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Fantasy A Modern Ghost Story


Dragon Rider

*Inspired by Disney's Tower of Terror*

The Black Cats. This was once a band who had become very popular in the 90's. It was a band of young teens that had started traveling around and playing music in different places. Everyone wanted to see them. They were the new thing and all focus was on them, making quite a few other artists, their family members, and sometimes just the haters of their music angry and jealous. On September the first, 1994, they were assigned to play at a very large and surprising high class hotel, which normally didn't happen for them (as they were rock band). But, they were never ones to turn down a show and accepted, coming to the hotel in high spirits. They set up their things, played a couple of songs and people were enjoying themselves. It was turning out to be a very good night for them.

Until the chandelier fell.

The chandelier fell from the ceiling, killing the four of them(whether it be instantly or they died of their injuries before the paramedics could get there is up to each person playing the characters). Through out the next year many strange things happened at that hotel. Music started playing from no where, lights would flicker. And more shockingly, anytime they tried to hang a new chandelier it would either fall within the next day, or be broken into pieces where it hung. Finally falling into the belief that the hotel was haunted by the band that died there, the hotel shut down not even two years after the incident.

Now, twenty years later a group of unknown artists, called the Kid's Next Door(can be changed on request of the members of the band haha), who are are greatly inspired by the band that died want to go see the last place that their favorite band played. So, they go to the rundown and scary hotel, only to find that maybe their favorite band might still be there, looking for something that might entertain them in their never ending life after death, and maybe even a way out of their dim and ghostly prison.

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