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    This is a rp of a bunch of people who live in a apartment building and there daily life.

    i wont make a rule list i trust people will stay in the theme of things ^^

    If people are interested ill make a place for Characters 
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  2. ImaReboot

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    Interested, but it would be better to have a separate place for characters, in my opinion.
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    I'm in if you don't mind. 
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    Sound like fun I'm in.
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    I'd like to participate too, but yeah, best place characters in a different page
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    This sounds fun, count me in.
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  9. TheAnimeRabbit

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    Sorry i dident see all this ill make the place for characters soon ^^ ill link it when its up :)  

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    Is it too late to join??
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    No way ^^  come join ussss
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  13. KawaiiCurls

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    where do we start at?
  14. TheAnimeRabbit

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    ------RP START-------

    Mashiro stumbled up the steps to her apartment unlocking the door walking in to the mess floping onto her couch after a long day of school.

    Yui hoped up the steps when suddenly her bag ripped all her books falling out of her bag them all falling down the steps and ran down beginning to pick them up.
  15. ImaReboot

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    Vasanta Doris

    Vasanta began walking back from work towards the apartment he stayed at. He still had the clothes on he was just wearing for his current model session, which he wasn't really supposed to be wearing anyways, but he managed to persuade them to let him keep them anyways, persuasion an art he was always good at. He saw a girl with blonde hair and a girl with pink hair move past him, to which he could only assume was the same apartment as he was headed to(As there wasn't much else in that direction except a warehouse for a grocery store and a couple of other houses, but they both looked a bit young to be living in a house.). He wasn't surprised he was passed, as he tended to walk a bit slow, not because he couldn't go fast, just because he liked thinking and talking to himself on his way there. Eventually he got there, readying to do the long search through his bottomless bag of things for his apartment number. He did so, and after another couple minutes, he came up with a crumpled paper reading '205', his apartment being the fifth from the first staircase on the second floor. He went to go up, only to be blocked by the pink haired girl whom he had seen go past him on his way there. He took this time to lean against a wall and put his bag down, watching her attempt to pick up the books slowly going down the stair. "Having trouble with your bag, hm?" Vas chuckled. He didn't move to help her, as he seldom did do anything unless there was a request for him to(Which was quite a nuisance to people who worked with him and knew him.).

    TLDR: He saw Yui's books fall, said "Having trouble with your bag, hm?" and watched her attempt to pick up the books.

  16. TheAnimeRabbit

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    "Whats it to you huh?" Said yui getting defensive her attitude towards strangers had her friends hive her the nickname Tsundere girl. She continued to pick up her books more quickly now.
  17. ImaReboot

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    Vasanta Doris

    "Well... I do have to get up the stairs," Vas said, gesturing towards the stairs and grinning. He loved having something to say to counter something that someone else said, a main reason he loved being insulted.

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  18. TheAnimeRabbit

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    Yui moved out of the way slowly "then go" she said Rolling her eyes 

    mean while Mashiro poked her head out her door to see what was going on

  19. ImaReboot

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    Vasanta Doris

    "Of course. Thank you for passage, my liege," He mocked, bowing and beginning to walk up the stairs. He looked over at Mashiro, noticing the movement out of the corner of his eye. "Ah yes, nothing to see here... move along now..." He said, motioning his hands as to say 'Get back into your room, everything's fine.'

  20. TheAnimeRabbit

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    Yui with all her books in hand got up and ran back to her room

    Mashiro nodded turning walking back into her room 
  21. ImaReboot

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    Vasanta Doris

    Vas cocked his head, slightly surprised. He was used to getting more... intriguing responses, but he shrugged it off and hopped the rest of the way to his room. He flopped down immediately on a seat, turned on the TV, flipped through 5 channels in ten seconds, turned it off, and walked back outside. He glanced over at the staircase for a moment, shaking his head. Nope. Not dealing with that again He thought to himself. He jumped over the railing, clinging on and climbing to the bottom rail before jumping off. He landed and stumbled, hurting his feet a bit, but he was surprisingly resilient for someone of his stature. He walked(Read: staggered) off through the parking lot, not really sure where he was going.
  22. Tarazul

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    [ Akira Yusui ]

    Akira yawned tiredly as she started to stir from her relatively deep sleep. While she was coming to her senses the first thing she noticed was a bright light shining on her face (weird since her curtains/blinds were rarely open) and the pains that she had in her body, specifically her head. At that moment she didn't want to get up but eventually, despite her body's protest she did bring herself to do it.

    Turns out that the bright light was coming from the monitor of her computer which hadn't been turned off. Empty cans of coffee were in the trashcan and littered around her desk, she faintly smelled of it too. 

    Guess while I was pulling a all nighter I overdosed on caffeine and passed out. she quickly concludes. It wasn't hard for her to figure that out since she did it often when she had no work the next day. Not bothering to cut off her computer despite the possibility of it overheating she stood up and made her way out. She hadn't changed her clothes yesterday since she jumped on her computer almost right away so she was fully dressed for the day. She planned to hit the store  for snacks then go back and watch dumb videos on YouTube for the next hour until she got bored.

    On her trip she crossed paths with a orange-haired guy and a blonde girl. She was feeling particularly chipper today so she greeted the male, the girls were left alone because one retreated already and the other was apparently in some kind of rush. "Nice day we're having, don't ya think?" she said before walking past him.

    Mentioned: Vasanta ( @ImaReboot )
  23. ImaReboot

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    Vasanta Doris

    Vas looked at Akira on his way out into the city, off to nowhere he really knew. "Eh. Sometimes. It depends how long I've been awake... I suppose for you it looks better the more coffee you've had, hm?" He mocked, smelling the drink he had been drinking since he was a child(Probably a bad idea, but his parents didn't really mind it. It only made him a weee bit crazy.).

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    Kai walked into the building that he was moving in to that day with the sum of his belongings being his backpack with his laptop, headphones, wifi router and his wallet inside of it and the box of clothes he was carrying over his right shoulder and the shopping bag full of food in his left hand. on his way toward the staircase he noticed an orange haired guy and a woman talking so he decided to ask "hey do either of you two know on what floor room 206 is?" asuming that they are also living in this building. 

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