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Fantasy A small but faithful band (CS)



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Name: Laron Smith
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Job: A standard Garrison soldier, trained in sword combat and warfare but woefully underprepared against the legions of hell.
Appearance: Tall and well-built. Tan skin and brown eyes which are beginning to get dark circles beneath them. Unkempt brown hair and stubble. Wears a rugged and dirty uniform. Where once he might have looked fetching, now he seems worse for wear.
Personality: Though he is physically healthy and of reasonable intelligence, Laron is emotionally weak. The situation of the siege has tested him, and he is prone to stress, paranoia and outbursts. His time alone leads him to be reflective. At his core he is earnest and wants the best for everyone, trying to push himself to constantly improve, but the weight of it all sometimes leads him to negative coping mechanisms.
Background: Son of a blacksmith, then volunteered for the local Garrison in the dream of one day - maybe - becoming a knight. Saw some action, a battle or three, had a life, a social circle, a purpose... and then the dead started rising from the ground and Hell's army descended upon the world. Nowadays Laron spends his time constantly defending against the enemy, and his dreams of knighthood remain discarded among everything else lost from the invasion.


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Name: Myria Linde
Sex: female
Age: 25

Personality: Myria is a rather smart, kindhearted woman. She cares deeply for those around her and tries her best to act confident and be reliable to make up for her physical weakness. She also has a habit of shutting the stress down which often results in migraines.
Background: Born in a small town she was brought up by her mother and grandparents. She has shown interest in combat since her childhood. When she grew up, she joined the local garrison promising everyone in her hometown that she would return as a war hero. While in training, it turned out that she won't make a good warrior. Since then she feels like a failure and is scared to ever come back home.

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
Name: Knight Chaplain Vargr
Sex: Male
Age: 56
Job: Chaplain of the local fortification.
Personality: Vargr, his chosen name after having ascended to the illustrious rank of Knight within his Order, is a pragmatic man. He sees the bleak truths in almost any situation and will not soften that truth to others. He is, however, a spiritual man that believes in miracles, something he often tells those that come to him for spiritual needs. He sees this demonic incursion as a test of humanity's will and faith, a test that, should he fail, will do so under a bloody pile of demonic corpses and his soul will spit in the eyes of the Great Evil as it comes to consume him.
Background: Vargr does not speak much of his life before his knighting in the Order of the Maple, though he does say that he is of common birth and spent many years a squire before being knighted. How he became a Knight Chaplain he, to, remains tight lipped on, simply saying that many traditions of many Orders are shrouded in mystery and hold a personally symbolic meaning to each individual. He does say that he acquired his two handed sword during his ascension to Knight Chaplain, however.


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NAME: Chey Sobek
SEX: Male
AGE: 25
APPEARANCE: Pale, blonde, grey-eyed, almost ghostly with the lack of colour about him. Noticeably scarred. Stands around 5'10.
JOB: Chey's expertise in bypassing defences has been put to unexpected use in the name of keeping the fortress secure. He likes to call himself an expert consultant; in reality, he's pushed into helping with maintaining the barricades and acting as a scout, of sorts, to keep an eye on the happenings outside. He'll join the fight if he must, though he'd certainly rather watch.
PERSONALITY: His is one of the few smiles around, these days, and even then it's mostly just teeth. The end of civil society seems to have changed something about his usual careless cheer for the worse; it's given it an erratic, destructive, almost frenetic edge, acting far more on nihilistic impulse than common sense, only reluctantly obedient to orders as it is and continuing to slip. He's still extroverted, easily bored and even easier to distract, given to a playfulness that can occasionally border on cruel. More-so, nowadays. What consequences are coming back to bite him now? He knows it's a dangerous mindset to have. He should hold out hope for normality to return. It's just that it's so.. tempting.
BACKGROUND: One of many bastard sons of some faceless noble house, sent to a distant orphanage before he was old enough to make any solid memories of his origin. He was a nightmare for the nuns that ran the place from the start, a lonely, difficult, restless boy who would throw himself into a fight if he simply didn't like the way another child was looking at him. He was unadoptable, they all sighed. Just a bad kid. Destined to be some kind of criminal. Luckily for him, he ended up quite a good one. He made his career beneath the city gangs as something of a master thief, remorseless and brilliant at breaking into wealthy noble homes and taking whatever valuables he wanted at knifepoint. Theft, extortion, murder, even - as skilful as he was at getting away with it, his misdeeds inevitably began to draw notice. For Chey, the apocalypse couldn't possibly have come at a better time. Finally caught by some 'hero vigilante' travelling through the city, he was set to be executed at dusk, the very noose tied around his neck and beginning to tighten as the first demonic creature was spotted within the walls.


innocuous space goddess
Name: Sister Eloise

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Appearance: Sr. Eloise is average height and weight for a woman her age, but has a gravity about her due to the rigid posture she maintains. Her long, dark hair is always properly tucked away in her coif (the headpiece of the habit, the uniform worn by sisters of her order). She wears robes, the colors varying depending on the time of year. Her face is plain and devoid of bright color except for her tired, blue eyes. One would also notice the satchel she carries around regularly nowadays as well as some small religious medallion and a cloth scapular.

Job: Medicine/healing, spiritual guidance

Personality: Sr. Eloise is a stoic woman who has always believed in shouldering one's burden without complaint. She is a quick and logical thinker and her lack of emotional responses to situations might lead one to think she lacks empathy. However, she is well attuned to the suffering of others and is quick to offer her counsel when times are tough. She's confident and stubborn when it comes to her spiritual beliefs, and would take offense to anyone challenging them.

Background: Before joining her order, Sr. Eloise lived under a different name (which she might be inclined to share later). She was born to a poor farming family well away from the city, where she worked tirelessly for the little food they could feed her. The first lesson she learned was to make no complaints about her lot in life. If she made any mention of the city girls and their bright colored skirts, she would get lashings. The lashings ceased as she grew older and learned more about her family's religion. She was taught that God laid before everyone a series of trials in their mortal life. The greater the soul, the greater the trials. She should thus be grateful for her most terrible hardships, because it meant God thought her capable of overcoming them. She became a very hard worker and this made her an asset to her parents. Her final years with them were enjoyable enough. Then her mother would die from disease and her father became too much of a drunk for her to bear living with him. So she would set out at the age of 13 to bear her new great challenge, to travel alone to the nearby abbey and join a holy order.

Over the course of a few years she was taught how to be a sister as well as basic healing practices. She honed these skills over the years as she practiced her routine--wake up, prayer, quiet contemplation, worship service with her fellow sisters, breakfast, duties, free time, prayer, lunch, duties, prayer, dinner, free time, prayer, bed. Such was the life of a cloistered nun. She was content with it, until one day there was a massive break in her routine, and she was forced to question if humans really were meant to overcome everything God threw their way...

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