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A httyd rp hopefully (looking for 1 or 2 more players)


just a stranger
Hello friends, my name is wolf and i have repeatedly tried to start a httyd rp and i tend to be very spotty activity wise, thanks to college
But also the recent movie has truly emotionally wrecked me and i dont know what else to do about it except RP.

35 years after dragons have left, solidly myths among vikings, a technological revolution has hit the new barbaric archipelago. Squabbles break out, and mercenary groups are beginning to use new firearms. Meanwhile, a group of young vikings, as a rite of passage, gather on a boat to survive at sea for 5 days. Instead, they find themselves tossed into the maw of the Hidden World.
A long lost, dead civilization, the return of dragons, a psychotic genius shrouded in mystery- a new group of heroes need to rise.
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just a stranger

(Also ive had some Thoughts about a reverse "forbidden friendship" of sorts involving vikings falling into the hidden world, just as a quick plot update)


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Well, one idea was because (personally) I had some issues with the villain in the latest, liked his design, liked his voice but his plan and threat level seemed... Forced. So, going off the initial idea of the hidden world being found by vikings, what if it's right at the end of the viking age for that version of the world, where suddenly things like gun powder are introduced and the threat of technological advancements. A sort of myth vs. technology sort of stuff.

Or, far more gruesome, so if you prefer to avoid the more gruesome stuff then don't hit the spoiler

Since, it is unlikely all dragons from that world are gone, having the threat of a group who while they tamed dragons started to use them essentially for parts and that sort of threat. Taking what Hiccup did with his wings and his sword but instead of safely harvesting it creating it through keeping the viking feeling of killing the dragons that go against them and using what remains.


just a stranger
Personally, id like to keep things roughly the level of light-hearted as the films. That is to say, mostly fun with some suspense, and occasionally moments that are darker. That can certainly be something they face, but perhaps not to that gruesome extent!

Although I definitely like the idea of budding technology. Especially considering hiccup's inventiveness, and perhaps his stuff inspired other people. Not to mention, the area around New Berk is largely unexplored. Perhaps a neighboring islands starts producing new technology unlike anything seen before. Namely, guns and cannons. Did you have thoughts about a big bad villain?

Currently, I'm thinking that a group of teenage vikings are on a coming-of-age voyage at sea. Probably supposed to be gone for maybe a few days, but get blown off course into "forbidden waters" where the world supposedly ends, and get launched into the hidden world where some dragons choose to save them from the fall. Begin there and then expand into the bonding with the dragons, escape, and then the human-related plot. Perhaps a slow return of dragons. Like just a few spotted here and there.


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
I can typically create villains when it comes down to it. Right now one of my ideas is a team of three with smaller underlings that act as fodder but the team of 3 being actual massive threats.

The bruiser, not the unintelligent bruiser but the one who is certainly is built like a tank. Could be a dangerous dragon not seen before, or can be just someone who is unnaturally large. But certainly the "If they catch you, they will snap you in half." Thing someone who could literally lift a canon, or even use the anchor of a ship as a weapon. Since while a tad more impossible, it still fits within the world to have someone that unnaturally strong. Maybe it was caused by something having to do with dragons, like a tree being grown in a dragon graveyard that had fruit, or maybe not, it doesn't need to be explained.

The second would be more the assassin type, with their ability being to mimic animal calls and bird calls. Again, not an impossible skill to have, people can mimic bird calls after all and they can always carry horns and such to help mimic the calls. They use it to draw targets away from others to ambush them. More of the sarcastic type.

The third is the leader, the big bad who has a head for inventing and very much the big picture kind of guy. Either out to watch the world burn or remake it. Everything he takes is adds to his resources to take more and everything is a resource.


just a stranger
Idk how you feel about RPing more characters outside of your main OC, but if you'd like to develop these villains more (preferably over PMs with me to avoid spoiling anyone else who may be interested!) I'd totally let your RP them!

I definitely gotta think more about the timeframe of the setting and how the introduction of new technology is affecting things


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
I love to handle a lot of characters at any given time, all for the world feeling more full than limited to only a few.


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I would probably be interested in this.... Though I should maybe wait until i see the third movie!

(I’ve been emotionally devastated since the first trailer came out, I’m not ready !!!!)


“Love is Love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”
I saw the third movie
And I was ugly crying while eating cotton candy
It was a happy but also sad cry
I just
It’s sooo goooodddd
A friendly morning bump

Just as a by the way, I'll be allowing most dragon species within reason. I may even allow a light fury or a nightlight (but only one)
Yeah, thats why im allowing them, but limited to avoid an op team of all light furies lmao

All of the above! It exists anywhere in the canon (movies, tv show, games) its good with me. You know, so long as its not, like,,, a bewilderbeast haha


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
So anything, as long as it is not a Titan.

Also on the movie: Astrid knowing what those tiny dragons (Fireworms) on the way to the Hidden World are but still trying to touch them.


A Slightly Disgruntled Raptor
I'm okay with either.

I'm faster at replying on Discord because I have access to it in more places and can reply through my phone but my personal replies tend to come out shorter there. But, you can make conversations between multiple people feel more natural, because the shorter replies can allow for that. It can frustrate some but it's a different environment overall vs. forums where longer paragraphs tend to be expected. It typically becomes rarer that it becomes two people off in a section. Also tends to act more like a D&D game, where you can keep the party together a little more.

On here there's a better way to track history, you get a little more writing wise, people break off into groups because they'll just check who is tagged and decide where to go from there.


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I generally prefer to do the bulk of the writing here on RPN, but that's mostly because I'm unfamiliar with discord- But recently I've done ooc and planning and whatnot on discord so I'm not inherently opposed to it if that is what other people would like!
See, i largely like discord because its a lot easier to reach me on that, as i can be super forgetful and not check on here.
We'll wait and see what Ace thinks, but we could maybe compromise with an ooc on discord, and in character here

@jones573 do you know when youll be seeing the 3rd movie? I dont think were necessarily going to spoil any specific details (especially since the big reveal already happened in the trailer) but this rp will probably take a few days to take off anyways. I just wanna know so as to not ruin things for you!!

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