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Realistic or Modern A New World?

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A Fading Ghost

April 20, 2069
Dagenham, England

Smoke fills the house. The firemen run in; ten minutes ago there had been screams of pain and terror, now it is silent apart from the crackling of flames. But then there is a single noise, one that is so out of place: the laugh of a toddler. The firemen find their way to the living room, and are astonished by what they see. Sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by flames, a two year old, laughing at the twisted, blackened corpses of her family. By all rights, this child should be as dead as the people around her, but the fire bothers her no more than water would.

It was all over the news. The first ever report of a metahuman. Panic ensued. Everyone wondered, what if there were people like that living near them? If a two year old could cause that much damage, what could a full grown adult do? They turned to the government for answers.

June 28, 2069
House of Commons, Palace of Westminster
Central London, England

“Madame Prime Minister, what are we going to do about this situation?” the Head of the Metropolitan Police asks. “Every week, there are thousands of calls from panicked citizens, certain that their neighbour or colleague is some sort of vicious metahuman. There are hundreds of random attacks, and the perpetrators are claiming it's self-defense. And there's nothing the officers can do about it.”
An unknown MP speaks up. “No one knows who's normal. These freaks of nature should be forced to show that they are metahumans.”
“As much as I disagree with your wording,” the Prime Minister says. “I agree with what you are saying. People need to know if they're in danger or not.”

It quickly became law that all metahumans over the age of 16 had to declare their status, as well as wear a badge, of sorts, stating it. The penalty of not doing so was a ten year prison sentence and a hefty fine.

While this did help stop ‘normal’ people getting harmed, the violence against actual metahumans was atrocious. Yet, the government did not care. Protesters claimed this was against basic human rights, but this was countered by those saying that metahumans didn't count.

January 5, 2070
BBC News Studio, Broadcasting House
Central London, England

“And with us here in the studio is Emilio Milbank, metahuman rights activist,” Jeremy says. “Thank you for being with us here today.”
“I'm grateful to be here, Mr Paxton,” Emilio says.
“Tell me, Mr Milbank, why are you fighting so hard for these metahumans?”
“What sort of question is that?” The disbelief on Emilio's face is obvious. “Metahumans are no different to anyone else. They deserve the same treatment.”
“There are many people who would disagree with you. They say that metahumans are dangerous, that they should be monitored closely. Everyone remembers what happened April of last year.”
“But that was a kid. If metahumans weren't so terrified of being attacked for who they are, they would be able to focus on working out their powers. If there were resources for them to use, people who could help them, there wouldn't be any issue.”
“How exactly do you suggest they be helped? No one knows anything about them, so-”
“That's the problem,” Emilio cuts in. “No one wants to learn about metahumans. No one wants to understand them.”
“Please don't interrupt me, Mr Milbank.”
“But you're not listening, are you? You invited me on here so I can talk, so actually listen to me. Or are you just like everyone else, pretending to fucking listen, when in reality you don't give a shit?”
The news presenter is visibly shocked. “Do not cuss on this show, please.”
“Don’t fucking tell me what to do! I've had enough of everyone trying to tell metahumans what to do and how to act.” Emilio leaps across the table at the presenter, before the camera is cut off.

After the news presenter was attacked live on TV, people took metahuman rights a lot more seriously. Emilio Milbank was given fifteen years in prison for it, but in the time he was locked away, things changed drastically.

Violence turned from the metahumans to the government. People flocked in their millions to protest outside parliament. MPs needed to hire bodyguards just so they could get from their cars to parliament. The Prime Minister had it even worse, multiple threats on her life each week, not knowing what each day would bring to her.

December 24, 2084
Downing Street
Central London, England

The Prime Minister walks towards Number 10, wary. After so many threats, she is jumpy. Her bodyguard is nowhere to be seen; even the armed policeman that watches over the guarded entrance to Downing Street is gone. She begins to feel like she is being watched, like she is in imminent danger. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees something. A shimmer. She puts it down to a trick of the light, but quickens her pace. Twenty feet away. Fifteen feet away. Ten feet a-
She gasps, feeling a searing pain in her chest. Her attacker reveals himself, grinning as he pulls the knife from her chest, and a gun from his pocket. “Merry Christmas, bitch. See you in hell.”

After being re-elected two times by the people who supposedly hated her, spending nearly fifteen years in power, the Prime Minister was found dead just outside 10 Downing Street. She had been stabbed through the chest, although the knife was nowhere to be found, and shot through the head. No one was arrested for her murder, as there was no trace of evidence to point towards who it was. People had their theories, but they were just that. Theories.

A few months later, Emilio Milbank was released from prison. He was hailed a hero in the eyes of the public, the person responsible for changing the attitude towards metahumans. There were the few who hated him, those who still believed that metahumans needed to be eradicated. They threatened to kill him, but never attempted to carry out that threat. But those were just the few; the majority adored him.

March 4, 2085
BBC News Studio, Broadcasting House
Central London, England

“And now,” says the news reporter. “We have a returning guest. Just over 15 years ago, he was in this studio, but that ended with him being escorted off the premises by security. You know him as Mister Metahuman, I know him as the reason I need a stick to walk. Emilio Milbank, thank you for being here in the studio today.”
“No, thank you for inviting me back on, Mr Paxton. I deeply apologise for what happened all those years ago, but it really was just what everyone needed, it appears,” Emilio replies.
“Yes, indeed it was. Tell me, were you planning on attacking me when you were last here?”
“No, not at all.” Emilio shakes his head. “I'm usually a calm person, I would never even think of attacking someone else. Even in prison, I managed to stay out of any fights. It was just the heat of the moment, you know? I just had enough of everyone tell metahumans what to do. It's their lives, they can do what they want. There shouldn’t have been any laws saying that they couldn’t.”
Jeremy nods. “Indeed. Speaking of the metahuman laws, how do you feel about the murder of the Prime Minister?”
“I say good riddance to that bitch,” Emilio says. “Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to cuss.”
The news presenter gives a small laugh. “It's fine. Do you care to explain your feelings on her death?”
“Isn't it obvious? She was the one who put that silly law into place. She was the one who made life so difficult for metahumans. And I doubt she would ever step down. So her dying, it's a chance for someone to fix her mess.”
“And do you think you could be that person?”
Emilio thinks for a moment. “Honestly, I haven't thought about it. Running for Prime Minister, it's a big thing. And I've just came out of prison, I don't think it would be a good idea.”
“Well, we recently ran a vote on Twitter, and 87.3% of people said that they would vote for you if you ran.”
“Really?” Emilio looks genuinely shocked.
“Yes, really. The people love you, Mr Milbank, and would fully support you as the new Prime Minister.”

On the next election ballot, Emilio’s name was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was surprised; they were all certain that he’d be running. But then again, only two people did run for Prime Minister. The MP who’d originally suggested metahumans being forced to show who they are, and a man from a small, hidden corner of Dagenham.

May 4, 2085
Downing Street
Central London, England

Dan Clermont looks into the cameras, at the crowd of journalists and news correspondents. He is nervous, very nervous, but he doesn’t let it show.
“Good afternoon, everyone,” he begins. “I would like to thank everybody who made today possible by voting for me. As a kid growing up in Dagenham, I never thought I’d even see Downing Street, let alone be standing here today. But here I am, thanks to all of you. And I promise that I will try to undo the damage caused by my predecessor.” He catches a glimpse of someone appearing at the back of the crowd, and knows he needs to wrap this up. “Once again, thank you all for voting for me, and for being here today.” He waves goodbye to the crowd, before turning and entering Number 10.

Within a month of running the country, the new Prime Minister got the Metahuman Law revoked, instead making it possible for new metahumans to register if they wished, rather than being forced to. Ones who had already registered were able to apply to have their names struck off the register. If they were deemed an actual threat, they were refused, but this was rare.

The new Prime Minister started the Metahuman Education Program. The purpose of this was to educate people on metahumans, so they'd know more about these people they had been so worried about for the past 16 years. It was rather disorganized, to be fair, as there was no one who would agree to heading the program, and nobody quite knew how to learn about them, as there were no metahumans willing to help.

July 2, 2085
10 Downing Street
Central London, England

Dan Clermont looks at the people around the table. The only person he knows is his best friend and bodyguard, the rest are metahumans from various places around the country. Before this day, he had never even spoke to these people; an acquaintance of his was the one who set up this meeting.
“Thank you all for being here today,” he says, and the whispered conversations stop. Never a good one for silences, he continued. “This meeting was set up to try to establish why the metahumans refuse to work with the government, and-”
“We know why the meeting was set up,” a female metahuman interrupts, fixing her icy gaze on Dan. “And it's not that we refuse to, we just don't trust any of you. Why would we? For the past sixteen years, we’ve faced abuse and torment, all thanks to you corrupted trashbags.”
The lady sitting to the right of the one who spoke turns to her. “Cool it, Carla,” she warns. “Remember what you promised me.”
The original speaker crosses her arms and slumps in her seat. “Yeah yeah, whatever, Miche…”
Miche rolls her eyes and looks at Dan. “What she said is true, though. The meta community was perfectly fine before that incident back in ‘69. We were able to keep each other under control, and made sure that no one without powers knew about us. After that law was put into place, we were forced to show ourselves, which was when all the trouble for us started. If the whole situation had been covered up, the truth of it hidden, like so many other things the government covers up, we wouldn’t be here right now.”
The other metahumans around the table nod in agreement. “We were perfectly fine with hiding who we are,” one male says. “So many of us have done so for so long anyway. Perhaps, eventually, we would have shown our powers, but in our own time.”
“You guys are supposed to help the country, help all of us,” another says. “Yet you singled us out, the moment one of us made a mistake. It shouldn’t be that surprising we don’t trust you.”
“Oh, right…” Dan isn’t too sure what to say. After all, he was one of those who wasn’t the biggest fan of metahumans when they first became public. That isn’t something that most people know, and is something he doesn’t want anyone else to know.
The only other non-metahuman in the room notices his friend’s discomfort, and takes it upon himself to end the meeting. He stands up, drawing everyone’s attention. “Everyone, this meeting is over. The Prime Minister will schedule another meeting at a later date.”

After many more failed meetings, Dan slowly moved away from the Metahuman Education Program, and most people forget that it was even a thing in the first place. The metahumans that were at the meeting, however, did not forget, and weren’t happy about the Prime Minister’s shift in focus.

Online, vicious ‘memes’ started appearing, causing the public to question the Prime Minister’s integrity, and posters started appearing in the streets that did the same. They said that he was abusive towards his friends, that he was a liar and a thief, that he was an addict and an alcoholic. And worst of all, they said he hated metahumans, and had never intended to help them in the first place. This went on for several years, putting him in almost as much danger as the previous Prime Minister had been in.

August 8, 2089
Downing Street
Central London, England

Dan Clermont once again stands before the mass of news correspondents and journalists, just as he had on his first day as Prime Minister. But almost four and half years later, it is for a different reason.
“Thank you all for coming today,” he says to the crowd. “I made a promise four years ago, to undo the damage caused by my predecessor. And that, I've done. I revoked the Metahuman Law, and allowed metahumans to have their names taken off of the register. I attempted to start a program to help educate the public about metahumans. And yet, in recent years, I have been branded a liar and a metahuman hater, and have been the subject of abuse and violence. As a result, I step down from my position. I no longer wish to be the one who gets blamed and harassed for not being able to do this. From this day, I am no longer, and will never again be, Prime Minister.”

When Dan resigned, nobody was that surprised by it. Everyone had guessed that he would rather resign than have the risk of being killed like the Prime Minister before him. And everyone already thought they knew who would take the role next.

The next election happened very fast, barely a month went past before Emilio became Prime Minister. He quickly re-established the Metahuman Education Program; this time was much more organized, as one of Emilio's old acquaintances, fresh out of university, agreed to head the program. Within six months, the new head of the program - and the scientists they hired to help - had information to share.

February 7, 2090
Main Presentation Hall, Dagenham University
Dagenham, England

An excited murmur runs through the crowd assembled in front of the stage. Cameras and news teams are scattered throughout the hall, just as excited as the public. For the first time since metahumans were made public, people have the chance to learn about them properly.For the past six months, scientists have been studying metahumans and their powers, and millions of people across the country are tuning in, just to see the reveal of what they have learned.
A hush falls over the room, as three people appear on the stage. Two of them are dressed like typical scientists, and the third is dressed in a simple sweater and jeans. It is this casual-looking male who steps up to the microphone. “Hello all, thank you for coming,” he says. “I am here as the representative of the head of this program, who unfortunately was unable to be here today. Behind me on the stage are two of my colleagues, both of who have made a substantial contribution to our research. Firstly, I will give a brief summary, and then my colleagues will explain further. In our research, we have found that the powers metahumans have can be sorted into five categories, and that there seems to be a restriction to what powers a metahuman can have. And now, I hand over to my colleagues.” He steps back, and the two scientists walk to the front of the stage.
“Hello, I am Doctor Serena Campbell,” one of them says. “And this is Doctor Connie Beauchamp. For the past six months, we have been doing intense research into the powers of metahumans.”
Connie takes over. “As our colleague said, we have found that metapowers can be sorted into five categories. These categories are energy-based powers, matter-based powers, mind-based powers, biological powers, and powers that involve light and sound. Out of these, matter-based powers and biological powers appear to be the most common.”
“In addition,” Serena says. “It seems that metahumans can only have two or three powers, from the same power category.”
Someone in the audience puts their hand up, and asks a question. “Could you explain the power categories?”
Serena nods. “Of course. Powers that involve sound and light, that's the easiest to explain. Any powers that in anyway involve the use or manipulation of sound or light fall into this category. It can be anything from being able to amplify sounds, to being able to manipulate the color of light, to being able to make illusions from light.”
“Biological powers,” Connie says. “Are also easy enough to explain. This category involves any powers that enhance or alter the biology of a person, or allows them to alter the biology of another. It involves the basic powers such as super speed, super strength, enhanced senses, all of the cliché ones you can find in comic books. It also involves powers that include any type of shapeshifting or direct altering of their biological structure. The most interesting case I saw, was a girl who can create a poison within her body, that is deadly to others, but that she is immune to.”
“Mind-based powers are, once more, easy to explain. Any powers that involve the mind, be it altering someone else's mind, or any other things. Telepathy, mind control, and mind-based illusions all come under this category, amongst many others.”
“The category of matter-based powers is the largest. It is anything to do with manipulation of matter. This includes elemental powers, telekinesis and teleportation, as well as many, many others.”
“The most interesting powers, in my opinion,” Serena says. “Are energy-based powers. They utilise any sort of energy, from auras to electricity, and are able to even use it to make solid objects.”
Another hand goes up. “How does that work? Energy isn't tangible.”
Connie looks at Serena and smiles, before looking at the man who asked the question. “That's why it's so interesting. I'm sure you've heard of the formula that Albert Einstein is famous for, right?”
“Yeah,” the questioner says. “E equals MC squared.”
“Correct. That equation says that energy equal to the mass of an object multiplied by the speed of light squared. Anything with mass takes up space, and is therefore matter, which is tangible. In short, the equation says that energy and matter are the same physical entity, and can be changed into each other. Which is how metahumans are able to turn the energy they use into solid matter. Does that answer your question?”
“Yeah, it does,” the man says, nodding.
“So far,” Serena says. “That is what we've learned. We haven't yet worked out why metahumans have powers, or why their powers are restricted. But we won't stop our research until we know everything there is to know about this wonderful phenomenon.”
The audience and news teams rise to their feet, clapping loudly.

It was all over the news for weeks, all anyone was talking about. The first bit of information about metahumans, the start of something that everyone just knew would be wonderful. A new world, perhaps, one where instead of shunning those who were different, actually try to learn about them, and accept them.

However, all was not as it seemed. According to the scientists, they studied members of the metahuman community who volunteered. But that just was not true. No metahumans volunteered to help, not properly. They had no choice in the matter.

March 29, 2090
Unknown Location

The screens show the rooms in which the unconscious forms lay. A figure stands at the control panel, looking at the live feed. The metahumans in the rooms begin to stir.
“The drugs must be starting to wear off,” the figures mutters, pleased. “That means the research can continue very soon…”


    • As always, keep to all sites rules
    • Romance, violence, swearing, all are allowed
    • Please do remember your grammar and spelling, people (a few mistakes are fine, but not constant ones)
    • If you've got disagreements with others, please try to keep it out of the roleplay
    • Please note that breaking the rules will result in your character dying
    • If you have any questions, about the rules, ideas, powers, or characters, don't hesitate to ask ^-^
Character Sheet Template

Power Category

(if you are unsure what category your powers may fall under, don't hesitate to PM me)



(three maximum, don't forget to include limitation)




Accepted Characters

Energy-Based Powers

~ reserved ~ Maxx
~ reserved ~ Eagleeye415

Matter-Based Powers
~ Lilith Nocht ~ Shadow Alpha

Mind Powers
~ reserved ~ Seabourne

Biological Powers
~ reserved ~ Seabourne
~ reserved ~ Yahhah

Light and Sound Powers
~ reserved ~ Maxx

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Shadow Alpha

Senior Member
I am very interested in being a part of this as a matter based metahuman. Did you want each person to create 2 characters at the minimum? If so, I'd like my second character to be a biological metahuman.


Let's Talk About Life on YouTube
Hey there! Very interested to be apart of this! Would like to make an energy based metahuman.


Certified Idiot
This is so well-prepared and organized! I'm in love with the idea. I'd like a Mind-based character and a Biology-based character, please!


A Fading Ghost
I am very interested in being a part of this as a matter based metahuman. Did you want each person to create 2 characters at the minimum? If so, I'd like my second character to be a biological metahuman.
Hey there! Very interested to be apart of this! Would like to make an energy based metahuman.
This is so well-prepared and organized! I'm in love with the idea. I'd like a Mind-based character and a Biology-based character, please!
Awesome, I'm glad this has a good amount of people already. Just make your CSes and post them here. ^-^

And Shadow Alpha, nah, there's no minimum of characters, I just decided to go with two for myself so I can have two very different characters.

Shadow Alpha

Senior Member
Lilith Nocht



Appearance: (The inhumane like characteristics have been deemed traits of a metahuman)
Eyes - Sterling silver with a pink ring around the cat-like pupil. The pupils aid in her shadow abilities which allow nearly perfect night vision
Hair - A mix of platinum and ash blonde hair with 3 streaks of red that are natural.
Skin - Light olive toned skin
Height - 5' 7"
Build - Athletic with noticeably toned muscles


Power Category:
Matter Based

Main Limitations for all powers is the number of shadows and time of day. Her powers are at their peak on the nights of full moons while being out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time lead to exhaustion and fainting.

Shadow Manipulation - The ability to use shadows as if they were already a tangible object whether they come from inanimate objects or living things. Can also use them to hide her presence (for reference, imagine Shikamaru-like shadow jutsu)

Shadow Teleportation: The ability to move through/within shadows. Limitations: Can only travel within a 100 foot radius, attempted travel beyond that radius results in her hitting a 'wall' that cannot be crossed. Causes physical pain once the threshold is reached.

Shadow Healing: Can use shadows to heal or seal an open wound.

Playful, Flirty, Hard-headed, Stubborn, Mischievous, Easily Bored, Hot-headed, Impatient, and Loyal

Lilith Nocht was brought into the world such as every other normal child and had no abnormalities besides elfish ears and a small black aura. She was the youngest child of 3 with a pair of older identical twin brothers. They had an age gap of 6 years which often left Rosalie being babied even though she wanted to be independent as a child. With her sensitivity to the light and fatigue, Lilith was forced to wear specially made sunglasses and avoid extended sun exposure which led to anemic like symptoms. Luckily she was able to be homeschooled since her family was well-off in comparison to some of the others although they never adopted a haughty nature and believed in helping others.

Elementary through high school was a breeze while not having to expose herself to the humans as she could blame her physical difference on inherited genes or a fashion statement. When she was deciding what career path would be right for her, she had thought of the good amount of parties that she had went to and realize that she wanted to be involved in the club or bar scene. Before she was able to legally attain her bartending license she spent most of her time waitressing or DJing in those businesses as she gained experience with that scene. Once she turned 21, her rather flirty and likeable nature came in handy when interacting with the patrons that often visited the popular club that she worked in. Not only did she work from 7pm to 5am, she knew that the job would not require her to be out in the daylight.

Has 2 hoop piercing in her right ear, 2 in her right eyebrow. No lip piercing like in the image above. The mild point to her ears is actually an inherited trait from her human great-great paternal grandma​
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A Fading Ghost
@Maxx Pretty sure I have everything covered just need to know if her CS makes sense for the plot itself
Other than that last little bit of the bio, it's perfect. I don't really want anyone to put stuff about how their characters were taken, in their CSes, because of certain assumptions that everyone ends up making.

Shadow Alpha

Senior Member
Other than that last little bit of the bio, it's perfect. I don't really want anyone to put stuff about how their characters were taken, in their CSes, because of certain assumptions that everyone ends up making.
Okay no problem, I just removed that little section


Praise the sun
This looks pretty neat, a character with biological powers could be fun to make. Count me interested.

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