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Fantasy A Reverse-Isekai RP?


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Ok, the interest so far seems alright, I could give you the plot I have so far and gauge your guy's opinions on it.

My idea is that your characters are from a Fantasy World. either a parallel world or from a MMO, ala, most Isekai Animes. The RP itself begins in NYC, where your characters wake up following a confrontation with an evil warlock trying to summon his Demonic master. Of course, your "adventuring" group is separated into the different boroughs of the city and, as you attempt to find them. you end up stopping a street crime. This however, has unintended side effects, as this world is not exactly welcoming to your world's brand of "heroism", especially when it involves magic or turning a crook into a pin cushion. This gets the New York Metropolitan Police on your tail, who constitute as one of the first obstacles you encounter in this RP.

After you reunite, the rest of the RP would have you trying to find a way back to your world while fighting the evils of both this world and your world, which is starting to leak into Earth.
What do you think?


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CS will come soon. Also, if you want, can you tell me your basic ideas for your character?
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That could work as a race I came up with called Beastkin Kaitisme Kaitisme
Also, how familiar are you guys with the Isekai genre of anime? If you don't mind me asking.

Marmalade Skye

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I read and play with a lot of isekai and know one or two funny reverse examples.
I wanted to play with an ice mage/elf maybe? And have a comically serious and formal character personality

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