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(Note: Please don't reply to this thread. I'd rather receive a Private Message).

Well, hello there!

Thank you for showing an interest in my request thread, Potential Partner. If you stick around, I hope you would read everything properly (especially the part concerning literacy requirements. But I'm getting ahead to myself).

While I'm not new to role-playing, I haven't written anything worthwhile for a bit. This post contains a few of the ideas I've been toying around with lately. I have tried to keep them short, mostly because I think what it's about should be obvious even if they only consist of a few lines.

If you'd like to create something beautiful, you might be in the right place.

Now, there are a few things you should be aware of. It's just to make sure that we're on the same page:


โ€ข Post-length: I'd prefer to consider myself a literate writer. Although I certainly value quality over quantity, my replies are usually in the 200-600 word range (in general, it depends on the scene in question). Please don't give me anything less to work off on. I'm essentially looking for highly descriptive and well-thought-out responses. Moreover, I write in the third person (past tense) only. Oh, and if you reach out, could you make sure that your message is detailed? I won't respond to "Hey, want to RP?" or any other variations.

In other words, show some passion!

โ€ข Duration: To be fair, it really doesn't matter so long as you don't go months (years?) without a response. It'd probably make me lose interest in the role-play by then. As for myself, I'd be able to get up a reply at least once a week.

โ€ข OOC conversations: They're always good to indulge in. And yes, I do have Discord! If you want to add me there, just ask.

โ€ข Character Sheets/ Face claims: Who doesn't like to flesh out a three-dimensional character? I do! If a role-play's based on Original Characters, I always like to take the time to create one first. I'm not particularly fussy about face-claims, though I'm partial to real-life images (ha, I know my Avatar might suggest otherwise!).

โ€ข Romance in the plot: Most of these are going to end up with the main characters together. There wouldn't be anything "fluffy" about it, though, if you know what I mean. But, I must emphasize that it's quite secondary to the storyline (the Harry Potter/Pokรฉmon section is an exception, as they're all about ships). I write both M x F and F x F pairings (for heterosexual ones, I'd prefer to play the male character).

Still around? Great, let's move on to the stuff that actually matters:

Horror plots:

โ€ข There's nothing wrong with your child having imaginary friends, is there? Well, or so it would seem to Muse A, who's recently started going out with another woman (Muse B) after his wife's death. And yet he's unable to shake away the feeling of dread he experiences whenever he overhears his son's conversation with an invisible stranger. What would happen when he realizes that he's being encouraged to slay his girlfriend to avenge his mother's memory?

โ€ข Two friends move into a house much further from where they used to live. Odd things start happening very soon, but that's nothing compared to the neighbours who are a little too friendly. Or the whispers that follow them throughout the place. Of course, they don't realize that the town has been afflicted by a curse for many years now.

โ€ข Muse A is a scientist who's determined to bring his partner back from the dead. He approaches his colleague (Muse B), to help him clone the cadaver. Of course, they'd learn the repercussions of trying to play God soon enough.

โ€ข The social outcast, Muse A has been bullied throughout her life, and is friendless. To her surprise, she once discovers a ruined and mysterious-looking box while cleaning the attic. There's a note pinned to it. It reads: "Make a wish-- if you dare."

โ€ข To Muse A, a famous psychiatrist, ghosts and spirits just don't exist. When he's urged by a young woman (Muse B) to look into a case where her friend is supposedly "possessed", he's taken aback by how superstitious her parents are. Many of them even consider him as an intrusion. Meanwhile, one of them has sought the help of a local parish. Of course, he considers it a waste of time and energy. And yet there's something distinctively odd about his patient that he can't put his finger on...

Sci-fi plots:

โ€ข Amidst the lightning strikes that engulf his hometown during a derecho, Muse A discerns something unusual in the sky. They look like winged, prehistoric creatures that appear to be searching for prey. A second later, he realizes that the fateful storm was just a dream. He receives a phone call from Muse B later: had he also read the government's report about a meteorite traveling through earth's atmosphere?

โ€ข The silence stretches on, and Muse A figures out that he's been left semi-conscious in a dark forest. As he's unsure as to how he'd got there, he bolts to his feet and runs headlong into Muse B. A voice informs them that they're trapped in an extremely realistic simulation.

โ€ข Muse A considers his friend's ravings that he's found a portal to another dimension to be a joke. However, as days go by without him returning to school, he begins to think there might be a kernel of truth in it. Unsure, he approaches his sister (Muse B) to learn about everything she knows.

โ€ข A malicious group of extraterrestrials invade the planet, using mind-control to subjugate humans and establish their dominance. Muse A, who realizes that he's immune to the threat, pairs up with his friend (Muse B) to try and figure a way out.


โ€ข A knight (Muse A) works under the rule of a powerful monarch. And when a sorcerer plans to kidnap one of the King's daughters (Muse B) to perform a strange ritual, it's up to him to protect her.

โ€ข A voyager on a drowning ship, Muse A has developed amnesia. He was rescued from the sea by a mysterious figure that he later finds out is a gorgeous mermaid. Would he be able to figure out what exactly had happened before he lost his senses?

Harry Potter:

(Yes, all of them are based on Canon x Canon ships. But I'm open to using Original Characters, too! So if you've got something in mind, feel free to let me know).

โ€ข Harry x Hermione: A few months after getting abandoned during the Horcrux hunt, the War rages on between the remaining members of the Golden Trio. And yet Harry has thoughts he wouldn't dare to confess to his own soul.

โ€ข Ron x Hermione: Post-Hogwarts, Ron Weasley is suffering from nightmares. However, he's disquieted when he figures out that all of them appear to be coming true. And when he has a brief (and yet vivid) vision of Hermione getting attacked during the night by a familiar figure, he knows she'd have to be protected by any means possible.

โ€ข Draco x Hermione: Working at the Ministry of Magic with his colleague Hermione Granger is certainly a tall older. Although he tries his best to be civil, Draco hasn't entirely gotten rid of his prejudices yet. During a brief stint at her office, he sneaks a look into the witch's Pensieve and figures out what she really used to think of him back at school.

โ€ข Draco x Hermione: The war's at a stalemate, neither side emerging as the victor. Meanwhile, the Golden Trio are nowhere near to locating all the Horcruxes. Hermione thinks back to her time at Malfoy Manor, and finally clutches on a straw that could be their last hope. Based on a conversation she'd overheard between Bellatrix and Draco Malfoy, the latter might be privy to certain information. She Polyjuices herself as his girlfriend (Daphne Greengrass) to attend a ceremony thrown by one of the senior Death Eaters and worm it out of the boy.

โ€ข Harry x Ginny: The magical world is under the threat of a "Vampire's Association" that aims to subjugate wizards/muggles, and establish their dominance over them. Harry, as an Auror, is tasked with rounding all of them up. During a weekly visit to The Burrow, however, a few of the vampires infiltrate the house to try and put him out of action. In the fight that ensues, Ginny gets bitten (Alternatively, the victim could be Hermione).

โ€ข Harry x Cho: After the war, Harry makes the decision to travel to the United States to get over his malaise and put everything out of his head. Much to his surprise, he realizes that Cho Chang would be accompanying him in the journey.


(Just for the record: I haven't really thought of plots for these, but I do know my stuff! I'll just mention the pairings I'm interested in. And the characters certainly wouldn't be ten-years-old. They'd be aged up to their mid-teens).

โ€ข Ash x Misty

โ€ข Ash x Serena

โ€ข Brendan x May

โ€ข Gary x Dawn

โ€ข Serena x May

โ€ข OC x Canon

โ€ข OC x OC

Well, that's about all I've got to say. If you're interested, hit me up!
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Up for plotting!

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