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Fandom A Game of Thrones rp search [doubling friendly, oc x cc]

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Hello, everyone!
I've been craving some Game of Thrones roleplay for time and so I thought I'd share my ideas and see if I'd find anyone interested!
But some basic things first:
- I'm Hamlet, freshly twenty-four years old, yay! I've got over ten years of experience and actually got into rping through Game of Thrones. Please be over eighteen years old, since all of my rps are romantic in nature.
- my perferred style is paragraphs in third person and past tense, although I am open to present tense. I write more descriptive texts and I expected somewhat of a longer responds from my partner but you don't need to write a whole novel.
- as for the pairings, in all the ideas I have listed below, I will be playing the original character and I'd like you to take over the canon character. However, I am very open to doubling and you can request any character from me, aside from Joffrey or Ramsay for I think obvious reasions.
- i write over pm normally but if you really wanna do discord, I'm open to that. I do all pairings and all genders and am generally open for any story line.

here are my ideas this far :

After Ned Stark's death, Robb rides North with Cat to Castle Blacks and wants to convince Jon to lay down his cloak , to join him in his fight. While they are at Castle Black, they meet Casper Sands, the bastard son of Kevan Lannister, who was sent to the nightwatch for apparently stealing from Robert. But Robb quickly falls for Casper and once they start a passionate relationship, they can't stand to ever be separate again. So, under the disguise of leverage against the Lannisters, Robb kidnaps Casper to go with him. What they both don't know however, is that Kevan is not the Lannister who fathered Casper. Casper's real father and his mother care far more to rescue him than Casper or Robb could have imagined.

As Jon and Sansa prepare for the Battle of the Bastards, they reach out to House Gellard for their support. It is known that the Boltons murdered nearly the entire family, leaving only the eldest son Alfred alive. He agrees instantly to vouch his men to their course and even offers from them to use their large and well protected castle as their camp/headquarters. Sansa is drawn in by him, by his charm and his compassion. As they prepare to fight Ramsay, they fall for each other, despite the horrible circumstances. But Sansa doesn't know she is not falling for Alfred Gellard because Alfred died side by side with his father and siblings. It is his younger sister Adrianna who uses her brother's name to protect herself and the claim of her house, and who is hopelessly in love with Sansa.

While tension rises in King's Landing, Tywin is looking for a double to cover Cersei, to attend to the people and raise their faith in the crown without inconveniencing Cersei. He does find his double, in Blaise, who Tywin meets while inspecting a group of dancers set to perform at one of Joffrey's feasts. Blaise looks so strikingly similar to Tywin's late wife Joanna that he for a moment is speechless. There is one problem however: Blaise is a man, not a woman. Tywin still hires him as a double for Cersei, under the condition he leaves behind his dancing group, comes to live in the palace and under Tywin's strict supervision. Tywin tries to keep his emotional distance from the much younger man but quickly realizes how beautiful he finds him, and how much Blaise reminds him of Joanna.

After several attempts on Daenerys' life, Jorah feels himself forced to call upon an old friend, Wilhelm Deggun, to help protect his queen. Wilhelm is the best swordman Jorah knows, and his childhood friend. Wilhelm however has pledged himself to serving the realm and protecting the innocent, so Jorah lies to him to get him to agree to travel to Eos. Wilhelm loses his mind of course when he realizes why Jorah has brought him here. They argue and Jorah has to fight hard to convince Wilhelm to stay. To do so, he plays the one card he has against Wilhelm: The fact that Wilhelm has been in love with Jorah since they were little boys. Wilhelm agrees but as they work together to protect Daenerys, Jorah realizes how much his friend has changed and yet how much he still cares for him. Perhaps even more than he ever imagined.

The three-eyed raven cannot go unprotected and Bran will soon find out. On his way back to Winterfell, he meets who he has been dreaming off for days and days now. Balthazar, he is called. A tall, dark figure. As old as the three-eyed raven himself, he awoke from his slumber at the death of the former three-eyed raven and has travelled far, from his grave in forgotten temples, to serve his master again, to serve Bran. But he is much more than just a sword to protect Bran. He is a friend, one Bran feels he has known forever, and the only person he can still feel anything for. While they head for Winterfell, Bran explores his new reality, and soon his new companion.

Once word gets out about Daenerys Targaryen has three dragons, many people are afraid, intimidated, on edge. But no one is as excited as Kayda. Because she is old, much older than this whole world and the fire that burns inside of Daenerys’s dragons is the same that burns inside of her. So she wastes no time to set sails for Essos. Soon, she arrives at Meereen, just in time to witness the dragons in the sky. Fascinated by them, she follows them and tricks her way into the palace under false pretends because she just has to be near them. Now a maid for Daenerys, she finally meets the Targaryen and they feel drawn to each other the second they meet. Their hearts yearn for each other, they fall in love, all while Kayda is nothing but a simple maid. But what if Daenerys begins to see through the cracks in Kayda’s mask? What if the dragons begin to seek Kayda, just as she seeks them?

Death has many faces, Arya says, and as she reaches Winterfell, she meets one of them. Death wears the face of Bela, a seamstress who fits Arya for her brand new armor after her arrival, because Death is so fond of Arya, her favorite worshipper. Bela speaks in riddles, and Arya is fascinated not just by her strange words, but by her eerie beauty as well. Yet Bela knows things Arya doesn’t. Bela speaks of things a seamstress cannot know. Things about Arya she never told anyone else. And so the Stark girl finds herself torn between her growing love and admiration of this intriguing stranger and the safety of her family, especially with Littlefinger lurking in the halls.

If any of these ideas interest you, hit me up and we get started!

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