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Fandom A little search - adv. lit f// fandoms (strangers things oc and cc)


leedle creecher
Hello!! My name is bird (she/they) and i'm a 22 year old illustrator looking for another one or two rps!

- I heavily favor f// over any other pairings
- I can write anywhere between a few lines to a few paragraphs. It really depends on my partner's preferences and how interested i am in the RP. Id prefer if my partner was capable of writing 200+ words per post
- obviously, no godmodding, powerplaying, etc.
- sometimes i post multiple times in a day, and sometimes it may take me a week to get something out. I'll try to make contact ooc if it will take me longer.
- i don't expect any sort of expediency from my partners, and i will never harass you for replies. IRL always comes before rping!
-speaking of ooc, i am perfectly fine with chatting outside of the rp, even encourage it, and i love a little plotting and character discussion
- i adore worldbuilding, so expect that to happen no matter the RP
- i am willing to rp through pms or discord, but not on threads!

I am currently more interested in rping fandoms or plots heavily inspired by fandoms. For most, i will not play canon characters unless specified

What I'm interested in currently:

Stranger Things
My current brainworm that has not yet crawled away. Ive got a couple ideas, and i'm willing to do something fully original that takes heavy inspiration from ST as well!

willing to play the following canons: robin, nancy, steve, el, max, lucas
*also looking for a ronance rp!!

*related: I Am Not Okay With This, a show I'd consider in the same vein of Stranger Things. Id be interested an rp inspired by both shows!

This world is so ripe for more adventures and us adding our own lore, I'd love to come up with cool plots and cool characters in this setting.

Zelda: Botw
Ive never done a zelda rp, but I think the post-apocalyptic setting has some really cool aspects that could be fun to explore. Could incorporate aspects of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and what little we know of/any theories for Tears of the Kingdom!

The Elder Scrolls
Ive got nothing specific for this i just really like the games and the lore.

If you are interested, please PM me. Feel free to ask questions for clarification on anything below. Otherwise posts on this thread will be deleted
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