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The Koopa Queen
Terra jumped as her arms turned into fiery fists, slamming unto the ground. She had cleared out the remaining undead from around them. She stood up only to see one of the friends she had made, a young human female, couldn't be more than 20. By her side was the bow she had been given by her betrothed, which was by her other side.

Terra grabbed the bow and quiver from her deceased friend, at the same time making sure the two were nestled together, hand in hand. Not coming back from the dead. "I don't care what anyone says, Sarah... You and your betrothed will be avenged..." she stood up and started to walk towards Auriel before she looked back, tears in her eyes as she looked at the peacful couple. "I hope you two enjoy your endless honeymoon..." she said as she finally reached Auriel and sighed. "When we get there... I want you to teach me how to use a bow..." she said as she slung the wood and steel bow around her.



The Weebtaku Edgelord
Faust Banner.png

Faust Windfallow -- Fort Black Reception -- Interacting With Emily (@Alteras), Krysten (@StoneWolf18)

Faust watched as Emily threatened him, a lance of fire materializing in her hand... Oh lord, he dun fucked up again... He raised his index finger, indicating he had something to say... "Uh, there's several things wrong with you." He said in response to her threats. "One: I don't have relatives anymore." Obviously, he wasn't done quite yet. "Second: you'll see what happens when you try to kill me. Third: honestly, you could just alter the casualty report, and say I died fighting a death knight or some shit and you fought said death knight off or something, not only did you dispose of a nuisance, you probably get a pay raise. Fourth: save your fucking mana for when Turenval's servants attack us while most of the guild's members are gone." With that, Faust returned the chair to its upright position, barely able to stand on three feet. Then, he waved his hand, as a prism of ice began to expand from the broken stub until he had made a leg of ice. Then, he sat himself down on her chair.

"In any case, I'll pay for that chair if you're so upset about it." He offered, sighing. "Seriously, what's with kids these days and material things? Back in my day, we lived for honor and stuff." He said, obviously imitating and mocking the stereotypical old man. In reality, Faust's mind probably never matured from that of a teenager in the past few centuries. "Throw your lance at me if you want, it's only going to ruin my outfit." He challenged playfully. "Alternatively, do you want to play hot-potato with a volatile orb of arcane energy? The loser will have their outfit completely ruined. If you win, I might even consider giving you my pay-check for the next two weeks." While a possibly a tempting offer for Emily, Faust knew his last statement would never happen- he doesn't get paid.


The Sleepy One
Aster Elliston
Ellie (@sugarvine)
Aster pushed several crates out into the open, panting with each step. After a number had been laid out, he placed his hand on it the crates, and with a bit of magic, opened each one.
"Looks like this is what we need, Ellie. Ugh, I really wanted some rest."
He complained to his partner as he stared at the boxes, a crate full of holy water potions, health potions, swords, lances, and arrows all blessed by the church. He could see the mana flowing through them, golden and glorious mana.
"We better send these to Risa as quickly as possible."

Aster and Ellie had only just finished a reindexing of the inventory when the alarm went off. It was a brutal reindexing, since the Aster was forced to handle the materials that Ellie couldn't, but no matter it got done.
"... I want to just go look at those magical blades instead of this..."
Bianca Ensyreia
Location: Paladin Guild, Xhorhas
Interactions: ---
The arrival of the death knights in Xhorhas, along with their unliving army, somehow distorted the magical energies surrounding the city, effectively changing how the guild seal would have worked. In this case, Bianca arrives in an untimely manner - witnessing the destruction Turvenal's forces had brought upon the once proud city of paladins.

Appearing at the garden far too late, she saw the paladins as they were effortlessly slaughtered by the dreaded death knights, powerful servants of Turenval. She grips the handle of her blade, but fails to muster up the resolve to strike with her weapon. Instead, she stands by, and once again, she was unable to help out, despite having the capability to do so.

It was just like back then. She grits her teeth and looks upon the ground - frustrated and disappointed with herself.

Erald Wimstanton
The Guild Hall - Courtyard

The arrival of the Death Knights was much sooner than previously predicted. Gunny thought that the Guild would have at least more shreds of time to prepare themselves. The reality was that they were completely taken by surprise and were barely ready enough to put up a semi-decent fight. It seems Death Knights travel faster than rumours about them.

As that one Death Knight breached through the gates, Gunny swiftly found himself behind a collection of crates to hopefully avoid the dastardly gaze of such a being. Though considering the supernatural capabilities of these warriors, it likely meant little to nothing.

“I’m gonna blow that mug of yours off your bleedin’ neck.” Gunny nonchalantly muttered to himself, though he may have overestimated his ability of achieving this fete. All he could do was drag the fight out. So he might as well do just that.

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Wobb Gooblesplatsh
Wobb was lost. He teleported to the right place, but there was already fighting going on. One of the Death Knights was at the door, berating some fool for missing his shot! He was distracted! This was Wobb’s chance! He rushed over, and-knocked against a fallen helmet, making a shockingly loud clatter. The Death Knight heard that, and Wobb wasn’t fast enough to make it over there before he thought he felt the knight noticing him out of the corner of his eye. Dread. Oh, he could feel the dread, the fear, every drop of his being screaming at him to run away. He was frozen for a half-second before his right arm swelled, and he pointed it at the Death Knight, dark shapes moving under the surface. Then, as he began to shuffle backwards, his arm began to spit out gooey arrowheads at the Knight. They weren’t going fast enough to penetrate far, and they mostly just pinged off of his armor while Wobb tried to retreat. Still, they would make Silvanus a fair bit slimier... Wobb wasted all twenty as he ran out of the room, and tried to look for somewhere to hide, anywhere! All the hallways were the same though, where was he going? If he cried for help, the Death Knight would find him even faster! But his trail almost ensured he would eventually find him anyway! Wobb has never run scared like this in his life!
he said, not bothering to look behind him to check as he screamed and ran. He was too busy looking for a way out of there!

Location: Paladin Guild, Xhorhas
Garheil - Paladin
Mikhel - Paladin​
Interactions: Viska (@Archdemon), Ka'Sha (@CrimsonEclipse), Balthazar (@SP3CT3R), Wobb (@Graystone713), Erald (@Axel The Englishman), Drui (@Fyuri), Ellis (@Birdsie), Terra (@FandomRuby), Auriel (@HellsHaven)

It all came like a flash - the sudden fall of the vanguard amassed by the inhabitants of Xhorhas, the emergence of the death knights, and the attack on the guilds. They prepared as much as they could within the time they had, but it was apparently not even enough to delay the arrival of Turenval's forces. Although they had done some early evacuations forehand, along with the location transfers of various sacred relics and precious artifacts, casualties were still unavoidable.

The streets were flooded with blood and corpses - both from those who fight, and the innocent civilians. Houses burned, buildings torn apart. The only ones left standing were a countable few, one of which, was the paladin guild. And even then, they weren't without damage - the walls were crumbling from the attacks, doors were forcibly opened, their treasuries ransacked.

The garden was still safe, but soon enough it won't be. The death knights and their unliving minions will soon find their way around this once blessed keep, and the reinforcements from the Guild of Heroes will be left to fend for themselves - with all the paladins and other guilds's fighters rapidly falling to their demise. It would seem that this is end for Xhorhas, and those who remain in it.

At the garden, Mikhel could be seen dragging Garheil, who struggled to break free from his grasp. He sets her free, shoving her to the side of the reinforcements from the Guild of Heroes. "Stay here.", he said.

Of course, Garheil opted a different choice. "No!", she yelled. "I can fight too, Sir Mikhel! Just let me!", she said, as she tried to walk the barricade of a man that was Mikhel. As expected, he caught her so very easily with one arm, his hand on top of her head - putting her tracks to a halt. Once again, he pushed her back to the side of the people from the Guild of Heroes.



Mikhel's hand, the one which rested on top of Garheil's head, glowed in a brilliant light. A pulse was felt coming from it, before the light vanished. By then, Garheil was knocked unconscious by whatever spell Mikhel cast upon her. He grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her to one of the three reptilians. After doing so, he placed his arm on the wall behind them.

"Xhorhas is lost. The Death Knights are approaching this, and I can only assume they are looking for you. And if they are looking for you, then that means they wish to rid the world of hope - that cannot happen.", he said, as a door-like opening formed on the wall. "This escape will only last for so long. Take her with you and flee."

"I will do what I can to delay them.", he said, before he went and gathered the remaining members of his guild. Once grouped up, he ordered a few of them to go and find the others, who might have been separated from the group, and lead them to the garden, where their way out awaits. The rest, he had them readied up into a formation, where they would defend the entry to the garden and give as much time as they could for the heroes to escape.

Once they were in place, he raised an open palm towards the sky. "Fathers of War, grant me strength.", he muttered under his breath -and just a second after, a spear made entirely of pure, brilliant light, emerged in his hand. He, then, readied himself for what's to come. "Make us worthy of Elysium, gods above."

Their last and final stand has began.


Beneath the Full Moon
Krysten Verlet
As Emily explained her face couldn't help but fall a bit further. "I... see..." The situation didn't sound all that good, though if she was here she might as well try to help, even though she was concerned for her safety. But even then, what help could she provide?

She couldn’t say much else where a figure appeared above the reception desk and landed on the chair. Krys was unable to keep herself from taking a generous step back, a bit startled by their sudden appearance. The man, whose name she had heard was Faust, was one of the more strange ones within the guild. To her at least.

With a somewhat nervous glance between the two who looks about ready to fight, she would speak up saying “Joining the battle wouldn’t be a bad idea, though what did you mean when you said that this might no be the only attack?


The Weebtaku Edgelord
Auriel's Banner.png

Auriel -- Xhorhas Streets -> Garden -- Interacting With Terra (@FandomRuby), Mikhel & Garheil (@Reinhardt) -- In Vicinity of Viska (@Archdemon), Ka'Sha (@CrimsonEclipse), Balthazaar (@SP3CT3R)

Auriel gazed at Terra, who had placed the corpses of her dead friends together so that they would be close even in death- Auriel presumed they were lovers, based off Terra's statement that they would forever dance under their eternal honeymoon. "I'm a dark knight, idiot. My skill with the bow is mediocre at best, please familiarise yourself with what class is proficient at what. I can teach you curses though." Auriel answered to Terra's strange request. Well, Auriel shouldn't have found that strange, really. Terra probably wanted to carry on her ally's legacy or something, right? Was that how mourning the dead worked for mortals? "Xhorhas is falling rapidly. I suggest retreating before it's too late." Auriel informed the dragon, continue to carve a line through the hordes of undeath that had plagued the streets.

After what seemed like an eternity (which in reality was just about 20 minutes), the Paladin Guild was finally in sight. "Run," she instructed Terra, as Auriel herself made a dash for the fort, slicing down whatever undead that stood in her way. "Just how many death knights are here? I haven't even seen one..." She whispered to herself, as she walked through the halls, thankfully not come across the little ordeal that was going on between a death knight and several guild members.

Finally, Auriel stepped foot in the garden. She glanced at Terra to check if she was following her. "The garden should be safe for now. The wisest move would be to retreat now." Gazing at the few people that stood in the garden, Auriel's eyes fell upon a barrier of a man, preventing a pink-haired paladin from recklessly running off to her oblivion. Immediately recognising the armored man to be a paladin of high ranking, Auriel bowed her head slightly. "Forgive this anti paladin's intrusion on your holy grounds, general." She said softly, raising her head again. "Xhorhas will most likely fall to the undead. Will you make your last stand here, general?"


The Koopa Queen
"If need be..." Terra said, looking towards the destruction. "I know of a place that they shouldn't be able to find us... At least until we regather ourselves." She said as she looked south. "I can take the civilians there, as I am in no position to continue fighting." She offered. "It is a place south of here, I passed through it on my way here. It's a destroyed town, but the interior structure of the buildings are still standing, and it would be a good place to hide out in." she looked to the Dark Knight that saved her. "You are my superior, am I allowed to do so?" she asked her



The Weebtaku Edgelord
Faust Banner.png

Faust Windfallow -- Fort Black Reception -- Interacting With Emily (@Alteras), Krysten (@StoneWolf18)

Oh yeah, there was somebody else here. Faust had been too preoccupied with pissing off the receptionist and had completely forgotten Krysten even existed. Turning his head, his metallic mask came to face the human. "I meant this isn't the only attack. Is your fucking brain so small it fails to comprehend simple words?" Faust snapped, clearly attempting to pull at her strings. "Mortals are always so useless. You're all just resources to fuel necromantic spells." Faust whispered in a wicked tone, echoes trailing after each word, forming a twisted symphony of shadowy whispers. Of course, he was only attempting to startle the poor human, to amuse himself. Waving his hand over the reception desk, Faust summoned an illusionary map of Albion.

"Don't worry, I was kidding about using you to fuel dark magic." Faust assured Krysten, as he began his little lesson: "If I were the enemy, I would see four major points I'd want to get rid of." He explained. "Trostenwald; disrupt communication. Xhorhas has a large body of paladins, which is an invaluable resource for us. Fort Black is the most prominent issue, with many heroes who have access to all major cities with the snap of a finger thanks to guild seals. Bowerstone should be obvious- it's the capital. Now, since other guild-established forts are unwilling to cooperate, Fort Black is now the only guild fort that will respond to the other cities' calls for aid. While we send the majority of our forces to defend Xhorhas, we've left Fort Black vulnerable. We possess a vault which contains hundreds of terrible artifacts that could easily be abused. Furthermore, if we lose Fort Black altogether, we would suffer another detrimental loss alongside Xhorhas should it fall. This is a real war, child. We've haven't seen an undead horde of this caliber for a very, very long time, let alone a coordinated horde. A detachment of death knights suggests that they have plans of utilizing Xhorhas for themselves after it falls. My point is that we should prepare for the worst, as there is a chance that we may have an attack on this fort as well. I might just be paranoid because my own life is on the line should the vault be breached, but it isn't entirely ununderstandable considering you put your life pretty high on your priorities too. Do you get what I'm saying, or was I speaking abyssal?"
Outside of Xorhas
(Open for interaction)

"240 or so years and I was actually right. Gods why did I have to be right?" Nyx was in disbelief as she saw Xorhas being attacked. But all the while Williams advice rang in her head. A moonbeam aimed at the main force would be distruptive and no risk of civilians being injured. But as she scouted she saw some familiar figures burst through the city. "So they are still around. I have to plan this. Even with my new tricks they may have picked up some new tricks. I have to find a bit of the ally side? Maybe a commander. For now."

Nyx thrusted her hand out as she looked at the main cluster of undead

"Moon above the sky, bringer of night, symbol of my god. Lend me thy strength. Burn these undead devils and send them to the afterlife that they deserve!" As she said this a burning white light started forming in the sky. And when she was done a blue beam of light shot down onto the undead legion causing burst of radiant energy to fly out 30 feet around the beams contact point.


Veth | Guild Hall | Interaction: Ki'Tavi (@One Mean Ghost) Emily (@Alteras) Mentions/Nearby: Faust (@HellsHaven) Krysten (@StoneWolf18)

Veth continued on her path into the guild hall at a brisk pace. She half-listened to Ki'Tavi's reply to the bee-girl. The bee-girl was going to get herself killed if she was so easily upset by her own misunderstanding. Veth was a few steps into the guild hall when the next alarm went off, announcing that the southern wall of Xhorhas had been breached and at least two Death Knights had been detected. "This one will waste no more time," she called out, not looking at Ki'Tavi but it was directed to him.

She weaved through the former guild members who were fleeing rather than assisting in Xhorhas, clambering to escape and go northward. Some even appeared to possibly be looting whatever they could get their hands on. Veth charged through towards the receptionist who currently was threatening some strange man sitting on broken chair. "There are looters, perhaps they should be dealt with first, unless this dark one happens to be one of the undead foes who managed to wander in. We need the supplies they are taking and if they are raiding the food stores and the armory, we'll be in a worse situation."

Veth glanced at the human woman standing nearby before turning to look back at Emily. "Do we have any more information regarding the status at Xhorhas?"

Aster (@Alteras) | Mentioned @Fyuri @Reinhardt @Birdsie
"Try leaving and I'll use the fork to stab you. You have duties I expect you to fulfil."
Ellie didn't once look up from her work, concentrating on keeping an accurate record of the supplies they would be giving the Paladins. The alarms went off; many members just grabbed various objects from the armory, the ones meant for transport included. Thankfully the magical and enchanted objects were sealed tight and thus unavailable, making it an easy matter for the ghost to float in replacements for the normal arms they took.

With a satisfied nod, she sealed all the boxes shut. Unaware of the dire situation in Xhorhas, she thought they'd have a decent hold of the situation.
"Yes, that should be everything. We can send these to the Paladins to bolster their forces."
Despite the cacophony around them, she tasked Aster to teleport the supplies to their intended location. A good seventy five percent of the boxes made it, the rest lost to the aether. Or just arrived at stupidly high altitudes that broke the damn things on their free fall to the ground. Teleportation wasn't exactly a perfect magic.

The most pressing of their tasks finished, the next on their list was to reinforce Castle Black. With news of the Death Knights return, shoring up their defenses had suddenly gone up the priority scale.
"Aster, make some good use of your mana seeing abilities and look for holes in our magic shield. We need to start repairing them."

26 boxes were sent, 20 made it, 10 fell inside the Paladin's base
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Location: Paladin Guild, Xhorhas

Mikhel - Paladin

Interactions: Auriel (@HellsHaven)

Mikhel looked where the voice came from, only to see a winged being. While the woman appeared to be something like an angel, she emanated an aura that would rather contradict this. A strange creature she was, but if she was with these heroes, his only choice is to believe that she is siding with those who seek the world's safety. "You must be one of them.", he said. "You are right. Xhorhas is lost."

"But hope shall not falter.", he added. "You are from the Guild of Heroes. Heroes. Remember that, and seek to be worthy of that title. Run from this place, keep hope alive."

The paladin sighed. "And keep her safe. That is all I can ask of you., he pointed to the unconscious Garheil. Then, without looking back, he went to his post.

The fight is about to begin.


The God-Emperor of Mankind
Abominigar, Akbal, Ennael & Cyrus of Trostenwald | Southwestern Xhorhas Wall | @Fyuri @Hanarei

The mage was thrown across the long plain by the Telekinetic Ray. His shield spell was barely holding together. Cyrus pumped more of his mana into extending its strength and repairing it, just in time to tank a hit from a Paralyzing Ray. When Abominigar saw it didn't affect Cyrus, he laughed.

"How long can your kitschy spells keep you alive?!" He laughed again and fired a Death Ray. Cyrus extended his staff and blocked the attack with a white, roiling shield of energy. It swerved off and hit a wall, doing little damage. Abominigar focused his main eye on Cyrus, disconnecting him from the weave.

Cyrus' shield disappeared and Akbal took the chance. He jumped down from the wall and tried to stab Cyrus with a dagger. The old mage yelped as blood gushed from his shoulder, but it was just a cut, as he rolled away in time, enhancing his velocity with a trickle of silver fire.

He stood, now wary of both enemies. Akbal and Abominigar stood next to each other. Cyrus pointed his staff at his feet and a silver white energy poured from it, launching him in the air like a rocket. He stopped midway and landed on the northeastern wall, which was overrun.

Cyrus used his previously devised spell and enhanced the motion of his legs, running at triple the speed a normal human could. He conjured a ballista onto the wall, which shot its giant arrow at Abominigar. He pointed his eyestalk at it and shot a Ray of Disintegration. The wood and metal that made the ballista bolt crumbled away into nothingness.

Akbal ran parallel to the wall, then jumped thirty meters into the air, landing perfectly next to the ballista. With two slashes of his rapier, he destroyed the mechanism. He twirled and threw his dagger at Cyrus, but the mage turned around and spun his staff, summoning an intense gust of wind that threw it back. Akbal casually avoided and ran after Cyrus, resuming the chase.

Cyrus knew he couldn't beat them. He was already halfway through his mana, and even if he beat them, it'd be a pyrrhic victory. But he was fighting to keep them from harming the others.

The conjurer jumped up onto a tower, then spoke an incantation. He was suddenly encased by a half-circular dome of adamantium. The conjuration wasn't invulnerable, but it was thick enough to stop the death knights for maybe half a minute. He took out his Guild Seal and connected with Risa and Ellis - hoping that Drui was with the latter.

"Cyrus to Drui and Risa. I'm engaged in combat --" The sound of metal hitting metal could be heard in the background. "-- with two Death Knights on the northeastern wall. I require that holy ward sooner rather than later! Do we have any artillery available? I have an extradimensional maze scroll; it will be enough to get rid of one of them for some time, but they need to be distracted or it won't work."

The dome cracked in one place. Cyrus looked at the place and loaded his staff with silver fire, preparing to blast whatever peeked through. The crack soon expanded into a hole and Cyrus was ready to fire.

But instead, an alchemical bomb was thrown in. Gasping, Cyrus instantly broke the spell and sent chunks of the dome flying in various directions. He magnetically clung to one of the flying shrapnel pieces and flew across the city, hitting the unsuspecting Ennael who happened to be airborne at the moment.

He rammed the southwestern wall, going through it and slamming Ennael into the ground outside.

Now, surrounded by an army of the undead, Cyrus spoke to the Guild Seal once more. "Nevermind. I'm at the southwestern wall now. Don't even ask."

Akbal and Abominigar caught up to him. Cyrus cursed under his breath and prepared a strategy.

He stood on the large piece of adamantium, elevated above the sea of zombies and skeletons around him. Ennael floated from one side, Abominigar from another, and Akbal leaped from a third one.

Surrounded, Cyrus loaded his body with silver-white energy and discharged it as an omnidirectional shockwave, knocking the three back, disintegrating a bunch of the undead and giving himself three more seconds to breathe.

Cyrus felt his mana running short. He was at forty percent.

He incanted a shield on himself, then rose his staff. It glowed with a bright, blue light, after which a tremendous rain of arrows greeted the death knights and their minions, but the former were unphased, while dozens of undead fell. Abominigar shot a Ray of Death at Cyrus, who cast a silver fire shield and deflected it back at Ennael, but she wasn't affected in the slightest, as she was dead already.

"You're going to run out of energy sooner or later! Your tawdry magic won't protect you anymore when that happens!" Abominigar yelled out.

"Until then, I trust you to keep me company," he scoffed back. Cyrus pointed his staff at Abominigar and unleashed a long, wide ray of silver fire, which he then dragged to also hit Ennael and Akbal, but it barely did damage to any of the three, whilst simultaneously obliterating companies of undead soldiers, two skeletal drakes, and a giant.

Cyrus cast a wind spell and soared high into the air, flying across the sky. He conjured a sword in his empty hand, having exhausted many of his other options of attack he now needed to play it safe and conserve energy. He enchanted his staff and sword with silver fire and fought with Ennael in the sky, visible from the ground to pretty much everyone in the city.

Abominigar tried to flank the fight constantly and fire rays at Cyrus' back, which he just barely deflected every time they were fired.

At this point, he had several layers of shield spells cast on himself, along with a foresight divination spell to give him matching reflexes to those of the Death Knights. On top of that, he used his physical augmentation spell and the flight spell. His mana was leaking out of his soul, pumped into maintenance and enhancement of these spells. He was at a fifth of his energy, maybe less, and could feel his connection to the weave being strained.

He would not last long. Cyrus predicted he could survive in the fight for maybe two more minutes, after which he'd begin to lose, even on the defensive, and he would be defenseless shortly thereafter with no more energy.

Silvanus | Paladin Guild, Lobby > Paladin Guild, Garden | @Archdemon @CrimsonEclipse @SP3CT3R @Graystone713 @Fyuri @Reinhardt @FandomRuby @HellsHaven

Silvanus looked up for a moment, then commented, "It appears my colleagues are fighting Cyrus of Trostenwald. He is losing and will be very much defenseless soon, so I might as well stay here and have some fun."

"Which one among you will be the first to fight me?..." he asked, then waved his hand dismissively. "Just kidding. That'd be too cruel. Please, you can all go at once. If you manage to land one blow, I'll make your deaths quick and painless."

Silvanus saw some of the Guild's so-called heroes running away. A cowardly bard and possibly his teacher. And then a slime, who had the audacity to fire parts of himself towards Silvanus. The Death Knight simply waved his hand and the chunks of slime froze into solid ice, after which they stopped moving and turned.

He muttered a quiet abyssal incantation, enchanting each of the frozen slime arrows with the very essence of disintegration, then shot them in such a way that they would track Wobb. Five hits would be enough to destroy a human body, but the slime could avoid the arrows or block them by closing doors behind himself.

Silvanus looked at the heroes, or at least, where they should be, and he noted everyone apparently ran into the garden whilst he was distracted. He followed, strolling at a casual pace.

Instead of opening the doors like a normal person would, Silvanus cast a fire spell and burned them to ash, making for a fiery entrance. "It's rude to leave your guest alone without even offering him tea. Then again, this isn't your house, but a battlefield. Drinking tea in the middle of a minefield could be problematic."

Silvanus summoned a sword and a shield. He looked at the paladin who finished saying his nonsensical prayers to the gods. Upon further thought, Silvanus jested, "Actually, scratch what I just said. I don't mind a bit of razor wire. Do you have crumpets?"
Location: Paladin Guild, Xhorhas

Mikhel - Paladin

Interactions: Silvanus (@Birdsie)

Finally, their one of their many expected adversaries has arrived - the Death Knight Silvanus. While his name wasn't really that spread far and wide, his appearance still did intimidate the last remaining members of this paladin group. But even in his ominous presence, they didn't break formation.

"Stand strong, my brothers.", Mikhel voiced. "May the gods above forgive your sins, death knight."

Mikhel raised his spear of light, and roared a command. "The time has come, brothers!", he said. "We shall fight honorably, and be welcomed into Elysium! Onward!"

The grouped up paladins shouted, and charged towards Silvanus. Some went for a quick strike on his left flank, the others on his right. Of course, there were plenty charging straight forward to him, though there were a countable few who leaped from their position and tried to attain the advantage of a higher ground.

Mikhel, after muttering a short prayer, followed suit shortly.
Asterin Blackblood

Location: Xhorhas Streets

Asterin was Death.

A flurry amoung the undead, slashing, flashing, her enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes giving her an upper hand amoung the undead horde in the streets, and one could see she was clearly enjoying it. It didn’t take much to get civilians off the streets. Half of them ran away from her if she attempted to assist. Blackfire witches held a certain reputation amoung mortals, and sometimes, like today, it was an annoyance. Asterin slammed her elbow into an undead mans face before swinging her body forward and plunging a dagger into its neck. She spun around an gave a hard kick to another undead coming up from behind, sending it staggering back before she grabbed it by the collar and pulled it towards her, plunging her other dagger into its neck, blood spraying her fierce complexion. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught a familiar sight, a familiar mortal, standing on the wall, holding unto his dear life, and Asterin realized, a bit impressed in truth, that this man was Cyrus.

He was the only one in the Guild with more knowledge of what was to come. And Asterin found herself running, no- sprinting towards the Southeastern Wall. Towards an impending death. Cyrus stood the best chance of helping the Guild. Death Knights. Her chances of surviving the fight were low. She didn’t have magic like Cyrus, but if she could distract the Knights long enough, Cyrus could make a break for it, teleport or whatever he did. Asterin leapt upon an undead, plunging both daggers in its neck before she leapt off the body and deliveries a kick to another undead’s chest, slashing his throat, cutting them down like nothing as she ran for the wall.

Unless the Blackfire witches allied with Turneval, which wouldn't be unlikely in all honesty, they would be doomed just as the rest of the mortals. She thought of her Eleven, she thought of Braxon, and somehow, a strange feeling arose in her chest, an...emotion she couldn’t name, and somehow this made it much easier to sprint for Cyrus.

Mentioned: Cyrus @Birdsie
Southwestern Xhorhas wall
Interactions: Abominigar, Akbal, Ennael & Cyrus (@Birdsie )

Nyx had been running along the outer line of the city before coming across an old man being hounded by the undead and 3 all too familiar faces. But for the moment Nyx could only look up to the old man giving him a nod to say she would assist him before using Moonbeam and firing it at the 3 death knights along with any undead around them. "You know guys here I was thinking you all were gone! And don't say you don't remember me! Because I certainly remember all 3 of you!"
Erald Wimstanton
The Guild Hall - Courtyard

It appeared that, despite his initial beliefs, that Gunny had seemingly gone unnoticed by this adversary of his. Perhaps these so-called ‘Death Knights’ were merely boasting about dick size without the evidence to back their claims up. Then again, this psycho may have just been trying to lure him out. It appeared that he was fond of such games.

Perhaps it may have been Gunny’s most retarded plan yet, but he figured he might as well give the enemy what he wanted. It was time to take a Death Knight down a notch. Perhaps the arrogance of his opponent would bring about his end, just as long Gunny could make a decent strike. It was all about timing and discreetness at this point.

Gunny left his cover with weapon in hand; a finger steady on the trigger and approaching the Death Knight from the rear. He needed to keep his footing and not fuck up what could be an easy kill, else risk death and - more importantly - pub bragging rights. The closer he got, the more anxious he became. But risks were there to be taken.



The Sleepy One
Emily Chevalier
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Ki'Tavi (@One Mean Ghost)
Veth (@Fyuri)
Faust (@HellsHaven)
Krysten (@StoneWolf18)
Emily grind her teeth in annoyance at Faust, but wasn't able to do anything since the conversation quickly moved and more people came. "Faust is correct and most likely the biggest reason why Risa had both of us stay behind. Xhorhas is only the beginning. We would be better off pulling our battles back to a more defensive line, but considering how much support we're actually getting, it's not feasible at the moment. We'd have to wait for a break in the war, if there is any." Emily was pissed, but she understood reason.

Soon Veth chimed in with her message. With her eyes widening, she pushed Faust out of her chair, sat down, and pulled out another earring from underneath. Channeling some mana into it, she said, "Emily Chevalier to Guard Golems, any signs of looting?" "None at the armory, Quartermaster Ellie and Quartermaster Aster have finished transporting supplies." "Unidentifiable activity in the kitchen, Chefs are not present for further instructions." Emily sighed a bit of relief. "If anyone takes any of the food out of the kitchen and away from the dining hall, inform me and suppress target." With that, she relaxed a bit.

"We should begin reinforcing the fort ourselves."


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location: Gestal
Action: Fighting the Midas

It was only a split second, and in a reactionary moment Leonidas tried to dodge out of the way of the lightning bolt. His quickness had saved himself, had he not focused his attention to the construct a second earlier, he would have been badly hurt. Now it has his full and undivided attention, as well as over 300 Spartans. 100 would stay around the town to quickly deal with any zombies this monster could summon from the dead.

200 Spartans faced the creature and made sure not to group up. Some had decided to show arrows at the beast, to continuously beat down the magical shield it had while the Spartans on the ground attacked relentlessly. They would come in to strike and quickly retreat when the beast would attack. Leonidas took charge and used his superior quickness to strike at one apparent weakness of the beast. In the middle, the two sides of the beast drew a line between white and black. Leonidas would stab his Holy spear over and over while dodging the construct's attempts at swatting him away. Soon the other Spartans took to his example and began striking at it's weakness. How long could it hold out for?



Drui | Courtyard | Interaction: Ellis (@Birdsie)

"You're with the Goddess of Music and Laughter who believes that you have the ability to play this song, who has give to the ability to. And yes, there is the risk that this may not work, but do you think running is without its own risks? Your back would be turned to the enemy and wide open."

She was interrupted by Cyrus using the guild seal to contact them, sounding in mid-battle and requesting aid. Drui

Drui gave Ellis a smile and wink, despite being fearful herself that this would end in failure,"We can't leave a disappointed audience, shall we begin?" She lifted the fiddle and inhaled deeply before exhaling and beginning to play. It wasn't a song that was a well known epic played with an allegretto tempo. It wasn't a mournful song nor a song about victory, but one meant to represent heroes. She was able to produce a small ward encasing them and few feet further. Drui looked at Ellis and waited for him to start playing hoping his own ability and power would be enough to disturb the enemy.

She pushed more mana into the song increasing the power and size of the holy ward, expanding it to begin to encase the paladin guild.

Lucius | Moved to Garden | Interaction: Silvaus (@Birdsie)

Lucius' eyes widened as the arrow was thrown back at him, inches from his own head. The words of the Death Knight showed he wasn't even slightly bothered by the attack. However, he was distracted. At least he was until some slime creature decided to engage against him before fleeing and screaming as loudly as a slime could. Lucis nocked another arrow and carefully took aim while the Death Knight was focused on the slime.

This time he was going for the head. He pulled back the bowstring, exhaled, and released the arrow. He didn't just shoot one holy arrow, he shot as many as he could trying to hit the foe anywhere he could. He moved back as he fired arrow after arrow.



The God-Emperor of Mankind
Silvanus | Paladin Guild, Garden | @Archdemon @CrimsonEclipse @SP3CT3R @Graystone713 @Fyuri @Reinhardt @FandomRuby @HellsHaven @Axel The Englishman

His shield and sword faded away. He noticed they didn't have any shielding magic on them. Not even blessings. That would be their last mistake.

Silvanus saw the charge and extended his hand, then clenched his fist. Instantly, all paladins halted and dropped their weapons, clutching for their throats. With a single motion, Silvanus stole the breath of everyone in the garden. No one could breathe anymore, and almost half the paladins fell to the ground in panic, while the others were on their knees.

Holding them this way, he scoffed, "Some paladins. The act of self-sacrifice is naught but a lie. What do you achieve by attacking me? Nothing!"

He directed his open hand to the ground. Lightning crackled between his fingers for several seconds, charging up and growing, until it violently burst out and created a fire in the ground. The fire turned into a wall, boxing everyone inside the garden with no chance of escape, lest they risk burning alive.

"You're completely without worth or use as human beings." Silvanus moved his hand and lifted all of the paladins, barring their leader - Mikhel - and held them over the flames. He returned their breath to them, only so they could scream. The red color of the fire was reflected by his polished helmet. "And like all petty garbage, you should be incinerated."

Once the screams died down, everyone in the garden could feel their breath return to them. He looked at Mikhel. "I have ensured your friends' souls burn in the fiery pits of the lower realms. It's you and me now. Run away, or perish along with your brethren and follow suit after them. The choice is yours to make, and the verdict is mine to deliver."

The holy ward took effect and Silvanus felt kind of dull, but he could feel his magic, albeit weakened, still worked. His mind slowed down just slightly and it was mostly due to this that he was unaware of Gunny sneaking up behind him.

But he did notice the arrows being fired at him. Silvanus breathed in and raised his shield to meet the barrage. His magic couldn't affect the holy arrows, so instead, Silvanus twirled, crouched down, and threw his shield at Lucius like a frisbee. As the shield flied, it knocked down the arrows between them. Silvanus followed after it, leaping and preparing to swing his sword at Lucius whether or not the shield hit its mark.

Abominigar, Akbal, Ennael, 7th Death Knight & Cyrus | Skies Above Xhorhas | @Ms. Sparrow @Baku the Shipping Lord

Ennael graciously dodged the moonbeam, reaching the speed of a fired arrow and she changed course to attack Nyx. Without word, as no more than five seconds passed, she crossed the distance and divebombed in front of her, hitting the ground with a shockwave of force.

Ennael stood up and her wings perked up. She looked Nyx straight in the face, and her voice brimmed with hate as she screamed, "Die!" Ennael leaped the few meters between them in a flash and mercilessly swung her greatsword down at Nyx vertically.

Akbal jumped down onto the street and in front of Asterin. He shapeshifted a coating of natural scale armor around his body and leaped forward, not saying a word as he tried to thrust his sword into the witch's torso at a speed incalculable to mortal minds - an eyeblink of time.

Abominigar remained, fighting with Cyrus, on more or less equal footing. One sprayed attack rays from his eyestalks and floated around at high speeds to dodge attacks, while the other created shields and counter-attacked, doing both with silvery fire. The air and ground alike were a battlefield.

As they fought, there was a figure in the gate, watching from afar.

Ellis | Courtyard | @Fyuri

Ellis gave her a pained expression, but when he heard Cyrus calling for help, he took in a deep breath and started to play the lute, his heart beating even faster than he strummed it. As he played, he began to feel more at ease, until he finally seemed to be only slightly scared of the circumstances surrounding them. The ward expanded and took the paladin guild. Each finger movement was done with careful precision, one that he hadn't ever even had before, as the way he played the lute never dictated whether he'd get to live until the next day.

Menas | Gestal | @Archdemon

The Menas' shield began to give in. The holy attack from Leonidas chipped a good chunk from it, and several other Spartans attacking from behind began to hurt it as well. The shield turned off and the arrows began to lodge into its construction. The Menas lost most of its energy and expended the last of it on a dying explosion of electricity, hoping to take as many Spartans with it as possible. It charged up for five seconds, then blew up and took anything within several meters with it.
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Balthazar Bellanthriel
Somewhere in Xhorhas > Not in Xhorhas
@Archdemon @CrimsonEclipse @Reinhardt

The onslaught began within hardly a minute of their arrival. Balthazar froze up, unable to take in all of the goings-on, and that was while he was inside the guild hall. One of the paladins that greeted him, Viska, and Ka'Sha suddenly knocked the other out and passed her over to him, to which Balthazar levitated her before he could be crushed under her relatively light frame. The other paladin opened up a gate out of the wall, and a still barely lucid Balthazar ran through.

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