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Multiple Settings A lil MxM search

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Feeling fairly bored
Hello potential partners! You can call me Kebab. I've been roleplaying for a good 7 years at least now and I'm craving fairly simple plots at the moment. (Though I may be swayed by a really cool plot idea) so I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I really don't want this to drag on

Note, I'm only really for MalexMale romance pairings at the moment, but for certain plots I'm happy to double or triple with other gender romance pairings

>Contribute to the rp somewhat
>Be literate
>Quality over quantity, but write at least one good paragraph. I'll happily match your length
>No godmodding (duh)
>Tell me if you can't reply for a while, I won't be mad
>Be at least 18 years old (nothing personal, just don't feel comfortable rping with minors)

Themes I like:
>Angst. Lot's of angst. Love hate relationships, work rivals, old school enemies, you name it. Loud mouthed bad boys, social outcasts, uptight perfectionists, all the angsty stereotypes roll with me. This is easily my favourite theme.

>Fluff! I love the fluffy stuff. Fluff always feels better after some angst though

>Dark themes. Abuse, mental illness, all trigger warnings applicable. Incorperating dark themes into a story adds a layer of grit and intensity for me.

Some prompts:
Preferred role in bold

Work rivals
Nerd x bad body
Pirate x Prince
Servant x Prince
Artist x
Competitive parents
Rich client x Sex worker
Sporting competitors
Brother x Brother's friend
Zombie apocalypse survival group

These are just a few simple ideas. If you have a completely different plot you're interested in playing out, please tell me all about it! Hope to hear from you guys soon : )
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Eat the Rude
Oooh, I think you and I would get along well. If you need another rp partner, just shoot me a message! Several of these prompts look fun, and similar to stuff I’ve done before.

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