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Multiple Settings ;; a little bit of everything ( demon slayer ? )

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currently craving

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reveriee reveriee
one x one
;; searching
i'm space, or liz. whichever you prefer. i've been on gaia for the past 14 years, and now i found this place to use and i keep getting sucked back in rp and writing. so i was on a few months ago, got some rps and disappeared again. now since i've found a few solid rp partners, i'm searching for some new folks.

some type of rules..

  • romance makes life entertaining, i prefer it to be slow build so no worries about going straight there.( usually prefer het romance, but if the plot is good, can do fxf )
  • i try to get replies out at least one or twice a week. sometimes i need a nudge, do not feel bad about poking me.
  • you can drop without warning, but i'll be sad about it. ( if you wanna drop during plotting stages, please let me know though. i'll just keep giving plot bunnies if you don't tell me. )
  • rp over google docs or discord or possibly email. ( i don't rp on site just because i reply mobile more than not, and on site makes that harder. )
  • i'm actually pretty literate, i tend to do at least 4 to 6 paragraphs but if I like it, i'll go longer. ( i don't write prose, i just like describing movements and facial expressions in depth. )
    i'm open to pretty much everything in terms of limits, though there is some hxc stuff I stay away from. ( NSFW topics are welcome, like drugs and alcohol, gore, blood, mental illness, death, etc etc. )
  • i'm open to anyone who has a good plot idea, game or anime based or not. ( i also love doing alternate universes for giggles. think saiyuki but the mob, or some shit like that. )
  • also: pls note that if we do a video game plot, i tend to make them a little more realistic in terms of fighting/blood/injuries. not full realistic, just actual blood and stuff.


-- my hero academia craving!!! college au/future au though ) // bakugou ( read the manga ) (
-- yu-gi-oh // seto kaiba ( wut if they all just went to college )
-- tsubasa reservoir chronicles
-- attack on titan ( only seen the anime )
-- saiyuki // gojyo , hakkai ( aUs, mafia au ? fuck ye )
-- getbackers ( if you know this, i will legit worship you next level crave right here )
-- bungou stray dogs
-- shokugeki no soma ( pls give me my shinomiya i am up to date and super super craving this pls !! )
-- demon slayer ( currently watching anime, will probably read manga soon, new crave )


-- ffxv ( i would love to explore the alternate ending but making it less light, more dark )
-- ff7 ( super craving ! pls i give you anyone you want i can do them all )
-- genshin impact ( don't fucking judge me. )


-- star trek ( must have good plot )
-- criminal minds ( pls give me Reid ;-; )

original ideas

bring me some cool plot ideas maybe see if we can find
a cool idea for them. if you got a cool oc you wanna use
but haven't figure out an idea for, brainstorm with me.
i also love taking manhwa/webtoon settings and make
my own plot.


i don't have good experiences with groups mostly
because i tend to join late and everyone's got their plots
already and i'm the odd man out, but i'm open to one if
it's good.

ok well that's it i think. any questions feel free to ask.

coded by reveriee.
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:bishiesparklesr: --- if you see me posting here and haven't replied to your message, it's likely because I'm mobile and if your message is long, I like to reply on a computer
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You can call me Rhys
So... I really really wanna write with you. Just throwing that out there... mostly so I can think of a plot idea and then find you again! 🤣


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So... I really really wanna write with you. Just throwing that out there... mostly so I can think of a plot idea and then find you again! 🤣

this actually made my day. and please do, even if you just bring a bunch of ideas and we can discuss together for plots.


The Red One
I've got quite a few ideas of my own. Let me know if you're interesting in RPing. Most of my ideas are slice of life romances.
Hey would you like to do a Yu-Gi-Oh rp? (I also know Bungou Stray dogs and MHA, and genshin though!!) so I'm open to any of those if you dont want to do yugioh!

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