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Robin | 19 | They/He | Non-binary Transmasc
I'm semi-lit to literate i can write 2-3 paragraphs as the minimum but am capable of writing more if my partner writes alot. Though i've never roleplayed with anyone who has done novella i would love to be given the opportunity. I reply very frequently to roleplays as right now im unemployed and seeking a job however i still deal with things in my personal life that may prevent me from replying every single day. Im lgbtq+ friendly and im also open to talking ooc. I like communication and think it's important that we know each other boundaries and such.

What im looking for

  • Open minded and respectful partners
  • 18+ partners because im more comfrotable with that
  • Same writing level as me or above
  • no one liners
  • somone who isnt overly senstive to mental health as my characters do deal with certain things
  • People who love doing romance just as much as me
  • Openess to discussing ideas of what to do for the roleplay
  • Im open to picrews and face claims for peoples ocs as long as i have a clear visual or description
  • 3rd person

The roleplay will be based in the genral area of space, earth and prehaps other planets depending where the roleplay goes. The roleplay is set in the future where earth has become a dust planet a few years after the upper class abandoned it and the lower classes in these huge ships that went to space. Those on these huge ships belived that the lower class died out along with earth however they instead survived becoming cyborgs. Adapting to thier enviorment and the creatures that now roam the earth they became sklled hunters also living in under ground civilisations away from the heat of the sun when not out hunting.

The roleplay will be done with my Oc Luke who in this universe is called a spce drifter which is somone who broke off from the big ships and instead now rides around space in thier own smaller ship being able to go to various planets and to the big ships. If you want to see more detail about the universe to get a better idea of it then here:

the RP is based in the far future where earth was claimed as an unlivable dust planet a few years after large ships separated from earth to live in space to look for somewhere new to live. However these large ships were filled with what was originally the upper class and some of the middle class from earth any lower class that got on the ships didn't do so legally.

Some smaller ships were made and people were sent out from these large ships to find new habital planets however many of these people ended up claiming the liveable planets for themselves not wanting to share with the greedy upper class that wishes to control the freedom of those on the ships. So these large ships continue to drift through space looking for habital planets however failing as they do. Now there's other ships that are found in space that have access to both the habital planets and the large ships those on such ships are known as space drifters. They essentially get involved with all kinds of work regardless of what the higher ups on the big ships think. Often smuggling out people from the large ships so they can live on the habital planets where they are able to live more free.

Meanwhile back on earth though it was belive that it was completely destroyed and unlivable it turns out those on earth left behind by the rich managed to adapt to Thier enviorment. They became cyborgs modding Thier bodies to be able to live on the harsh surface of earth. The land filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures they became skilled monster killers in a sense. However hold a grudge and hate for the large ships for abandoning them. However those on the large ships do not know of those on earth existing still. But certain space drifters and the other inhabital planets do infact having a sort of alliance with them in case they ever need them.


The character i'll be using is my oc Luke as this universe was made for him and he is still a bit of a rough concept but i hope through roleplay i can flesh him out more along with the world. Luke is an android who is incredibly humanlike however is somewhat monotone and not the best at exspressing himself and his emotions. He can be incredibly akward around humans since he was mainly used to being around his father and his cat of which he looks after. Looking after the cat was the last task he was given by his father before he passed. Luke is incredibly skilled with techknolodgy along with guns. Because of this he actually headed back to earth once he separated from the big ships and is one of the only beings from the big ships that knows of the cyborgs. In fact he actually helps them repair part of themselves or performs procedures on them if it is asked of him. So what im looking for is i want to do a romance with him prehaps with a cyborg or with somone else while also exsploring and working on the world. It may be a slow burner also male characters are his preference but im open to doing M/NB or M/F too depending what your character is like i would prefer if the character be independant and that the females dont be these frail damsles in distress because that def isnt his type.

Art not by me i used a picrew to get luke's apparence as i havent drawn him myself yet.

[ps yes i redid this post because i didnt like the set up of the original i thought this might help me out but i really really want to roleplay like im super bored and idk what it is that is putting people off wanting to roleplay with me im trying ;0;]
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Bump! Changed it to be open to also non-binary and female romance too luke does have preference for males and masc presenting people. But overall he is attracted to any gender as long as thier not frail or anything along those lines. He likes people who are independent and can take control of situations someone who is able to hold thier own.
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Bump I'm still looking for partners to try this rp with. However if you message me wanting to roleplay this do not then later ask me to roleplay and entire different thing.


🫡 5’3 but when I stand on my money I’m 5’3
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Just ran into this post, I’m interested! I love the overall idea of it ✨

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