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Realistic or Modern A Killing Love

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Action, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic


Cute in Pixels
A string of unfortunate deaths started appearing in a town, it was well sized town. Filled with people that met little with violence, a perfect target for a killer. However this killer has a different reason for being in town. A fascination with a certain person.

One day when the person was ignoring the advice of his friends and neighbors about walking in groups, the person walked alone. An easy target. The killer hit the person on the head and they dropped down unconscious. When the person woke they were tired to a chair in a dark room with only a dim light above them. However it was clear they weren’t alone, even if they can’t see anyone they know someone is in the room.

Character: Killer x person
(Can play as either so you can pick which one you want)

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