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The Charmer
Hello everybody! I'm Shibbie or Shib, whichever you prefer ^^. I'm almost 26, pretty recently out of college working full time. I'm just getting back after a bit of a break, the last stretch of classes was really handing it to me but I'm free and have some extra time to get back to an old hobby.

Sorry that this isn't filled with the clean formatting, I'd love to get it set up at some point but I wanted to get a feeler post out there first.

About me / What I expect:

I usually write a minimum of two to three paragraphs, and have written up to 15 decently sized paragraphs per reply. I don't expect anybody to write to that extent, especially not with every post. However I do like to have something to reply to, at the very least. If characters are going back and forth with conversation than that number will go down so no worries there! I'm okay with most dark topics, just not a big fan of romanticizing them. Characters should have their vices!

I really (really) like having someone to move the plot forward with me. I like having someone to write a story with, and world build with to keep interest. I'm fine if you're having writers block since it happens to all of us, but I would really like in general for it to be a two person story! If you're uninterested in the story feel free to drop, I'd prefer a message if that's the case but it's not expected at all!

I like to try to reply once a day, however I don't always get that and try to reply at least every other day or so. If it'll be longer, I will usually try to let my partners know, and I'd usually expect the same.

I do prefer romance in my RP's, however I do not like it when it's the center of the plot or forced. Sometimes characters aren't made for each other and I'm fine not making something happen that doesn't feel like it would click. For romantic pairings, I've generally always done MxF. However, I'm not against expanding on this and could try other pairings and I'm open for any platonic pairings as well! I can try to write male or female, though generally more experience with male. Doubling up is also always an option!

I'm pretty lazy (okay very lazy) when it comes to out of character typing, but I really like having the best grammar / spelling as possible during rp. I'm no professional by any means and my lack of knowledge for some nuanced grammar may be clear but I'm always trying to improve on this and at least think my writing is mostly legible.

I prefer 18/21+, just because I like keeping rp partners closer to my age. Nothing against any younger writers since I was there myself, but just something I'm more comfortable with nowadays. I've always done PMs but if you're against that I could work with something else.

With all the boring stuff out of the way, here's a few plots/pairings I'd be open to. By no means limited to this list but just to give an idea of what I vibe with.

Some plot Ideas:

Muse A is a wandering knight/magician who had been relieved of their post with the royal kingdom after refusal to follow through with a pretty gruesome order. While most of the time, a refusal would be cause for execution, previous merits let Muse A escape with their life. The only exception was banishment from the kingdom, left into the wild with only what they could carry leaving all behind. A few months had passed since, and Muse A had been living their life day to day doing menial tasks for the townsfolk of a small village in the country, keeping their past as knight/magician a secret from all. Eventually though, they grew tired of a lack of purpose and steered towards mead and wine to pass their days and dull their boredom.

Late one night, Muse A is leaving the pub after a night of drinking when they're bumped by Muse B, who quickly apologizes. Muse B was a pick pocket, and had snagged the coin purse off muse A in the encounter. But when Muse A confronts Muse B, a few kingdom guards turn up late at night. It turns out, Muse B had a few secrets of their own and was a wanted person by the kingdom. (Maybe a magician/witch/knight from another kingdom? Haven't gotten that far ^^'). In an attempt to take back their coin, Muse A ends up running after Muse B as they escape the town, and the guards. Will Muse A find purpose once again, or continue wasting their life at the pub.

In a alternate modern world where magic was once a prevalent military force, technology advances with firearms has rendered militarized magic useless. The exception is those known as "Magi", the highest ranking a mage can receive. With only about twenty who have reached the status of Magi in the modern day, the power they posses can turn the tide of battle with massive power. The current day is two years after a great war had finally ended when an Magi prodigy persuaded many battles for a smaller continent in their favor.

Muse A is just turning into their young twenties, and yet has received some of the highest praise and accommodations for their feats in battle as the youngest Magi ever. After the long war, they retired into a house that the military had gifted to them and remained locked away from the public as much as possible for unknown reasons.

One of the responsibilities of an Magi is to receive and apprentice, and after the country had finally repaired itself from the war, Muse B is sent to Muse A to start his/her training. Muse B is from a prestigious family of spell-weavers, however Muse B has always struggled using their power. When the time finally comes to begin the training however, Muse A shows reluctance and begins to butt heads with Muse B. How will they manage training, or will the apprenticeship fall to ruins? Find out next time on-

Music has long since been a deemed a sin by the churches and the government, though it remains unknown to the public as to why. Very strict punishments are handed out to those caught practicing the art, and worse still for those in the act of performances. Even still, there are those who would risk their all to keep it from dying for good. Underground music rings were run by rugged gangs to put on concerts that would have rivaled those from the days before the restrictions. While there was risk to be certain, there was money to be made and music to be played. Muse A comes from a wealthier part of town, but has never heard proper music before. But when they catch Muse B sneaking through the alleys with a strange looking case, they can't help but follow them straight into the waiting doors of a concert.

This could go a few ways I think, could be a mystery about why music was outlawed in the first place. Or just kinda like good muse A/bad muse B showing them around the secret underground world. Always down to build on this though!

Sky Pirates !

I just think they're neat

As for pairings and general plots:
Adventure/Exploration/DnD type beat
Viking Vibes?
Most high fantasy
Yo I'm really bad at this
Modern gangs
Trapped alone/deserted

I'm honestly pretty open to any real plotline, as long as its not a standard slice of life style story I can usually get behind it. If you're interested shoot me a DM or if you can't, leave a message here and I will. I'll mark specific plots or the post as (CLOSED) whenever I'm no longer free. Thanks for reading, here's a tiny writing sample just to get a hint of what I write like!

"You are certain about this, yes?"

"What is there to be uncertain about? They're assuredly valuable to someone. Shame I can only take one," A confident female voice quickly countered the seemingly insecure male voice the proposed that question.

"The circumstances are... well. I guess you know. As long as you're prepared than anything that happens to you after wont keep me up at night." The voice, owned by a well dressed azure skinned Tiefling, drifted out of earshot as he left the nearly empty tavern room and returned with two others, all three carrying a covered necklace box. The tavern hall was empty besides the Tiefling's party and the redheaded elf girl who sat opposite him- the whole mining village seemed abandoned since they showed up. Which he thought was odd since there were rumors of a job in mines from a resident here which led them to their discovery.

"Nor should it! I shall take on full responsibility," the elvish girls eyes locked with the jewelry boxes rather than the ones holding them. "And 'ese are them? I thought you said there were four?" The original Tiefling nodded as he made his way over to the table, setting the ornate box down and revealing an onyx colored amulet inside. His two companions did the same, each revealing a different amulet of the same hue.

"Aye, that there were. We woke up this morning to one of our own stealing the one he had been wearing along with some other traveling supplies- saying he had a mission of sorts. We think they're cursed, 'tis why we're willing to give them away for such a low price," he was weaving truths, even if also trying to spin in a negotiation already.

The elf scanned the contents of each box before picking up the one furthest on the table from her, a blackened crystal etched into the shape of a wyvern. Even just holding it, she could feel something locked away behind the crystal. She was unsure if that which was locked away was something to fear or something to worship. She looked on in silence briefly, letting her hand weightlessly drift down the amulet and dragging her fingers across its surface. "Well then," her eyes snapping back to the Tiefling as she lifted the gem wrapped chain around her neck, "I suppose I will take this one?" A devilish smile seeming to form on her face as she sat back in the the chair.

The Tiefling's face had been wiped clean of any fear, as if the prospect of business was washing away any doubts he might have about the transaction. "Then let us see if we can make a deal."
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