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Fantasy A Discovery of Fate

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Multiverse, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural

Dragon Slayer Arcos

Stealer of Thunder
This is the story between two people. One born with the potential to be the strongest magic user of an age, and in one of the oldest and most powerful mage families in the world. The other a lowly servant with no magical ability what so ever and in service to the heir. By social rules, the two should never have form of relationship except that of master and servant. But thanks to their vast differences the two share a bond like no other.

It would be one fateful day that the two would be out on one of their many adventures, far away from their kingdom and safety. A dangerous situation would arise that neither were prepared for, proving to be the catalyst for a destiny neither imagined possible. In an act of absolute desperation the servant would call out with his soul for help to save his friend, and in doing so would awaken an ancient power. A sword of incredible power materializes in front of the servant and upon grasping it for the first time so does the winds of fate begin to stir.

Together the two will journey down a path fraught with peril and unimaginable circumstances. Only together will the two be able to survive long enough face the storm that threatens to reduce the world to ash. There will be sacrifice, pain, heart ache, fear, complex mental struggles, political warrings, courage and resolve. An heir with the potential to change the world and a servant with the potential to become a hero must accept their destinies before it is too late, not just for the world they know, but for all worlds.

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