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I've been losing you...

Hey and hello!
Snally, 24, Queer, INTP
3rd Person, 1-8 paragraphs, 18+ RPers only. I don't double.

I've been here before, but still rather unfamiliar with this site. I felt like reaching out again with the hopes that I'll be able to find one or two writers I can really jive with.

I'm searching for original universes and fandom based plots. Many of my OCs are fandom based or flexible enough to be used anywhere, one of my favorite things is to use canon settings as a sandbox for our own stories. I can't tell you how much I adore 'strange' AUs and crossovers, so don't be shy hitting me up with your ideas so we can really make something our own.

I'll start off with general plot vibes, then get more specific as I go. Most of these are going to skew towards supernatural, fantasy, and sci-fi. I'm a huge fan of including darker themes and realistic depictions of raw emotion in my writing, and I try to have my muses, beloved long-time OCs, canons, and characters I create specifically for the story, reflect that. I have very few squicks, but will respect yours if you would like to avoid any topics.

I'm more interested in M/M and NB/A romantically, but I'll accept gen pairings for any gender. Also, looking more for OC/OC or Canon/Canon, but will consider Canon/OC with a good idea and no expectation of doubling. Romance is NOT required, and honestly unless there's some really good chemistry, I'd rather refrain. I know how I am, so I know I might ghost you. You can do the same to me. It happens.

Monsters And Humans
--- Did you assume the monster is the one morally bereft?

With a flash of light stemming from the rip in reality, the demon prince appears in the circle and glowers at their summoner. A werewolf finds themself torn between the ideals of their pack and the human they refused to kill. No one at the university can quite place their finger on why their new professor is so strange, he pretends not to notice the whispers. A monster hunter stares down at their now clawed hand, transforming into the very thing that they've dedicated their life to hunting.

The dynamic between humans and non-humans remains one of my absolute favorites. I love the juxtaposition, and it lends itself well to several other fun beats that I just can't get enough of. I generally prefer to play the non-human, ranging from monster, to alien, to eldritch being, to straight up furry.

Killers and Slashers
--- Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Are they even human? There's something about the way they move, like the mask is a part of them, that leaves room to suspect that there might not be anything lying behind it. Maybe they are a monster, or maybe the true horror is knowing just how human they really are.

I love horror. It's an understatement, really. Used to be terrified, but recently I've been watching all the slasher movies I'd always been too scared to watch and got hooked. From the unfeeling killer, to the supernatural entity, to the one who plans out their moves ahead and is clever enough not to get caught. They might be a stalker, yandere, your roommate who always seems to be hiding something.

I've been playing a lot of Dead By Daylight, so that's a general setting I'd love to do. Generally I'm going to prefer Killer/Killer to Killer/Victim, but I'm always down to be swayed.

On The Road
--- The long, winding road may make you disappear, if you give it the chance.
Between the populated cities of the United States there's road. Miles of sprawling, empty asphalt, 24 hour diners, dusty gas stations, and farmland. Lots and lots of farmland. You could take a plane and watch it all unfold beneath you, but for whatever reason you need to get from point a to point b, trying to ignore the ominous rattling sound from your hunk of junk Jeep when it breaks 60 on the highway.

Road trips! Fun for the whole family, for the first hour until someone complains that they have to pee. People seem to forget just how big America is, and there's plenty of things to see and do along the way. We could play it straight and just have our characters on a road trip. But me, being me, would love to add some supernatural aspect to it. A couple of teens, searching out supposedly 'haunted' places all around the US, befriending a cryptid or alien and having to smuggle them across state lines, getting in over your head and being on the run from a shadowy government entity. It's getting to be summer, and this is one of my favorite ideas to return to this time of year.

Urban Exploration
--- Here lies the skeleton of who we used to be.
Concrete walls covered in years of graffiti and detritus. Empty strip malls, long gone out of business. Decrepit buildings that were condemned years ago and left to rot. Old tunnels that were bricked up and left forgotten, allowing time to erase it from memory. For most. Others aren't so content to let these places go forgotten.

I've been watching urban exploration videos again, there's just something fascinating about exploring places forsaken in the recent past. Could play an amateur film crew, rooting around where they aren't wanted, finding more than just spray paint and broken glass in the rubble. As usual I like the supernatural bent, creatures who call places forgotten by mankind their home and aren't keen on the intrepid explorer encroaching on their territory.

Liminal Space
--- You've been here before, but not like this.
The evening sun bathes the tables a deep orange as you sit, staring into your half full cup of coffee. You don't think this place is real. You don't think the other patrons are human.

I've always had a small setting in mind, of a coffee shop that floats on the edge of reality. The barista is human, but many of the customers are from... somewhere else. The concept of liminal spaces, of falling through the cracks into somewhere you shouldn't be, is a fun general idea, and even if the coffee shop idea isn't your cup of tea, there's other ways to make it work. A house with a mazelike and unpredictable layout, a glitch in reality, a loop that never ends, a place where universes converge.

A Strange and Beautiful Stone
--- There were dragons when I was a boy.
It's just an unusually sized sphere. A Rock. Beautiful, but ultimately just a conversation starter, another knick knack on the shelf. It wasn't supposed to hatch. Dragons don't exist.

I adore the premise of someone ending up bonded to a dragon hatchling, in way over their head as they find themselves struggling to care for a creature that's widely considered a myth, and is far too intelligent for their own good. I'm picturing something modern for this, making it a struggle for the human to keep their new friend hidden, but I'm also down with fantasy settings where dragons are known, but perhaps rare or feared. The dragon will quickly grow, and it's only a matter of time before they're soaring through the skies with their friend on their back.

The Deep Expanse of Space
--- Born just in time to explore the stars, slowly.
Before technology advanced far enough to allow humans to travel at light speeds, they had to travel the old fashioned way. Spending months, or years, in a small cramped shuttle, surrounded by a metal hull, humming machinery, and millions upon millions of stars.

My idea here is a sci-fi setting just slightly more advanced than our current technology allows, featuring a small crew of professionals working on either a cargo ship, a research station, or a space outpost. It's only them out there, any communication is via very long range. If they have a problem with a shipmate, they better resolve it, because the shuttle has about 5 rooms and only one toilet to go around. If anything goes wrong, they're on their own. I'm picturing a team of scientists on a station orbiting a moon far, far from earth, drinking their coffee while analyzing odd readings which, they hope, are the very first signs of life outside of the solar system. Think Alien, The Martian, or perhaps Firefly.

Plots I don't have muse for right now, but give an idea of what kinds of stories I'm interested in.

--- Broken glass under a shattered sun.

The world has gone quiet, all that remains are the bones of a society that once was. How the world ended is unimportant, it was so long ago most people aren't even aware of the whys. Only that they have to survive on a planet that's been fundamentally changed, with only hints of the horrible things which have transpired in the ruins.

I'm inspired by the browser game 'A Dark Room' with this description, but it's not the only scenario I'm interested in. How the world ended could be anywhere from realistic, to fantasy, to sci-fi. Maybe a meteor hit the earth, or most of humanity abandoned the planet to travel the stars. I'm also interested in zombie or monster apocalypses, either causing the world to end or as a by-product of it ending. While world building (or in this case, destroying) is incredibly fun, the character dynamics are what really make this idea shine for me

Got this far? Fantastic! From thence forth, here there be fandoms. I'll list the characters I'm interested in playing, as well as any particular ships I'm a fan of. I'm down with using one of the plots up there ^, but hit me up with any of these and I'll pull out mile long list of plot ideas I have specific to that fandom!

Fandom list
Resident Evil 8 - Karl Heisenberg, Lady Dimitrescu
The Magnus Archives - The Distortion (Michael, Helen), Jonathan Sims, Not!Them, OCs.
Silent Hill - Heather Mason, James Sunderland, Pyramid Head, OCs - James/Harry, James/Ethan Winters (RE)
Hotline Miami - Jacket, Biker, Richter - Jacket/Biker + Interested in the Payday 2 timeline
Dead By Daylight - OCs, Pyramid head, Ghostface, Michael Myers, The Legion, Cheryl Mason - Frank/Ghostface, Michael/Ghostface
Fullmetal Alchemist - Envy, Lust, Greed
Legend of Zelda - Revali, Skull Kid, Majora, Link (TP), Midna, Ganondorf
Frictional Games (Penumbra, Amnesia, Soma) - OCs - Daniel/Philip, Philip/Clarence
Star Trek (Deep Space 9, General Setting) - OCs, Garak, Jadzia, Kira - Julian/Garak, Kira/Jadzia
Homestuck - OCs, Eridan Ampora, Dave Strider - Eridan/Dave, Eridan/Karkat, Eridan/Hal
Animorphs - OCs, Almost any canon.
Doctor Who - OC Time Lord, 9th Doctor
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - OCs Only
Pokemon Legends Arceus - OCs Only
Stardew Valley - OCs Only
Animal Crossing - OCs Only
Dungeons & Dragons - OCs Only

Unfleshed out ideas jingling around in my brain like loose change.

- Venom-lite Symbiote/host. I've only seen the movies so my knowledge of canon is spotty at best, but I enjoy the idea enough to have a symbiote OC.
- Welcome to Hell style dynamic, with a human haunted by a demon only they can see, tempting them to sin, and worse. Potential TW for suicide.
- I still like Demonstuck in this year 2022, guilty pleasure AU that I've been craving recently. That goes for demon AUs for pretty much anything.
- Things get way too real at the high school paranormal club, and we're not just talking about the ghosts.
- Enemies to Reluctant Allies to Tolerant to Complicated Mixed Emotions to Friends to Existential Crisis to Lovers. I like slow burn.
- Dragon kidnaps a Prince/ss to add to their hoard and both of them get more than they bargained for.
- Vampire feeds on clerk who works the night shift at a local diner/convenience store, who is honestly not paid enough for this shit.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to shoot me a message!
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My lizard thinks I'm cool
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It's been a hot minute so I'm opening this back up again! Summer always gets me in the mood for horror plots, helps keep away the heat I think.


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Honestly, I'm interested in almost all of your plots! You sure are creative! Would love to discuss some of them with you :>

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