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Hey ya'll, I'm gunna keep this short and sweet. Name's Meri, 21, college student. I'm still recovering from a concussion and while I'm okay, sometimes I need to take a break and take like a 2 hour nap and recharge and sometimes I do it without warning. I am not ignoring you, just give me a hot minute. I'm looking for 18+ (non-negotiable, I do not wish to write with minors) literate partners for a plot heavy roleplay with longer replies, doubling is cool (and preferred when needed), and I would like some romance thrown into the mix! I generally prefer to play female roles, unless we are doubling! Honestly, I do prefer to double anyway, it helps keep a story fresh and moving!

Edited: 1/7/2019

I also like darker themed rps - violence, sex (not necessarily smut), drugs, horror, supernatural, paranormal, crime, etc.

Please send a PM if you're interested or comment below if you can't pm yet!

Simplified Plots / Pairings (FxF or MxF only please)
(if one is bolded it's my preferred role, if not let's talk about it! tbh lets talk about it anyway)
  • Detective x Gang Leader
  • Private Investigator x Detective
  • Werewolf x Human/MerPerson/Vampire
  • Vampire x Human
  • Bad Someone x Good Someone
  • Superhero x Anti-Hero
  • Superhero x Superhero
  • Hunter x Supernatural Creature
  • Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
Let me know if you're interested!
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I am super down! I'd love to give the business person x artist or good x bad one a go, drop me a PM if you'd like!

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