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Fantasy A Dark Room and an Escape

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Action, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Super Powers


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Hello to whoever wants to join!
The background of this story is about a girl who is confined to this room in pitch-black darkness. She is part of a generation of scientific experiments. These experiments were tested on kids from birth to age 5. Each one of the kids was kept in solitary confinement to keep from activating the powers given to them by the experiment. Each day a bell chimes and a scientist enters the room of each of the kids to give them a dose of the virus. The virus mutates their cells so that they can develop their magical abilities. Sunlight triggers the activation of these abilities. By the age of 10, you no longer need to be supplied with the virus daily to keep your powers. The world outside the lab is a warzone. People are constantly fighting for power over each other and these kids are said to be the last hope for the government. The government does not treat the kids as humans and once 18 they ship them out to fight. After reaching the age of 10, they are trained to fight. Prisoners of war are used to test powers. There is little interaction with other children except during training hours. Our main character is 13 right now and is planning to escape with as many kids as possible. The scientist who takes care of her health has been telling her stories about the outside world and helping with the escape plan. She doesn't have a name just a number: EX2090. EX2090's power is to see into people's fears and bring them to life in front of their very eyes.
There will be other subjects added too, they can range from babies to 18 years old. We can add in romance which can be crushes or relationships between the main character or other characters.
If possible, a paragraph response if not at least 3 sentences.
If you could respond at least 3 times a week would be gladly appreciated.

EX2090 opened her eyes. There really wasn't any point, everything looked black and blended together. She didn't feel feverish today maybe that was a sign her fever was gone? A door opened sending light over the surfaces of the room. In came a woman with brown hair, green eyes, and a motherly look. She was wearing a full-body black suit and had goggles around her neck. She placed the goggles over her eyes and shut the door behind her.
"Hello, EX2090. I am here for your check-up," said the woman as she reached in her bag that was slung over her shoulder. She made her way across the room to EX2090's bed and pulled out a thermometer. "Say ahh."
"Looks normal," The woman taps the headset and speaks into the mic. "EX2090's fever appears to be finished. She should resume training today."
"Alisha, Do I have to go? Please?" Alisha turned off her headset and looked up at EX2090. She put away the thermometer and set the bag on the floor. She pulled out a little pouch from her pocket and handed it to EX2090.
"You know I can't let you, but I can keep you from it just a bit longer. I brought you some things today," smiled Alisha. Alisha handed the pouch to EX2090. "Open it! There is a pocket watch inside!"
"What's a pocket watch?" said EX2090. She grabbed the pouch from Alisha and opened it fumbling a bit on the strings. She held the watch in her hands. Tick Tick Tick. "What's this sound and where is it coming from? What does this even do? What is it used for? Wait, what is a watch?"
"Woah, calm down with the questions. Let me explain it to you," said Alisha laughing.

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EX2103 fliched as he heard the familiar bell ring. He heard footsteps approaching his room, and readied himself for another painfull injection. The door opened and a man in a full black body suit wearing goggles and holding a syringe entered. EX2103 shuffled backwards as he approached. "Come on, EX2103," the man said sternly. "I don't have time for anymore of your games. Sit still and be good or you know what will happen."

EX2103 glared at him, but said nothing. There was no point fighting back, he knew where it would get him, but he couldn't help but pull away everytime the man took his arm. The man bent down and grabbed him. Ex2103 jerked and tried to pull back, but there was never really anything he could do to overpower the man. In went the needle, and soon the boy relaxed as he was released. "You'll be ten soon," the man remarked pocketing the syringe. "Then we won't have to suffer this unruely routine anymore. Won't that be nice?" his tone was dripping with snark as he left EX2103 alone in the darkness once again.


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A bell chimed loudly resonating through the walls of EX2090's room. EX2090 flinched at the sound, memories flooding back, she looked down at the pocket watch to distract her mind. She turned over the pocket watch in her hand wondering how this device worked and what it was used for. Alisha would tell her about her brother and sister before she came to work in the lab. EX2090 admired Alisha's sister who was an engineer. EX2090 looked up at Alisha wondering what had made this kind lady work here. Engineer, a word so far yet so close, what she wanted to be, to have. EX2090 was going to get out of this hell hole and make it as an engineer. She was going to find a way to survive without using her power. She was going to make it.
"Looks like its time for the daily injection for the younger kids," said Alisha evenly. EX2090 jerked her head up, reminding herself that she no longer had to have those horrible injections. Alisha looked at EX2090, " There is nothing to worry about know. You're going to be just fine, I promise."
EX2090 believed her for a second, maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe she will make it out alive. Maybe she will survive, but then she remembered the face of the boy from training last week. The expression of pure fear and agony as he rewatched his parents die right before him. The tears dripping down his face while he screamed until nothing would come out. The way his body curled up, the way he shook violently, the way he started breathing, everything about that was not okay. She would never be fine. She knew as long as she was here no one would be fine. A second bell chimed, signifying that training will begin in 10 minutes.
"Do I really have to go, Alisha? Please?" said EX2090, even though she knew Alisha could do nothing to help her she had to ask. Alisha looked up at EX2090 with a mixed look of pity and sympathy.
"I wish I could help but I already said your fever was gone. You're going to have to go back," said Alisha looking away from EX2090.
"Please don't make me see their faces again. Please not again! I don't want to see them cower in fear and scream like they're dying! You don't see their faces! You don't know how they beg me to make it stop! You just don't-" EX2090 was now in tears looking straight into Alisha's eyes. Alisha looked away. That little motion made EX2090 feel all the worse.
"You have to go now. How about when you come back I explain the pocket watch to you?" said Alisha managing a small smile while wiping the tears from EX2090's face. "You know you're stronger than most others. You're going to make it through this, all of this, and come out alive. You're stronger than you think, darling."

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"You'll be ten soon," the words replayed themselves over and over inside EX2103's head. He stood up, giving himself a moment to stretch, getting all the tension out of his body. He didn't quite know how to feel about turning ten. On one hand, it would mean getting out of this room a lot more. It would mean no more horrid injections, a change of pace which was welcome, no matter what it brought with it. Sitting in the dark all alone all day, it was torture. Then again, the sounds he had heard of others being dragged to the training rooms made him feel lucky to be ignored. They frightened him more than the needles.

He paced back and forth, awaiting the sounds of training to begin as he tried to imagine what horrors awaited him out there.
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EX2090 started shaking violently. She knew she had to go or risk punishment. EX2090 looked around the room. All black. Just black. A scary never moving black. EX2090 reached her hand out and felt around till she touched Alisha. She put her hand on Alisha's cheek, feeling her skin. Alisha placed her hand over EX2090's and rubbed small circles into it. EX2090 got up out of her bed and placed her hand on the closest wall. Trailing her hand against the wall as she walked, EX2090 felt around for a hangar with her training uniform. She moved her hand around the wall still searching for her uniform.
"I can't find it!" said EX2090 annoyed. She could her Alisha chuckle. "Don't laugh it's not funny! You know I have 5 minutes to get ready to go or else! Help me if you have nothing better to do!"
"It is just too funny, EX2090. You missed it by a mile. Take 3 steps forward and raise your right hand," says Alisha between little laughs. EX2090 glares at the direction the voice comes from but follows the instructions nonetheless. EX2090 feels the stretchy material and starts to undress. After putting o her uniform she takes her nightgown and places it on the hangar from which she just took her uniform. A bell rings. EX2090 flinches and starts to breathe heavily.
"You have to go now EX2090," Alisha calmly states. "I won't take no for an answer this time. If you hurry up maybe I will bring you another trinket." This sparked EX2090 attention. As much as she hated going to training, the many trinkets Alisha brings brightens up her day immensely. EX2090 stands up as the door to her room opens. Light floods in, bouncing off the square walls in her room.
"Promise?" asks EX2090. Alisha nods and grabs EX2090's arm.
"Let's go,"
EX2090 watches as the children next to her are taken out of their rooms. Some screaming, some thrashing, and some doing both. Someone gets pulled to the side. A guard takes out a little device. A device that EX2090 knows all too well. She starts to shake. Alisha squeezes her arm. It isn't worth it to let them see that they hold fear over her. EX2090 makes her way to the training room. Alisha pushes EX2090 forward and starts to leave. EX2090 looks back at Alisha wanted her to come back. To come and take her away from all of this. But she knows that there is nothing Alisha can do to save her. EX2090 takes a deep breath and steps into the training room.

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