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  1. When do seconds become sheep,

    And sheep take me to that place

    The ticking clock can't get me?

    No fences here, just a face.

    Yeah, I see you. A real slick face.

    And those hands! Twisted, always

    Turning but never to embrace me,

    Just to drag me on. "Time always tells!"

    They say, but tells what?

    How worthless I am, how I can't

    Get anything right, how I can't

    Make this stick, how I can't

    Be myself, or how I can't

    Exhale, or how I can't

    Cry, or how I can't

    How I can't


    Fall asleep.

    Silence makes you more profound.

    It should be commended -- so much

    Expression in that one sound.

    Gears turning in my head, and yours!

    Tick. Tock. Just to drag me on.

    Mindless clicking, I'll lay here 'till

    I realize what?

    How worthless I am? Yes, it hurts

    To think I'll always fail, it hurts

    When I'm alone, and it hurts

    Even with friends, it hurts

    As I breathe in, it hurts

    To smile,and it hurts

    Oh, how it hurts

    To fall asleep.


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