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Fandom A Midnight Dance with Death (OOC)



Character Name: Remilia Scarlet.

Age: Birthday is unknown, although she is ~500 years old despite her youthful appearance.

Motivation/Fatal Trigger: Biological need to feed, general dislike for humans that aren't affiliated with her. She always strives to be the top and most feared, even allegedly killing all of the former vampirian inhabitants of Gensokyo that resided there before her (It's possible this is a lie, refer to the personality section for more information....but shows her mindset, nonetheless).

World Origin: Touhou (Koumajou Densetsu, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil).

Personality: Although she's lived for five centuries, Remilia is something of a mischievous trickster who possesses a spoiled but childlike personality. She's known to lie frequently, and often expects others to react at her beck and call, an expectation that is seen most towards—but is not limited to—the maids at her mansion. It is strongly hinted that if there is something she desperately wants and cannot get (or is not being given), she'll really kick up a fuss. While she's gained a reputation for frequently lacking mercy with wandering humans and is feared by many other youkai, the fear is noted to be more for the reputation of her species as opposed to her actual personality. Despite all of these things, she is, however, known to be friendly with those who have managed to gain her trust. She seems to look down on others very frequently, whether youkai or human.

Powers and skills: Being a vampire, Remilia possesses a set of 4 wings that allow her the ability of levitation and sustained flight midair for hunting. She's able to move faster than the average human, although not to the point where she's unable to be caught, and possesses more strength than the average girl of her stature. She can turn into a bat, although this lacks any use in combat. Should she get accepted, no damage-capable abilities will be used against other players or in a major way without former permission from the aforementioned players and thread admin.

It goes without saying that she is weak against sunlight, can't cross water, abhors garlic, and absolutely despises sardine heads. It should be noted that crosses have no effect on her. It puzzles her to hear that her kind are supposed to be weak against such a thing. She's also a light eater, and at times cannot completely drain her prey, thus having no choice but to abandon them without a successful kill; her lack of appetite can pose itself as an occasional weakness.

Equipment: Remilia is able to spawn a double-headed spear named Gungnir after that of Odin's (to whom she has no relation).

Background: Remilia is the current mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, who bears its namesake from her alias "The Scarlet Devil". With the intention of finding a buried hidden treasure there, Remilia blanketed Gensokyo in a mist to keep the sun's rays from her, allowing her to wander during daytime. According to Remilia's own word, when she first arrived at Gensokyo, she slaughtered all the other vampires who lived there before her (whether this is the truth is unknown, and suspected). Fated to perish beneath sunlight, Remilia is locked within her mostly windowless mansion, only feeding at nighttime. She claims that she is the descendant of Ţepeş.

Finally had time to post it~
She's open for any plotting; I'll read up on the thread.
Are there any recommendations as to how I should jump in?


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
I'm off again on Tuesday but got a doctor's appointment that same day so try and expect an update then!

I'll try to talk more to you ( nocchi nocchi ) and Stricken Steel Stricken Steel (and also JTR JTR if you're still interested) then because tomorrow's my first day back to work.

I have a plan to fit the three of you in : )


Let me guess, you were born yesterday?
Glad to see you're doing OK, and still around. My life gets busy so I had taken my leave with the assumption the RP was gonna die off.


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Glad to see you're doing OK, and still around. My life gets busy so I had taken my leave with the assumption the RP was gonna die off.
Totally understandable!

The drama in my RL seems to have subsided(for now!) so I should be able to pay more attention to the RP!

*provided of course I'm not working or seeing a doctor but still!!!


I'm off again on Tuesday but got a doctor's appointment that same day so try and expect an update then!

I'll try to talk more to you [.......] then because tomorrow's my first day back to work.

I have a plan to fit the three of you in : )
Sure! I look forward to it; take your time~
I hope your health becomes well. ♡


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
It's a touch late and I realize some people as BuggaBoo BuggaBoo has suggested have fallen off and tbf that's totally understandable! It's 1:00 where I live but I've got time to kill/not quite tired yet so expect the update in a bit!~


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
For the people who've fallen off/those who might need a break or what have you. You're always more than welcome to jump back in at your leisure. I don't much care for killing off characters unless consent is given either publicly or privately.


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"Patriotism... is the most beautiful 'virtue' in this world. Even animals risk their lives for the sake of their children, but risking one's life for pride in their country and thinking of it as an extension of protecting one's family is only a 'Nobility of Humanity'. A kind of heart completely different from a religious fanatic."


Character Name: Funny Valentine

Age: 48

Motivation/Fatal Trigger: To gather the 9 Saint's Corpse Parts (The remains of Jesus Christ) and redirect the United States of America's misfortune to other countries in the world.

World Origin: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Powers and skills:

Spoilers for Steel Ball Run Below

Stand Ability: Funny Valentine's main "power" comes from what is known as a Stand, the manifestation of your soul/fighting spirit. If you know anything about Personas, they're basically the same thing only instead of elemental abilities, they have specific superpowers and are named after musical references, people who have Stands are called Stand Users. The normal rules are that only Stand Users can see other Stands, only Stands can harm other Stands, when a Stand takes damage, the user also takes the same damage due to the Stand being the user's soul, and if a Stand is destroyed or damaged too much, the person dies.


Funny Valentine's Stand is called Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap as previously mentioned, and it's Stand Ability allows it to move objects or people between different alternative realities by trapping them between two objects, such as a door and the wall or even water droplets and the ground. If two of the same object or person from alternate realities meet, they'll be drawn towards together like gravity and if they touch, they disintegrate into Menger Sponges due to the paradoxical existence of both of them being there in the same space and time. The only person immune from this effect is Funny Valentine, who often summons other copies of himself from alternative realities to overwhelm his opponents. If one Valentine is greviously injured or dying, he can transfer himself to another copy in an alternate universe, the new copy gains D4C and the original Valentine's memories/experiences and due to all Valentine's being nearly identical across the multiverse, will pick up where he left off, giving him psuedo-immortality.

Love Train is also a thing but I'm not getting into it just yet, he'd need to get all 9 Corpse Parts first and it's pretty OP.

He also carries a revolver with him and has combat training due to his experiences as a soldier in the American Civil War.


Revolver (I think Colt M1878 since SBR takes place in 1890)


When Funny Valentine was a child, his father went to war, and never came back. One day, a soldier named Captain Valentine came to Funny's house and told him that his father was captured by the enemy. After resisting intense torture, he committed suicide in order not to betray his country. He retained a handkerchief (horrifically, behind his eye) which Captain Valentine then gave to Funny.

It is implied that Funny's mother remarried with Captain Valentine some time later.

American Civil War

While on an excavation, Valentine's company perished in a desert. Valentine himself, exhausted, fell onto the site of the Saint's Corpse Heart. His life was saved due to the Corpse's power, and he inferred the existence of a complete Corpse, also awakening to his Stand Ability, D4C/Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

At some point later, he was captured by the enemy and brutally whipped, leaving scars spanning his back (in a pattern resembling that of the flag of the United States).

Steel Ball Run

The Steel Ball Run race is a plot set up by Valentine and the down-on-his-luck promoter, Steven Steel, to scope through the United States to get the Saint Corpse Parts which were rumored to have life-changing power. As he hosted and monitored the event, he'd send out people of his choosing to make sure things didn't go haywire in the process while at the same time trying to find pieces of the corpse parts themselves.

By obtaining the corpse, Valentine, being a patriot, wishes to use its power to bring a better future to America by merging his stand and the corpse's power to deflect all misfortunes befalling on his country to foreign countries.

During the race, Valentine employs many assassins to kill both Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar, even having some participate in the race to get close to the duo. The majority of his subordinates are Stand users, such as Blackmore, Mike O. and Diego Brando from Another Universe.

Valentine discovers a traitor in his ranks, which he first believed to be Mountain Tim, then his wife, Scarlet, before finding the real traitor: Lucy Steel (disguised as Scarlet).
Receiving the Corpse

Once learning that the Corpse parts were embedded within Lucy, he had her live with him, knowing that she was disguised as his wife, and in the hopes of taking the Corpse parts out of her when the time was right.

In Philadelphia

After seeing Lucy for what she truly is, he holds her until the Corpse's power is at its fullest. He hires D-I-S-C-O to stall Gyro so he can kill Johnny himself. Using Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, He sends both Diego Brando and Wekapipo (both have since defected from Valentine's employ) to alternate dimensions to shoot Johnny and eliminate the three at once. He fights Wekapipo and Diego with the odds in his favor, then Diego uses Scary Monsters to guide Johnny to safety and shoot Valentine. However, Valentine uses his Stand to replace his dying body.

He takes off in a train to protect Lucy from Diego and Hot Pants, while Ticket to Ride takes form. He makes several clones to fight off the two but is nearly killed by Diego. After fighting and killing Diego, Lucy's Stand takes form and powers up D4C. He quickly uses it to kill Hot Pants and prepares to fight Gyro and Johnny.

Atlantic Ocean

When Gyro and Johnny finally show up to confront the president, Valentine shows the full extent of his new ability. Valentine misdirects everything that was intended to kill him to another part of the world, killing someone else. However, Gyro tells Johnny that it is time for "Lesson 5", meaning the use of the Golden Spin. As Gyro prepares for the Golden Spin, Valentine shoots him non-lethally. However, with the effects of D4C -Love Train, the wound travels up his body towards a more lethal spot. Gyro then summons Ball Breaker and passes through the dimensional barrier, accelerating the age of half of Valentine's face. As the wound travels up Gyro's body, he shoots Ball Breaker a second time, seemingly killing Valentine. However, Valentine was turned into an old man due to the second attack and after recovering, he finally manages to kill Gyro.

After killing Gyro, Johnny relentlessly tries to do anything possible to even harm Valentine, but to no avail. Valentine then shoots Johnny's horse, Slow Dancer, to eliminate the chance of seeing the Golden Rectangle. In a last-ditch effort, Johnny uses one of Gyro's steel balls to heal his horse which kicks him into the air, activating Tusk ACT 4. After being hit by Tusk ACT 4's Infinite Rotation, Valentine found himself subjected to the Spin, which drove him into a hole in the ground every time he jumped to another dimension. (His story continues after this, I'm thinking Valentine is abducted/cured after this event)


Despite the power of his Stand, Valentine is just an ordinary human in terms of physicality/durability.

His arrogance in his position/power can cause him to underestimate others.
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"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
It's great to see another Jojo character!

I might need to DM you in regards to D4C(don't worry I don't mean to single you out I also talked to Squad141 about Tooru/[Wonder of U]) because in my experience, Jojos tend to mess with the powerscale a bit if conversations aren't had beforehand and I don't wanna see any issues arise.

That said, how many of you who were here for the start are still interested?

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for some reason i only now just got a notification for this??

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Let me guess, you were born yesterday?
I hope this doesn't die off! it would be a shame as good multi-fandom roleplay is hard to come by. In fact a lot of roleplay nowadays seems to have become limited to very specific categories..a lot of it involves vampires for some reason.


Number 5.
eheheh same i'm looking forward to seeing all y'all new folks posts! :D

i'll post again myself eventually lol i just gotta work up the motivation to do things again XD


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
I think you're the last person I'll accept for now(though that's always liable to change depending on how the future shakes out)but go ahead and put up a CS when you get time! I'll try to look over it in the morning!

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