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Fandom A Different Kind of Search (FFXIV In-Game/Discord RP)

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Can't say I've ever put out a search like this before, I am not even sure if it will get any traction! But here we go. I am a medium-heavy roleplayer, mostly experienced in text based roleplays in Discord and on websites. I average 3-5 paragraphs and a few posts a day, but have just made my way into FFXIV to try learning how to roleplay in a game. I have no real experience with FFXIV lore but have been doing research and am currently making my way through the main storyline.

I have no interest in having my character be a very special hero, so the main storyline will be ignored for her. At the moment she is just a new adventurer making her way in the world, and I am looking for someone to befriend and maybe have romance with if things click properly. I hate forcing romance so don't come in expecting it to automatically happen.

I am happy to roleplay in-game, and on Discord as well if we want to go back and forth. Discord probably allows more detail since you can do multiple paragraphs, but in-game is new and exciting (and nerve-wracking) for me.

Anyway, that's about all. Here is my characters Carrd profile, and some OOC information as well on it! Message me here if you are interested.


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