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Lycan Queen

So I had a dream that gave me this idea and i kind of ran with it afterwards. My only requirements for anyone who is interested is simply that you respect that I prefer longer replies and at least try to return as much as you can. I also like to give creative input. I wont criticize the way you write, but at times i may suggest possible things to happen.

That being said, the prompt is as such: an essentially modern school for mages located in a castle secluded on an island a couple miles from the mainland. The academy is made up of those who can afford it, know the master mages beforehand, or have extreme magical talent.


A young woman, 22, transfers there mid school season with no apparent wealth or connections. Its rumored she was accepted on her magical gifts alone. She's in the middle of a forced breakup with a boyfriend she's been separated from for several months and even that is still speculation. Her name is Evanora Ravenscroft and within her first day, the mages of the academy are whispering that those that Evanora comes in contact with are having accidents.

Her secret is simple: She is not from a family of mages as her peers are, but born a witch like her parents before her and theirs before them. Witches are born with immense power and beauty, but are cursed in their young adult years to inevitably become dark and twisted. In her hopes to delay her turning, she dated her ex , a mage. When she showed no signs of avoiding the symptoms with him, and in fact felt her condition worsening, she pleaded for admittance to the academy, where hopefully the master mages could at least protect against her.


Plot idea is this: a male character attending the academy only hears whispers about Evanora, as he is a private lessons student. His own secret is that he is infact registered as 2 students, his true self, which he is ashamed of, and another form he created for himself as the ideal appearance. His gift is transformation magic.

Evanora meets him as both people and grows close to them as if they were different people, not knowing they are both the same person. While he has no idea that she is a witch desperately trying to find a way to become a mage.

When he finds out, or she confides in him, he tries desperately to help her with his transformation magic, but he cant change what something is, only what it appears to be.
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I'm interested. My dreams are so wild I may have to incorporate them into my rps, thanks for the inspiration. :]

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