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Futuristic A Retired Assassin {Sci-fi, space}

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, LGTBQ, Platonic, Romance


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So a little different than my usual search threads, I actually don't have a plot. Instead I have a character that I have been dying to use, but haven't been able to because I rarely write anything sci-fi, so I don't have anything to use her in, which makes me sad.

The character!

Sirah was born part of a splinter race of humanity, who's divergence hasn't yet been fully studied. She was bought from her mother by essentially a space mob at three to be raised and trained as the perfect weapon, a combination assassin, spy, and torturer, and she excelled at her position. Two years before current day, she was sent to kill the young daughter of one of her owner's enemies, something strictly forbidden in their culture, children being explicitly off limits. Instead of carrying out her orders, she helped the family to escape, sliced out her tracking chip, and disappeared, choosing to run rather than face her owner's wrath. Now she's traveling ship to ship, working as a mechanic, having vowed never to kill another human being.

So that's the super basic run down on her. If you're interested and have any plot ideas, or if you have a character you'd like to throw against her, let me know!


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I'm interested if you've got a discord or something or if you'd rather PM lemme know
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I'd be interested throwing a bounty hunter or something at her. Maybe the two could become buddies, I don't know.

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