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Fandom A Clone Wars RP search

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Good time of day to everyone on the website! My name is Lilu and right now I’m searching for a (hopefully!) long-term RP partner to plot and reenact some adventures in the Star Wars universe! I’m searching for someone who’s willing to play during the Clone Wars time period and we could gradually go into the later episodes/shows as well. I have several OCs that I want to try out in a non-romantic way (I'm such a fan of the found family trope more than anything), but I will gladly double for you!

Here’s a bit about me:
— I’m currently 17 and have been playing for 6 years
— English isn’t my first language, though I’m fluent in it. I usually write multiple paragraphs, though it depends on the partner!
— I am definitely up for some OOC chatter, I really want to be friend with you!
— I enjoy detailed plot discussing, I like deepening the story
— I will gladly double for you, if you wish!

What I wish to find in you:
— I don’t do too well with one-liners, so I’d be glad if you write at least two paragraphs!
— You enjoy detailed plotting and don’t mind doing it
— You are acquainted with the Star Wars: Clone Wars series

It doesn’t matter to me where we can RP (on the platform or on Discord) just as long as we’re both comfortable with the space! Don’t hesitate to PM me without messaging in the thread! Hopefully, some of you will be interested!


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Hi Lilu! I'm new to the site (although I've been roleplaying for since I was about 10), and almost jumped in excitement. I got into Star Wars almost a year ago now, I've seen most of the movies (with the exception of the newest) and I'm currently on season 6 on Clone Wars. I've been wanting to get back into writing for a while because it's been so incredibly long, and I think it would be super interesting to detail a plot around the Clone Wars setting!

About Me:
- I turned 23 in July, I started rping over 10 years ago but I've been on a break for several years.
- I'm starting a new job very soon so I may have a harder time being active, however I will certainly try my best!
- I love discussing plot and planning out ideas and details! I feel like I might be a bit rusty because I haven't been creative in so long but I would still love to give it a shot.
- I used to write anywhere from 1-4 characters at a time (not including very temporary characters to move the plot along), I might start off with fewer to better flesh them out.
- I love reading, and I've been trying to incorporate it back into my life as well as writing!
- I really love Star Wars, it is one of my favorite universes to explore, and Clone Wars has been such an amazing show.

Hoping we can work something out! ^^

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