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Fantasy A Divided Kingdom {CS}



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Below is an outline, but you may omit or include anything you see fit. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Here is the CS skeleton:


Specialized Skills: (What made you stand out to the Royal Guard? Why did they want to recruit you?)

Other Skills/Talents:

Weaponry: (Any weapons or gear that you carry with you that you with to note.)


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Name: Arya
Age: 25
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135

Photo by: Jiwoo Lee

Specialized Skills:
Stealth. She is capable of sneaking without being detected or drawing unwanted attention to her person.

Other Skills/Talents: She has been trained by the Guard to handle various weaponry, but her weapon of choice is a set of throwing knives.

Weaponry: She carries with her a set of six throwing knives and three other daggers stashed in her boots as well as in a hidden pocket. It's worth noting that the weaponry she forfeited the right to use in her oaths is a bow and arrow.

Backstory: Orphaned as an infant, Arya ran away from her aunt's at a young age and started a life living on the streets in the Capital. There, she ran into a local gang who taught her how to pickpocket and steal coin purses. She picked up quickly and became the best thief amongst the children that they used. In exchange for her services, the gang gave her a place to stay and scraps off their plates.

A few years after she was roped into stealing for the gang, Arya was on her usual street when she picked the wrong man to steal from- a member of the Royal Guard. The guardian caught her in the act, but let her go only to follow her back to the gang's hideout where he saw all the other children.

Days later, he arrived with the several other guardians and they raided the home, capturing the gang members and saving the children. The children were sent to orphanages, including her. But before leaving, the man she had stolen from advised her to use her talents for good rather than lawbreaking and he suggested that perhaps one day, she could be apart of the guard just like he was.

Of course, that was outrageous. She was nothing but a thief and an orphan. Yet, his words had stirred a hope within her that refused to die. So, at 16, she went to the home of the guardians and found the same man there. Recognizing her, he gave her a chance to prove herself. She would be forever grateful for the guardian's kindness.

Personality: Arya is hard to figure out. While she is mostly quiet, she can be vibrant and loud. She has a soft heart, but hides it beneath a thick layer of skin. And while she tends to be a corner-residing bookworm, she also enjoys large social gatherings like the Harvest Festival.

While a bit of a paradox, she is faithful and reliable as a friend and fellow guardian. Not one to hold grudges, she may be angry for a night, but she strives to be a peacemaker.

Of course, she isn't perfect. With a soft heart comes the tendency to be offended over small things. Not that she'd ever reveal her hurt to anyone. Instead, she works it out on the training field, recognizing the weakness for what it is and working to overcome rather than dwelling on it.
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Name: Louqlyn Broske

Age: 26

Height: 5’11

Weight: 150 lbs

Gender: Female

Facial Construction: She was decent-looking before the explosion, with emerald green eyes and chestnut wavy hair. She had some freckles on her nose with skin slightly tanned. But after the accident, she couldn’t see out of her right eye. That eye turned a cloudy grey. The right side of her face was warped and scarred. The havoc stopped at her collarbone.

Specialized Skills: Louqlyn is smart. And not in the 1+1=2 kind of way. Her first noticeable accomplishment was creating a hand grenade from items around her house. Of course, the explosion got her jail time. Now with even more time on her hands, she modified her creation. She discovered Molotov cocktails and experimented with them. A few weeks later, she created the smoke grenade. Since then, she has discovered many versions of demolitions.

Warnings: Louqlyn never stays in one place so she doesn’t make connections. Therefore, she will tell you the truth even if it's blatantly rude. Don’t hold a conversation with her if you are sensitive.

Weaponry: She carries grenade holsters anytime. Except when asleep of course. She can shoot a bow and arrow decently, and that's her main weapon because it's pretty hard to get in close combat with just grenades. The weapon she chose against was knives.

Backstory: Louqlyn’s family was nothing out of the ordinary. She had a mother, father, and an older brother, Graham. Her brother was smart in the 1+1=2 way, and they had a great relationship. But a little after Louqlyn’s 5th birthday, her parents decided that they wanted to see the world. They took Louqlyn and Graham with them, but that was a mistake. The siblings got it in their head that they were never going to stay, so what was the point of friends? So Louqlyn and Graham made a pact that even though they would leave everybody else, they wouldn’t leave each other. On the day of Graham’s 17th birthday, their parents went missing and only left Graham with a cake and a note. The note read the typical stuff. You know, like “Best wishes, I hope you have a Happy Birthday.” Definitely the worst birthday of his lifetime. He had to take care of a sister when he wasn’t even an adult himself. After a few months on the street, Graham acquired enough money to buy a small cottage. With Louqlyn at 15 and no job, she had a lot of time on her hands. She experimented with all the little things Graham got from the market. Louqlyn was testing her discovery when she set off the explosion and it was larger than expected. Among the wreckage was the Broske’s sibling cottage, and the surrounding houses. The right side of her face was burned, and she doesn’t like to show it. The authorities showed up later and arrested Louqlyn. Graham couldn’t pay the bail, so Louqlyn did her time. But, nobody had been able to replicate her discovery, and so the Royal Guard approached her. And Louqlyn of course went with them, anything is better than prison right? They moved her around to fight major or minor battles. But with the Capitol in distraught, they moved her there.


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Name: Christie “Cleon”
Age: 24
Height: 6’3 ft/ 190 cm
Appearance: tall, slender, noodle man. Shoulder lenght dark brown hair (idk might add a picture someday)

Specialized Skills: medical education, as a noble youth he studied medicine under a proffesional doctor.

Other Skills/Talents: Has vast knowledge of forest and meadow herbs, and could probably dress a wound in the field with no need for specialistic medication.

Weaponry: He carries a knife, but doesn’t use it for fighting so idk if it counts

Backstory: {Christie grew up in the capital, along with his two brothers and a sister. Their father- king's official, didn’t really have much time for them during their childhood. Because of that Christie became sort of a parent figure to his siblings. From his early youth he was taught diffrent subjects, that might be useful for him later in his life, but after a while it became clear that, he had a particular passion for medicine and helping people. Thanks to this talent, at the age of 14 he became a court doctor’s apprentice, but despite that he still played a huge role in taking care of his brothers; Clancy and Doran, and his sister; Albhe. That's how it was until Christie turned 18 and their father was injuried, and not long after died. Even tough some of the siblings were old enough to inherit their father's wealth, and live on their own, they got separated and sent away to their relatives. Christie on the other hand, took off and joined the royal Guard as a medic.}

Personality: polite and nice, He likes to be around people, he’s kind of a quiet extravert, is a good listener, rarely opens up about himself, Has tendency to first act and then think.​
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Name: Roawn
Age: 26
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200lbs
Sex: Male
Rank: Guardian


Specialized Skills: Physical strength, stamina, and resiliency, but he doesn’t just rely on those. He has sound fast on his feet decision making skills. He is reasonable, approachable, evaluative, but doesn’t get bogged down with the details. Drawback is that he’s mute so he can’t really convey his reasonings on why he’s doing what he’s doing in a lot of situations.

Other Skills/Talents: Aside from training in a variety of weapons, his favorite being swords, he has the ability to be understated. Because he’s mute, when he’s around people that don’t know him and first find out he’s mute, they tend to assume he’s stupid and begin to ignore the fact he’s there. Afterall, who is he going to tell when he hears about that fucked up plan that those oily bastards are whispering in the corner? Therefore, his additional unintended skill is the ability to encourage others to say way more than they mean right in front of him.

Great skill with horses.

Weaponry: Has a dirk attached to his boot, a sword sheathed to his side, and a long sword to his back. Cape made of a thick material that he will sometimes wear kilt style depending on the weather or what needs to be accomplished, it doubles as a blanket. He has a horse with saddlebags that keeps basic survival necessities such as flint and steel, rope, dried foods, hatchet, and starter kindle if the wild kindle is too wet. As well as some amenities like money or a way to brush his teeth.

Forfeits right to use bow and arrows, and therefore cannot be killed by bows and arrows.

Backstory: Roawn had a fairly terrible childhood. His father was angry that his son was mute and took this to mean that Roawn was retarded. He often took his anger and resentment out on Roawn. His mother tried to protect him, but she had nowhere to go having moved a very long ways with her husband away from any friends or family. She consoled Roawn and provided for him hiding places for when his father was in his moods.

Eventually, after 10 years, the cycle of abuse was so severe that his parents got into one of their fights, but it ended with a life ending wail. Roawn scrambled from his hiding space, his desire to save his mom overcoming his desire at self-perseverance. But she was dead, something skewered through her chest. His dad at first, tried to get Roawn to help him deal with the dead body, so when the father left the room, Roawn’s blood ran cold knowing that after his father ‘dealt’ with his mother’s body, he’d kill him next. So, quick on his feet, Roawn grabbed the powdered pest poison and dumped a bunch into the last bit of mead that his father was drinking. When his father came back, he took a sudden and fierce swig of his alcohol, then spattered and spat, realizing something was wrong with that mead. It wasn’t long thereafter that his father was dead, too.

It was assumed that the parents had killed on another, Roawn became orphaned, and was adopted two years later to be used as a laborer. Again, he was assumed to be mentally stupid as he couldn’t speak and didn’t know sign language. As a result, he was treated basically like a dumb animal, but he became very strong through laboring. As time went on, as he was seen frequently around delivering things, fixing things, putting things together, or helping someone tame a horse, it became self-evident to those who took the time to watch him to realize that he was actually very intelligent. His movements had purpose and the way he handled situations, especially with animals, were deliberate and skilled. He knew what he was doing, and he was able to make quick decisions depending on what was going on around him.

After that, he was taken in by a retired knight who taught him how to train his hard and chiseled body, gained from years of hard labor, into a fine-tune fighting and thinking machine.

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, decisive, reliable, consistent, friendly and engaging with those he trusts. In social situations he’s more withdrawn and can be socially anxious. His level of social anxiety lessons depending on how much he trusts those around him, or if around people he doesn't trust, he prefers blending in the background, like a fly on the wall. This also aids him in his unlikely penchant to falling in love. Too many barriers to do so.
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Name: Slavinoff "Sliv" Kryer, "The Floating Blade"

Age: 38

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 450 lbs

Specialized Skills:
Strongest Man Alive. Slavinoff is blessed with almost unimaginable levels of strength. With his bare hands alone, he can rip apart steel, break down castle walls, and weild his blade Kingdom Slicer with... not ease, but he can actually weild it effectivly.

Other Skills/Talents:
Reputation of a Legendary Warrior. For most of his life Slavinoff has found himself fighting, in hopes of finding that challenge that would finally push him over the edge. He has a list of accomplishments a mile long, but only a handful of them have been verified. (It's impossible for him to have split the sky with a swing of his blade... right?)

Kingdom Slicer. A slab of steel longer than he is an just as wide. Supposedly he's found a way to throw the thing and have it come back to him. The one weapon he has denied himself is poison, interestingly enough.

Appearance: Slavinoff is extremely muscular, but not in a grotesque way. He often wears plain, loose clothing (often dirty and worn). His hair is kept short, rough like he cuts it with a knife, and he always looks like he needs a shave. His face is bored and stern, his slouched posture and clothes often hiding the powerful potential he has. He usually wears a long coat, and a wide brimmed hat.

Born with such strength that he could hardly control set Slavinoff apart from the other kids. He was aliented, and often kept to himself. Then, one day he found himself alone in the woods and beset by a massive boar, and he killed it with a single punch. This was his first battle, and he relished the fight and the ability to use all of his strength to win. He left his home as a young man with a travelling mercenary band to pursue that same high, but became disillusioned not long after. Years and years of fighting and war left him with nothing but easy victory after easy victory, but this only drove him to keep looking for that challenge.

Monsters, champions, bands of warriors, even feats of strength. All of these he found wanting, and this failure to find something to challenge him and the perils of war jaded him. It wasn't until he arrived in Var that his reputation attracted the attention of the Royal Guard, and in his boredom (and curiosity) he accepted the invitation of this highest order. Either he would find someone to keep up with him here... or he would find it wanting, like all the rest.

Fighting, challenges, training, messing with people, naps, fashionable hats, (Romance novels)

Dislikes: People who treat him poorly, being dissapointed, boredom


Skeleton Boi

Jouverelli Rose

Jouv, Ro, Wandering Knight of an foreign land, Oath Bearer

29 seasons old

6’10’ ft

251 lbs

Specialized Skills:
‘A soul whose vessel and its physical state shall not slow down his path of righteous fury’

One of the interesting skills, or rather, physical/mental resilience in this case, is his ability to seemingly ignore wounds to his person and instead, continue forth on his path without any grunt or cry of pain. A cause of lacking pain receptors within his body to which, numbs him to the pain, Jouv also brings forth an body seemingly blessed by the gods themselves, having strength far higher (still within human terms) than the average man and a mental fortitude of pure steel, being impossible to waver from his task, and even more so to break his oaths. With such focus and determination for his goals, it will take far more than a simple flesh wound to bring him out of the fight, and even more so to demoralize him entirely. It is his resilience that that grants him such an advantage over many normal soldiers and sheer will alone to perform at higher levels and stay as such. A man such as this brings with him what is the ideal candidate of what an Royal Knight must be.

Other Skills/Talents:
-Long-sword fighting mastery
-Rather known for his less than knightly ways of taking down an foe in battle, an trained man slayer at heart
-Remains an calm mind even when I’m the heat of battle
-Has some basic medical skills, enough to bandage himself and others if need be in order to continue on his path, although not as skilled as many others
-While not as mobile as others, capable of maintaining his speed even with armor and cloth constricting his form

-‘Executioner’: The name of his Long-sword, it was an weapon passed down onto him by the Knight before him back within his home kingdom, and while it has been tainted of blood from the previous Oath Bearer, this Knight seeks to bring a new purpose for his blade, within an new land in order to redeem the sins of past and bring forth an new lineage to which the sword shall be passed down to. While it isn’t as decorated as other swords of ‘legends’, if one can even call it that, it’s sturdy blade and well-kept form allows it to still be deadly within combat.

-‘Jury/Judge’: Jury is the armor that he wears over his form. Like Executioner, Jury has been passed down to him by an previous one before him, and as such, still wears it in hopes of cleansing it and free it of sin as well. It brings forth great protection with its finely made plate-mail in combination with padded leather and cloth. On top of such and over his head is Judge, the cloth that covers his body. Still bloodied from his travels to reach this land, it doesn’t do much other than tell him of past mistakes that need to be corrected or die trying. The cloth over his face does not obstruct his view much, still capable of seeing quite fine past it, and appears to be more of an cosmetic choice to his armor.

-To make note of one of his oaths, he has forbidden himself from ever picking up an weapon designed to counter armor entirely, such as clubs, maces, hammers, flails, and so one. And while using the hilt of his sword may be considered as an blunt weapon in certain circumstances, it’s design was to be that of bringing forth variety into the field of battle instead of being made entirely to serve one purpose, which is to counter armor.

An stranger to these lands for sure, having be said to hail from an distant land that not many know about, belonging to one of the factions named the ‘Order of Vemmos’, not many expect to truly know of his real origins, especially since he never seems to talk about such past and instead, within his own words, “Continuing forth to wash away the past of guilt and bring forth an new ‘keep’ of that of the Present and Future. But with what he was willing to spare, he was able to give a few key details. For one, the geography of his homeland appeared to be that of an large and vast desert, a sandy sea that stretches as far as the eye can see, and it is one rich of resources that allowed his people to quickly take advantage of and gain their ‘status’ within their land. From what he speaks of, he was formerly (and still currently in a way) an title of an ‘Oath-Bearer’, a great status within both a military and social standing, that has lasted for generations… they were considered that of having mastered both the inner-turmoil inside both physical and mental states, having said that their ‘soul’ have truly accepted such ‘vessel’ and had brought forth its true potential. Those within such ranks were said to have the perfect combination of physical constitution and mental fortitude that made them capable of keeping to their oath and performing their tasks as necessary. Although, from what Jouv speaks of, a ‘great catastrophe’ had struck that had caused him to run away in shame and sorrow, performing some sort of sin that caused him to leave his homelands in fear for what repercussions he may have face. Although now, he seems to accept that it was a mistake and thus, seek to bring redemption to his familial name.

Moving back into track, he had said that he traveled the lands and wandered from then on out, providing his aid as it sees fit to those such as aiding caravans to their destination or occasionally make stops to aid with carrying something for someone, but there were notably times people rejected his aid, to which, he doesn’t speaks much about. But as of recently, a year into his journey, he had reached the lands of Var, and word of his accomplishments and aid to the common folk as well as the vanquishing of an rather problematic and infamous bandit, as well as rumors of him receiving many a blow to his body, yet, never falling down from such damage and continuing on his path, that had brought attention to his person and thus, his recruitment into the Royal Guard had occurred from there. It was rather easy to do so… seeing it as a way to bring forth an redemption to his soul, and bring back his name in full as an Oath-Bearer. Only time can tell of where his accomplishments shall go from here.

A man who speaks highly of faith and oath, he expects to hold himself to an standard of presenting himself as what an faithful and loyal warrior shall be. And as such, he will present himself as such an way. Always presenting himself in an orderly fashion, never showing his face or skin, keeping quiet and only speaking up once required when around those of higher authority, and performing his duties as request or required. He is one what could consider ‘follow the book or face the consequences’ to others, reminding others like a sort of teacher about their vows and goals, and making it see fit that others are performing as such. Everything has to be perfect or else, fear the judgement of what his deity has in store for failing in what those of the past done so time and time again.

As one could imagine, he is an religious individual, speaking highly of some ‘deity’ that those of his home nation had prayed to for safety and protection against the ‘dark’, aka, the misdeeds of many a sinful men seeking to plague their nation with crime and death and bring forth chaos throughout the streets. And as such, often found praying to them or carrying around objects of what he considers to be things that protect his soul and it’s ‘vessel’ from harm, and to bring him the strength required in order to slay those that comes across this path. Of course, it often leads to a few others unfamiliar to his religion to believe him as an ‘religious-nut’, but I’m reality, it’s his faith and determination to please is what brings forth the reason to do so. But this also ties in to the fact of having things going wrong around him, such as an failed mission or brothers and sisters in arms breaking their word and oath which brings him unneeded stress, stress that brings a sort of nervousness to him.

But even with all these afflictions, he is still a man who tries to do what is right, with past oath of protecting the innocent from harm and judge the guilty of their crime, as well as treating his brothers and sisters in arms fairly and in a friendly fashion, this man will be an definitely interesting addition to the team.​


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Name: Corielle
Age: 24
Height: 5'6
Weight: 53kg (116 lbs ish)​


Specialized Skills: Skillful healing.

Other Skills/Talents: Good with housekeeping and making peace. Also very agile, quick and talented at and evasive manoeuvres in battle.

Gear: Carries a small knife and blades for cutting bandages, traps, stitching fibres and for other medical uses; but these can be used to defend in a pinch. Her primary equipment includes a plethora of herbs, salves and other materials to aid in healing herself and others.

Backstory: Corielle's great grandfather was a renowned healer, who's legacy was cemented in time by his unique ability to heal on the field, in the midst of attack; before his death in The Blood Battle. Corielle, raised by her mother, followed in her mother's footsteps and naturally assumed the role of a midwife. However, unlike her mother, she gained recognition in her practice for delivering exclusively healthy babies with living mothers; arriving to births promptly (as if she could sense oncoming crisis) and providing medical services to women far beyond those involved in their maternity.

Eventually she became a desirable medic, for townsfolk seeking relief from all ailments, and so she was recognised and selected to aid the Royal Guardians. She never regarded herself as special, mainly due to the fact that she never regarded herself at all, but Corielle's feats of healing wonder spread to the Royal Guardians by word of mouth.

She knew better than to reject such a prestigious opportunity (being in the relative poverty most midwives experienced) but her mother also urged her to continue her great grandfather's legacy. Entrusting Corielle with the contributions of the family name in the Royal Guard has added pressure to the responsibilities she holds. Though she isn't naturally disciplined, Corielle does understand the importance of upholding her grandfather's legacy.

Additionally, Corielle's childhood memories of the stories her family told about him motivate her to perform. She remembers imagining her great grandfather as kind and noble -someone who's memory she would want to protect- and so she works arduously not to tarnish his name.

Her general drive to please; awareness of the dangers of unhygienic settings and her insistent belief that a clean and attractive environment will make soldiers happier and healthier has led to an odd quirk in Corielle. In order to enhance performance, she will often partake in maid's work as an addition to the duties requested of her. She likes to keep the living and dining quarters extra clean, and will occasionally even try to add a little something to the diet of other Royal Guardians. She strongly believes that keeping morale high and a desire for one to live is a key aspect in how she has performed healing miracles, and so Corrie isn't afraid to go above and beyond to keep her patients just the way she likes them.

Personality: Childlike and naive, Corielle tends to approach life as a game. She can be stubborn (wanting others to play her way and for the rules of life to be fair to her) but she is also a fierce protector and usually will present her hard-headedness by forcefully caring for those around her.

When entrusted with a task, she can come off as harsh and blunt in her instruction; but to those who know her well, this roleplay is interpreted as her best impression of someone who commands respect. She is playful, lighthearted and seems to remain ignorant to the harsh realities of life, no matter what it throws at her.

Generally, Corielle is excitable and joyous, but she can also be quite emotional and wildly unpredictable at times. She often feels in over her head around the other Royal Guardians, and yet she cares deeply and commits to her work wholeheartedly. Beneath the bubbly surface is a jaded woman who has seen untold suffering in the people of Var, but she hides this crumbling soul behind a thick protective wall of whimsy and delight. This defence mechanism most often leads to her experiencing genuine joy and enthusiasm for each day, but when faced with tragedy she can crack easily and hurt profoundly.

To protect herself from this pain is another reason Corielle is so driven and perseverent in healing others; she commits herself to preventing the tragedies she has watched unfold in the past. However, she is careless by nature and can make mistakes at the worst of times, so Corrie views her failures as preventable and blames herself for many deaths that could not have been helped.


Grade A Bitch


Princess Yvette
132 pounds

Specialized Skills:
She's not part of the guard, but Yvette was trained in archery. She's a crack shot, and loves to compare her skills and train with the guardians

Other Skills/Talents:
- Stitchwork:Those painstaking circles of fabric where someone uses various colored thread to make pictures...Yvette can do that. She's been doing it for years, and honestly loves it.
- Painting: Like her stitchwork, Yvette has been painting for years. She enjoys it less, but she often does it to pass time. Lately she's been trying a new style with bright but soft colors, a more fanifcul feel than previous styles.
- People Pleasing: Yvette knows how to work a crowd, giving the people what they want. And she has a knack for doing it so everyone benefits. For example, a few years back her father wanted the city to be more beautiful. At the same time, the poor were struggling more with food. So Yvette proposed a number of gardens in empty lots that just so happened to have fruit trees, berry bushes, and other plants that looked nice but produced free food. Everybody wins.
- Sewing: See, princesses are taught a number of feminine skills, sewing it just another one. This translates a bit to her knowing how to give someone stitches, but she's also adept at patching up clothing.
- Maybe a wee bit of espionage: Unexpected yeah? Yvette, after being raised in court has learned two things. People are very open when they don't think anyone is watching. And they don't expected a 'ditsy' and 'innocent' princess to be listening in. Yvette has learned plenty over the years which has helped her further a plan or two for the greater good. Not to mention, the occasional hilarious gossip.
- Horseback riding: She insisted on learning how to ride a horse, and has done just that. She's only been at it for a few years, but Yvette can keep up with some of the best. Lately, she's been practicing with her bow on horseback.
- Noble etiquette: Things like ballroom dancing, how to curtsy, properly addressing people, that kind of thing.

- Composite Bow: Something she calles Minthe after her old instructor carved some vines and leaves into it, Yvette is often seem practicing with it. While it's not always with her, she often likes to carry it around Incase something needs to be shot. It has a draw weight of 150 pounds
- Dagger: A dagger concealed on her person at all times, it's something she started carrying at the age of 9 after a particular incident. Yvette always wants to have it on her, and if the princess doesn't, she feels weird.
- Her Headband: A staple in her wardrobe since Yvette doesn't have a crown, her headband is usually there to keep her hair in place. But in emergencies, she can tear it off and use it for self defense. Mind you, it's not the greatest, but it will do in a pinch.

Yvette's birth at first, was a well kept secret. The queen was not her mother, but one of the King's mistresses. Her only saving grace from being shunned and cast out as bastard shoulder normally are, is that not only was her mother an official mistress (aka, one everyone knew about and has noble blood) but she died in child birth. The Queen had no daughters as of yet, and after two boys she was more an willing to adopt Yvette as her own. Which is exactly what happened. The young girl would be raised as a princess, doted on my her father and adoptive mother. Which may have been because from the ages of 2 to 7, Yvette was sick rather often.

Confined to her room, the queen would keep her company. Teaching her to paint, to see clothing for her dolls, stitchwork when she was a bit older. Once her health was consistently a bit better, she began to be taught by the royal tutors. History and etiquette, kingdom policies, calligraphy and reading. A good chunk of what her brothers would have been taught as well. It was also around this time she was allowed to start attending the parties and banquets her parents would hold. The Queen during this time, played a major roll in Yvette's information gathering skills, teaching a few tricks on who to listen in to and get away with possibly being caught. It was...a bit easier as a 8 year old.

During one of these parties, a man who her father had revoked the title of broke in, and grabbed her in secret. He managed to escape the castle grounds and tek her to an abandoned house in the city. She was only nine. It took a week for the guardians to find her, and in rather rough condition. But her captor was not better off as just before the guardians rescued her she mane managed to hit her captor upside the head with a table leg. The captain of the guardians at the time laughed when he saw it, and patted her on the head telling her she had done a great job. It took Yvette about a month to fully recover, but once she had the princess begged her parents to let her train with the guardians.

And they agreed on two conditions. One, she not officially join them once she came of age. And two, she didn't neglect her studies or duties in favor of practice. These were promised Yvette could keep. So, she began to practice two hours a day after her normal tutoring and a few of the duties she helped her mother with. She soon learned that swords, clubs, and staves weren't there style. But the moment she began to practice with a bow, something clicked. Yvette loved it. Everyday she would practice with the guardians, and once she was done, at least one of them would indulge her request for stories.

As she got older and took on more responsibilities, she couldn't practice as often. Around the age of 12, her mother grew quite ill, and spent time teaching Yvette how to handle some of the queenly duties. Which in turn, put the princess working rather closely with her father. She didn't have too much put on her little shoulders but Yvette was starting to make a few waves. Those gardens mentioned earlier? She convinced her father to do that at just 13. The queen couldn't be more proud. Especially since for an hour each day once the matriarch was confined to her bed, Yvette would spend an hour with her either eating a meal, or doing some sort of craft. Sometimes, it would just be to gossip.

For about 7 years, Yvette has been balancing being a sort of advisor for her father, advocating for the people to ensure their needs were met. On top of that, her mother had been teaching how to handle negotiations and reports from soldiers and spies out on mission. She's also still be practicing with the guardians and has embarrassed at least two suitors by out shooting them with a bow. Her father thought it was hilarious. But of course, it couldn't last. Her father passed and her brothers are now locked in a litter pissing contest of who's better and who should run the kingdom. Yvette has been doing her best to keep it from escalating into full blown civil war while still trying to care for their citizens needs.

There's ba good chance she'll be gray by the time she's 22.

Yvette is often seen as a bright and bubbly young woman. She's friendly and outgoing, she loves talking to new people. Hearing stories and learning. She's bright, but not someone who pushes it into your face. And while she's a bubbly person, Yvette is a very mature young woman. The few matters she attends to she takes her time with to figure out the best solution. Yvette tries to be fair, and just with her decisions, knowing just how important it is in the long scheme of things. She tends to not favor any one person of class of people, though unfortunately there are times she's forced to make a decision she doesn't want to.

Yvette is hardly angry. She is calm during arguments, steady. Yvette prefers diplomatic solutions, and tries her best to avoid violence. But when she's angry... you'd never expect a small woman like herself to be that loud. She yells, and her normally calm nature keeps her from saying something she'd regret...but definitely doesn't stick around. Yvette can also be somewhat jealous of her older brothers. Despite who claims the title of King, her position will never change. She must be a passive person on the sidelines.

- After the death of the King, the queen fell ill and is once again confined to her bed. Yvette has started spending time with her again and together, they're working on a painting.

- Yvette has a big dog of unknown breed (it's actually a wolf and nobody has the heart to tell her) named Aslan. He's very sweet to her and the guardians...for some reason he hates her brothers.

- Yvette knows how to bake a few things and often brings treats to the guardians. Because she can.

- Despite the fighting between her brothers, she still loves them and wants this to end peacefully.

- She loves going down into the city and mingling with the people. Festivals are the best way to do this since it can just be her and a guardian.

- Is absolutely awed by Jouv. She wants to know about his customs and his homeland, everything. There aren't many people with such unique experiences like his.
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Photo by: Kibaek Lee

Name: Leah
Age: 33
Height: 5'7
Weight: 138

Specialized Skills: Well-versed in the ways of hand-to-hand combat, Leah is near unbeatable up close. She is also an expert archer.

Other Skill/Talents: She can sing, though never does.

Weaponry: Carries only a money pouch, no form or sort of weapon or gear.

Backstory: Leah had been one of the youngest members of the Guard and was married to one of the town's blacksmiths by the age of 19. During the few years she was married, she chose to stay living at the Guardian's estate and resided with her spouse during her days off. One night while she was away, their home was robbed and her husband was killed trying to fend off the intruders. When she learned of events, Leah tracked the criminals down and killed them. Her only regret was that she was forced to resort to using a blade in the heat of the battle, stripping her of her status as a guardian.

Taking the tragic turn of events in the young guardian's life into consideration, the Council members hired her on as a messenger and to run errands, as long as she agreed to never fight again. She is still employed to this day.

Personality: [To come]
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Name: Prince Naya
Age: 24
Height: 6’0 ft/ 182 cm

Skills/Talents: nerd stuff, swordfighting,

Weaponry: elegant gilded longsword with words of a prayer written on it, and a gilded dagger with a shielded handle, it’s meant to be used along with a sword.

Appearance: Since the death of his father Naya grew a beard and tried presenting himself as older and more mature than before, he dresses in dark, tidy, clothes, usually also carrying his sword with him.

Since the very beggining Prince Naya was said to be a miracle child. When the queen gave birth to two quiet children doctors tough they were both dead, until one of the twins after almost six minutes caught breath and cried. The surviving child was tought to be saved by gods and because of that was named Naya.

As a small child Naya continued to surprise his family, his teachers and tutors couldn’t praise his diligence and intelligence enough, and as soon as his little hands could lift a wooden sword he started learning swordmanship. Despite being a very talented boy Naya wasn’t very popular with kids his age, not that he was trying to be, and except for the few friends he'd occasionally play with or talk to, most of his time he was still spending studying, or reading in solitude. When his siblings were born, parent’s attention started to slowly drift away from him.

As he was getting older and older, his accomplishments altough still surpassing those of his peers, grew unimpressive to those around him. And as a good son Naya tried to keep quiet, and appear unbothered by this, but deep inside he was very bothered. And it caused him to dislike, even despise his siblings, and separate himself from everyone even more than before. Often he had to hide from the kids that would follow him around. He found it so annoying how they would find a way into every corner of the castle, especially "the spare"- his brother. The kid just wouldn't leave him alone. That unnerved Naya, and sometimes he'd even snap at him, and when that happened the toddler of course cried, and then an army of maids and babysitters would run to comfort him, but by then the older Prince wasn't there. And then only sometimes his father would make time in his day to talk to him about it, but he only shrugged explainng that his brother probably just misunderstood something.

Altough something something, the spite he felt towards his siblings slowly faded away, and the Prince discovered his sister and brother to be quite nice bearable children. And

Prince’s most favourite past time is reading, he prefers books from people, he thinks of himself as able to understand more than the majority of humans. Because of that he never really bothers to see someone else’s side of the argument, and can be very stubborn. Despite being arrogant and full of himself, he is very intelligent, and wants what’s best for his people, he works hard to make the kingdom a better place to live in. He has tendency to think of himself as the adult in the room.
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Prince Renald






197.9 pounds

Specialized Skills:

Personas: Able to act as the needed persona to blend in into the right environment.
Observation: What he lacks in knowledge, he makes up for in strategy optimised by his wickedly critical observation


Throwing Knives


Ever since he was young, Prince Renald always saw himself as a "redundant son".

His older brother was close to perfect, being highly intelligent, skilled by the sword and even gaining a few followers at a young age. How could he, the dim-witted brother with breathing problems, could ever compare to him? Though he was family, he was greatly envious of his brothers skills and power, feeling like an unneeded child. Even his younger sister was more skilled, growing in intelligence through her studies and being skilled with a bow.

Prince Renald thought he would never amount to anything...that was until he reached his teenage years.

Things changed for him, not just his body but his personality as well. He discovered that he was quite a charmer, being able to be friends with close to everyone and gain what he needed through pure words alone. That was when he discovered his ability as an actor, who can become any character he wanted to be at an blink of an eye. Using this skill, he was able to make quite a name for himself. To the public, a gentle charming prince with a heart of gold. To the soldiers and generals, an effective and diligent leader. He could never fool his sibilings however, especially his brother. Though he may not be as smart as his siblings, he prides himself as an effective observer. Every little detail, he can easily detect and exploit, which went swimmingly with his acting skills.

Upon the death of his father, the tensions between him and his older brother grew. Prince Naya had already taken steps to become king, growing out facial hair to be more mature.

Naya may be intelligent, but he doesn't have the foresight to see the greater good.

Naya knew his kingdom through books and reports he read, and whatever the advisors had told. He knew the kingdom from the people he regularly intereacted with, from soldier to farmers to peasants. By knowing the needs of his people, he knew the needs of his kingdom.

Renald is a charming young man who can sweet talk close to anyone, especially if he's acting as the right persona. He takes pleasure in charming his targets, showcasing the one skill he has over his siblings.

He can be easily envious of his siblings, especially his brother, over the littlest achievements they have.

Talking to people is his favourite past time, as though not only he enjoys the company, he's able to obtain knowledge his siblings couldn't without his social skills.

During his off times, he's fairly relaxed and chill. Reading simple fairy tale books and playing children's game as to not greatly exhaust him.


Swords were too heavy and bows were too complicated, that's why he decided to learn throwing knives as defensive skill as it was the easiest for him to learn. It all didn't exert too much exercise from him so it wasn't effected by his weak breathing.

His skills of throwing knives made him interested in knives in general, making him collect knifes and develop a collection of knives from across the country.

Within night, when his family members was asleep, he would sneak out disguised to mingle with the common folks. People talked more openly to him when they didn't know he was the prince, allowing him to vital information that wouldn't be known to him nor his family otherwise, like gossips regarding their family and the criminal activities occurring without their knowledge.

He was born with a breathing condition that prevents him doing body extensive activities.



Kom woda 'so gyon op, gon woda 'so kom daun.

Nari-Vishara Aloro
62kg (Appx 136 lbs)

Specialized Skills
Nari has a few major skills that allow her to sucessfully complete her job.
She is extremely skilled at remaining unseen and blending into crowds when needed, having a wardrobe of clothes for almost every scenario possible.
She is also an expert when it comes to sniffing out and collecting important information.

Other Skills/Talents
Because of her background as an acrobat, Nari has excellent climbing skills, agility, and body coordination.
She also has a gift for stealth, rarely making any sound as she moves.
She is deadly with her knives and darts laced with poison, able to kill and incapacitate as needed.

Nari has specially made leather slippers with coarse rubber soles. They are perfectly fitted to her feet and help her to grip to most surfaces.
She also carries brass knuckles on her hip, climbing spikes, and pads on her knees for crawling and climbing.
Nari has many knives strapped and hidden within the folds of her cloth and leather outfit.
Her favourite weapon of choice, is her poisoned dart set with a handful suited to incapacitate her targets and a handful suited to cause death.

Nari grew up traveling around Var in caravans and performing acrobatics with her family. She learned to walk the high wire barefoot as a young child with her father and cousins, and she only fell once. Nari was more comfortable on the high wire than even other memebers of her family and loved the freedom of walking in the air.

When she was twelve, Nari was with her family performing in a summer carnival. She was awakened from a nap to chaos and flame. The carnival grounds where on fire, for what reason Nari never found out but many were either injured or perished that evening. Essentially orphaned, Nari spent most of her time living in the streets, using her climbing and acrobatic skills to steal and crave out a meager living for herself.

It was during this time, she learnt the skills that would later help her in life with her current job as a spy for the royal family. She was a quiet observer and learned to look for the minor details, quickly learning that knowledge was another form of currency and people would pay a high price for it.

Nari only ever had one rule: she worked alone. But circumstances for a particular job forced her to work with a small group, who planned to infiltrate and steal from the royal family themselves. Things inevitably went wrong and Nari made her first big mistake; getting captured by the guards but fate had something else in store for her. She managed to weasel her way out of certain punishment, pledging to use her particular skillset for the interests of the royal family, and theirs alone. Nari became the Royal Spy from that day on.

Nari is mostly known for her reserved nature.
She is mentally incredibly strong, and goes for her own aspirations without hesitation.
She is quiet and morally unwavering, unafraid to speak her opinion when she feels it is needed.
She is skeptical of most people but is not outwardly harsh, and willing to offer her friendship to those who have proven themselves to be... decent people.
Nari feels more secure with her favoured weapons in her possession, and takes comfort in the strength of her role as a 'spy' for the royal household.
But she is not above doing what is necessary to ensure the right ruler ends up on the throne, even if that means taking lives in the process, though she tries to avoid killing unjustly.
Her loyalties by either prince have not yet been bought, but the one with the greatest offer to benifit her own interests will have her unwavering support.
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Name: Prince Damian Talonguard [Bastard Prince]
Age: 31
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165lbs

Specialized Skills: Communication, persuasion, charm, charisma, strategic planning

Other Skills/Talents: money and public speaking

Weaponry: manipulation and hired hands

Damian was born of a side Mistress. Early in life, his mother and existence was a poorly kept secret, but as time went on, the late King took responsibility of his philandering ways and invited his Mistress and their son to the castle, providing for them quarters and a monthly stipend. There were undercurrent issues as Damian’s mother vied for increased favor with the King but kept being thwarted or undermined in her plans. So, she started to fill her son with aspirations that must be accomplished without a trail leading back to him. The point was to reap the rewards without any of the negative consequences in the event things backfired. Such tactics usually involved gossip to inspire others to act under his will, gaining blackmail through means that he had been entrusted with, just plain lying, or hiring questionable people. Besides, the ‘real’ princes were just so piss-poor… or at least, that’s what he told himself regularly, especially when he laid his head down at night…that it was clear that none of them were fit to be King… but he was. In fact, he’d make sure that the common public eye would see it, too and then act in his stead…:

Cool, charismatic, intelligent, evaluative, bestows deep love and care to those who make him feel good about himself, but can turn around and cruelly punish those who he interpreted even a minor slight , status driven, self-involved, extroverted, manipulative, thinks he's always right and everyone else would think so too if they just listened or understood him, dark underneath it all, calculates and listens for weaknesses to be used at his advantage should the need arise.
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We're only getting older, let's enjoy ourselves.
Name: Caspian Talonguard (can be changed), Prince Caspian
Age: 27
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215

Specialized Skills:
Prince Caspian is an excellent duelist, rider, lancer, and mace wielder. He is less adept with his hand-to-hand combat, but he is learning from various Guardians as to improve his skill

Other Skills/Talents:
His charisma has gotten him far...that and his birthright. Caspian could sell water to a fish if he had to, and is great at giving grand speeches and rallying his men. He does not use his talents to get the better of people, and tries to do everything with honest intent.

The Royal Talonguard Blade was given to him by his father at a young age, marking the beginning of his ascent to becoming King. This hand-and-a-half sword is his primary weapon, but side he carries a golden mace given to him by the high priest. When near or in combat he wears the golden plate mail of his family.

Some might say Prince Caspian has had it easy growing up, and it could be argued that "some" may be correct. A first born son, Caspian has had the pleasure of enjoying the finest things a first born prince, heir to the throne, could enjoy. Expectations were high, but as Caspian grew he came to realize that the high expectations of him were only fitting; he would one day rule the Kingdom! It was more than fair for his parents, teachers, and peers to have extreme standards for his success. He grew up strong and hard, keeping his mind open to new lessons but staying steadfast in his core beliefs. He always believed it was best to approach everything with honor and trust, and with these guiding principles he felt he would make a great leader one day.

Unfortunately for him, he never had much experience when it came to life outside the palace, or even the city. He had grown up so sheltered (he was painfully aware of this), that he knew not what miseries beheld him outside the great gates of the capitol city. He had grown up in the city his whole life, trained by the most talented of guardians and teachers the land could offer. He sometimes dreamed he would go on a grand adventure that would take him far away from the palace; but as age began to take him he had no choice but to address his other duties as heir to the throne, and his adventures outside the palace would have to wait.

He now serves the city in any way he can, preparing for the time that his talents would come in need. Things are going well, but only a fool grows lax during times of ease.

Genuine, chivalrous, honorable, and honest. These four pillars are the basis of Caspian's being, and he tries to stay true to them every day. He tries to be a good man, always lending a helping hand or a compassionate ear to anyone who needs it. His own exposure to agony and misery has been few, but he still believes himself to be a good man and a good future King.


We're only getting older, let's enjoy ourselves.
Brom Beararm
Specialized Skills:
Who wouldn't want someone who could wrestle a bear? Or could bash through a table with a smash of a fist? Or send a wagon flying with a swing of a hammer? While not the brightest, there are few in this world who can match his strength. His two most recognizable/well known talents are his skill with a hammer (how much skill do you really need? You swing and try to hit someone) and his hand-to-hand combat talents are unmatched.

Other Skills/Talents:
He can relate to most people, and he can use almost any weapon with decent efficiency. He is surprisingly nimble and can be very insightful at times. He has a strategic mind, but he generally has simple goals and does not try and think too many steps ahead. He is also a talented blacksmith.
His hammer is his main weapon, but he has a greatsword and two handed axe that he can also use. He typically wears plate armor when fighting, but prefers to walk around with just a hammer when the event is casual.

Brom came from a small, mountain village in the middle of nowhere that prized muscle and brawn more than anything else. A surname was earned, not given, and at the age of 17 Brom earned the nickname "Beararm" by killing a bear with his bare hands. He lived a quiet life as a blacksmith, drinking at the one tavern in town and enjoying his life with the other men in the town. He was married to a beautiful woman, had a great reputation, and life was good.

When Brom was 20, the lord who claimed sovereignty over his village commanded the village to pay an iron tax and send their best men to fight in his army. The mayor, with the support of the village, refused, claiming that they had never gotten any aid from the lord and would not send their people to the slaughter. When the lord sent soldiers to raze his small village, Brom lost almost everything he loved. In a great raid against his hometown, over 75% of the population was slaughtered, including his wife. Women and children were murdered in the streets, their lifeless eyes burned into Brom's mind. Beararm and the rest of the village were able to drive off the invading soldiers (the village was neutral), but at a great cost of life. Furious, Brom rallied the remaining men and led them in a march against the lord who had sent the army and attacked his estate. This group, known as "The Hundred", broke down the doors and killed the lord and his family. They burned the estate to the ground, and with justice served, they returned to the village.

Mentally scarred and exhausted from all the fighting, Brom denied the remaining villager's request for him to become the new chief and set off into the world to find a new life. At the age of 25 he made it to Val and became one of the Guardians, swearing off projectile weapons (he could throw things, but couldn't use bows, crossbows, throwing knives, darts, ect) and pledging to protect the royal family and their interests. Despite the trauma Brom endured, the thrill of the fight and the call to battle has slowly tugged on his mind through the year he's served the Guardians. Even now, though he would deny it if anyone brought it up, he has a growing desire to take up arms and fight in an army again.

Fun loving with a good heart. He is very loud and will often spit out his (very strong) opinions without being asked, not caring who he offends. He barrels through life like a bull, and often makes enemies when he doesn't mean to. He is stubborn and prideful, and will never back down from a challenge. He spits on those cowardly enough to hide in the shadows, but can respect a warrior's talent with projectile weapons (though he himself will never use them).

MarieK MarieK
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Ah, mortal wounds. My only weakness.

Seth of the North Vales, Silverspear​

Age: 35
Height: 5,6 - 167cm
Weight: 155lbs. - 70kg

  • Seth's greatest weapon is his brilliant tactical mind. Mind you, he is not a strategist, and in fact, he believes that grand designs in war are a thing of vanity. However, give him a handful of soldiers and a target, and he will come through. Few can feel the flow of a fight like him, and react to the shifts of the battlefield faster or with more acumen. Moreover, he values the lives of his troops more than his own, which earns him great respect and loyalty among the common soldiers.

    In single combat, he prods and baits his opponents into making mistakes and ruthlessly takes advantage of them. Seth's fellow Guards can defeat him ins sparring most of the time, especially those specialized in combat, but they all agree: He is a pain to fight.


One Thousand Club
Name: David Warring
Age: 29
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200


Specialized Skills: As a Shaolin Monk (before his empowerment) he is able to scale high walls without gear, wall run, leap higher than most humans, move stealthily, break staves and sticks with his bare hands and endure physical and mental assault to a great extent before showing bruising, pain or any change in resolve. He can live off of a small bowl of rice for three days at a time.

(Shaolin Monks - True Facts)

Other Skills/Talents: Hand to hand combat, Melee, Fishing, Sewing, Cooking, Housekeeping, Advanced First Aid

Weaponry: Meteor Hammer, Butterfly Swords, Chain Whip
1628256994547.png Meteor Hammer
Demonstration Video

1628257267921.pngChain Whip
Demonstration Video

1628257736169.pngButterfly Swords

Backstory: The son of a fisherman and his wife, he grew up in a quiet riverside village without much excitement. When he got to the age of 11, he was given the option to pursue education or become a fisherman like his father. Though he didn't mind the water, he had seen rich people while sailing abroad as a child and learned that one needed knowledge to become rich. He had discovered his ability to protect others with force at a young age, and wanted to learn more about it and how to earn money using it.

Once he graduated the elementary school at his village, he set off to do just that and found it in the nearby large town of Arrend. That's where, at the age of 12, he met his mentor Elkon Durden. His teacher ran a Shaolin Monastery that taught Shaolin Combat and Academics. He learned about their God and all about the ways of the Shaolin Monk, in addition to graduating grade school at a sub-genius level. His desire for riches now overwhelmed by the desire to live in peace and help others, and to educate the unfortunate.

His forbidden weapon is the longsword aka saber. He doesn't use it and knows it is one of the most commonly used weapons in combat.

Personality: David is easy-going, and almost nothing makes him mad. He'll get upset quickly if you try to force him to do something he believes is wrong. He doesn't talk much at first, but will talk your ear off once he gets to know you.

Likes: Partly cloudy days, chocolate, steak, teaching, helping people less fortunate than himself.

Dislikes: Bullies, Cantaloupe and Honeydew
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Rumble Fish

The Paradise Hunter

Name: Kensue Rhiannon

Age: 24

Height: 5’9

Weight: 150 lbs

Specialized Skills: Kensue grew up in the saddle and has a connection with horses, often preferring over people. She is agile and able to pull off impressive combative stunts. Her lifetime around horses has also allowed her to gain a sort of “sixth” sense in the form of a powerfully acute intuition and ability to foresee danger and read people via their body language.

Other Skills/Talents:
.Cavalry Weaponry- Kensue is able to use an assortment of weapons while on horseback.
.Stoicism- Years of mistreatment has left Kensue with a thick skin with very little being able to spook her.
.On-ground combat- Even with her feet on the soil, Kensue is an avid fighter.

Weaponry: Kensue owns an assortment of hand weapons that she uses on horseback such as a bow and arrows, a javelin and throwing knives. On foot, she opts for a pair of silver dirks that hang on her belt.

Backstory: Until she was 12, Kensue’s life was happy and relatively blissful. Her father, Sir Roan was a nobleman and owned prospering land where he reared horses and trained young men in the art of cavalry combat. Kensue, despite being a daughter, was also trained under her father and became a very experienced horsewoman despite her young age. Kensue had always been close to horses, gaining an almost spiritual understanding of them. Her relationship with her father was just as strong, having lost her mother at a young age, they were each other’s rock during that time and their bond stayed strong. Desperate to follow in her father’s footsteps, Kensue dreamed of becoming a knight, something Roan promised her he’d make happen in the future.

However, this plan never came into fruition, as one fateful night bandits invaded Roan’s land, slaughtered the horses, stole the valuables and burned everything down in an attack of maliciousness. Roan’s men were slain, and Kensue was stolen from her home and father. She never found out her father’s fate, whether he had also been murdered or captured. Kensue was “sold” to another nobleman, a hard and cold man by the name of Sykes who had been a rival of her father’s. Kensue believes that he was the one to stage the siege, but she has no concrete evidence of this. Quickly, Kensue was made into his slave, forced to do the work of a Clydesdale despite her young age.

One thing Kensue learned quickly, was to never answer back to Sykes. Whenever she refused to work, or spoke out of line, she was beaten either by him or one of his men. Quickly, this turned from whenever she was out of line, to whenever she spoke at all. Sometimes, she would be beaten for no reason than out of sheer malice. It was during one such beating that gave her the scar across her right eye and rendering her almost blind in said eye. This also had the effect of rendering Kensue mute, her ability to speak being completely suppressed psychologically.

One of Kensue’s jobs was to tend to Sykes’ horses- the only thing that related to her old life. Unbeknownst to him, Kensue continued to teach herself the skills that Roan had started at night. It took until she was 20, but she eventually loses her fear of Sykes and his men. One day, Kensue openly defied Sykes, but when he got his weapon of choice, a thick cane to beat her, Kensue finally retaliated by retrieving a dirk she had stolen from his armoury and slicing his throat. Kensue escaped her captivity atop Epona, Sykes’ prized blackforest horse mare.

Over the next couple of years, Kensue regained her freedom and fulfilled her promise to her father by becoming a Guardian. She takes pride in her work and has been slowly healing from her trauma, though she is still mute from her experiences. However, she was allowed to keep Epona as her personal mount and allowed to care for the royals’ horses- which has been great for her recovery.

Personality: At first glance, Kensue seems to be aloof and unfriendly, an assumption that is not completely unjustified. Kensue tends to be suspicious of strangers, mainly due to her job and her past. Despite her stoic demeanour, Kensue is capable of great kindness and empathy. Much like the animals she adores so much, Kensue is proud, capable and loyal. The only living thing she shows open affection to is Epona. Kensue’s intuition sometimes puts her on that much of an edge that she struggles to focus on anything else. Despite this, she takes her job very seriously, which means she can struggle with failure. Due to being mute, Kensue accommodates this by using very expressive gestures and expressions, but only toward people she knows. Strangers get the resting-bitch face.


The Fashionable Crab
Takoshi Yamada
149 LB

Specialized Skills:
Takoshi isn't just sneaky, he's nigh invisible at times. He lurks in the shadows for a living, slipping past the most fail-proof security measures and observant guards with relative ease. It's exceedingly common for him to simply appear out of nowhere next to someone, acting as if he'd been there the entire time. One fellow guardian once said he "Only physically exists when you least want him to." There's nothing supernatural to it either, he's just very good at his job.
Other Skills/Talents:
-Extremely quick on his feet:
There will always be bigger, stronger men than Takoshi, and he knows this. What's the point of being a master at parrying and deflecting blows when someone twice his body mass could break through his guard with a great sword without a problem? With that thought in mind, Takoshi took advantage of his light stature and trained his footwork and reflexes to dodge whatever's thrown at him.
-Short blades: Takoshi's decent with a full-length sword, but more often than not they're too unwieldy and long to be effectively used in his style of fighting. He gets up close and personal, preventing most combatants from effectively wielding their longer weapons. To do this, he needed short weapons he could use effectively at very short range. Thus, he built up his skill with knives and short swords.
-A pair of matching daggers at all times. They aren't ornate, just simply sharp and well-balanced. They get the job done.
-Four Kunai daggers to act as throwing knives. He's a reasonably good throw with knives when he needs to be.
-A Katana he only uses during open attacks. The weapon is too big to be concealed during stealth missions, so he only uses it for actual battles.

Whenever someone asks where Takoshi's from, he gestures vaguely in a random direction and says "Somewhere over there". Truth is, he's from all over. The earliest he can remember was his father dragging him along with him across countries, dodging authorities and pocketing money through extremely dubious means. He could barely remember the man's face, but he still had so many memories of him. How his smiles always had some sort of smug satisfaction, the times he told him war stories he couldn't remember over the campfire, and like how he'd tell him stories about his mom and how she was too good for him late at night. Then, other times, worse times, his father taught him. To survive, to know his place, to never trust anyone but each other, to never speak up to him, to be someone he had never, ever wanted to be.

His earliest memory was his father clapping him on the head for crying after he was told to skin a rabbit his father had caught. He said, "Takoshi, if you can't skin a damn rabbit, you'll never make it". Other times, when he did something too humane or with too much compassion, he'd be taught another lesson. "Give them a bite and those damn rats will eat you alive", "You don't make it by being nice, Takoshi", or "There's you, and me. No one else. Everyone's looking out for themselves and I'm sure as hell the only one who'll ever be looking out for you. When it's down to you or them, it's gonna be you." Most of his memories might not have suggested it, but he was sure, in his own twisted way, his father loved him. That was, until they left.

It was supposed to be another normal job. His dad had done it hundreds of times before to keep them fed, leaving Takoshi alone for hours before coming back with his haul. He waited, and waited, and waited, until the dawning realization that he wasn't coming back set in. He doesn't know when he realized he was on his own, but he knows when he adapted to being on his own. He stole, he fought, he did nothing he was proud of. He'll be the first to admit that he was a bad person, he did bad things for bad reasons and pushed any guilt he felt away to the farthest corners of his mind.

By his teens, he joined the army, was kicked out for dishonorable discharge, and resorted to mercenary work to make ends meet. His father never taught him how to be anything other than the man he was, this was practically all he knew.

One day, he took a job that went too far. A political group had particularly bad blood with a noble family living in the outskirts of Var, and Takoshi was hired to spy on the family. Posing as a bodyguard, he worked under the Percer family for months, feeding information to his employers as he gained his targets' trust. One member of the family, their eldest son Lachlan, grew especially fond of Lachlan, being the only one to manage to trip him up and make him act like the sardonic ass he really was. Instead of growing suspicious of him, Lachlan grew to like him more after the fact, even going so far as saying, quote, "You are the most unapologetic asshole I've ever met, and I find that horribly amusing."

As Lachlan was the first real friend Takoshi had ever made, he was naturally hesitant to reveal his betrayal of trust. But, when his employers hired a rabble of mercenaries to kill the family in their sleep, Takoshi had to. As the mercenaries were breaking into the manner, Takoshi desperately tried to convince Lachlan to sneak out with him. He could disguise Lachlan and sneak him past the mercs, but he could only do so for Lachlan. His family was too big to be taken with, and while Takoshi might've lost sleep over it, his main concern was Lachlan.

Then Lachlan convinced him to stay and help. Takoshi had known his employer's plans from the start, and he'd been complicit in being a part of them. His friend managed to swing him around though, make him realize what he was doing, make him realize he didn't want to be a part of it anymore, make him realize that he never had.

Staying to fight off the mercenaries made him a loyal supporter to the Percer family, and helping stop his former employers cemented him as Lachlan's best friend.

Two years after that, the two of them became guardians together. Four years later, Lachlan died. He doesn't like to talk about it. His time as a guardian has helped him mature as a person, become more friendly with the people around him and be easier to work with. He simply does his job, protects the people and tries to be the good Lachlan saw in him.

Eight years ago, when he first joined the guardians, Takoshi was argumentative, standoffish, petty, refused to work with others, immature, and didn't take kindly to orders.

That was eight years ago, and he's come a long way since then. With a winning personality, roguish charm, and an overall affable behavior you never would've guessed he used to be the guardians' problem child. Smiles and jokes come easy to him nowadays too. Sure, he threw jokes around a lot eight years back as well, but his current ones are less malicious and purposely cruel than his old sense of humor. Basically, Takoshi's just easy to get along with. He rarely starts conflicts, he never takes offense, and he's always good for a laugh. He's had eight years for the guardians to beat some sense into him, after all. When he first joined, he was always rearing to start a fight, either because of pride or he just felt like it. Now, he's much more humble. He knows his limits, his skills, and his place, and doesn't allow himself to take offense whenever someone insults him on those matters.

Don't be mistaken though, he carries the same ruthlessness he did eight years ago. Half overly enthusiastic about fighting to the death, half plain brutal, Takoshi borders the line between bravery and idiocy. Lastly, he's not above fighting dirty, and he feels no remorse for doing so. All's fair in love and war, everyone knows that.

Forbidden Weapon:
Bow and arrow. Takoshi's always seen the bow as a coward's weapon. If someone wanted to kill him, then they should pick up a sword and fight him like a real man.

-Wears a ruby cherry blossom necklace his father gave him when he was four
-(I see two other assassin-Esque characters above me. I have no intention of trying to one-up either and would like to work with them instead)​
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Name: Bran
Age: 24
Height: 6"
Weight: 197 lbs

Specialized Skills: Surprisingly agile and quick witted in combat. Tends to fight unconventional ways.

Other Skills/Talents:
*Good with knives
*Quick learner
*Sticky fingers

Gear: Carries a small dagger for general use and combat, and wears an old brown cloak that is patched up in several places. Other gear acquired typically as he goes.

Backstory: orphaned at a young age, Bran grew up in bars and back alleys. Lying and stealing and running were the earliest lessons he learned. While still young, he eventually befriended Adious, a old homeless vagabond who taught him the power of charisma and fine arts, and how to use them to one's advantage in the obtaining of other people's items.

Personality: Witty and jovial most times, though it is often a distraction whilst he swipes away your coin purses. A generally simple man with simple motivations. Due to his upbringing, his only ambitions have ever been to survive till the next day. Tries to stay upbeat, positive and enjoy himself no matter the circumstances.
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We're only getting older, let's enjoy ourselves.
Name: Orrin Evernight
Age: 50
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180

Specialized Skills:
Orrin is a brilliant strategist and a talented user of the sword and shield (or was). Orrin was brought on as a Guardian due to his natural charisma and his talent for commanding people. As a knight of the land, he could effortlessly get his men to follow him into the gates of hell with his inspiring speeches and his mighty charge. The Guardians quickly recognized his talents and allowed him to take the Oath to better serve them.

Other Skills/Talents:
Excellent rider and can be a talented politician if he puts his mind to it.

Orrin used to wield his sword and shield, but after a tragic fight he had to use a bow to save the lives of his injured comrade to save him-the weapon he vowed not to use. He was expelled from the guardians, and now only carries a longsword due to an injury.

Orrin was raised by a poor farmer on a knight's land, and had always been taught to look up to the good lord who provided them with everything they had. As a young boy he often watched his lord knight teaching his sons the way of the sword, a craft he desperately wanted to get into. When he was 10 years old his younger brother found himself at the end of a whip for accidently splashing mud on their lord's son, and outraged with this penalty challenged the knight's son to a duel. With seemingly natural talent and a good cause driving him, he shocked the crowd, the son, and the lord by defeating him in a duel. While the young lord's son wished him dead, the Knight who owned his land had Orrin taken to the castle where he was trained as a knight.

At some point during his training the old knight seemed to grow more fond of Orrin than his own son, and when Orrin was 16 years old the knight's son sent two assassins to kill Orrin. Orrin was able to fend off the assassins before going to the knight and telling him of the son's plot. After a fair trial the knight's son was found guilty, and was hung by the neck as penalty for his crimes. Orrin later inherited the knight's estate and ran it for several years before going to become a guardian.

At age 26 Orrin was accepted into the ranks of the guardians, vowing to never again take up the bow and arrow. He served the guardians for eight years before breaking his oath to save the life of his friend in battle, forced to use a bow to fend off oncoming enemies.

After he was expelled from the guardians, Orrin left the city and traveled alone for a few years, apparently off to find himself through travel. This strange period of his life is mostly unknown, as he rarely speaks of it, but at some point he injured his leg and allowed it to heal incorrectly, permanently crippling it. After his time traveling he returned to the guardians and attempted to get reinstated, but was rejected due to his injury. He left again, and returned four years later with the promise of helping the Guardians from the inside, knowing he wouldn't be allowed to take the Oath again. He now serves the Princess (or prince) as an advisor, trying to use his wisdom for the betterment of the kingdom.

Extremely charismatic and witty. In his past he might have been friendly to all and charming to those who walked by, but in his current, injured state he seems to have grown a bit more bitter. Instead of using his charm and personality to get closer to people, he generally uses it to get what he wants from them.


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Grade A Bitch

Astrid Eriksdottir

Specialized Skills:
Not only is Astrid proficient in dual wielding hand axes, her skills in brute hand to hand combat is well known throughout Var. She was a well known brawler for years before catching the attention of the guardians. Not to mention, she's imposing as fuck.

Other Skills/Talents:
Braiding - Both for hair and making ropes and other things like that.
Traditional Tattooing - Using ink she makes herself, and custom tools from her home, Astrid can give you tattoos! This also means she's a rather decent artist.
Hunting - Astrid knows how to use a bow well enough to hunt, but she excels in making and using traps
Fishing - This is pretty self explanatory, Astrid is good at fishing. Her ancestors would be pissed if she couldn't.
Axe Throwing - Her war axes are light and deadly, and made in a way that throwing them is a very effective way to use them. They're made to be thrown, and Astrid loves to do this. It would be cool if they came back when summoned, but what can you do?
Shield Throwing - Her shield is custom made, and while the shield throwing doesn't happen often, it's something Astrid uses to break up groups or catch someone off guard. As if a six foot five giant of a woman wouldn't already do that.

Forbidden Weapon: Daggers. They're a common backup/close quarters weapon. If someone gets a lucky stab in, it could end your life. Her definition of dagger definitely includes them, but other common knives like that used in battle. There fore, the collection she has can't be used in battle. She uses them for other practical things.

Twin War Axes - A perfect pair of war axes gifted to Astrid years ago. The hears are made from iron with steel inlays that make the edge. The grips are made from thin strips of leather and Astrid has carved various designs into the wood.
Brass Knuckles - They are actually made of iron, and almost always on her knuckles. She uses them for close combat when an enemy gets a little too comfortable.
Wooden Shield - It's a pretty standard shield from the look of it, covered in marks from where it's been hit in battle. But this one has modified straps that can be detached from the shield on one side and Astrid can throw it. And don't worry! The shield is attached to her arm via a pice of rope and leather that gives her about ten feet of throw space.

Astrid was born somewhere unknown to the kingdom of Var. They were a tight knit community on a rather secluded island. They were self sufficient, for the most part at least. They had long boats that would leave and come back with goods they usually didn't have in their island, and occasionally there would be strange visitors. But life was...normal. At least for her. It was hard, Astrid beginning to train with her father and two older brothers when she reached the age of 6. At first, she was taught how to use a knife. As she grew more talented with that, Astrid would begin to train with a bow. They were teaching her how to hunt, that was their family's role on their island. Not that Astrid minded, she liked hunting. But her brothers were being trained for combat as well and...Astrid wanted to do that too.

Astrid was allowed, and for everyday pretty much until she was about 15, her days were spent training or working. That was, of course, until strangers landed on their island. At first things seemed okay, but three nights into their stay, they launched an attack. Astrid and a few other younger residents of the island were given an opportunity to escape to the docks, and take a long boat that had been prepared for another voyage off their island. Her brother, Sten, was the one in charge, making sure they got away from the blaze behind them. Three days, the waters were calm, the kids sailing aimlessly. None of them had been off the island before. But they wouldn't need to worry long as a massive storm turned the sea on them, and the waters swallowed them whole.

Astrid awoke on a beach, the only apparent survivor. Near by was half of the long boat, and scattered over the beach was some of the supplies. Astrid spent a little while searching through them, gathering what she wanted before making her way off the beach. She didn't make it far before collapsing. When she woke up again, she was in some farmer's house. He explained that he found her while on his way into the main city. He asked what she was doing, where she came from. Astrid answered what she could, but...there were gaps in her memory. As cliche as it was, she was having a hard time remembering the fire, the crash. The farmer understood and offered to let her stay with him and his family, and Astrid having no plan or any where else to go accepted.

Astrid continued to train when not doing chores around the farm. And when she was a little older, Astrid began to fight bare knuckled for money. It was a good system, half the money she made went into some personal savings, the rest she gave to the farmer and his family in exchange for taking care of her. Eventually, she would find her own place in the city and find odd jobs that made good use of her strength. Astrid wouldn't give up the fighting on the side. When she was 25, a guardian at the castle approached her after one of these said fights and said she'd fit in well as a guardian. And liking the idea...Astrid agreed after little convincing.

Astrid is on the surface, one of those strong a stoic types. She's really only viewed this was because Astrid has a severe case of resting bitch face. The woman is actually rather loud (not obnoxiously so) and friendly. While she's not an out going person, Astrid doesn't struggle to makes friends and allies. After all, never judging a book by it's cover was a lesson taught at a very young age. She has a lot of patience, particularly when dealing with younger people, but it can run thin when dealing with idiots. She can be brutally honest though, if she doesn't like you or what you're doing, Astrid will let you know.

She's often seen as a brutal woman, partly in because of her tendency to not sugar coat. But also her tendencies in battle. She hardly ever holds back against anyone, and has no problem putting people in their place. Astrid won't go out of her way to kill anyone, but she's a dangerous foe.

- When she was 27, Astrid married a local baker. Yes, I know, a surprise. She had a child not long after and had moved out of the Guardian Barracks. Unfortunately, shortly before she turned 29, both her husband and her son got sick and passed. Nobody knows what it was. Astrid still hasn't fully recovered from that. She moved back into the barracks after they were buried.

- Astrid knows how to play the flute, but doesn't do it often

- She enjoys alcohol, and has an extremely high tolerance. Some times, she'll go and challenge the normal guards or the tough guys in the pubs

- Sometimes when Astrid needs a break, she'll visit the family that saved her to help out on their farm. Or she'll go hunting and make some side money by selling pelts


Stars are only visible in darkness
Name: Alixaviah Njorvid
Age: 28
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 262 lbs

Weight(Armored) :412 lbs

Specialized Skills: Trained as a Thokar within the ranks of the Lakkari

Skills/Talents: Trained in various weapons and unarmed fighting styles. Familiar with a vast array of Weaponry as is required of all Lakkari to potentially combat any threat, including Guardians. Well versed in combat and battlefield tactics. A certifiable battering ram.

Gear: Hevy chain and plate armor with a fur waistcloth from their homeland. Carries an arming sword at the hip and will typically also have a shouldered poleaxe, or spear. Additional gear.. A small crossbow hanging from their side, and a round shield carried across the back.

Backstory: Alixaviah Norrvard hails from a kingdom far north of Var, and though they never speak of it, it's rumored that this intimidating Thokar was exiled from their homeland. Respecting the authority of none besides the crowned prince and Sir Orrrin, they are a prime example of what the Lakkari are ment to be.

Personality: A prideful warrior that relishes a chance to prove their might. Loyal, determined, and relentless in combat. Not much is known about them outside of this as they rarely even remove their helmet and armor, leading many to question what is really underneath the dull metal plates.

Special Notes: Due to Alixaviah's stature and the bulk of their armor, many presume her male at first before seeing her face.
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