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Fandom a mha/bnha search :]

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hello homies, it’s rat again! so like, i’ve recently been craving some mha (preferably ccxoc) roleplays.. so here’s a search thread for it haha! please message me if you’re interested/have any questions, or comment here if you’re unable to pm me. thank you!! :]
also, if we follow canon events and/or if it matters to you - i believe i’m up to date w the anime, but i’m quite a few chapters behind in the manga; however, i’ve been keeping up w spoilers n stuff, so i’m aware of most significant events that have happened after the spot i left off at! so uh, yeh, spoilers don’t bother me at all! though, i may still need reminders here n there cuz i’m just.. very, very forgetful haha.

(( my main search thread is here btw, if you’re curious! ))

looking for: kaminari (CRAVING), aizawa (CRAVING), kirishima, bakugo, dabi
could attempt: deku, kirishima, kaminari, tamaki, mina, ochaco, jirou, momo.. ask about any others!
will not play: bakugo, dabi, shigaraki (maybe), mineta, endeavor, overhaul (maybe)​

» i’m an awkward 21 y/o who uses she/they pronouns and tends to ramble a little too much, a little too often.

» i have four lovely pet rats that i tend to blab about a lot, haha.

» i love the show supernatural w my entire being, as well as basically anything shoujo or zombie apocalypse related! mha/bnha, all of us are dead, and criminal minds are also pretty high up there.

» i reply very slowly, and often disappear for a bit when life really gets to me; however, i always try to come back and send a message whenever i’m able to.

» i write in third person and usually write at least a paragraph or more. i always try to avoid writing one-liners.

» i usually play a female when only playing one muse/in 1x1’s, but i can probably attempt to play a male if we each play multiple muses/double up!

» i’m only willing to use anime, drawn, or written faceclaims for this fandom!

» discord is kinda greatly preferred, but i can try via pms on here instead if you’d like! i’ve just been a bit more active on discord.

» i don’t think i have any triggers/limits besides heavily descriptive acts of suicide (brief mentions should be okay if they’re absolutely needed); however, if something else comes up that i find myself unable to do, i’ll let you know.
» preferably be 18 or above in age, please! it might be fine if you’re 17 going on 18 and fine with darker/serious stuff, though.

» please be okay with slow replies and occasional absences. occasional bumps are completely welcome (and even encouraged), but please do not continuously spam me. if you can’t handle me being absent from time to time without warning because of my mental health, then i’m not the partner for you.

» i don’t mind if you’re absent from time to time. of course i’d appreciate a heads-up, but if something drastic happens to come up and you don’t have the chance to give one, it’s okay! i completely understand that feeling, haha.

» ghost friendly, i think!! like, i’d always appreciate a goodbye, but i completely understand if you’re unable to give one, and i wish you the best if you must dip!

» write in third person pov and preferably be capable of writing at least a paragraph or more. you don’t have to go full novella on me if you don’t want to, but i don’t want constant one-liners. i just kinda really dislike one-liners, haha. :’]

» i’d greatly prefer MxF (with me as the female) for the main pairing on my end, but i can prob do FxF too if requested. MxM and other pairings i’m a bit hesitant to do, but are probably okay for between side characters; however, you can still try to convince me to do it for your side if we double - it’s not a complete no!

» romance (preferably slowburn) is a must.

» please no smut. if something along those lines needs to be mentioned for some reason, fading in/out is absolutely necessary.

» please be at least a little talkative ooc cuz i tend to ramble a ton and i really enjoy having actual conversations w my partner! and please don’t just go w everything i say, bring other ideas n whatnot to the table too!! ;v;

» i’d really like to do a cute n slice of life-y college au rp w him! if not, we can have them be high school age still - i’d just prefer to minimize the amount of fights if possible, since im absolutely terrible at writing them.

» maybe he meets my oc through mina or jirou somehow? maybe it’s during a visit to a cafe (or somewhere else) where the bakusquad usually hangs out at?

» ooooo or maybe we could do an au where he’s a pro hero now, and ends up saving my civilian oc from some villain trouble? and then they get to know each other from then on? she could even be a new intern/sidekick at his hero agency, if you think he’d have one!
» i’m thinking maybe him n my oc were friends in high school (or maybe they’ve heard of each other but never properly met), but after some time my oc goes missing because she was captured by villains for her quirk; however, she eventually manages to escape them after a few years of imprisonment and shows up at either the police station or aizawa’s place out of the blue. maybe she could then stay at his place for some time until the villains are finally found?
» i’d love to do a college or pro hero au w him, too!

» if we do a pro hero au, maybe he could save my civilian oc from trouble?

» oooo or maybe, if a college au or something like that, the bakusquad (prob mina) sets him up on a date w my oc n they instantly hit it off?
» maybe he could meet my oc through kirishima somehow!

» or maybe instead, they meet during the arc where bakugo is held captive by the LOV? my character could already be a prisoner of them, but later escapes with bakugo when he’s rescued!

» i’d also be totally willing to try a college or pro hero au with him!

» maybe he’s set up on a date w my oc, and after it ends, he surprisingly finds himself wanting to see her again?
» i’m thinking we could maybe do something where my oc is a prisoner (or new member) of the LOV that he becomes close with, or his closest (and probably only) childhood friend who is devastated by his disappearance and tries to find him again. heck, we could even combine the two if you’d like!
NOTE: i’m a bit hesitant to do ocxoc stuff cuz i tend to lose muse for it much faster than i do ccxoc, but i could still try to do it as more of a last resort! i’ll list a few ideas i had in mind below just in case.

» your character is a very powerful and scary villain. my character is their new caretaker.

» your character is a pro hero/villain who happens to end up in a very sticky situation. my character is an ordinary civilian who ends up somehow saving your character from said sticky situation. maybe your character is badly injured too, and my character has to take them to their place to tend to their wounds.

» your character is a famous pro hero. my character is their new sidekick. bonus points if our characters don’t get along too well at first.

» au where quirks never existed & everyone is just an ordinary human
» zombie apocalypse au (without quirks)
» supernatural/fantasy au
» au in which all the students have graduated and are adults/pro heroes now
» college au
» soulmate au
…and probably others i can’t think of right now!
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