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A fun New crossover rp needs a group before it starts

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Well, I got an idea for a crossover rp but need people interested before that. At least 4 interested would be great. The more the merrier.

I was thinking something where Characters from different stories stuck on an earth like Sunnydale or like in once upon a Time or such. Or perhaps on a different planet or earth all together, like Sliders when they travel between worlds. Where Characters meet each other when in their earths they never met before and new couples are created or old couples stay together. Where dead Characters are alive because they brought over before death, and those that thought they died are shocked to see them again. Where character can't live but are stuck in a town, either infested with being. Like yeerks in animorphs or zombies or such and have to find ways to survive using their knowledge from their worlds. Where two of the same Characters buy different versions meet.

While at the same time have a certain virus or whatever mutates some people or without it.

It's still a draft but once more people get interested we could flash the plot more. Anyone interested?

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