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Multiple Settings A search for friends and partners!

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Hello folks!
My name is Charlie! I'm looking for a roleplay partner or even just a friend!
In short, here's what I'll play, but if you want to suggest something I can get into, like a web series, I can certainly try to get into it!
(If something’s in bold, I'm desperate to play it. If a character is underlined, I REALLY can't play them.)

Don't Starve/DST:

Charlie x Willow

Maxwell x Wes
Wilson x Wes
Wilson x Willow
Willow x Wigfrid


I can play anybody, any ship!

Other Fandoms

Miss Peregrine's
My Time at Portia
Stardew Valley

Harvest Moon: Tale of two Towns
Rune Factory Two
Rune Factory Three
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Fantasy Life (The 3DS game)
Pokémon (Sun and Moon & Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.)
The Hunger Games (OC’S only.)

Other Plots!

Boston Marriage - Robots and Dolls - Song Prompts - Monster Girls/Guys/NB pals - The Woods - Ghosts
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