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A Chance Meeting at Ilex Forest


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"Very well," she replies, and walks away. A moment later she returns with three jars. "The A.I.R.S. are in here. They should work. Come back when you're done, alright?"

"Is that trust factor?" Liese asks silently.


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"Don't feel that way, im the one who told you too you were under my command, and you didn't sell me.. you're in the same scenario." She said. "Leys put that behind us, right now lets take joy in knowing your brothers will be safe"


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
A few moments later they're gathered around the three Lucario. Liese gives Danielle the jars containing the A.I.R.S.

"I imagine we need only to empty the contents." Telepathically, she adds "For my sake, please give them just a little programming so they know what to do...with all of this..."

Akira's eyes are shining. "What a hero..."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
The other Pokemon keep their distance as the A.I.R.S. are released. It's just as interesting to watch as last time, as each Lucario becomes covered in a gray tint which gradually fades away to reveal robots in place of Pokemon. Each of them sit up at the same time, and in unison add

"L.A.I.R.S online. Please specify administrator and set purpose protocols."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
Each respond simultaneously with a nod. Like Danielle, they have LEDs where they used to have eyes, and a quick glance at each other uploads system recognitions for each bot.

"Software set up. Conversion complete."

"Now...for the hard part."

Liese goes up and hugs each one, and each one returns it.

"None of them look surprised!" Akira looks confused. "What's that all about?"

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