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Fandom A couple of fandom interest checks!


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So, I'm new here and I'm not quite sure how making a group works, but I do have a few ideas I'd like to see if anyone would even be interested in.
1. A new class of Glee Kids, not quite second gen but after all of the canons graduated out. Or I had the idea to follow a new school's glee club, kind of like a spin-off. This would be like a tv series, so I'd make a few canons that would be the main bunch.
2. Loosely based on the animes Diabolik Lovers and Vampire Knight: In this world, Vampires rule over humans, but the humans are kept separated. That is until six girls are plucked carefully to participate in an experiment. A long time ago a witch drained the original vampire of his powers and kept it in a vial, when she was close to passing she placed a spell on a child and placed the powers within her bloodstream, along with this though, she cursed another child with the antidote for vampirism. The antidote and original blood has been passed through to two teenage girls who have 'won' a chance to attend a prestigious boarding school with the wealthiest of vampires. Little do they know that it's a contest, whoever finds, and ingests the the original blood first, will rule over the world, however the vampire must completely drain the girl of her blood... Basically it's a cheesy romance like Twilight so yeah lmao
3. Not sure it counts as fandom, but basically it would be young adults following their dreams of becoming broadway stars (actors, choreographers, producers, etc.) and their friendships and stuff

I think that's it though, so yup!

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