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Multiple Settings A Collection of Sci-fi, MonsterGirl, and Fantasy roles!

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New Member
Helo everyone! My name is Lexi (F22) and I have a lineup of mostly sci-fi based roles and characters that I'd love to flesh out with some new partners
see below for some descriptions and message me if it sounds like your thing!

What I am looking for...

A partner who's ready for a long-term roleplay along the lines of what I describe below. Please be literate and willing to put in the effort to match my responses in length and detail. They don't all have to be perfectly polished or several paragraphs in length, but if you send me a single paragraphs worth in one long run-on sentence I'm going to lose interest quickly. Please understand, I do not do fandom roles, characters, or settings. If you're inspired by fandoms that's fine, but try and make it somewhat original. Many of my characters and settings pull from videogames, books, and movies, but I always try and put my own twist on things.

How do I play...

I typically respond more in the afternoons/evenings but this can change. I don't typically log on during the weekends but you can expect several responses from me a day during the week. I'd love it if I could get at least one response from you a day, but of course I understand that life happens and this isn't always feasible. Just let me know
I'm always open to OOC chat!

My responses usually average around 2 or 3 paragraphs but can be much longer to set a scene or new location or describe backstory or lore. Other than that I'll try to match my partners energy. I tend towards third person but I've been known to slip into first, so if you've got a preference let me know!


(Preferred roles in bold, but I'm willing to mix things up for the right partner.)

Succubus x Human

Settings: Modern day Earth, future Earth, human space colony.

My most developed and lore heavy role by far. A succubus, Vylleth, who's been reaping souls for Hell for centuries happens upon a mortal who does not die after their affair. This sparks a long term relationship and an adventure into the heart of Hell itself that makes Vylleth question her role in Hells campaign.

Character traits: Vylleth thrives in the limelight, she's outgoing, not the least bit shy, and can display a bit of a temper when she's pushed to. Human seduction is the oldest game there is, and she's been playing it longer than anybody.

Balance: This story involves a lot of slice-of-life in the beginning and combat heavy towards the end. Plot is always a driving factor and can be slowed or sped up to keep the story moving at your pace.


"SlimeGirl" x Survivor

Setting: Post apocalyptic Earth

A.B.I.G.A.L.E. is an A.I. core in control of a gel body capable of taking different forms and functions. She is charged with helping her humans survive a post cataclysmic event by any means necessary. I typically tend towards an Earth reeling from a meteor impact a hundred years or so ago.

Character traits: A.B.I.G.A.L.E. is a learning A.I. and as such will start out with limited knowledge of human interaction, but the more time she spends with you the more she learns how to interact. Depending on how your character behaves can shape her own personality.

Balance: This story is a little loose on plot, beyond the general set up I don't have a lot of fixed plot points to keep things moving, so bring some ideas! Otherwise, this is really about an A.I. learning to behave as a human, because of that this *can* become intimate if it's something your character is interested in. Combat could be a prevailing theme throughout, but if you're not interested in facing enemies it's just as easy to make this a struggle against the newly molded environment.


"SlimeGirl" x Spaceship Captain

Setting: Space

L.E.XI is a similar character to A.B.I.G.A.L.E. but this time she doubles as the A.I. to a small scavenger ship who picks the bones of derelict space wreckage. She can offload into a Gel body to accompany her captain off ship and support him in his ventures. L.E.XI has accompanied her captain faithfully aboard the good ship Gwendolyn for the last few years, only disembarking to provide backup or technical support in austere locations. One such location is the remains of a commercial star freighter who's haul consists of mostly toiletries and luxury items to the outer colonies. But something is amiss as they arrive and find all hands lost on board and a mysteriously unmarked shipment to blame.

Character traits: Unlike A.B.I.G.A.L.E. who is naive and unfamiliar with human speech and interaction, L.E.XI is *very* familiar with her captain. She controls the ships surveillance and monitors every aspect of the captains day to day. She's well versed in human conversation and mannerisms. One unique aspect of this role is the divergence of her consciousnesses. Essentially, when she offloads into another body she copies her digital mind. Alpha will always exist on the ship, while subsequent iterations of her can exist in one or more gel bodies. This is fun because depending on how the story goes you couple potentially end up facing one of L.E.XIs copies as an antagonist.

Balance: Again, I don't have a significant amount of plot built for this roleplay, if you have thoughts I'd love to hear them! I'm open to this roleplay involving combat or simply the struggles of dissecting hazardous wreckages.


Android x Human

Setting: Future Earth, space port

September is the product of the emulated mind of a young woman. She has few memories of her life as a human, all she can remember is closing her eyes for the emulation process and opening them a century later on an aging space port where she finds herself in an artificial body. Because her mind and body aren't organically human, she's not considered to have human rights and there for owned as property. She's put to work in a brothel as her body won't age, she can't get pregnant or contract disease.

Character traits: September will come off as shy and diminutive, but if you get her to open up she'll confide in you her woes. She's angry that she misses a family she can't remember, yearns for a body she wouldn't recognize in the mirror, and is haunted by images of things she can't remember. But most of all she's angry because she can't blame anyone but the human she used to be for her troubles.

Balance: This roleplay is rather flexible, you could play her owner or her saviour. The plot so far would mostly centralize around her earning freedom, but afterwards could involve helping your character achieve their goals.


Psycho Outlaw x Bounty Hunter

Setting: Future earth, human space colony

Nikita is a verifiable psychopath who's out for nothing more than chaos and mayhem. She wants the violence and pain and blood and explosions and noise to help drown out the voices within. Needless to say, this behavior would attract all sorts of attention. Rival gangs wanting her head on a pike or the long arm of the law trying to put an end to her rampage.

Character traits: Nikita will usually behave in unpredictable ways, ignoring pain or denying sleep or food to find the next exciting thing to do. This will almost always end with her in rough shape and typically in some state of unconsciousness. That's where Eden comes in, this is Nikita's sane half who finds herself having to deal with the mess Nikita has caused for them. But you can be assured, when the fighting starts and her adrenaline spikes, Nikita will make an appearance once again.

Balance: This roleplay will certainly involve combat, whether between our characters or Nikita and others. I have a bit of plot to keep the story moving but am open to suggestions.


Alien x Human

Setting: Space port

When Humans developed long distance space travel it opened a lot of doors for a lot of planets that had otherwise been cut off from the rest of the Galaxy. So when the humans came to T'ulle in their metal ships and space suits the local population worshipped them like gods. But that was almost a hundred years ago now, and the humans proved to be little more than pillagers looking for the next quick score. Xyless is a T'ullian refugee who's been stranded on Torre space port since she was a girl. Now she makes her living by conning passers by out of their ships and belongings and leaving them for dead in a sense of retribution.

Character traits: Xyless is very strong willed and can have a bit of attitude towards those around her. But through it all, she's a small T'ullisn orphan who's looking for someone strong enough to care for her. That being said, Xyless sees humans as essentially responsible for the genocide of her people and a direct cause of her cultures extinction. T'ullians are a dying species, and she will blame all of humanity to include your character. So be prepared to sway her image of you!

Balance: Essentially, your character would likely take ownership of Xyless after catching her trying to wrong you. This can mean a lot of things. Perhaps she's just there to help look after your ship or maybe you need another set of hands on your characters goals. The ending of this plot is rather open ended in that way, so let's brainstorm!


Human x Super Soldier

Settings: Exodus space ship, asteroid mining facility

Plot #1: Exodus ship

Humans are fleeing the milky way in a mass exodus, but Earth was only able to muster one complete ship to make the journey. Dubbed the Voyager 3 this ship holds 15,000 passengers who consist of Earth's best and brightest to give humanity a new start on Pathos 2 in the neighboring galaxy.

All is well until 18 months in when a mysterious infestation grips the crew and threatens to take the Voyager down all together. Now, Allison Pierson Systems Technician must rely on one of the Vanguard super soldiers kept in stasis to protect her as they both unravel the mystery of the necrotic infestation.

Character traits: Allison is outspoken and rather confident of herself, but she knows her place in the dynamic. She will defer to your protection every time and always keep a level head. Furthermore, she is a certified genius when it comes to engineering. If she wasn't, she likely wouldn't have landed a spot on the Voyager. She knows the schematics, she's done the research, and her math is impeccable.

Balance: This roleplay is very plot heavy so there will always be another goal or objective looming overhead to keep the story moving. Lastly, it should go without saying that there is a predominant amount of combat sprinkled through out from beginning to end. This can be toned down if you're not interested in the fighting, but there will be at least some.

Plot #2: Asteroid mining station

You awaken in a plexiglass sarcophagus and look down to find that the body you're in is not your own. What's more is the very surroundings you do not recognize. Your only ally is a systems technician who seems to be responsible for tearing you from your peaceful life and putting your conciousness in this synthetic body. She needs your help to escape a mysterious mold that's grown throughout the station, infecting the habitants and cutting you both off from your only means of escape. She has agreed to send you back to the life that you'd previously known if you help her escape first.

Character traits: Allison will play a nearly identical role for this setting as well. Please see plot #1 character traits.

Balance: Again, this roleplay will have a lot of motivation from plot to keep things on track. There will be moments of respite where the two characters can simply cohabitate together, but more often than not Allison will be requesting you walk into the lions den to retrieve or fix something. Similar to the Voyager plot, combat will be a prevailing theme but can be dialed back if needed.

Note: This role can involve any backstory you like. You could theoretically be from medieval times if you wish, or a different magical land altogether. Get creative! Have a family or something you need to get back to, I can work with whatever you decide to come up with.


I'm always open to new ideas! So feel free to message me if I sound interesting to you! I'd love to hear what you have in mind.

The Mayn Nerd

New Member
Well, you sure have a lot of ideas and I'm looking for a new rp so I'm up for them, I also love anything sci-fi and that's the majority of your ideas. I have a lot of trouble finding people to play shadowrun, cyberpunk 2020 and star trek adventures with me and as a writer I definitely like the freedom of this kind of rp over those anyway. Also I love to create OC's and original stories, I've actually written multiple original stories and the occasional oc fanfic.

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