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Fandom A New Regime (interest check) (reboot)

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Harry Potter, LGTBQ, Magical, Platonic, Romance, School


We're All Mad Here!
Have you ever wondered what life was like for Harry Potter's children and all his friends children? Well here is your chance to create what you want it to be like! Join this group and create a character to see how it all unfolds!

For the role play the setting will start one month after the start of the year and then it will progress from there.



A new dark witch has started becoming more and more powerful. Two years ago, a war broke out between her followers and the rest of the wizarding world. She and her followers have terrorized muggles, while the ministry has been helpless to stop her. Everyone is scared, as she slowly gains power. Just days before September 1st, this witch has taken control of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic. Many people, such as Hermione Granger (former Minister of Magic) and Harry Potter (Former head auror), have been forced to go into hiding, leaving their families behind. The Order of the Phoenix is now disbanded, due to the dangers of working against the new ministry. A new law requires that all children with magic between the ages of 11 and 17 must attend Hogwarts. With a new headmaster and several staff members that are in support of the new regime, most students are nervous for the upcoming school term.
This is subject to addition or change I'm just wanting to do this
The events of cursed Child are disreguarded.


Quitting: Unless you have a serious reason, refrain from quitting. If you will be on vacation sometimes during the role-play, that is perfectly acceptable, and I’ll gladly fill you in when you return. Please don’t feel like you need to leave. Quitting only kills the role-play, and it’s been so long since I’ve had a long lasting, fully active group!

Respect: Permitted. Each group member should be treated with respect. Character fighting is acceptable, and encouraged at a healthy rate. If I see anyone bullying outside of characters, I won’t tolerate it. Everyone gets one warning.

Characters: The characters can be created ocs or the original children that is up for discussion, I will have a few ocs but may lay a few canon characters. Try to keep genders equal.

One Sentenced Posts: Please refrain from constant one liners. It’s okay if you do it, though I don’t want to see it every single post. I want this to be a minimum of a paragraph.

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The Silent Z

The Aging Millennial
Cool! Feels like ages since rping last. Found the old CS thread and my old character idea so will run with that guy.


The Emerald Knight
I would be interested in this roleplay. Mind if I join?

A few questions, before I join officially:

~ How do you feel about a transfer student from abroad? I plan for him to be from New Zealand, if that makes any difference.
~ Could my character be the darker sort? His parents would support the new regime, even be part of the new ministry. His perspective will reflect this, but it doesn't have to stay that way.
~ Mind if I introduce a few unique magical practices native to New Zealand? It would be nothing big or game changing, just something new to add a bit of flavor.

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