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Multiple Settings A somewhat specific mxf romantic adventure search

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  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Romance


1. I'm a female in my twenties. I’m not super worried about time zones because I tend to be on at weird hours.
2. I only do mxf romance, and I generally lean toward the male role. EDIT: I have several of these going right now, so I'm open to playing a female if anyone is interested in playing the male role!
3. I can't promise a response every day. Occasionally I can crank out multiple responses in a day, but on average, expect 1-3 replies per week.
4. My responses are 2-4 meaty paragraphs long and tend to be longer for intros and particularly juicy moments.
5. I'm looking for this to be fun and light-hearted. Drama? Yes. Angst? PLEASE. But dark themes, rape, slavery, adultery, torture, incest? No thank you.
6. That being said, I do love action and adventure with hearty doses of violence. Nothing too gory or upsetting, though.
7. ROMANCE. I need it. But I don't want it to be forced or excessively corny. This is important! I want a romance that develops naturally and makes sense. I want chemistry, tension, and characters that actually like each other and work well together. I want to cultivate a good, wholesome relationship. I'm not ruling out the possibility of them sleeping together, but we're going to fade to black if it happens, per site rules and my personal preference. A note on the slow burn: I'm a huge fan of the slow burn! Sometimes it takes a long time for our characters to warm up to each other, develop feelings, and act on them. But sometimes they just have fabulous chemistry and things move much quicker. We’ll see!
8. I take pride in my writing. Do I make dumb typos? Yes. Do I occasionally send shitty replies at 2am instead of going to bed? Yes!!! But you will find that 99% of my responses are well thought out, and I do my best to make my writing flow naturally so that my partner enjoys reading it.
9. I only rp over PM.
10. If we had something going previously and it died, feel free to hit me up! I’ll most likely be glad to pick up where we left off or start something new c:

1. Since I'd like to play the male lead, I'm looking for someone to play the female. Again, if we get along super well and have a hankering to play the male, we’ll talk!
2. If you can match what I write or at least pump out 2 paragraphs per response and give me something to respond to, I'm not picky about post lengths. Matching my 2-4 paragraphs with a novella every single time isn’t preferred, but it's not automatically a deal breaker.
3. Take pride in what you write. Respect my limits. Tell me yours. Contribute to the story. Communicate with me. That's the biggest thing, really. I like planning out our next movies and being in agreement as to the pace of the storyline and the romance. Some things go without saying, but you may find that I overcommunicate just so we're on the same page. It's happened too often that I thought things were going a certain way at a certain pace, and my partner's intentions were at odds with what I had thought we had agreed on. So, let's make sure this is fulfilling and enjoyable for us both!


  • Medieval setting: I prefer using made-up kingdoms in a medieval-esque setting. I’m not overly interested in fantasy such as magic and mystical creatures, but if you have something specific in mind (like light magic), I may be agreeable to it.
  • Royal x Guard pairing. My, I love this pairing. Ideally, this would be a princess and a knight or soldier tasked with protecting her. Open to exchanging the royal for a noblewoman.
  • What I’m really craving is a plot that begins with a journey that goes awry. I have a few ideas for the circumstances surrounding it, but basically, the guard is escorting the princess to another kingdom in dangerous times. They run into all manner of troubles, and they eventually take refuge in an ally kingdom. Amidst the dangers they face, they forge a bond that blossoms into deep feelings for one another. But maybe she’s betrothed to the prince in this other kingdom? Or maybe there’s no arrangement yet, but the prince is trying to make moves and may or may not have less-than-pure intentions? As for our heroes, we could start them off as strangers, acquaintances, or maybe even childhood friends!
  • That’s really all I’m craving at the moment. If you have something else in mind that you think might suit my interests, feel free to suggest!
  • UPDATE: Now that I am satisfying my craving the play the role of the guard, I'm more interested in playing a female!

Please don’t post here! PM me if you’re interested! Fair warning, I may delete your comment here, just to keep it clean looking.
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