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Fandom A Midnight Dance with Death (OOC)


Funnier President

The Darth Vader of Dark Mode.
Random Question that has totally no relation to my character-

Would Speed O’Sound Sonic (One Punch Man) be considered to OP for the Rp? I was eyeing em for a potential character-


Let me guess, you were born yesterday?
So I guess Squad141 and Sleek have dipped out on the story? no indication on either of them for a few days. They are the only two I see that haven't been active in a full rotation.


Let me guess, you were born yesterday?
I lead an extremely busy life, not to mention I've been brainstorming how to write a solid first post with the material I was given. I'll post when I find the time to, which shouldn't be long. I ask for your patience. Thank you.
Hey don't take it the wrong way or anything I was just wondering where everyone had went.


Posted, I'm sorry about the quality, I expect my next post will be better!

I attempted to describe it, but her tone is a bit hard to capture in words lol. Here's a video where you can hear how she talks.
(And if you're wondering about the Scarlet Meister thing: here, warning for a lot of bright moving objects.)
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