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Multiple Settings A Few Original RP Ideas! (Mecha (craving!) and others!)

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fruit soup

i'm bout to jikan desu this man's whole career
Hey there! Welcome to my thread post! My name’s fruit soup and like you who’s clicked on this thread of mine, I’m looking for some new roleplays! To skip down to brass tax, I’ll go right into a little bit about who I am and my roleplay styles, then on to the original ideas I had!

About me:
-I’m an 18 year old college student (studying secondary education with an endorsement in English). My pronouns are she/her.
-I also have a part time job and usually work either 2-10 or 3-11 p.m. shifts PST, so there will be days where I’ll be largely unavailable or a few days where I won’t be able to respond to a roleplay because work tends to drain me sometimes haha, but I respond pretty frequently to OOC on days that I am active.
-In terms of roleplay style, I almost always double, I find it more enjoyable for both parties involved.However, I will also say I dominantly play female roles, so if someone comes to me with a male OC that they’d like to pair with a female, I’m totally fine with only doing one pairing! I also consider myself semi-lit/advanced-lit in style and can write anywhere from 2-7 paragraphs per response give or take depending on where the roleplay is or where my partner lies in terms of response length preference! : )
-mxf, mxm, fxf, enbyxm, enbyxf, I’m fine with anything and everything! This is a positive space for any LGBTQ+ person or character you choose to write : )))
-I’m totally fine with darker content so long as it seems realistic for the roleplay and adheres to RPNation’s rules if we roleplay on-site. On the topic of whether we RP on-site or not, I'm definitely open to roleplaying on a Discord thread too! I also have a gmail account set up specifically for roleplay, so I'm fine with email or google docs on there, too.
-I also love shooting off headcanons or doing extra stuff on the side for our characters, whether that’s art or playlists or Pinterest boards, I love all of it completely.

We will mesh well if:
-You aid in worldbuilding/plot
-You enjoy OOC chatter
-You enjoy dynamic characters
-You can write at least 2 paragraphs per response
-You are at least 17 years of age

Also, here's a sample of my writing if you're interested!

Anyways, away from the rules, now onto the fun part! Some original plot concepts I have:

-Mecha!: I l o v e mech concepts with every fiber of my being, big giant fighting robots just gives so much serotonin to my little pea brain. Recently, I’ve been reading Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, so a lot of my ideas have been inspired by that novel. In the spoiler are some seeds in my brain I’ve been working on, and I’d love to develop them more with a partner and create our own little world with badass robots and some romance thrown in. Also a disclaimer: you do not have to read or even know of Iron Widow to do a mecha RP with me, it’s simply a source of inspiration at the moment for me.
First off, I’d like to say that I’d love to develop a mech RP in a world revolving under these sort of world concepts: cyberpunk (think like neon-lit dystopian city settings, even vaporwave-like aesthetics, Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, you get the vision) and East Asian traditional architecture/culture meets sci-fi futurism. Cyberpunk as an aesthetic is pretty straightforward, but what I mean by East Asian traditional architecture/culture meets sci-fi futurism is basically aspects from East Asian culture and architecture, whether Chinese, Japanese, or Korean that are in essence, traditional, remain the same in a world that’s futuristic and hell bent on the development of dynamism, speed, power, industrialisation, and development of the machine. The best thing I can relate this idea to is the city of San Fransokyo in Big Hero 6, though more related to dystopian ideas/a world at war with an outer force, that’s essentially the vibe I’m thinking of. Of course, it’d be super cool to combine all of these elements as well or even something more dialed down like Tokyo-3 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Something futuristic. But if other cool ideas are thrown into the mix by a potential partner, I’d love to develop something else, too!

As for what the mech pilots will be battling against, we can go for anything, whether that’s interdimensional kaiju or aliens from another planet that match the mechs in size or have their own or even battling other nations with their own mechs I’m totally cool with whatever I really just REALLY want do something mecha lmao.

On to pairing concepts:
I’d really like to incorporate compatibility requirements for pilots, whether their psychological strengths are compatible, or as in the case of Iron Widow, their chi/spirit pressures are compatible, or a psychic link of some sorts is required, I’d really like for the mechs to require co-piloting, I think that sets things up really nicely for romantic pairings. I digress:

Pairing 1: Muse A is a copilot who’s strived their whole life to be a pilot, they’ve put in the schoolwork for it, they’ve done the years of rigorous training, and they’re finally ready. When they’re about to get paired with a compatible pilot, the only person they’re compatible with is Muse B, who has had absolutely 0 training, 0 schooling on the subject, and really couldn’t give a damn about the rules and technicalities of the program. they’re only in it because they got into a bit of legal trouble and due to their potency to be a pilot noted by some schmuck in the mech program it was either join or the death penalty/excommunication, depending on the level of the crime OR they got noticed by same said schmuck in a less tense situation and got dragged in to the program, only agreeing for the money. A is contemptuous because someone who couldn’t care less gets to be their copilot off of a whim of the program, and B is indifferent to A’s feelings, and they have to learn to work together.

Pairing 2: Muse A is a seasoned pilot who’s been in the program for a few years, only to have the only partner they’ve ever had KIA, while on temporary leave while the program searches for a new co-pilot, they’ve been recovering and dealing with the trauma of losing someone so close to them. Muse B is the new copilot. Upon meeting Muse B, A is cold and closed off and seemingly hates the idea of working with B. Co-piloting becomes extremely difficult as even stepping inside the mecha that A piloted brings back all the memories, B has no idea of all that happened between the two and this creates a level of tension between the two because B is bent on the idea that no matter what happens, it’s your duty to get back in that machine and do your job to protect the people. Nevertheless, they have to learn to work through A’s trauma and unwillingness to open up again and B’s determination just to get the job done in order to be successful.

Pairing 3: Two fresh-faced pilots right out of training have to learn to pilot successfully together in a world that’s becoming increasingly overrun by aliens/interdimensional beings. The attacks are becoming more frequent, more aggressive, and the beings are adapting. Humanity is losing and these two pilots have almost no idea what they’re doing now that they’re actually in the field. Eventually they get the hang of it, and soon they’re enlisted to pilot the newest, most powerful mech known to date in order to hopefully and finally drive out whatever it is that’s taking over. (REALLY craving this one)

-Dark Academia: I’ve been wanting to do an RP with dark academia tones since FOREVER. A while ago, I had the idea for an RP/story centered around a secret society, in the spoiler below is the concept as far as I’ve developed it. I would love to develop a story using this, and am open to developing it in different ways or adapting it to suit the tastes of a partner. I adore this concept so much and I think it has so many different directions it could take, whether that be slice-of-life or much darker. There’s so much story potential in dark academia!
A secret society at Oxford University formed by 13 students in 1934. The society was formed on the idea of nonconformity and existentialism; they believed in raging against the dying of the soul upon entering the commonry of the workforce and of a cookie-cutter lifestyle in England’s copy-paste Suburbia and the reinvigoration of the heart through enthusiasm for the arts (and some debauchery, while at it). There’s a club president, often a senior at the university or higher up in grades such as the postgraduate level. They find the club to be necessary and consider wealth as a contributing factor as to who can join, although it’s not the definitive factor due to the fact that children from wealthy families are often pressured into attending university for something their parents want them to do, and the Collegiate House of Wrath, or simply House of Wrath, teaches them to live for themselves and to find their own passion through the exploration and sharing of the arts and other House activities. Oftentimes you’ll find a House member switching majors soon after they join due to the effective nature of the club.

A few specifics about the club:

-They do not refer to club members by their true names in letters, during club meets, or in private conversations between themselves, rather by nicknames based off greek numbers, 11-13 are shortened a bit, however:
-One, the president: Ena
-Two: Dio
-Three: Tria
-Four: Tesera
-Five: Pende
-Six: Exi
-Seven: Epta
-Eight: Okto
-Nine: Enea
-Ten: Deka
-Eleven: Endek
-Twelve: Dodek
-Thirteen: Detri
~The word for zero is used only to refer to the founder of the group: Alistair Trudence, of whom they do not use his true name at all, but rather exclusively call him Miden, no matter the conversational context.

Their motto in full is a quotation from the poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas. The motto is as follows: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” In passing with another member they may say, “Do not go gentle into that good night,” as they say their goodbyes or the latter half of the quote, excluding saying rage twice for more inconspicuity. In messages to members, they may also sign off with the quote as well, for example:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam sit amet tempor sapien. Morbi justo sem, pretium eget libero at, placerat varius elit. Quisque at diam nunc. Nam laoreet leo a nulla venenatis vehicula. Donec ultricies porttitor diam, vel facilisis velit volutpat et. Cras scelerisque odio arcu. Nam eu hendrerit velit. Nunc volutpat tellus sed nunc auctor, id ultricies tortor elementum. Morbi consequat ac massa ac sodales. Sed ut mollis dui. Morbi eu nisl odio. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia curae; Phasellus nec ullamcorper ex. Etiam nibh mi, tincidunt nec elit ac, ullamcorper eleifend mauris. Nullam consectetur aliquet nulla ac condimentum.

Yours truly,


Do not go gentle into that good night.

The idea for a pairing: Muse A is a musical prodigy, but she’s in school to be something her parents wish her to be, one of the few reasons they’re paying for her tuition at Oxford and her father was an esteemed alumni there, however she’s a music prodigy who only ever really looks alive when at the piano. She really dreams of nothing more than becoming a soloist, travelling the world and showing her music to others. She can write and compose and is naturally attuned with music as a whole. Muse B, however, is a boy with a bit of a devil-may-care attitude who knows nothing but reckless/borderline self-destroying behavior and mouthing off his teachers/professors (yet, of course, is surprisingly smart and bookish, perhaps due to a positive memory associated with literature) and feels like life is a bit pointless. Unaware of his passions, he simply drifts through school and only stops drifting to create chaos for himself or his professors. Unlikely a couple as they come and honestly they'd probably start off disliking each other despite the tension between them being thicker than what even a knife could cut through, but eventually their own natures help to bring each other out of their shell and experience life in a different way than what they're stuck believing it's supposed to be. A bit of a wild and whirlwind and heavily romanticized pairing, and I'll be the first to admit it's SOOOOO tropey but goddamn it I'm such a sucker for such a soppy trope

Fantasy/Royaltycore: Really this one is straightforward enough, magical beings, royalty, castles, balls, wars, you know the drill. I don’t have any specific plot for this one, but this is a true craving of mine. I more so have some pairing ideas than any specific world or plot for this one. So, since it’s kind of short, no spoiler for this one:

Magically inclined Princess/Knight - arranged marriage in the midst of worldly magical conflict
Head Mage/Warrior or Knight
Princess/magical being
Elf/Human high priestess
Dark elf/human
If you have other ideas you’d want to do surrounding this concept, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Monster vs. Humans in the modern world/near-distant future: This is also an idea I’ve had for a very long time and have been wanting to do for an equally long time. Monsters in this universe can include your classic monsters, vampires, werewolves, orcs, dragons (or dragonfolk) you get the idea, but other types of monsters/the supernatural can be included. Below is a spoiler elaborating more!

After a millenium of hiding in the dark away from the eyes of humans, fifty years ago the supernatural emerged, hoping to seek a peaceful allegiance with the humans to l8ive out in the bright of day alongside them. But humans have this cheeky little habit of demonizing new things that they don’t know much about because it scares them, and so, they resorted to ancient and violent known means of killing monsters. Steaks to the heart, silver bullets, you know the tales. Then the monsters formed the Allegiance of the Night, realizing they’d be more powerful together. An army of monsters working together were astoundingly more powerful than the human collective, so they took the world back for themselves. With the world’s r3esources depleted the monsters came into power and started doing to the humans what had been done to them: the murdering of thousands of innocent lives carried out by the droves. This can also be developed more in-depthly, and other types of characters can also be written, such as supernatural bounty hunters (kind of like Sam and Dean) or mercenaries who so happen to be supernatural creatures, or gang leaders who employ the supernatural to do their bidding in this dystopia, you get the idea.

Pairing concept: Muse A is a rogue soldier from the Allegiance and Muse B is a human who’s managed to stay out of the war. One night, Muse A stumbles into Muse B’s home, assuming it was abandoned, badly injured and highly tense. Muse B bursts through the door to inspect the intrusion only to see Muse A pass out only seconds after. Muse B, feeling something along the lines of sympathy, manages to mend A’s wounds and reluctantly allows Muse A to stay while they heal. During that time, they have to learn to set aside their prejudices for one another in order for the both of them to survive, which subsequently leads to them falling for one another. Upon this they realize that it is genuinely possible for humans and the supernatural to not just coexist, but thrive. So, they put it upon themselves to find other like-minded individuals, both monster and human, to bar witness to the King of the Night (or whatever position of power this individualis in, it doesn’t have to be a monarchy per se) and his council that mthe murdering is barbaric and unnecessary and that symbiosis is possible.
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