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A N D A R U N (A High Fantasy RP)


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Hi people ^o^!!

So uhm, I'm terrible at doing and interest check D: But if you like a super detailedtextwallcustomworld, if you like high fantasy themes with good ole elf maidens dwarves and silver knights with a lil fantasy romance... you're in luck!! :D Be warned though, the setting is actually really really extensive >.<

I guess the best way is for you to look through the thread itself, I assure you, it will only take 3 minutes of reading time to find out if you'll be interested or not! ^^;

link here - > ANDARUN - A World Reborn (wip)

I have to warn you first though, it is rather detailed (I think I've repeated this enough times =P)... Of course, I won't be quizzing you on it, and you don't have to memorize it.

I'm not fussy or demanding when it comes to posts. Twice a week, quality over quantity (one good sized paragraph, with effort made to proof-read) is great for me =D Anyways... hope to see someone soon!

I'm already running this with a partner, we started off as a 1x1 haven't gone far. But I decided to expand it to a small group (2 slots!) Anyways! Once you have read the lore thread (the link above) you will find the setting we are to RP in below:

~To the Northlands~

Due to the nature of this RP, the details of the story differ slightly, depending on the Homeland and class of your character. For simplicity's sake, the default alignment of your character will be 'The Dominion of Arya'.

. . . . | . . . .​

It started in the most peculiar of ways. Though perhaps not the most unusual, depending on how you see it. A border town, within the northmost reaches of the Dominion comes across a decaying body of a soldier floating down the stream. Now, such floaters though rare, was not unheard of by villagers. The truce between the three kingdoms opening up travel throughout the lands, giving the keys to errand adventurers to go out treasure seeking. This floater would have simply been dismissed as another stupid hapless soul, had 'he' (well, six out of ten of the border patrol wagered the overly decayed body was a male) been discovered by simple folk.

But as fate would have it, a particularly enthusiastic patrol captain and his men spotted the body as they were making their last rounds for the shift. Excited at the unusual sight (now, you must forgive him as patrolling borders can be really boring as of late; the most action a Dominion soldier would have these days would be to see their Bloodsworn counterparts and hurl insults at the pointy ears. Unless one were placed within Wretched infested territory, but that's besides the point). Now, upon recovering the body and searching it, our dear captain discovered a tattered map carefully rolled up in a worn but otherwise intact leather casing, effectively protecting it from the stream waters. Eyeballing the corpse, our dear astute Captain deduced that this man was no simple adventurer. Though very much faded, one could assumed that he wore the colours of sorts. The body belonged to a soldier (there were also other trinkets found on the body to confirm the suspicion). Though from which army was the question.

Fast forward a month or so (cause I'm really lazy at story-telling), the body and map now resides within the walls of Midranthos, capital of the glorious Dominion. Ambassadors from the other two regions had all but confirmed that the soldier belonged to neither one of their armies. Embroiled within their own internal politics, the Vanharen and Aryan Lord was quite intent on dismissing the peculiar situation; that is until their Elvish counterpart remarked that the map depicted a region towards the north of his Kingdom. The Vanharen representative snorted the claim away and took his leave, all dramatic with his green smoke and eerie theatrics.

Now, one must understand, that the people of Andarun understand, that their world does not end beyond the Skyreach Mountains north of the Bloodsworn. One should understand however, that it is extremely difficult and nigh impossible to cross said mountain range; as only a very small handful of people have ever done so. Reports of what lay beyond, was simply that of a winter wonderlan- I mean, desolate landscape, with nothing to offer.

Long story short, the Bloodsworn delegate happened to know of some relatives who had been across the mountain range, (oooh destiny oooh plotfixing! oooh!) and thought it would be interesting to see what they could find. The Aryan acting very much true to his stereotype, the haughty noble, did some complicated math in his head and realized that he stood a chance to gain from this conquest as well, with nothing much to lose. Hence, he declared that he too will send an emissary to the north.

You my friend will be playing this Aryan hero (picked by the Aryan noble, for whatever reason. You could be an annoying bastard child that nobody will miss but will bring honor to his name if he succeeded or some... well its up to you!) ^-^! You may also choose to play a character from The Bloodsworn. Try to tie in your character's background with how he/she will fit into the story. Don't hesitate to ask questions!

I will be playing your Bloodsworn guide *-*!

~The Map~

~Character Application~

For this RP, you may choose any of the 'normal', 'special' or 'elite' classes. This is not a first come first served basis. So take care in writing out your application.

Just a basic character skelley will do, as below:​




Homeland: (The Bloodsworn, Arya. The Vanharen is offlimits)



Equipment: (Please be mindful of the limit one person can carry ^_^ ; )

Appearance: (at least 3 lines, include a picture if you have one. Otherwise, add more description to define your physical features)

Personality: (Optional, can be discovered through the story anyway ^^ but extra merit if you make the effort and come up with something "great")

Character Background: (Character background and history. Keep it.. uhh how shall I put it? Balanced? I mean there's no point being a super skilled legendary mythical warrior God who can fell a whole army with a sneeze! Andarun has extensive lore and background, use it to fit your character in! Try to relate your character to the story setting. You could be some minor noble seeking to bring honour to his family, a political nuisance that others want to be rid off, a nobody with nothing to lose hired by the ambassador to be loyal to his cause etc.)

And FINALLY! You may have a look at the current thread here: Fantasy - ~ANDARUN~ You're not obligated to read everything thus far, as I will discuss your introduction when your character is accepted.
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