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Fandom A Song of Fire and Ice(FxM/FxF)


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If you didn't know by the title, this is a Game Of Thrones search!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Aria but you can call me Ari or Minotaur or Mino, that's up to you! I'm 23 years old, married, in school full time, and working part-time.

Due to this, my responses will be delayed occasionally.

I'm in EST timezone and usually have plenty of time for writing after I get off of work depending on my school deadlines.

My Writing Style:
- 3rd Person past tense POV
- can write anywhere from 2-6 paragraphs on each side, depending on the scene/motivation
- I do prefer discord, however, I don't mind writing in PMs on here if you would rather.
- I prefer doubling! But I will say I am more than happy to do more than one couple on each side! (I have male/female OC's that fit nicely into the universe)


- 18+ (sorry, non-negotiable)
- No one-liners, please! I don't know how to respond to these, ever.
- Be patient & understanding with me if I take a while to respond as I'm balancing school, work, husband, pets, as well as my mental health/writer's block (Please)

Who I'm Looking For: (Characters)
These are in no particular order, though those in bold are the ones I would really like to play against!

- Tyrion Lannister
- Jamie Lannister
-Sandor Clegane(The Hound)
- Jon Snow

-Tormund Giantsbane
- Robb Stark
- Oberyn Martell
- Gendry
- Jorah Mormont

Who I Can Play for You:
- Literally anybody, just ask!
- OC

Please tell me any triggers you may have. I do not want to upset anybody.
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