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Multiple Settings A royal craving

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Professor red

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I’m I’m red. This is just gonna be a small post. I’m craving a knight x princess plot. I write from a few sentaces to a few paragraphs I have a few plots for this
This is one of them
Me the knight have known you for years. The night He stole food from the castle and she caught him. In return for letting him go. She made him promise to come back and play with her. So they met around 9 or ten. So he keeps his promise as all she wanted was a friend. So over the years they became best friends. When Roxas wine a test he became her knight. So the plot for now is just visit other kingdoms. Some are bi sexual like some princes and princess are bi sexual so the girls who are bi will like the princess and the princes who are bi will like my charecter but I’m hoping my character and your get together by the time they arrive. So il start as my character knocks on your character door to see if she wants to go walk with him. The queen loves Roxas like her own son. Roxas is like the son to her. and she doesn’t care who the princess Marrys as long as she’s happy and she would see how happy see is with Roxas

Few rules not much.

please please please don’t ghost me talk to me. You don’t like my post tell me.

no one liners. I write usually bout 4-6 sentaces
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Hello (*´∇`)ノ

Is this still open? I would love to start plotting. I've been craving an rp like this for a while

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