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Fandom A Midnight Dance with Death (OOC)



It took a bit longer than expected, I got so busy. ^^;
This is my first time writing as Remilia though, so I hope it's alright!


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Ugh, I'm really sorry you guys. I just had literally only a smidge left to write but I just could not hack it before bed tonight. I'm 10-6 later today so should be able to crack it out and get us out of this damn lab tomorrow!


Let me guess, you were born yesterday?
Whew, you weren't kidding about the explanation. I'm gonna have to re-read this monolithic info dump a few times.


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Hahaha, apologies about that! After finally posting I was worried it seemed like an all too convenient info dump but....Nocturne loves to talk/there's no real point in asking you guys to do what Christof wants if you're basically walking in blind.

Apologies by the way that when I said 'out of the lab', I didn't quite mean physically. I thought this would be a great way to try and introduce the 'bad guys' as Christof has framed Zeke and co and let the PCs react to them in a similar manner to an audience watching events unfold before them. It might also allow for some good 1x1 character moments. Just a chance to relax and not have to worry about suddenly dying/getting shit off one's chest.


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
On that same note if anyone here is feeling like Guzma and is worreidly confused, I'll try to straighten out Nocturne's explanation a bit. Clyde(the one who has the gift called [Pictures of You]) was hired on as Nocturne's assistant when Christof was still in charge of prepping selected Gifted to potentially be enrolled in serving as a member of the Gifted Unit in the Armed Forces. Clyde was then later killed by Zeke and allies during the failed assassination attempt that lead to the death of those who would eventually become part of 'Vinci.' Still following me? Clyde's corpse was retrieved from the scene and in a process that would later serve as the prototype for Vinci, he took samples of Multi's blood and fused it with that 'Coagulating Gel' fluid and in theory created a being that can support two Gifts

But in reality it only condemned(possibly anyhowwwww)Clyde's soul to an eternal hell of not knowing whether it's ready to pass on or not if the gift is still active. While also being left with the mental faculties of nothing better than a trained guard dog and a poor imitation of Multi's own Gift. When activating it's attempt at Clyde's Gift, a 'piece' of who Clyde used to be pokes out and activates it, which in turn brought you all to become no more than astral projections residing within the manifestation of this memory(blurry as it may be because of this fragment of Clyde's soul figuratively being put through the wringer over and over and over again by trying to use a gift that isn't his and never was) and Nocturne is only able to speak to you all because of behind the scenes science mumbo jumbo he's done to be able to 'see' Clyde's 'scenes' while not having to be astral projected himself.

If there's any questions please feel free to ask! I know this was a lot to take in!

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