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A Friendly Match

Vagabond Spectre

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The unexpected opponent...?
Your character has entered the room with the invitation. The rather clean steel silver flooring were tiled properly as if newly built. The venue seems rather big because the area is super wide and the ceiling is so dark. Who knows how high the ceiling is. The place was a super large dome. The diameter of the entire place is nearly immeasurable. It wasn't for too long that the whole arena lit up. The ceiling lights released a bright white light that shone down upon the steel battlefield. There the whole arena was revealed! It was a enclosed steel arena! The walls and ceilings were made with the same materials on the floor.

There in the center. A small figure with a rather big head stood still, unarmed. He wore a simple white long sleeve and red tie with a strange top hat on his head. The most noticable feature this fella has is that he looks like a toy. His friendly grin and small white body was really out of context. Yet the blue eyed figure spoke to the challenger. "Ai! You must be the one who picked up my note! Congratz! Pleasure to meet you! I'm your opponent! Spectre's the name!"


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An opponent who invites his enemies over in a organized manner. Whatever he is. He doesn't look too strong nor too big. He could be immune to various magic types.

"And duel is the game! Welcome! You look very strong their my friend! You looked ripped!" This enemy looks like he respects his opponents. Even going overboard by complimenting them. "So, umm... How's it going? May i know my opponent's name?" Spectre looked at the masked man from head-to-toe. He stood true to his statement. He could put up a good fight. He didn't mind if he was masked. All he cared about is that the fact somebody actually answered his invitation. He stood by with his hands on his waists awaiting their answer.

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If Laughingstok weren't wearing a mask, one would see that his eyebrows were furrowed in deep confusion. He stared at the little man before him through icy blue eyes from behind his mask, it's messy black painted smile a stark contrast to the frown underneath. "Ah... Laughingstok... You really wrote the note? Well, alright. I suppose I've had weirder fights." Laughingstok looked down at his current manner of dress. Yes, he was ripped, but how his opponent could know that was beyond him. His baggy red flannel and jeans hung off him like he was a scarecrow. He preferred it this way for exactly that reason, so people COULDN'T tell if he was particularly strong or weak. So much for that logic.

Under both Laughingstok's arms were a pair of twin Colt 1911s in holsters. Rather than reaching for what one might assume would be the obvious choice for a weapon, Laughingstok reached to his back where hung a small stop sign. Small, compared to other stop signs, but still tall compared to a human. It had duct tape wrapped around the end for a makeshift grip. Laughingstok stood about ten feet away from his opponent, and decided to test him.

"You seem like a cheery little guy, so I'm going to give you an option I don't usually give my opponents. If you say stop at any time, I'll stop and not kill you. Now, let's get this show on the road." A pale blue aura began rising from the stop sign, surrounding it. Laughingstok then took a few steps further, and chucked his melee weapon of choice as hard as he could straight toward his opponent's small frame.

Vagabond Spectre

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A small grin was displayed from the doll faced fellow. He was intrigued by the personality of Laughingstok. As funny his name may be. He can tell he's no pushover. He doesn't underestimate opponents for good reasons.

Spectre didn't mind if he is masked. His identity must be that important under the disturbing mask. With a snap of his tiny fingers. He used his right hand to summon a small magic circle on the ground. The spinning magic circle was black. Darkness spewing out of the circle. A regular looking scythe, slowly emerged off the middle of the circle. It was 3x the size of the small fry. It looks impossible for it's wielder to hold with just one hand, judging the size and the weight. Spectre's weapon of choice is a farmer's scythe? With handles and everything. The black colored weapon was being on the small figure's right hand. The blade is clean and sharp, as if never tested.

"Well, if you say so! Let the match begin at! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" Spectre replied to his enemy. He kept a cool face as he saw the enemy reached for his weapon. He flipped his weapon upside down and stepped on one of the handles on the sight to keep his feet of the ground. The scythe's arching blade balanced him while he rode the weapon like some kind of pole. He let Laughinstok go first. He simply just stood there using his sight as a pole support on the ground. He is almost chest level with Laughingstok, there is a good chance of hitting him. As Laughing stock got closer. He immediately dripped off and held his position still on the ground. He raised his scythe up, horizontally. In the attempt of blocking a mean strike from the stop sign agains't him. Their doesn't seem to be any kind of opening available at this moment. If he did block the attack the force and knockback will strong on him.@Kobe Nathan Wade
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The stopsign would indeed make contact, and the opponent would also indeed be thrown backwards from the force, but it was nothing superhuman. In fact, the attack hadn't meant to land on the first try. Laughingstok was confused, about ten feet away from his opponent still, but said nothing at first. Just before his stopsign clattered to the ground Laughingstok thrust out his hand and the stopsign flew exactly the opposite way it was thrown and found itself again in his hand.

"Hm... I was really certain you were the dodging type. I guess that just goes to show ya." Laughingstok shrugged, and the glowing blue aura switched from a dripping blue to a fiery candy red. The color danced off the stopsign with intent. This time Laughingstok raised his stopsign above his head and flung it once again, and the stopsign flew through the air with almost twice the force it had the first time. By the time it was halfway to his opponent, however, Jason had drawn his guns. Both glowed blue. Jason fired on either side of the little impish grim reaper he found himself fighting. The bullets also glowed blue. By the time this post has finished writing, the bullets will have reached precisely parallel to his opponent's head, and about a yard away to either side.

Vagabond Spectre

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Blocking the attack with his scythe. He managed to block the incoming weapon before it returned to it's original owner. With a sigh. He stood his ground for his basic battle stance.

Something is off about Spectre yet remained a friendly expression. "Wow, i never seen that one comin' hehe..." Spectre chuckled nervously as he scracthed his back part of his head. He was wide open at this point. He noticed that he is going to meet the stop sign again and this time. It looks like it could kill him.

He had to have a different set of approach, now that laughingstok has brought guns to the battle. This could give him a hard time to manuever his way out of battle. Spectre had no time left for an escape manuever due to how fast Laughingstok is at executing his attacks.It's now or never. Spectre stood in the same spot. Spectre spun his scythe around himself, in all directions. His speed was magnificent, this speed makes up for his lack of strength and range.

Thanks to the bullet's aura. He could see where they are landing and he could misguide these projectiles. By far he's doing a very decent job. Although, a few! A few slipped in his defence. Luckily he was only grazed through his clothes. The only thing that hit him good is his left cheek, grazed. He had a black fleshed out wound scrapped by a bullet. He didn't want to react just yet for he is not done blocking. Despite being graze he kept defending. Due to how quick the bullets were. His attention was divided. Forgeting the fact the stopsign is still flying straight to his face. It was too soon. He barely blocked the the attack. The sign went through his scythe's handle thus hitting his face.

He took a couple of steps back "Okay, you got me there good." Spectre said while panting trying to catch his undead breath from his speedy defense. Spectre stood and snapped his fingers in thin air. The room temperature changed! It was slightly colder all of the sudden. It felt like a sudden A/C breeze. The temperature is slowly increasing. Spectre started to do a return attack by spinning his scythe, incredibly fast. Faster than what he did earlier. He kept it spinning on his right. At this moment. Any attack that comes from his right will likely be blocked by his raging spinning scythe.
Laughingstok fired a few more times, only to have his bullets deflected by a spinning scythe attack. Laughingstok stopped wasting ammo, and his guns stopped glowing blue and began glowing red. Just then a wild burst of cold air came from no particular direction. This confused him immensely. He could do nothing about him, and it was not actively effecting him, so he ignored it. Because of the red aura filling each Colt 1911, the guns were now physically more durable than they were before. Strong enough to catch and pin his opponent's spinning scythe between their barrels. This was not an intelligent move, however, because the impish little reaper was simply spinning too fast.

"You're a quick little guy, huh?" Laughingstok said, his mask approximately a foot away from his opponent's face.He had barely stopped the scythe from entering his torso deeper than half an inch, but a small stream of blood dripped out from beneath his now-ruined red flannel. His guns were, however, very close to his opponent, but pointed away out to either side of his opponent's body. Laughingstok was in a bind. If he switched his aura to blue he was afraid his guns would break under the pressure of the scythe. If he moved the scythe would surely plunge deeper into his stomach. So, Laughingstok did just about the only option he had. He charged a very large amount of red aura into the first bullet in each gun. He would then fire the weapons straight into the blade of the scythe. Now, if the scythe was somehow magically guarded, as Laughingstok suspected it was, it would likely not break. What would happen, however, is the force from two supercharged bullets would knock the scythe away from Laughingstok and possibly out of his opponents hand. This would allow Laughingstok to jump backwards and disengage his opponent further.

Then did he change the color of his aura from red to blue. He aimed straight for his opponent, and loosed a large volley of six quick shots towards the little man. Three from each gun. These bullets would stop themselves in mid air at various points around the little guy about an inch away from his form. One on either side of his head, one in front of his nose, one in front of each knee, and one in the middle of the scythe-bearer's chest. Now, why would someone do such a thing instead of just shooting him. These bullets, which hung in mid air inexplicably, were affected by Laughingstok's blue aura. They each were being "redirected" to every point in the room simultaneously. This means they were vibrating at incredibly high rates trying to achieve this goal, turning them into tiny little buzz saws if touched. This meant, if Laughingstok's trap worked like it was supposed to, his little opponent could only move one way at his next opportunity, which was backwards. It just so happened Laughingstok had also began running forward. His plan was that when his opponent moved backwards he would grab his stopsign which had clattered to the floor after hitting him. Yes, Laughingstok would make no move to actively hurt the other character at this time, only to retrieve his melee weapon. If Spectre didn't move, however, Laughingstok would simply try and kick him in the chest.

Vagabond Spectre

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Spectre's spin was indeed fast but that was not all. Spectre only manage to puncture masked mercenary by a small pierce. If he had a bigger farmer's blade. That would be a critical hit. Spectre gave him a friendly grin as an acknowledgement to his complement. To his surprise. Laughingstok caught his attack. It's like he caught a spinning industrial fan, head on. "Wow! Y-your pretty strong! I was right! Vitamins are a real kicker. Hehe..." Despite the scenario he's in. Spectre is just genuinely talkative. He enven chickled weakly as he struggled with his strength to push his weapon into hurting him. When he did. He weakened it a little because of his merciful nature. Although Laughingstok barely noticed. He simply just wanted a friendly duel not a battle to the death.

Spectre was caught off guard when the masked man started retaliating by using his gun's force and shooting his only weapon. It all happened so quick. Spectre hadn't got time to reaxt to it. The force of the bullets were strong. Too strong in fact that it is almost impossible for regular colt's like Mr. Laughy taffy's to perform. It became suspicious to him. Laughingstok's theory was correct. It's not a regular scythe. It's magically guarded agains't all forms of physical damage.

Just because the weapon's unbreakable doesn't mean the user is too. Thanks to Spectre's small baby hands. The scythe slipped off his grip and went flying off a few meters away from him. He slowly stared back into laughingstok. "And you're quite smart too... I like you." Spectre said with an impressed small voice.

Again caught off-guard because Spectre was talking. This time, he got shocked by Laughingstok's flying blue bullets. "Aah! Don't hurt me. I don't have my weapon!" Spectre tripped backwards and was begged for his life as he lifts his small arms to his in front of his big cute face as pathetic defense mechanism while looks away with his closed. To his surprise. He didn't feel anything. Opening his eyes again there he saw the bullets were still in mid-air just there vibrating, menacingly. His towering opponent is surely keeping him up on his feet. He slowly stood up with his hands up and slowly backed away. He can't deflect these without his weapon in hand.

He took this opportunity to study his opponent. He noticed that Laughing stok has two different Aura colors and both colors have different effects. He automatically assumed that what he's dealing with is no ordinary man. This guy knows how to use his powers and that scares him. It took him awhile to realize the effects of his foe's natural abilities. "So, red amplifies... and blue redirects... huh." He mumbled under his breath.

Laughingstok is sure no pusohover cuz he got Spectre backing away like he planned. Unluckily for Spectre. While the.mercenary is getting closer to his weapon. He is going further away from his. A smart move. At this point his only choice is to dodge attacks instead of defending them. The room was slowly getting colder. Now it's like a refridgerator. It doesn't seem to be that Spectre has control over the room's temperature. It just ao happens he knows when it will trigger.
"And a quick study, too. This is fun little buddy. We should do this more often!" Laughingstok said this as he slid beneath his floating bullets, which lost power and fell to the ground with several musical metal taps against the metal floor. He replaced his guns into their holsters swiftly. Laughingstok started to notice the changing temperature more now. Again he ignored it, but it was going to be a problem if it got much colder than this. He grabbed for his stopsign and made a small leap into the air, raising it above his head. It glowed a fiery red again, as it had before. Laughingstok's mask glinted in the light of the room.

One might look into his eyes. They were wild now, a sure sign that he was enjoying himself. Whatever Laughingstok's pastime was, it certainly hadn't been fighting recently. He was like a junkie who had just had his first hit out of rehab. The amount of aura in his stopsign now would probably be enough to dent the metal floor if he missed Spectre's tiny body he was aiming for. Depending on what metal the floor was made of, of course. Laughingstok was making sure to aim slightly to the left of his opponent, as that's where the little guy's scythe had fallen. He wanted to make sure that if Spectre did dodge, he had to dodge the opposite way where his weapon was.

Vagabond Spectre

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With a soft smile and small finger gun gestures. Spectre replied "Right back at ya big guy!" Spectre replied with enthusiasm. For some reason. Due to Spectre's talkative nature. He is always guarded down, even in battle he likes to talk. Especially if the one replies humbly. Again he didn't notice he was being attacked again. This time an attack that will finish him if he doesn't move. Scared out of his wits. Spectre had to move as fast as he could. Judging by the angle of the attack he gave him a one direction dodge. Before he took action. He got a glimpse through the mask of Laughingstok. Eyes of a person who hasn't fought for a long time.

It felt like an anime moment for him. The chill of the room doesn't affect Spectre at all but he can be seen releasing cold breaths under such a small mouth. Spectre had to make do. He calculated that sign could scratch the surface of the arena's steel flooring if he doesn't move he'll drop. Spectre took action by performing a quick side flip as a launching move, followed by multiple cartwheels till he reached his weapon of choice. Laughingstok may have almost got him there.

He panted before he picked up his own weapon. It's seems obvious that Spectre really never moves much from point A to point B with his weapon. "Woah! Almost got killed there!" He said it so casually and excitedly. Spectre really is not going for the kill. "Alright! No more delays! Here i come!" It was not a great idea to announce what he will do next but he did anyway. Out of all the things one can do with a scythe. He did the most unusual way of using it. Spectre flipped it upside down, thus the blade touches the ground instead of the opposite side. Whatever Spectre is doing. It seems to be a maneuvering technique. He knows that approaching Laughingstok by foot will be too predictable and slow. In result he get attacked again, quickly. He slightly started to push the scythe forward against the ground. It made annoying metal screeching and small sparks against the ground. After gaining enough speed he hopped in one of the scythe's handle and began to sail the whole thing. He was using the scythe as some form of skiing equipment, minus all the ice. A technique only he can do with the scythe that other wielders can't. The arena's cold temperature began rising and the floor is getting a bit slippery. Spectre is getting faster and faster as he approaches the masked man. After reaching him. He hopped off the scythe, held it overhead and performed the same move Laughingstok did. Except it was weaker but faster. He was aiming for Lauhingstok's left wrist? Strange but Spectre plans to disarm Laughingstok.
The thing about scythes is they're hard to block. The thing about Spectre is he's hard to dodge. That made what Laughingstok was about to attempt very tricky. He was a little relieved that last hit hadn't landed. It would have been a shame for this fight to end there, especially when he hadn't even seen Spectre's speed upgrade he just pulled out. In response to the little guy's burst of speed and his rather large blade swinging down at the mercenary, Laughingstok had to switch his aura from red to blue. Thankfully stopsigns are made of metal so it wouldn't break under the pressure of the magical scythe, but it was definitely about to be bent from the force. He extended it like a spear with one hand upwards, and the end would meet the scythe at the base of the blade. This would cause the scythe to deflect just a little to the left. Unfortunately that meant it was heading straight for Laughingstok's shoulder.

Then laughingstok activated his aura. See, he couldn't move inhumanly fast, but his aura could make other things do so. He redirected his stopsign once the scythe was underneath it's octagon, and made the sign shoot straight down to the ground. It would the, if all went according to plan, pin the scythe to the ground until the aura lost power next turn. Unfortunately Laughingstok had miscalculated this move, not being able to move as fast as his opponent, and he could only redirect the blow enough to send it straight down into his foot. The end of the scythe penetrated right through his black converse.

"GAH FUCK!" He didn't have time to draw a gun to shoot, and thus had only one option. He thrust his head forward, attempting to headbutt his miniature foe. If he made contact it would certainly hurt him less than his opponent, but only by a little because of his mask.

Vagabond Spectre

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Laughingstok was putting up a good fight. Each blow he makes always catches him tip-toeing in his snall feet. He knew that a small slip up could be a game over for him. The mercenary is no joke. He shows good combat. Sure, Spectre is high in agility and weapon combat but there is always a few openings on his defense.

Besides. Spectre lacks a few things. Laughingstok's manuevering in combat is driving him to focus harder for an opening he needed. Laughinhstok's strategy was smart. After Spectre's attack. He parried his magic scythe to the ground with the stop sign. Thus litterally stopping his dangerous attack. The small fry 's plan to win is to subdue his opponent to the point that he/she will no longer able to battle.

In complete shock. The dressed small fry gasped in horror to see his opponent get stabbed on the foot qith his weapon. With the acythe pinned to the ground. He has no choice but to let go. Despite the place being cold. He dropped a single sweat on the side of his huge face. He's really geting it now. What if he got enraged? Or really got hurt. He was more concerned to his opponent than himself. This is the moment he open for yet another attack. This is where Laughy scored a direct hit. Thanks to Spectre's huge eyes. Laughingstok has successfully busted his right eye. It felt like a direct punch to Spectre. "Aah! My eye!" He screamed in pain. He got hit good and now he only has one functional eye. Despite being a different creature. He received a black eye on his right. Shutting it temporarily. Spectre was slightly dizzy at this moment as he held his poor eye with both hands. He has been stunned for a few seconds. Spectre took a few steps back away from the mysterious foe.
Laughingstok wasn't necessarily surprised his plan worked out, more like relieved considering the damage he had to take to do it. He couldn't focus on that, at the moment, because of the pain in his left foot. Laughingstok had been through his fair share of pain, but that can't ever prepare you for being stabbed. That never gets easy.

Laughingstok dropped his stop sign, and grabbed ahold of the handle of the scythe. Because his opponent had to retreat after his headbutt resulted in a black eye, he wasn't necessarily paying attention to Spectre at the moment. He began to pull Spectre's scythe out of his foot, and on the first tug flinched and released a yelp of pain. He grunted and yanked on it quick to dislodge it from his left foot.

"GAH! GOD FUCKING DAMNIT." Laughingstok then doubled backwards and collapsed gripping his foot. He rolled back and forth a couple of times with his foot in his hands, blood trickling out of his shoe. Laughingstok got up shakily, picked up the scythe, and picked up his stop sign in his other hand. He limped over to Spectre, who was dealing with his own pain in his eye, and extended the scythe out to hand it to his opponent. It had been a long time since he respected an opponent like this, of course that's unbeknownst to Spectre.

"Here, square up. I'm enjoying this too much to steal your weapon." His stop sign began ominously glowing red.

Vagabond Spectre

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Spectre managed to keep it cool after squirming over his physical eye damage. The smol toony boy jept gasping in pain as he tried to slowly let go of his injured eye. He took a few deep breaths before looking back up to his tall opponent.

The real tradgedy here is that Laughingstok is more damaged than he is. It's really hard to take someone down in a non-lethal way. Especially with his weapon of choice. Spectre could have gained the upper hand if Laughingstok is somehow possesing demonic or angelic heritage that will he take advantage of since he can absorb dark or light magical abilities and use it against them. He could really end the match with no damage on his formal attire but Laughingstok... He is pure physical powerhouse. Shifting between aura's in mid-battle to gain advantage over the situation. Something that is totally new to him. Spectre is specialized in taking down demonic or celstial beings but who knew a human level enemy is all it takes to keep him in his toes.

Spectre got himself together. Although, he is slightly slouched on his back. The coldness increased again. It felt like winter breeze. Cold breaths escaped his mouth. He looked up to Laughingstok as he handed out his scythe. Who know this guy wasn't so bad. He felt sorry for a foolish mistake he did but the battle must continue.

Spectre became silent and simply stared into Laughingstok's eyeholes. At this moment he was scared of him. Like for real. He felt something like Laughingstok has lost it. What if he did? Then he is serious trouble. Spectre finally took his weapony back and replied "Oh, thank goodness" He said in relief as Laughingstok spoke. "You know... For guy who is named "Laughingstok" Ironically, you're a real fighter. Kudos to that!" He said humbly to his opponent as he slowly spun his scythe once more. It might not seem obvius but Spectre is actually preparing an attack. His friendly facade is only a distraction to the fact that each time the scythe completse one circle lap, it gets faster and faster.
"Oh come on not that again." Laughingstok said, replacing his stop sign into the axe holster on his back. He drew both his pistols and they began to glow blue, the aura dripping off of them like some amorphous fluid. He fired, much quicker than he ever had before so far, two shots from each bullet. The bullets were ordered to stop directly in front of the tip of the blade, and three along the shaft of his opponent's scythe. This should stop the rotation of the chibi boi.

"Noone likes a one tick pony." Spectre couldn't see it, but Laughingstok was smiling beneath his mask rather wryly. Despite the joy he felt from the fight, he was actually rather uncomfortable. The cold in the room was beginning to cause a problem for our masked mercenary. He was shivering ever so slightly. Hmmmmm, thought Laughingstok, gotta find a way to stop this or else I might slow down a bit. Definitely can't risk that with how fast this guy is. Instead of firing directly at Spectre like one might expect, Laughingstok turned his barrels to point at the ground beneath him. He began firing and spinning. Obviously not as fast as Spectre can spin, just normal human spinning. Laughingstok had targeted a circle area about ten meters wide around both him and Spectre.

All of the leftover bullets in his clips were used and made to stop and vibrate touching the metal floor. Because of the intensity of the vibrations caused by the bullets targeting every area at once they caused the metal directly around it to heat up to a red hot level. If someone was within about a foot of a bullet they could surely burn themselves. This caused the air to heat up as well, and the combined heat from all of the now red metal spots caused a space heater effect within the circle. The energy from the bullets could only last about a minute, but the heat should fight the cold for a solid two or three. Not much time if you're watching TV, but much longer than you think it is in a fight. The air within the circle equalized to a good 72 degrees.

"Hm, I'm sure that was annoying you as much as it was me. Why in the hell did you pick a place like this? Doesn't the cold effect you too?" Laughingstok was speaking while he slid the clips out of his guns and they clattered to the floor. He replaced them with two more from the bandoleers across his chest. He then aimed straight at his opponent. "Now, enough playing around." The dripping aura flipped itself upside down and turned red. He poured a little bit of aura into each bullet in the clips, and began pulling the triggers rapidly, releasing a hail storm of glowing-red powered-up bullets towards the little fellow, whom was fast, but being only a few feet away this should cause a bit of a problem to dodge.

Vagabond Spectre

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Spectre was forced to stop his scythe to stop spinning, rapidly. He can feel that Laughy-taffy was picking up the pace and amplifying it Spectre remained calm as he attempted to explain the room's temperature. "Well... I do feel cold too but not as cold as a human's. I haven't told you yet but my eyes are freezing off right now. Soon enough i won't see. things soon but yeah it bothers me too. It's quite chilling." Spectre's blabbering mouth distracted him from the fact that Laughingstok was already on the move. It's true. Spectre lacks body fluids so his eyes can really freeze soon. Spectre was a little worried butt yet he decided to fight on. He dragged his Scythe carefully out of the bullets and hopped a few steps back from the incoming assault. He can see that it is red this time. He felt like he could get in so much trouble.

By far he has successfully dodged three bullets. HThe coldness remained stable and didn't increase. Spectre was in a tight spot. He dodge 3 more. He was doing well because of the aura around the bullets but lady luck wasn't on his side on the 7th bullet shot. It was a direct hit to the shoulder! His right shoulder. Laughingstok can see a bullet pierced all the way through his small body. His black blood fluid was bleeding out and his face gave a painful gritted teeth expression. He grunted in pain but he still continued to dodge the rest. The last remaining bullet (Presumably) shot his top hat clean off from his head. He still has his scythe in hand yet he cannot use well because it requires two hands because of his size. Spectre dragged his Scythe all the way back. Preparing for a close quarters combat. Spectre was slowly backing away from Laughing stok with a pained up face. He cannot use his arm because Lauhingstok shot him by the joints, preventing him from moving it. Now it's just a dangling limb. Spectre was breathing heavily with cold breaths escaping his mouth.
"You don't dodge well, do you?" The temperature had raised enough that laughingstok didn't shiver any longer. He sheathed one pistol and pointed the other in his right hand downward at the floor. He charged an immense amount of energy into a single bullet in the chamber of the gun. The trigger was pulled and blew a hole in the floor out of the temperature controlled room. Through what amount of energy, you ask? Well see this was a special move Stok could only use when he drew on a power he likes to call "Plot Convenience."

The next thing the two men knew they would be falling down a long tunnel. Eventually this tunnel opened up into a large underground cavern, which was so large it had it's own clouds. Below was dense mossy jungle with many a strange sound and carnal form. Laughingstok fell into a large pool of water which had a big waterfall emptying into it which fell from the roof of the cavern. It was salt water. It was most likely Spectre would fall into this same pool unless he flew away.

Laughingstok crawled out of the pool and looked into the bushes and the dark dense treeline. He seemed a tad panicked. He put his gun he somehow managed to hang on to during the fall back into it's holster and drew his stopsign. He scrambled behind a large rock and kept his eyes trained on the treeline. "Fuck, not this again." he looked behind him into the pool and squinted. "Hey, little buddy! You okay?" He whispered urgently.

Vagabond Spectre

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With a great change of pace. Spectre breathed heavily as he stared calmly to Laughingstok. He didn't answer the question due to the pain on his shoulder. Can't even move well at this state. He was quickly swept off his feet when the floor came crashing down. Thinking ahead. Spectre tossed his scythe upwards, making it fall late as he fell. Spectre fell without moving much thus he came in full impact on a few tree branches before falling into to the large pool of water where Laughingstok fell. He was weak at this state. Laughingstok was the perfect candidate to beat him. Physical attacks are his weakness. Spectre's top hat fell somewhere deep into the jungle. He didn't bother to get it back.

Spectre fell down the water pool. His black bloody fluid polluted the water on where he fell. It was like black blood. In the polluted water. The opponent is nowhere to be found. He fell deeper than he should. He didn't breath under water. Laughingstok called out to him but he didn't reply. Around a few minutes. A small familiar arm emerged out of the polluted water. It was Spectre! Opening his hand reaching out for something. Not because he's drowning but something else. If Laughingstok looked up, he'll see a familiar scythe crashing down exactly where Spectre is reaching out. Spectre caught the scythe flawlessly. The funy part is. There is light shining down on him because of the light above, causing a some kind of spotlight effect. He furiously jumped out of the water and landed on a large rock, soaked all over. His hair was covering his eyes while altogether standing strong. Ging the same stance he posed when they started fighting. His eyes are covered yet he knows where Laughingstok was.

He squirted out a ridiculous amount of salt water from his mouth, spitting out a small fish at the end too. Spectre sweeps his bangs aside, looking Laughingstok with his ever friendly grin "Yeah?" He answered in questioned tone. As if he wanted to ask if his opponent already misses him. "I'm right here." Spectre's right shoulder was still bleeding and his arm is limped so the scythe is on his other hand. "Almost there." Spectre announced. It was quite vague. It's up to interpretation of who is he referring to drop first. Speaking of drop. Spectre used all of his leg power to jump again and perform a overhead dropkick. It looks non-lethal but it will give a KO if it is not blocked or dodged.
Laughingstok was a little relieved the fall hadn't killed his little friend, because if anyone was going to do that at this point it was going to be him. He even cracked another smile behind his mask. He felt uncomfortable in his flannel and tore the buttons off of it. If he needed to he'd skin a dinosaur later for it's pelt.

Laughingstok looked up at Spectre, whom had landed on a rock a little ways away, and holstered both his pistols. Generally when he fell into the center of the earth like this the lizard men were not far behind. As such Laughingstok was itching to get out of there, but he never ran from a fight. He decided it was time to show off the full extent of his powers. He gripped the rock he had been crouching behind, and both his hands and the rock burst with a fiery red aura. He hoisted it above his head. The rock seemed FAR to large for a normal human to do this, however remember that Laughingstok's ability is kenetic energy manipulation. As such he was currently increasing the kinetic energy of the rock in an upwards motion, so he wasn't really lifting it, it was carrying itself with momentum. It would continue to fly upwards towards Spectre, interrupting his dropkick because Stok was far enough away to react, fortunately. If his opponent couldn't stop himself in mid air he would probably hurt his leg if not break it on the rock. Even if he could move it was a big rock, at least half Stok's height, and thus was probably going to be hard to dodge without taking any damage.

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A drop kick he expected will be the perfect blow but he has another thing coming for him. Laughingstok was his true match, now it's game set. Laughingstok outsmarted him with a move even he can't avoid. Spectre's eyes widened in surprise upon seeing the lifted red glowing rock going against his force.
It was quick and he had no chance of getting out safely in time. He had one move in mind that will safely guide him out of the devastating attack in one piece.

Although it comes with a price. Spectre manned all of his remaining one-armed strenght and swing his scythe against the rock. He wasn't able break the rock nor has the intention to. It was a escape manuever to get around safely. The scythe latched on the bottom side of the large stone. He relled himself around the rock. A complex move but anything just to get to safety. He felt the rock's powerful force bouncing back to his scythe to to him. He vibrated like an instrument as he pulled himself downwards. He still continued until he got down in one piece. The vibration made him bleed even more but he didn't mind.

His face landed first towards the ground. Leaving a bruise on his right cheek. Black goo drooled all over his small mouth. Spectre didn't bother to stand up as he found the ground comfortable. He simply smiled towards Laughingstok. "Welp, looks like you got it handed to me! Ugh... Game set." Spectre's tone was softer in the end. He just laid there admitting the fact that he has been outmatched by a mercenary.

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Grave entered the arena. “Alright! Who sent me? I am only interested in the STRONG!” He unsheathes his sword and spins it three times. Glancing to his right out of the corner of his eye he spots an incoming man. Grave dodges out of the way of the broadsword while spinning around to cut the same person clean in half.

The look of surprise on the man’s face makes Grave grin as he slices the attacker into two separate parts. A sword strikes his back and is deflected by the hardened leather armor that Grave wore. He whirled around to face the new attacker. “Another fool.” He thinks as he just barely dodges a downward strike. The enemy’s sword lodges in the ground allowing Grave to slash this new foe’s face into two separate halves. The body falls down in front of Grave.

The steel floor is slick with the blood of the recently slain. "Well Then. Anyone else care to fight?" Grave shouted.
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Through the steel dome battlefield. Grave may notice something off. Not blonding ceiling lights, not the ridiculously cold temperature but the big deep hole torn on the ground. So deep that it gors all the way down to the center of the earth.

On the very end of the hole. There lies a huge pool of water. There is a jungle surrounding this water pool. Large trees towering over and unidentified forest creature noises were all over the place.

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