards. We'd RP the duration of the Clone Wars, various characters, operations, etc. Actual plots will have to be discussed.

Cross over ideas (Fairly self explanatory.)

Within a small, unnamed world within the Outer Rim territories a small world was discovered. This world possessed a large number of Kyber Crystals, an important component in the Empires Super Weapon known as the 'Death Star'. A Single Star Destroyer was sent with a large number of troops, and future miners. However, an incident with a seemingly Indigenous Species would begin attacking those on the surface. Latching onto their faces, and containing acidic blood that made it deadly to remove...

And due to proper decontamination protocols being ignored the entire Crew of the large shuttle would soon be entering a nightmare situation.

Please note that this thread will constantly be updated with new ideas as they come to mind, not only that, but I'm not exclusively doing these. These are just ideas, and I'm open to any that may be presented to me if these one's are not appealing.
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I love your scoundrels and the X aliens plots! If you're still looking let me know and I'll DM you~~

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