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Fantasy A Marriage Between Nations (CS Thread)




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serana damaris.
name : Princess Serana Odette Damaris.
nicknames : She goes by Ana.
gender : Female.
age : 20.
kingdom : Alur.
role : The king's second child.
height : 5'1 or around 155 cm.
hair : She has wavy brown hair that goes down to her hips.
eyes : Light, almost cloudy blue.
body modifications : None, during Alurian events she will wear traditional face paint.
dist. features : Her light eyes are somewhat unique for her race. She also has quite a few scars on her back, legs, and one on her face.
accessories : This is her circlet, which she wears instead of a crown
common outfits : Casual, formal, and wyvern riding
other pictures : x x x

strengths : She is incredibly intelligent and has acquired a great amount of knowledge in her short life. She also is a brilliant strategist.
weaknesses : Serana is physically incapable. She has the strength and self defense skills of an eight year old. Also, while she does know quite a bit about the world through books, she has very little real world experience. Everything she knows about the world she has learned from a distance.
personality : Serana has always been rather fake. She acts very professional around almost everyone, and only when she truly trusts you she may show you her true colors. When around those she doesn't trust, she only speaks when spoken too and acts incredibly responsible. She does everything she is told, never speaks up, and is always incredibly polite. No matter what you do to her, she won't say anything, unless you are targeting her family. In the general public, she tries her best to appear "weak", so she is not a target. When with those she trusts, she is strong willed and quite intense, though she does know when she needs to shut up. She speaks with certainty and tries her best to be strong constantly. The third side of her personality is reserved for her siblings and incredibly close friends, which is the only time that she's genuinely herself. She's very affectionate and humorous, though it can still be difficult for her. She has a lot of insecurities around being weak, so it can be quite difficult to show her true colors .
- positive traits : Intelligent, affectionate, compassionate, determined, and just.
- neutral traits : Pessimistic, curious, childish, guileless, and whimsical.
- negative traits : Insecure, cowardly, cynical, nervous, and secretive.
hobbies : Due to her time inside, she has gone through quite a few hobbies. She's read almost every book in the castle, so she has moved away from that. She also knows serveral languages and can play quite a few instruments. At the moment, she has taken up painting and drawing.
habits : info.
family : The Alorian royal family.
history In her early childhood, Serana had a very typical life for a royal. Of course, her mother had passed away the day she was born and this caused a bit of trauma for the princess, but it was relivitivly easy to get over compared to what would come later. At the age of eight, she had snuck out of the castle to ride a horse, since she wanted to impress her family. However, about a half an hour after she left, her horse collapsed on top of her, crushing her lower spine and legs. It took the guard about an hour to find her, so Ana was trapped under the animal for quite awhile. At that point, it seemed that she would never be able to walk again. It was then that her father asked a sorcerer to heal her, in exchange for continuing not to regulate magic. The arrangment was made,but that didn't seem to be the end of it for the king. From that point on, he was so terrified of Ana getting hurt, or even their subjects finding out that the family now supported magic, that she wasn't allowed to leave. So, she has stayed on the castle grounds since she was eight years old.

sexuality : heterosexual.
previous partners : She has had a few romantic interests, but none that were incredibly important.
romantic relationships : Open for plotting.
public opinion : Princess Serana is somewhat of a mystery to her people, since she has not been off the castle grounds since childhood. Because of this, many people have begun to speculate that she was cursed or that she actually passed away. Those who frequent the castle often have seen her, but people still have trouble coming up with one idea as to what happened, what she looks like, and other similar ideas. Those who know her see her as a perfectly normal child, or as normal as a royal can be. .
theme song : dodie-when.

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Rusty of Shackleford

Nine Thousand Club
Name: Ander Malcer Briain
Nickname: "Mal"
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Role/Title: Crown Prince of Evander
Kingdom: Evander

Personality: Ander, in many ways, represents the good and bad of his homeland. On the good side, Ander is passionate, strong-willed, loyal, and family oriented. His people and his family come first, and once he sets his mind to something, very few things can sway him, which leads into his flaws. He's as stubborn as the icy mountains of Evander himself, and can be just as cold and unforgiving if crossed. He's a pragmatist, bordering on a Machivelian. The means often don't matter as much as the ends, especially if the wellbeing of his family and kingdom are at stake. He's also brutally honest, for better and for worse, leading to people either loving or hating him. He is unabashedly himself, and if you have a problem with it you can shove it. He's also not the best at expressing his emotions or picking up on other's, and talking with him can be quite awkward.






Sexuality: Heterosexual

King (Insert Name Here): (Father)
Elynor: (Sister)
Signy: (First Cousin)
Other Siblings

History: (If applicable)
Ander was born the first son of the King of Evander, the Crown Prince. As such, he received...special treatment. He was groomed from the moment he could walk to be a King, and a good one at that. A king was to be strong stoic, wise. To be a king was to be all that was a man. this had a...negative effect on the boy. He always felt the pressure of his destiny looming over him, constantly watching, constantly judging him. He had one future, and that was to lead. This mixed with the fact he very rarely spent his childhood with his siblings led to him developing an incredibly independent, stubborn, and socially inept personality. He excelled at swordplay, horseback riding, and similar masculine activities, but he lacked the social graces. His withdrawn nature only deepened after the death of his mother. While never as close to her as he was with his father, Ander did love his mother, and her death destroyed him. He's...hesitant of this marriage. He's not sure what to think of these strangers, and doesn't trust his future step-mother.
Religion: Evander's religion is...complex. They do not worship gods in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, they revere spirits. Spirits embody parts of the world both physical and abstract. A rock has a spirit, a tree has a spirit, a speck of dust has one. The larger the object, the more powerful the spirit. That being said, I'm reluctant to say they worshipped the spirits. They see them as very distant and cut off from mortal affairs. The only spirits they truly revere are the spirits of their ancestral homes, and the spirits of their ancestors. Otherwise, they are hesitant to ask for help, as the Spirits are fickle, and by no means required to lend aid to their followers.
Ander is quite well liked among his people. They tend to like his direct, blunt attitude and his martial skill. Though there are some who worry about his future as monarch. Alur in particular isn't very fond of the Prince, seeing him as nothing but a brutish thug. He doesn't much care either way, though he is very much insecure about how his father views him.

In terms of his future step-family, it ranges from good to apathetic. He's good friends with the Crown Princess, with them once being betrothed at one point, and both having a deep respect for one another. On the other hand, he's never had much communication with Serana, though he does try to be polite with her due to her relation. Their mother is another story. He doesn't trust her. Not only does this whole situation seem fishy, not only does he know next to nothing of her...she dares to try and fill the hole his mother left behind. Yes, the last part is incredibly selfish, but Ander feels completely justified in his opinion of his future step-mother.
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Rusty of Shackleford Rusty of Shackleford He is accepted! I would just ask that in your other section, you add what the public opinion of him is. So, since he is a prince, generally people would have heard of him, so it's better for plotting if I have that. Some examples (though they are longer than I would expect from you) are the descriptions of the queen and my character in the lore thread.

Void Dweller

Peering through the kelp.

Name: Princess Elynor Sibel Briain
Nickname: Nell
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Role/Title: Crown Princess of Evander
Kingdom: Evander
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Elynor tries to see the good in every situation, and always encourages others to do the same. This positivity doesn’t come naturally, in most situations her mind jumps to the worst case scenario, but it’s a skill she’s had to practice over the years. She does so to balance out her families more pragmatic look on life, as well for her own sanity. Elynor is a people person, she doesn’t have a presence that fills the room but is charismatic. Nell worries about her family and for Evander as a whole, she hopes that this marriage will ease her father’s mind.

-Good at diffusing tense situations.
-Good at reading people

-Her health has improved but she is still prone to catch illnesses quickly
-soft spoken

-Cross stitching and embroidery
-Horses, she is a terrible rider but there is a freedom from atop of one

Family: TBD
Older Brother- Prince Ander Malcer Briain
Cousin- Princess Signy Oydis

Relationships: TBD
Romance?: A possibility for sure

History: Nell was born early, her lungs were weak and it was wildly accepted she would pass in the week. Yet the late queen refused to accept that and kept a vigil over the girl, holding her tightly and waving away wet-nurses who tried to take her. The announcement for her birth wasn’t made for two weeks after the event, and even then it was made with little excitement. Nell was in poor health throughout her childhood; a sniffle would turn into bruising coughs with fluid trapped in the lungs, and with Evander’s cold climate the girl fell ill often. The queen was her most frequent visitor while sick, telling Nell everything that was happening around the castle and Evander. The moment that Nell could get out of bed, she would stalk the halls to follow her father and brother as they went about their daily lives. Elynor would always accompany her mother when she went into town to make sure the people had enough to make it through winter. After the queen’s tragic death, Nell tried to emulate the traits the woman had. Though the happy memories of a six year old are hardly a reliable cornerstone to base an identity on. Nell’s constitution has improved greatly over the years and she wishes to step up as a member of the Briain family.

Religion: Elynor was taught to respect spirits and thank the spirits of her ancestors. However like her mother Nell will thank the spirits, and after the harvest she lights incense and prays the food will last longer than the snow. This is not a common practice in Evander but is considered odd or meaningless by most. Nell is also superstitious and will avoid doing certain things, even if logically she knows it doesn’t matter.

Other: The people of Evander are impartial to Nell, they feel like she doesn’t fit with the rest of the family. Everyone can agree that it’s odd that Elynor hasn’t been married off, and that any betrothal made is quickly dissolved. This has led to odd rumors such as Nell being horribly disfigured underneath her gown.
Nell is hopeful about the marriage, but tentative about her new step siblings. She isn’t sure about her new step mother.
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Elephants can smell water.
Signy Oydis

Although not really part of her official title, She uses her Mothers original surname ‘Oydis’, to somewhat distance herself from the royal family, and all that follows with it.

Nickname: Very close family and friends sometimes call her 'Sigs', but its usage is in truth, a rarity.
Gender: All woman.
Age: 22
Role + Title: Lieutenant-General of the Evandish Cavalry.
The Oldest Child of the King of Evandish’s youngest brother, Prince Ilya.
Although rather far away from ever claiming the Evandish Throne herself, Signy is still technically a Princess. However, she always personally uses, and in all honestly just prefers, her military title.
Kingdom: Evandish.


One of these images in an official profile commissioned by Signy's Mothers, the other is a sketch done by her friend one night while she was drunk off of her arse after having fallen from a horse. I'll let you guess which is which...

Signy’s the type of person who you immediately notice walk into the room, be that for better or worse. She’s a very tall girl, standing at around 6’2 (and an inch taller than that in her regalia boots!). If she was shorter she’d perhaps look wider, but luckily for her, her height allows her muscle to evenly spread out, making her appearance seem relatively lithe and slender. But don’t but fooled, you’d certainly feel a punch from her and be sore about it in the morning.
Regarding facial features, she’s definitely more akin to her Mother than her Father. Well, that's what he says anyway... Her skin is pale, freckled and dappled with the occasional blemish. Signy’s hair is that rather distinct shade of very very dark brown that appears almost black in all other lighting. It curls a little when wet, but otherwise falls in soft lazy waves. Her eyes, a hazy green-ish blue in colour, are sharp, narrow and intensely piercing. She’s worn down a few old battered Colonels with just that stare of hers, honestly, puts the shivers right up you.

Sigs reverts to her casuals whenever she can get away with it, and is rarely seen in anything too grand. When the occasion finally arises where she absolutely has to wear something fancier, she opts to wear her military finery to Royal functions. And although she’d never publicly admit to it, she can't help but feel a small glimmer of pride when wearing her Military regalia.
Her Official Military Regalia, Her 'Cozy' Casuals,

You would never guess Signy to be a member of the Evandish Royal Family upon a first meeting, even one as low down on the pecking order as she is. For the girl is a bold, outspoken, resolute sort, accommodating none of the usual even-tempered decorum a Royal Family Member usually possesses. She freely speaks her mind on any and all matters, and will not withhold her opinion for any reason. While some may see this as an admirable demeanour, let me tell you, it makes her a right nuisance when she does have to be dragged out to a Royal Function. This outspoken brashness sometimes comes off as cold, and impersonal to some, but Signy simply sees it as truthfulness. She rarely ever lies, for she sees no point in doing so. Why should she hold back her tongue to save another's pride?
As any good Soldier should be, the girl is Stern too, I'd advise you not to try and fool her, or pull the wool over her eyes. But then again, don’t let that firm nature fool you completely, I swear she can have fun when she wants to. Signy’s a witty sort, despite all the other general matter-of-fact-ness. The girl’s as sharp with her words as she is with her Sword.

  • Excellent Horsemen: I mean, somewhat expected of a Lt. General of the Cavalry I suppose.
  • Trained Farrier: While not a needed requirement for all Cavaliers, Signy thought it best she be trained and knowledgeable in how to adequately care for, what is arguably, her most valued piece of kit.
  • Keen Swords-Woman: She personally favours a Longsword, yet wields a Short-sword too, but apparently it’s only for “Just in cases,”
  • Hunter Gatherer: Her family often went on hunting trips way way up and away in the Mountain Valleys. Being gone for days at a time like this required the skills and knowledge of how to survive off of the land.

  • Proudly Evandish: While Signy holds little loyalty to the idea of Royalty, she is a perfect Lt. General and Soldier for one very good reason; She truly loves her country. The people, the culture, the landscapes, the whole kit and caboodle. Mock the Royal name and she’ll probably laugh right along with you, but make fun of her country only if you feel comfortable picking up your own teeth off of the floor.
  • Military Strategist: Unlike a lot of other Royals and Nobles, Sigs well and truly earned her rank, despite her young age. Some people are born artists or musicians, but Signy was a born Strategist. Her mettle has been proven countless times now, and even the other seniors of the Evandish War Council cannot doubt the girls ability.
  • Daring: In both day to day life as well as on the battle-field. Signy’s naturally valiant nature is what has largely gotten her to where she stands today. Although seen as risky by others, Sigs is willing to say what others are unwilling to, to do what everyone else is too afraid to.

  • Reckless: As much a blessing as it is a curse. Her drive to be nothing but absolutely fearless in any pursuit can sometimes lead to disaster. Luckily for her, it’s been nothing too tumultuous yet, but all it takes is the wrong word here, a move too quick there, and her whole career could come crashing down around her.
  • Short-Tempered: Signy is not, exactly, a patient sort of person. Keep her waiting too long and her foot will start tapping, an eyebrow will start twitching, or she may just up and leave altogether. That’s happened a few times before now...

Sexuality: Straight (?) (Bi, perhaps?)
There have been these uhh, rumours, you see..

Open to romance?:
I suppose? Uh, I've never heard her deny such a thing,

Family + Public Opinion: Her Father is Prince Ilya, the youngest brother of the current King of Evandish.
Her Mother is a woman named Olga Oydis, a Noble hailing from the far The Rodina Mountain Borders of Evandish.
Signy is the oldest of three children, having a younger brother (Petyr), and a baby sister (Portia).
She gets on fairly well with her more majorly Royal Cousins, although she only sees them occasionally throughout the year.

Signy's proven herself in battle a number of times now, yet remains fully aware that despite her current lucky streak, her only experience of war has been internal, and on a small scale at that. In spite of this though, the Evander public have a generally positive opinion of the woman, although admitedly those closer to the capital know a lot less about her than they do her more prominent and closer Royal Cousins.
In turn, she's held in far higher esteem throughout The Rodina, where she is very much a hometown hero.

Signy’s Father, Prince Ilya, never had too much expected of him, to a degree of course. As a primary member of the Evandish Royal family, of course there was a reputation he was expected to maintain, but otherwise his life was his own to lead. Sensible enough to understand the particular hand life had dealt him, Ilya very much seized this opportunity. He ventured out on a long and expansive tour of Evandish in his youth, travelling to every corner of his country. The endeavour literally took years, for there was no inch of Evandish Ilya wished to remain unseen. His party was small, and the cost of the journey was relatively nil, as the company survived primarily off of their own efforts. This, and the sheer exhaustiveness of the tour greatly strengthened and improved the general public’s opinion of the Royal Family, and more specifically Ilya himself.

The venture finally began drawing to a close as Ilya and his party neared the far Mountain Border territories. This area of Evander is begrudgingly called The 'Rodina', and is commonly believed to be the first part of Evander to ever be settled. While often icy and snowed under, the geography there is more Tundra-like than straight out artic. For around three months a year, the plains are green and blooming, but otherwise the weather isn't exactly, beachy. Since quite a reasonable distance away from the Evander capital, and any other larger, more urbanised towns and cities, the tribes and villages of The Rodina have become semi-self-governed. The majority of these groups still respect and generally adhere to the Monarchy's word, a handful of outspoken rebel rousers occasionally break off and away, but they're always eventually reined back in.

Whatever your opinion of the weather or the people though, one thing remains undeniable, the country is beautiful there, the landscape almost always picturesque. Upon his visit, Prince Ilya grew to love the place dearly, especially when a certain young Lady belonging to a family of minor nobility caught his eye. Although Olga was perhaps not as wellborn as the Royal Family would have liked, the fact that Ilya was the youngest, and more importantly willing to marry someone at all, the union was allowed. A proud Born and bred woman of The Rodina, the Oydis family goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. There are even rumours the family are descendants of those ancient early settlers.

The marriage between Ilya and Olga was one born from genuine love and affection, and further sealed with the promise of a possible end to any future strife between the Evander Royals and the occasional Rebellious Rodina's. And thus, Signy was brought into the world. Her Mother and Father chose to raise their children primarily in the Mountain territories, although visits to the Capital and their Royal cousins were quite regular. It’s most likely this somewhat ordinary upbringing contributed heavily into Signy’s opinion of her family’s, as well as her own, Royal Title. Her childhood passed with otherwise unremarkable familiarity. It was (inevitably) Signy’s teenage years where life began to change.

Her predominant nature, while just a humorous trait during infancy, now made itself known strongly in adolescent hot-headed-ness. She was quick and easy to anger, she argued with her siblings frequently, and at times, and would even leave the family home for days at a time. Prince Ilya, while a reasonable enough sort otherwise, is not a particularly patient man (like Father, like Daughter,) and grew swiftly tired of Signy’s teenage antics. Olga on the other hand, had a rather good idea of what her daughter was in need of.

Per his wifes suggestion, Ilya began taking Signy to discussions at the War-Table. While not a majorly conflicted country, Evandish had been struggling with small locally led skirmishes along the Mountain Border. Ancient tribes battled with each other, and occasionally against the crown. While never growing into anything too dangerous, it was still a matter that needed regular attention. And so Signy’s military career began. With an already likened mind to it, as well as a passionate internal drive to improve, she rose through the ranks quite quickly.

Horses suited her, and she enjoyed the particular quirks and talents the Cavalry offered. She has tested her mettle in battle a number of times now, certainly enough to prove herself worthy of her rank.

Polkan & Misha
I should make something clear rather quickly, Polkan is a Evandish Horse, and that means he is an absolute giant of a creature. Which is suitable when considering the height of his rider I suppose... Tall, broad and strong, these horses are chosen to be used in the Cavalry for good reason, let me tell you.

Misha is one of, and arguably her true favourite if he’s the only one she’s brought along to this thing, Signy’s (many) dogs. A Borzoi, his appearance suggests an air of noble aloofness seemingly fitting to a member of the royal family. But to be truthful, he’s a strange, gangly peculiarity of a dog, goodness knows what Signy sees in it...

  • Her favourite colour is (Specifically) Burnt Orange
  • Is awful with anything to do with hair. Can’t braid it herself at all, and honestly struggles with a pony-tail.
  • Is an absolute secret sucker for Adventure and Hero stories, but don’t tell her that I told you that
  • Big Dog person, I believe she has about seven back at home, luckily she’s only brought the one along with her this time.
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Your local trans writer femboy.

- Name -
Orryn Anaxis Damaris-Nevermore

- Nickname -
Feel free to give him one!

- Gender -
Cisgender Male (He/Him)

- Age -

- Role/Title -
Youngest Child in the Royal Family of Alor
Supreme Commander of the Army of the Black Knight (His Soldier Figurines; He likes playing war general with them.)
The Snarky Bastard

- Kingdom -

- Personality -
Orryn is one of the most snarky people you will ever meet. He's the type of kid to leap onto tables and spit faux war dialogue while immediately expecting you to play along in his scene because 'he's the baby'. He's sly and manipulative, often using this to his advantage to get what he wants both with his family and out in the world. That is, when he sneaks out to go to the nearby villages even though he knows he isn't allowed without an escort. He tends to act out very little when concerning his mother, though, and absolutely despises disappointing her. If he does something wrong, he will do absolutely everything in his power to make sure that he isn't caught by her. He loves to step on all of his siblings' toes, including the ones related to him.

- Strengths -
- He's a very good manipulator, being really great at making people do what they want if they don't know him.

- He can cry on cue, within a minute of realizing that he needs to.

- He can devise wonderfully great plans to cover his tracks, generally.

- Weaknesses -
- If the person knows him well, generally his ploys aren't nearly as effective. Then, he has to resort to bargaining.

- He's generally a crybaby, and cannot stand physical pain.

- He thinks he's better than everyone else, and tends to underestimate opponents.

- Sexuality -
This will develop as he grows. Right now, it isn't relevant at all. Upon being older, he will be homosexual/homoromantic while also pretending to be straight so he can carry on the family lineage. Also in adulthood, especially because of the arranged marriages, he would be unfaithful to his partner.
As for being open to romance plotting, adorable child platonic fluff stuff with someone would be sweet!

- Family -
The Damaris-Nevermore Family in the Kingdom of Alor.
Of his sibling ____, he thinks ______.
Of his sibling ____, he thinks ______.
Of his mother Zoleii, he thinks that she's the being the world revolves around, other than 'The Source'. He's terrified to upset her and he feels deeply angry and disappointed in himself when he does. He often tries to impress her, showing the things that he's made and the formations of troops through his play make-shift battleroom that covers the entirety of his floor. He genuinely loves her, and believes every word she says as if its' scripture. In fact, it seems that his mother is the only person that he puts above himself.
Of his father, he thinks that he's a cowardly shut-in. Orryn never cared for his father and instead viciously would attack him at every possible avenue. There are some rumors among the family that his mother groomed him to kill his father for this reason, even though the details are never concrete and nothing ever lines up from any facts offered. He was known for calling his father all sorts of names, setting up harmful pranks, and talking about him in nothing but the negative. Some also believe the 'natural causes' his father's death had came from a stroke from the stress of dealing with Orryn.
Of his stepfather ______, he thinks _______.

- History -
Orryn was born twelve years ago, and as he grew up in a house of much older siblings, he felt like he had to fight back and make himself known. So, growing up, he made almost everyone's lives hell except for his mother's, whom he worshipped. He grew up stealing things from his siblings, wrecking their things, fighting with them, and just making general chaos. Generally, though, he tried to do it in such a way that he could not be held accountable. He's only actually been caught for a few things.

(Sorry for the shortness, he hasn't been through a lot yet!)

- Religion -
Orryn follows the religion instilled to him as law by his mother. He follows in her footsteps, learning about The Source and his enlightenment. He doesn't know too much about it yet, but it's not concerning as he seems to follow any command or explanation set by his mother.

- Other -
Generally, the public sees him as a total knock-out angel child. Every ceremony, he's a precious, well-behaved child at the discretion of his mother and the authority in the room. People think he's smart, well behaved, and responsible. Generally they see him as a developing child, with an intelligent psyche and a thirst for ambition concerning the developing world. In reality, though, any one living with him except for his mother generally know that he's a bratty, vicious child that throws tantrums for everything he wants and usually gets it. His mother thinks he's quite the angel.

If someone could tell me how to resize images with code I'd be forever grateful!

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. D O V E

  • Name: Zoleii Damaris-Nevermore
    Nickname/Alias: Zol, the Harbinger
    Gender: Female
    Age: 48
    Role/Title: Queen of Alor
    Kingdom: Alor
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Expert Lurker

"Pecuniae obediunt omnia"
Hydra's Heads


Name: Allie

Nickname: Allie, Al

Gender: Female

Age: 27

[Unofficially] - Thief from Hydra's Heads
[Officially] - Noble Lady Allison Ryzel Cleftoryl from the Kingdom of Rhein

Kingdom: Rhein - a neighboring kingdom to Alor and Evander with a healthy relationship with both kingdoms when it came to trade

Personality: Allie's a person who had to crawl their way to where they are now - having to survive the harsh streets with little to no protection than her own body and her own capabilities. She's a very observant person and studies how someone acts and works and adjusts herself to meet their standard - all in the name of being able to put people at ease and to lower their guard so that she can, perhaps, get information out of them or grab something on their person. Personal relationships mean close to nothing to her after growing up in a society that sold each other off for a piece of bread. Even within her organization, Allie gives out her trust to very few people. As such, no one really knows who she is and where she came from. It's difficult to decipher which is a lie and which is the truth when she begins speaking.

To most people, however, Allie is an easygoing and mischievous person. She lives and breathes making everything a bit more fun and amusing for herself at the expense of others. Many of her co-workers have gotten used to her antics and know that even underneath all of that, she works hard for any contract that comes to her hands. Allie is surprisingly well-read. She claims that it's for when she has to converse with the high society folk. Allie, much like her school of magic, is as flexible as they come which makes her an excellent choice for both information gathering and infiltrator.


  • Charismatic and well-versed in multiple subjects, Allie can mix in with multiple groups of people without much trouble.
  • A well-trained thief, she's light-footed with butterfingers and is able to blend in with the crowd to avoid suspicion.
  • An expert illusionist, Allie had been relentless in training her magic and puts it to practice many times during her contracts. She's been able to make her illusions real for a certain amount of time depending on the illusion before they dissipate into nothingness once again.
  • Kleptomaniac, perhaps it was because Allie grew up wanting but she has a constant urge to take things that aren't rightly hers. She calls it "liberating the items".
  • Dishonest and distrusting, as someone who faces the world with lies, she expects everyone else to do the same.
  • Frivolous loyalty, Allie - much like most of her co-workers - can easily be persuaded by money and sell their own clients out.
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual

Family: N/A

School of Magic: Illusion


The Kingdom of Rhein was situated close to the water and is best known for its fishing produces as well as tourist attractions with its beautiful lakes and natural hot springs. The concentration of mages and sorcerers are thin in the kingdom due to many of them leaving for Alor because of their more advanced studies in the magical arts. Most of the nobility were of the mercantile sort who actively trades with neighboring kingdoms. They welcome foreigners in their land with bright smiles and hidden knives. For as beautiful as Rhein is, the truth of the kingdom is that most of the unvisited cities and towns are ridden with poverty. Royals have expertly hidden all of this from foreigners, able to protect their visitors for as long as they were there and they followed the rules.

As such, the kingdom was a cesspool for crime. Illegal exchanges happened under the guard's noses - and some nobles even encourage it to enrich themselves from it. For those unprotected by the guards, they were harassed by thugs and gangs who have taken control. To survive in the lower percentages of Rhein, one had to be cunning and resourceful. Many criminal gangs rose from the kingdom of Rhein. Hydra's Head is one such example of an organization. It had started a few decades ago in the southern part of Rhein. Rumors had it that it was actually created by a noble family as an organization to do their bidding. However, it was then that the organization grew out of the family - ending with the family's demise.

Ever since then, Hydra's Head just kept spreading their influence. They recruited those who were ambitious, skilled, whether they were sorcerers or not. The Hydra's Head has eyes everywhere - they always claim - and they watch as children fight for their own survival, beggars slide their hands in and out of pockets, and struggling folks donning smiles as they smooth talk their way inside houses. There were no tenets within the organization - but everyone knew better than to betray the organization itself. After all, it had integrated itself so well into the society of many kingdoms. Anyone who tried to take it down or betray it would be hushed. It was a powerful organization moved by money and money only.

Allie, nameless as she was when she was a child, was recruited into the Hydra's Head when she was just ten years old. A young man - Trent - that she had stolen bread from had caught her and laughed. He said that there was much she could improve upon when it came to her technique. He had become her master as he led her back to the headquarters, a seemingly normal two-story house where a young woman and her child resided. They welcomed the duo inside before they descended down the cellar, only to be met with a large excavation. From then on, he had given her a simple name - Allie. She trained under his tutelage until she became one of the most skilled infiltrators.

At fifteen, Allie found herself in a dream in a cell. She had not known what it was and she had not spoken of the visions that she had seen during that time. Only that she had met a ginger haired man and he spoke of her capabilities. Of her own goals that even she hadn't seen yet. He had deemed her prepared for someone so young. When she had woken up, Trent had been more than pleased to hear this story. He had been no sorcerer but he had come from Alor and he knew a thing or two about it. Trent took her to Alor for further studying - and for pinching more pockets in another environment.

Trent had taken off her training wheels once she became eighteen. He went on to take someone else under his tutelage and Allie thought that he was the closest person she had to a family. In any case, Allie continued to take contract after contract. She traveled from one kingdom to the next, often finding herself back in Rhein. Lately, a contract had been given to her personally. The marriage between the Queen of Alor and the King of Evander was incoming and there was a month long celebration. The contract states that there is an object that she must reclaim from the Alorian royal vault. This celebration would be the only chance they would be able to infiltrate the castle without doing drastic measures. The pay was more than good. Allie was more than happy to be able to accept the job.

Allie donned the name Allison Ryzel Cleftoryl of the Kingdom of Rhein that had come to watch over the marriage.

Religion: Allie believes in no religion but was exposed to the Alorian beliefs the most.

Other: Always has concealed daggers on her person
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Prince Lucsieth of Alor

  • Name: Lucseith Damaris-Nevermore

    Nickname: Luc

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Title: Third Child of the King of Alor, Prince of Alor

    Kingdom: Alor
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money and might
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Elmon Laik.




Minister of Commerce - Responsible for establishing international trade, economic growth, and promoting development of industry in land owned by the Kingdom of Alor.



Elmon is quite proud to be an Alorian. He prides himself on his work and knowledge of finance and commerce that he received from Alorian education making him somewhat of a patriot and supporter of the crown. He is the envy of most other nobles to be one of the youngest members of the Alorian Royal Court to hold a position nominated by the late king. He's very full himself and is considered by his peers to be a bit of a snob, always demanding things be done a certain way and micromanaging others. Many times when he's not working he'll always go drinking or hunting with his other noble friends as he thrills for adventure and mischief. He'll look to gain as much clout as possible and he'll barely usher a word to you if you don't hold some sort of high position of power or influence but he'll butter you up and smooth talk you if you're famous or powerful.

Charismatic, Intelligent, Committed, Adventurous.

Narcissistic, Impatient, Irritable, Discriminatory



The Laik Family of Elenora County

Elmon was born in the north of the Kingdom of Alor to the former Count of House Laik, a very wealthy and influential house in Alor known for its affinity to commerce and prosperity. Elmon grew up as a noble, spoiled by all the luxuries provided by the Kingdom of Alor. He was a very serious academic as his father prided him on it and Elmon wanted to be better than his other peers. But he was also a mischief as well, staying out passed curfew, flirting with the servants of the royal palace, and going out drinking. His father was too engraved into political matters to properly care for Elmon so his mother took care of him primarily. She despised Elmon as she was once a servant girl who was in love with another servant to House Laik who was executed after Goran Laik took a liking to her. Elmon despised her in kind and the two would barely speak to one another. Elmon's younger sister Saira was born 10 years after Elmon's birth and his mother had died soon after. Elmon was relieved to be free from what he considered his tyrant of a mother and Saira would be raised by her wet nurse. When Elmon hit his mid-20's, House Laik's lands had started to spread after spreading discontent and corruption across neighboring counties, eventually absorbing them. As many counts were suspicious of Laik's actions, Goran married off Saira to another influential house that bordered them, House Juna. Elmon would eventually get a job at the Royal Palace after his father was granted the rank of Duke. Elmon started out as an auditor of the palace's finances to becoming an advisor to the Late King of Alor on all matters related to commerce. Elmon can be credited for the development of business districts in Alor and becoming a favorite among artisans. Before the King passed, Elmon was made Minister of Commerce in was made responsible for all of Alor's economic development while simultaneously becoming a high ranking member of the Alor Royal Court.

Depending on who you ask, people either despise or adore Elmon. Artisans love Elmon for promoting the utilization of their trade and most other common people thank him for bringing wealth and luxury goods to their towns. Farmers however despise him for the lack of hands in the agricultural sector, the development of new agricultural technologies could reap a bigger harvest than a collection of a dozen farmers.

Ramona Ivalisa




Director of the Estalucian Trade Company (ETC).

Kingdom of Estalucia.


Iva is what people would call a bastard. She indulges herself in debauchery and deceit, making friends based on wealth and power. She's quick to shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time making people scorn her yet she is untouchable with the amount of wealth she's generated. She prances about with beautiful escorts while throwing banquets eating some of the finest and richest foods. She hates people she doesn't trust and is a very hard woman to gain favor with and yet she is a very powerful ally. Despite her very impulsive nature she's well known at being cool under pressure and calculating. She has a very strong sense of politics and business and knows just when to act. Due to her history as a pirate and her current status as a quasi warlord she is also well versed in military tactics and combat.

Calm, Intelligent, Passionate, Pragmatic

Paranoid, Impulsive, Dishonest, Self-centered


None to speak of.

Iva was born with nothing. She was raised by a family of fishers in a village in the coastal province of Lacero. Pirates would raid their village and the army was nowhere near to help them. When pirates raided her village she was only 8 years old and her home would be nothing but the seas. She was a servant for the pirate captain for 10 years before killing the captain in his sleep. The tradition these pirates had, was to follow whoever fell their captain for they proven themselves unworthy to provide bounty for the crew. Thus she became a pirate captain at 18, eventually becoming a very successful pirate. She raided trade ships making numerous amounts of wealth, expanding to what would become her pirate empire, controlling a lot of sea traffic along the Estalucian coast. She eventually got into a costly war into with the professional Estalucian navy that soon she started to lose fleets. However she maintained notable control over maritime trade. Thus she entered in negotiations with the Estalucian crown. She and her pirates would be chartered by the crown as a trading company to discover new land and goods to expand the influence and wealth of Estalucia. Eventually she would become the director of the new Estalucian Trade Company and become one of the richest women in Estalucia, drawing new trade routes, discovering new goods, and growing the Estalucian economy. She eventually entered No Man's Land and found herself in a power vacuum amongst warlords, bandits, and entrepreneurs such as herself. Similar to her times as a pirate, she used her private army to establish law and order in her own little pocket of No Man's Land, absorbing a lot of the factions that dwelled the region, controlling most of the adventurers guilds that were once used for discovery and exploration were now used to discover new sites for potential treasure and resources to be taken and/or sent back to Estalucia.

Iva wears steel armor under her robes to prevent protect her from assassins.

be a shame if I took it
makes right
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"Evander is me and I am its king; through it, I am connected to everyone and every one to me."

Warrior-King Arkyn Briain of Evander
The Sword of Eske
King of Evander

Righteous with a heart tempered with justice and mercy, Arkyn is one of the few paragons of virtue ever produced in the royal bloodline. Arkyn is a benevolent and gentle soul that longs to provide a peaceful era to his kingdom and the future generations-- the same peace that he was never able to find during his own youth. His visions and goals tend to drift towards the future, often professing that everything he does is not for him but for his children and the children of their people. Honest, honourable, and pragmatic, he also ensures to embed the same values in his children. Despite losing his wife and childhood love, the king forces a smile upon his face and never allows those closest to him to see his despair and inner turmoil. After all, he is the sun of Evander. He could never allow himself to be shrouded by the rolling nimbus of tears lest the shadows of uncertainty once more soar above Evander's walls. Besides, leaders never wept for their own wounds. Normally, people would find the battle-worn king with a cheerful and optimistic disposition, always ready to shine until the wick of his own life would falter in the wind. He loves his children dearly despite some clashes with his eldest son and his only wish would be for them to inherit a world that is better than the one before.

- His honourable disposition and just reputation enables him to become extremely popular with his vassals and even nobles in other lands. His trustworthiness as a ruler is nearly unparalleled anywhere else with the stain of corruption and doubt unable to penetrate the warrior-king's reputation.

- A brilliant commander and fighter, Arkyn is one of the land's finest warriors on the battlefield. Though he has grown weaker with age, fighters should still be wise enough to not underestimate an old man in a profession where young men die. His reputation as a great warrior also helps to inspire the bravery of his people.

- His trusting nature as well as naivety in the expectation that everyone would inevitably share his golden vision of peace and prosperity can spell his end as he may allow assassins to stick their knives into his back

- His inclination for martial affairs means that Arkyn is not an excellent monarch. He hesitates against decisions that may be beneficial for the realm if he even detects the slightest suffering inflicted upon his people. Sometimes, rule and order must be enforced with an iron grip, but Arkyn insists on using love and loyalty to sway the people. He is very reliant on people's own loyalty towards him for him to get things done.


Crown-Prince Ander Malcer Briain
While he doesn't exactly know how to relate to his son (as his own father had been quite pathetic in raising Arkyn), the warrior-king of Evander makes it no secret that he wants Ander to be loved by the people. He knows of his son's rather brash temperament but he strives to continue raising his son to be the wonderful king he always believes he will become. Whether it's in sparring with Ander or teaching him about their faith, Arkyn treasures these moments with his son. After all, just because his own father cared little for him does not mean he can perpetuate the cycle of indifference and hate. The cycle ends with him, and a better future starts with Ander.

Princess Elynor Sibel Briain
Nell is easily the victim of Arkyn's doting and overprotectiveness, much to her possible dislike. The soft and fragile young woman reminds the king of his late wife so much that he sometimes has to hold back a tear whenever he sees his daughter. Nell is the reminder of his wife's final gift to him, and it seems Nell inherited the same weak constitution as her mother. As much as Arkyn wants to coddle and spoil her, he also knows that Nell must be provided with a room to grow on her own. She needs to find herself in this whirlwind of madness, to know what she wants to become. Only then would he approach her with the idea of betrothals to other noble houses. As much as possible, he didn't want her to be dragged inside a cathedral against her will to marry a lad she didn't even love as her mother did before her.

Signy Oydis-Briain
The legendary king of Evander has nothing else to give to one of the most distinguished military leaders of Evander but utter respect and admiration. While he had yet to fight alongside her in actual combat, the king has no doubt that she will live up to the legends she has already built around her as an excellent cavalier. Tales of her exploits in subjugating the heathen barbarian tribes of the frost and snow ring true in the king's ear and he remembers his own brother, Ilya, in the woman's brash yet loyal demeanour. He dreams of witnessing her in combat but he would much rather prefer they not have another battle in any way.

After a string of bellicose and inept monarchs, the future of Evander dangled by the edge of the metaphorical thread that spelled a civil war that would litter the snowy slopes of the Arnjkell Mountains with streaks of blood. Just when the noble houses of Evander roiled with discontent and rebellion, the current king suddenly died, leaving his eldest son, Arkyn, to ascend to the throne at the tender age of sixteen. Arkyn quickly sprang to work, garnering support from the more loyal houses before attempting to talk with the more disgruntled houses. However, a peaceful transition was not meant to be. A bloody civil war broke out in the kingdom, and with every blood spilled, Arkyn wept for such wasted Evandish blood. The young king quickly made a name for himself as an honourable fighter and king as he defeated one house after another before releasing their patriarchs as a sign of good faith. Some continued to rebel after being released but Arkyn mustered his forces once more and, in the same way, defeated and released them.

The king preferred not to kill when possible. However, when a threatening nomadic tribe of heathens marched upon the kingdom to take advantage of the internal turmoil, Arkyn rallied his vassals to defend their faith against the infidels in what would be known as the Crimson Snow of Arnjkell-- a battle so devastating and large that the frost of the mountains became stained with red for weeks on end. Among the ocean of bloodied snow and corpses, there arose the king with his head high as he hoisted Evander's banner upon the horizon just as the first rays of sunlight pierced the icy darkness: the first into battle and the last to emerge. Evander was victorious under Arkyn's banner, and it didn't take long until all the warring noble houses swore fealty to the eighteen-year-old king. The greatest infidel threat had also been thwarted, splintering these nomads into smaller and weaker tribes that would no longer be able to challenge the might of Evander again.

Due to his unrelenting benevolence in uniting the splintered kingdom whilst defending their faith against a bloody crusade, the high priests of the Spirits bestowed upon the king the title of 'The Sword of Eske', named after the patron spirit that Arkyn always prayed to in the darkest parts of his life. Additionally, they gave to him an ancient relic passed down from one ruler to another that the circle of priests deemed as worthy of the artifact: the Blade of the Ancestors. It was often said that the blade was imbued with the spirits of all the good kings in the past who had rejoined the spirits as superior ancestors, and in the same way they were good in life, they would also help the newest benevolent ruler. The priests bestow this gift to the king and not to the bloodline, which means that if they deem the successor as unworthy of the Spirits, they would confiscate the blade until a more worthy successor arrives. Besides, it was also said that the blade does not work for anyone that the priests did not specifically give it to.

Regardless, with Arkyn at the helm of Evander, the kingdom grew despite its precarious location in the frost-laden lands. The king's reputation encouraged many external nations to trade with them as they were treated fairly until mutual partnerships formed from the once-fractured kingdom of the snow.

Public View of the King
Due to his reputation, Arkyn is well-loved by the people of Evander. However, it doesn't mean that he is flawless. Grumbles and disgruntled whispers still waft around the air, particularly with how soft their king actually is. While no one doubts Arkyn's bravery and grit, a warrior-king alone is not enough to rule over a nation enmeshed in politics and diplomacy that Arkyn himself disdains quite a bit. While his policies are relatively just such as land reforms and land rights to peasants while respecting the default autonomy of his vassals, there is no doubt that Evander could be made better if the king could just grow the ruthless efficiency that a nation often needed to prosper further.

Religion - The Faith of the Spirits (Eske Devotee)
Arkyn is a good follower of their faith with a special devotion to the Ancestral Spirit of Eske, a legendary warrior of the past. In fact, he patterns his beliefs and principles in accordance with his faith. While not laughably superstitious, he still ensures to respect the spirits and all they represent. He has particularly built a good relationship with the priests and the clergy of their faith, and soon, he hopes to also become an ancestral spirit to be able to guide his children as they inherit his kingdom.

Relic Ability - The Blade of the Ancestors

This relic is said to be passed down from one devout ruler to another in hopes of strengthening the faith. The priests of the faith claim to have prayed over this sword every single day for a hundred years at the highest peak of the Arnjkell mountains. There, they enchanted the light of the sun into the blade, allowing its master to manipulate light energy although at a significant energy cost. The blade has to sit in sunlight for at least a day if Arkyn wants it to be effective.

- Imbued Light: Channels light energy through the blade, causing it to glow brighter before unleashing the stored energy in a target direction or in a desired shape. This energy soon explodes into a burst of flames which can harm those that are hit.
- Sword of the Spirits: The user channels the light into them, sometimes also channelling the ancestral spirit alongside it. This provides the user with a burst of strength and agility that can be used in combat.​
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You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me.
  • Name: Harridan Akratorlen
    Nickname/Alias: Harri, the Devastator(within the cult)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Role/Title: Commander in the armies of Alor, Advisor to the Queen.
    Kingdom: Alor


Everyone who's character is done is accepted. I will add them to the first post when I get on a computer.


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Artist: borgdraws
Alias: Jorel Kvalheim
Nickname: If his alias is counted, Kval
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Role/Title: Leader of the Source Keepers
Kingdom: Alor

In front of the source keepers at the Tower, he meticulously keeps up the appearance and character of their late leader. There are few changes to Jorel's known personality; his propensity to say crass things to any pretty face intensified to push people away, his casual relations turned into bare acquaintances after time wore the most patient down with his increasing capriciousness. Most simply concluded that the power or prestige went to his head a little, and since it fit his mission at the Tower, he never corrected their assumptions.

Artist: CrossanArt

As himself, Uziel displays a both a serious mien and a temperamental side; whichever appears is a matter of whether his logic or his emotions has won the mental battle for dominance. In front of unfamiliar people, he never forces others to do what they would not do, but he will not do what he refuses to do either — it’s a consideration that comes from indifference. He never lies, but rather slides gracefully around the truth as he needs to, and wraps sharp statements in the illusion of courtesy, hurting others under a paper-thin facade that fools no one. Around those that don’t use or don’t have magic, he barely covers up his disdain for their existence, being of the opinion that those that don’t use magic waste the Source’s blessing, and those that don’t have it are simply defective and unworthy. Alone in his mind or among the Order of Magus, Uziel reverts to a zealous devotee and pious worshipper, the epitome of a fanatical believer of the Source.

Hardworking and thoughtful even when he acts the complete opposite, any job assigned to him will be done efficiently without flaws; he makes for quite the impeccable subordinate. When he finds a inadequacy in his knowledge or skill set for a task, he diligently fixes it if it is possible and makes up for it in other ways if he cannot. He treats those he believes are truly good to him without deeper motives with all the earnestness of a clumsy boy that never had much love to hold as a child, or at least, one that has forgotten most of it.
  • Uziel has been educated on everything from servant etiquette to how to brainwash a nonbeliever, and he also knows a fair number of basic spells from other magic branches.
  • Flexible and unconventional usage of illusion magic serves him well when he requires it.

He is obsessively controlling of anything he even remotely cares about. Nothing that he does not indirectly agree to will occur to those around him, and if someone decides to break that rule, he goes into a fit of level-headed fury. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he understands this well with all the years he spent grovelling under undeserving masters that now lay undiscovered in ditches. Uziel tends to believe that he knows best and can see through all schemes and petty acts around him — which is certainly not true — so when he is wrong about a person or situation, he is prone to later go into a downward spiral of self-critical thoughts, bordering on neurosis.
  • When his attention is not necessary, he habitually drifts off into his own mind and ignores his surroundings.
  • His standards of living are the lowest of the low, and Uziel often forgets eating entirely during long-term activities.

Sexuality: Question him and he will say he accepts all. And he does accept all, but only he knows if he actually means it in the way most people do.

Family: Katayun-Nasrin, his deceased mother.

He doesn’t remember much from the time before he had to steal and starve on the streets of Alor, when he didn’t feel so empty on pensive nights without a home. What he does recall though, he keeps close to his heart. Whisper-quiet songs of a distant land beyond the ocean, calloused fingers from rough work that wrapped around his own on nights he couldn’t sleep, and a woman with stern features displaying a care so clear it was almost tangible.

His potential for magic wasn’t revealed until his thirteenth year when his dream started, and even then, he had to scramble for books and scrolls of spells as he worked for penny-pinching masters, learning haphazardly as he tried to overcome the worst version of himself. It was difficult, but it was worth it when he finally gained the ability to manipulate senses and sent the worst of his enemies to an untimely death. During that period as a new sorcerer, after the emptiness that came from fulfilling his thirst for vengeance, he was solicited into the Order of Magus and indoctrinated into pushing his need for affiliation and adoration onto the Source they so revered.

Following years of living for the cult and doing low-risk assignments, he was instructed to undertake the venture of replacing a leader of the source keepers and using the benefits that came with it to start a vicious plan to — well, one would have to see to know.

Religion: Order of Magus — a congregation of magical supremacists who believe those who can't wield magic are nothing but taints of the world. They worship the Source, whom they believe has chosen them to prepare the world for his Coming by purging the unworthy souls. Once the world has been cleansed, the Source shall enter the world in his complete divine form, remake the world, and exalt the chosen ones.

Public Opinion: A mercurial but powerful sorcerer with plenty of rumoured lovers. While many disagree with his persona and his supposed way of thinking, he hasn’t yet been pulled from his position since he does the work that is needed and hasn’t made any irredeemable mistakes so far.

Other: He likes bittersweet desserts and mellow wines.
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Name: Ariawyn Damaris
Nickname: Aria
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Role: The late King of Alor's eldest child
Kingdom: Alor

Personality: To those that know her, Ariawyn has a feminine grace in all things she does (even those things that aren't very feminine) and always appears to be in control. To those that know Ariawyn very well she is a mess just barely managing to keep herself afloat, but no one really knows Ariawyn very well. She keeps people at a distance, not that she's cold, but her smiles are always practiced and her compliments are what you would expect from a politician. Not even Ariawyn's siblings know her that well. Ariawyn spends all of her time, when she's not locked up for the night studying, out playing war alongside the captains and generals, hosting feasts for nobles, making appearances to the commoners, or meeting foreign envoys to discuss business.
Strengths: Ambitious, Cunning, Strong Willed
Weaknesses: Passive Aggressive, Stubborn, Perfectionist
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: The Alorian Royal Family
Ariawyn was the only royal child to grow up knowing the first Queen. Her mother was spirited and caring, but rebelled against the traditions Queens were expected to partake in. Many Alorian's quietly disliked the Queen's enjoyment of archery, horse riding, and strategy board games like chess, but never made much fuss in the open. They just couldn't understand why the King loved her so much. Ariawyn never had that problem. She saw how her mother brought out the best in her father. How they complimented each other and both had the same goals. They both loved Alor and wanted to see everyone prosper as much as they could. It was their love for Alor that gave Ariawyn her passion.

Still, not every problem in Alor could magically be solved, much less overnight. Planning for the future, Ariawyn's parents arranged for her to be betrothed to the first born of Evander, a boy named Ander and born the same year as Ariawyn. When the two were to come of age they would wed, forging an economic and military alliance between the two nations, and ascend the Evander throne as the new King and Queen upon the death or abdication of Evander's King. Ariawyn made semi-regular travels to Evander to engage in what were officially labeled "courtship visitations", but in actuality were nothing more than play dates for two very young kids that cared little about the political games their parents were playing. Still, if Ariawyn was to one day help rule Evander it was seen as better for her to begin learning their culture, language, and customs at an early age and for Ariawyn to grow on the Evanders. And for the most part, they did take a liking to her. She had inherited some of her mother's tomboyishness. While it was undesirable for a proper lady of Alor, the Evanders found her spirit a bit more endearing. And while Ariawyn enjoyed her time in Evander, Alor was still the land she loved. At that time, though, the King and Queen of Alor were still expecting to eventually have a son that would claim the Alorian throne.

Ariawyn's visitations stopped when disaster struck and the Alorian Queen died giving birth to her second child--another daughter. Left without a male heir and struggling to make the best decisions without his cunning wife there to give him advice and stricken with grief, the King was left with no choice but to remarry and try again for a son. For a while, Ariawyn still made the occasional visit to Evander, but after her little sister was involved in a horse riding incident that nearly killed her the King grew fearful of losing his only two heirs at the time and called off the betrothal. The second princess, Serana, was confined to the palace and Ariawyn wasn't allowed to leave Alor. She had more freedom than her sister, partly because she refused to stay locked in the palace, but she wasn't allowed to do anything without the watchful eye of an armed retinue or a lady-in-waiting. While she hated the restraints their father was placing on them, Ariawyn couldn't bear seeing how much pain and stress her father was in. So, she began working diligently to become the heir Alor expected and deserved--prince or no prince. She poured herself into making herself the perfect future ruler. She began learning cooking, sewing, singing, medicine, economics, religion, and all the things a future queen should do or know. But she also studied magic, martial arts, strategy, riding, history and all the things expected from future kings. Many in the royal court admired the child's sentiment, but expected it to only be a phase or for her to burn herself out trying to be the best at everything.

To their surprise, though, she stuck with it. Some even began to rumor that she had learned a spell to keep herself awake so she could have more time to practice and study so many different skills. Unsurprisingly, her progress at attempting to be a master of all was going slow, but not as slow as everyone expected. Still, pushing herself so hard was not without its own cost. Ariawyn began to have chronic illnesses. Roughly every two weeks she would collapse with a high fever, incurable by magic, and she would sleep for days. It never seemed to threaten her life, and after a few days of hell she would bounce right back, but it ended up being just one more source of stress for the King, needless to say. Before Ariawyn gained any sort of respectable competency in the multitude of topics she studied, the King finally found a suitable woman to marry.

Ariawyn despised the idea of some strange woman replacing her mother, and the marriage served to only embolden Ariawyn's ambition. Whatever kids her father and that woman had were not her siblings and therefore, in her mind, not legitimate heirs to the throne. This meant it was still up to her to become the most capable heir she could be. For years, Ariawyn continued her aggressive studies. She became more and more competent, and because of that, the same controversy that surrounded her late mother started to stick to her as well. Sure, people knew Ariawyn was likely to pick up some of her mother's unladylike characteristics, but they still didn't like seeing her riding out with men to go hunting or getting good enough with a sword to beat some of the militia men at fencing.

As she got older and came of age, she had to worry about a new problem. Being married off. If Ariawyn was going to claim the Alorian throne, she would have to avoid being handed off to some other nation for political gains. As a way to combat this, she insisted on getting the final say on any suitors, which she's done so by giving them an impossible task. They had to answer, correctly, what 2 plus 2 equaled. No matter what a suitor answered, she always told them they had failed. She assured her family that there was an answer she was looking for, one that would reveal in him the trait she was looking for in suitor, but no one has guessed what answer she is actually looking for.

Past her 20's, Ariawyn's master of all plan had begun to pay off. She had become a well practiced transmutation sorceress and blended it into her sword fighting. Combined, they allowed her to go toe to toe with even some of the best fighters in Alor. She had learned how to bake treats that everyone looked forward to at parties. She talked sound strategy and trade policies almost as well as the advisors. She could hold her own in debate the nature of the source. She may not be the best choice for lead singer, but her singing voice is still quite pleasant to hear. And she knows Alorian history like the back of her hand. But people seem split on whether they admire and respect her for becoming skilled in so many areas, or whether they are offended or jealous of her.

Ariawyn wept in front of the whole kingdom the day her father died. While it was obvious to everyone that Ariawyn wanted to be crowned ruler of Alor, they all knew she loved her father more. But the loss of Alor's great king was just all the more reason for her to go through with her plans. All she needed to do at that time was finally find a suitor that would marry matrilineally. Something that was not as easier as it sounded, though. Most male princes worth a damn expected the woman to marry into their family, not the other way around. In fact, there didn't appear to be a single eligible suitor. Especially after many suitors that would have played along felt scorned by her impossible test when they had tried earlier to marry her. Without any eligible suitors, and Ariawyn's step-siblings still not quite being of age, the crown went to her step-mother--Zoleii. And to make matters worse, Zoleii had managed to secure a marriage between herself and the widower king of Evander. If Zoleii were to succeed in marrying Evander's king, the chances of Ariawyn being able to rule Alor, as the land she loved, would be almost impossible. Ariawyn's dislike of her step-mother turned to hatred, though she does well to hide it, and it has led Ariawyn to become convinced that Zoleii got her father killed in order to obtain the crown of Alor, and possibly the crown of Evander to go with it.

Religion: Ariawyn doesn't speak much about her personal beliefs, but it's safe to assume they align closely to the mainstream beliefs in Alor.
Other: Her history tells a good bit of what people think of Ariawyn.

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Jason Uthradul

The Ship Wrecker, Scourge of Fleets

Patriarch of The Serpent Clan


289 lbs.

Jason is a very strong willed man. He is a force of focus and determination not seen often by anyone. His will alone is superhuman. Coupling that with his natural instincts of fighting and to help others, you get a man whose will power is something even the gods fear. Once his heart is set on a task, there is nothing at all that can sway him. That is why he always tells you exactly what he means to do. His stubborn, headstrong attitude often leads him to conflicts that do not need to happen, but he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong, once you calm him of course.

(Note that these abilities are not active yet, but will be when he is pushed close to his limit.)
As a paladin of Sitri, there is no greater honor. Sitri is the northern god of Fire, War and Victory. As such, he only chooses one champion each generation. Being chosen as his only champion affords you major abilities that make you better.

Exemplar of Strength:
This is an ability that boosts the users strength and physical power. Specifically it adds the power of the past paladin to the current paladins power. There have only been 5 other champions of Sitri, but that still gives Jason the strength to lift about 2 tons of weight and throw it about 50 yards. However, it puts an enormous strain on the body. Jason can only maintain this enhanced strength for about 10 minutes.

Movement of Ancestors:
When you move for the god of the North, all those of the north move with you. As a champion of Sitri, your ancestors will move with you. As such, your movements quake the earth. The major strength granted by this power to the user is its ability to generate massive vibrations, or shockwaves, which can travel through virtually any medium, including the ground, the seafloor, and even the air. This is because when you move, the ancestors of the North move with you, causing this quaking. This ability can be used any time, but only affects the area around Jason. Only within a 10 meter radius and 20 meter diameter around him.

Fire Incarnate:
Using this ability, the champion can burn the flames inside his body like a furnace to increase his physical body heat to unimaginable levels. Doing so, the champion was able to push away most melee attacks and physical attacks away. He also can create a barrier of heat that can stop ranged attacks. Jason's sturdy body allows him to withstand these fearsome and extraordinary heats without repercussion. However, this ability is a double edged sword as the heat is uncompromising and will still hurt his allies around him. As such, Jason only uses it as a last resort.

The abilities given are incredible and make matching him physically an impossibility. However, this does not give him any defense's against magic. It makes him far more durable and he can withstand the punishment, but magic is a very effective tool against him. Sitri believes magic has its uses, but has no bearing on it. As such, he cannot provide defense's against it and it remains his champions biggest weakness.

- Speaking physically, he is stronger than everyone he has ever met. Physically his ability is second to none.
- His strategic mind is very strong. His ability to look at a situation for strategy is rather well developed.
- He is one of the best sailors in the entire Jötengaumer naval forces.
- He is very determined and unwilling to give up.

- He can be impulsive and unwilling to change.
- His nature males him self destructive for the sake of his family and people.
- Archers and magic users are hard for him to deal with. His close range oriented fighting style makes dealing with them very difficult.

Bisexual with a preference to female

Family by Blood:

Family by Ritual:
Fenria Gradümer - Mother - Deceased

Born in the far north to a fishing family, he was expected to be great. Growing up he was always larger than most. His strength and size were uncommon among his friends. This led him to joining the naval forces far earlier than any other his age, finding a ship to work on at the age of 12.

For the most part, his life was peaceful. The ship mainly did fishing and he was being trained as a Wrecker. The Wrecker on a naval ship in Jötengaumer wields a huge axe meant to put holes in the hull of other ships. Only the very strongest men and women were given this job.

At the age of 16 there was a major influx of pirates. As such, the ship he worked on was tasked with handling them. All the way up till he was 18, he gained the reputation he has held since. The called him "The Scourge of Fleets". He left no boat floating. He would jump aboard and cut down masts, destroy the hull with only a few swings of his mighty axe.

When he turned 19, the Matriarch of the time recognized his great work. She offered him her cup, to become her son by ritual. He happily accepted and was given a squadron of boats to command.

Sadly, at the age of 21, Fenria had fallen ill. The entire Serpent Clan wept at her death. However, she wrote that Jason was to be the new Patriarch. As such, he took the seat and has been leading the Serpent Clan ever since.

He is a devout follower of Sitri, the great northern god of Fire, War and Victory

Theme Song:

He has a mount. His mount is a Giant Blue Ice Owl named Partri. This owl can be seen with him most of the time as it is his closest non-human companion.
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