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Fandom a small fandom search.

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hi there! my name is salem, i’m 22, female. super chill, go with the flow type of gal. send me your plot ideas, i’ll probably be down for them. i’ve been out of the roleplay game for a while, but now that i have free time i’m back and looking for new roleplays. if we talked before and i disappeared on you, feel free to contact me again!

b a s i c s
- doubling, oc x canon (for fandoms) unless said otherwise.
- full sentences, 3rd person.
- 2-3 paragraphs, more if needed.
- multiply replies a day/few times a week. If life gets in the way, I get it, just let me know.
- long term.
- AU’s are loved here.
- tell me what you want to roleplay when you contact me, a little about you, etc.

f a n d o m s
(love interests in parenthesis.)

Stranger Things.
(Steve Harrington.)


Game of thrones.
(Jon Snow.)

(Fox Mulder.)
I would also be willing to try an oc x oc roleplay with this fandom.

American Horror Story.
Tate Langdon.
Kit Walker.
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