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Multiple Settings A Cat Lady's Search

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Tickler of Brains
Please tickle my brain with your creative fingers!
Hello There! You can call me Sugar.
I am a crazy cat lady that loves to write. :captaincat:
Enough said. Just kidding!
I work at a lab and have a very laxed job with a lot of down time, so I am free to post during most of the day and evenings when I get home! (I have no life...) I'm not sure what the qualifications are for labeling my writing rank. So I will just say I usually write between 300-800 words per post, more if I am inspire by a scene! Sorry to say, I only play female MCs. So if you're looking to pressuring me into playing a male for you, won't work! I do prefer to focus on our MCs instead of having a million side characters and getting distracted by their stories. I am known to be picky about who I roleplay with. Its all about chemistry with my partner. This means I want to brain storm with you, talk OOCly, and overall see if we are on the same page with our ideas, wants, and needs. If I don't feel we are a good match, I won't waste anymore of either of our time. I love any roleplay that you can twist into something dark, sinister, and gritty, make you go on an emotional rollercoaster where your brain oozes from your ears, and smashes you in the face with passionate romance. (Give me a bad guy to rock my world!) If you enjoy this type of writing too, than I may just be the girl for you!

Prerequisites Looking people that enjoy playing male characters.
Must be age 18+. I enjoy adult themes and need my partner to be comfortable with it too.
Needs to be able to post at least once a day (Life happens, just DM me if you'll be off that day)
Needs to be Literate to Advanced Literate. I write detailed posts, I want you to do the same! :) (I average about 300-800 words per post)
Looking for intense, emotional, mind-blowing, drama filled, crazy storylines.

Genres Sci-fi or Futuristic
Dark themes
Bad Boys <3
Cinderella Stories
Taboo Relationships
Anything with cats :captaincat:
Open to other ideas!

Genres I won't do Anthros
Heavy Magical Fantasy
Anything that involves me reading D&D Lore Guidelines

General Ideas, These can be modified and meant to be built upon! Devil's Song
A young girl is on her journey for stardom. All she wants is to be a famous rock star, but no one will take her seriously. Door after door gets slammed in her face. In silly desperation she jokingly does a ritual to make a pact with a demon, offering her body and soul in exchange for her dreams. Little does she know that the pact was accepted.

Art of Desire
Life can be tough for a girl in the big city; working dead end jobs just to pay the rent for your crappy apartment. It gets even worse when you're robbed blind and kicked out on the street. What's a girl to do? Enter a stranger to save the day? More like an extravagant creep. Meet the man, an artist, with an obscure vision and a peculiar taste. He just happens to be looking for a new model and is paying well. What's the hitch? Live in his home and never reject his artistic whim.

High Heel Hell
No one said being an exotic dancer was a classy act, but damn did it pay well. Life was going just fine until the new owner arrived; a big shot millionaire with an arrogant smile. His vision to turn this rundown establishment into a high class VIP club is starting to ruffle some feathers. Especially when he starts saying the entertainment is subpar...

Crazy for You
Schizophrenic, sociopathic narcissist, sadistic. These are only some of the diagnosis given to the man buried deep in this prison. A young physiologist is tasked with understanding this monster through an experimental virtual stimulation. By diving into each other's brains they meet daily for their little chats. Some would say they even enjoy these brief moments, making a connection over simple subjects like art and vacation spots. But what happens when these virtual systems backfire, stranding the girl inside the head of a mad man?

DM me if your interested in talking and brainstorming! :D
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You know what, I haven't done a apocalyptic Rp since I joined this site, if you wanna do that?


The Aristocrat of Evil
I am 20 and a guy, I have a few OCs that work into your ideas pretty well!
Specifically "Foreign Prince", if you could an Underwater fae prince as foreign at least LOL.
His RPs are usually dark fantasy, kind of like a studio ghibli movie but a little fucked up, usually he saves a partners character from an accident at sea, only to be like "you will marry me now :)" or he will straight up just kidnap your character, either or.

I also don't know if you'd be interested in it, but I have a character who's world has a big theming of monsters. From vampires, to mothman, to Yokai basically. I typically like to focus on Lovecraftian horrors and build a big overarching plot around that, I have some ideas if they might pique your interest!


Tickler of Brains
Updated my general ideas with a bit more of a summary. I don't want to put too much! I want to brainstorm with people! <3

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