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Multiple Settings A Chaotic Good Search! {Originals & Fandoms | Detailed}

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[Insert Clever Line Here]
Who is Grave ~ Besides Someone With A Questionable Night Job?


I’m Grave, 25, nice to meet you. I’m a gamer, of both the video and tabletop kind, with a love of RPGs. When I roll dice, I roll hot garbage, and still have loads of fun. I have a cat, who’s as spoiled as the gods of misfortune hovering over my tabletop games. And I also have a budding functional sword collection — mostly Japanese katana, tachi, and wakizashi / ko-katana — alongside a brand new set of samurai armor. Needless to say, I’m a geek and nerd, with a love for history, and searching for some roleplay partners!

Before I dive into what you folks are really here for, let me just lay out what you can expect from me, as a writer, and what I’m asking for in return:
  • As I’m over 18, I’m really only comfortable writing with others 18 or over.
  • I consider myself an advanced/detailed writer. My posts range from a minimum of three paragraphs to six or over, depending on the scene and number of characters involved. I value quality over quantity, always.
  • Communication is valued! I like to be friends with my writing buddies, and I also find it helps the RP flow smoothly.
  • I promise a post a week. I will try for more, at least a few, but some weeks I might miss that target. I appreciate a patient partner, and will extend the same courtesy.
  • I’m a female who enjoys writing male main characters, but will write side characters of any gender. When it comes to romance, I enjoy it when it develops naturally, and am open to any and all pairings!

Current Cravings:

The following are characters, plots, fandoms, and general ideas I’m craving to write and explore right now. Feel free to add your own thoughts and changes to any of what I’ve provided.

  • I Play: A Former Yakuza Boss, Turned Househusband
    You Play: The Career-Focused Spouse

    Knowledge of the anime/manga is not needed, though I highly recommend it, because it’s the funniest thing I’ve encountered in a long time. The basic premise is this: A former Yakuza big-time boss, a living legend, feared and revered throughout the underworld, disappears off the streets one day. Instead of breaking skulls, he’s breaking eggs: being a househusband ain’t no joke. Abandoning a life of crime for taking care of his turf in a new and different way, my character’s Yakuza roots still shows as he adjusts to civilian life, leading to some misunderstandings and shenanigans.

    This is the basic idea I want to build a plot around with whoever’s interested. I’d be happy to brainstorm the specifics of our characters’ relationship, how they met, their history — maybe even starting with those scenes, or exploring them in flashbacks. I’d also be opened to exploring darker tones, mixed in with silly humor and fluff.

List of General Interests:

  • Fantasy
    • High and Low
  • Science Fiction
    • Cyberpunk and Space Opera
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Modern With Flair
    • Organized Crime, Especially Yakuza
    • Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, Werewolves, Yokai, Demons, Fae, and more, oh my!
    • Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs
    • Dark, Gritty, Down-To-Earth Superheroes
  • Historical
    • Feudal Japan
    • Viking Era
    • Wild West
  • Skyrim / Elder Scrolls
  • The Witcher
  • Dragon Age
  • Mass Effect
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Fallout
  • The Last of Us
  • Mad Max
  • Naruto
  • Red Dead Redemption

The Conclusion:

If you’re interested in writing with me, hit me up in PMs with your own characters and/or ideas, and thanks for reading!

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