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Multiple Settings ・❥・so pick me. choose me. love me ... as your 1x1 partner・❥・


free my girl shakira
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hey y'all!
i absolutely love love, and will rp almost anything involving romance (: i do mxf pairings, but i don't have a preference for either gender.
i might be new to the site, but i've been rp-ing for quite some time now. i consider myself to be semi-lit, but i'm not strict on word count.
since i'm an adult, i would prefer it if my rp partner is 18+. similarly, i won't rp as any minors, so please no high school plots!
we can rp here or on discord, or just use discord for ooc.
if you have any ideas of your own, i'd love to hear them!
if not, you can find some of my ideas below. i feel like some of these can be stacked on top of each other, so feel free to mix & match (:
  • academic rivals
  • professor x teacher's assistant or student ❀
  • foreign exchange student x local student or tutor ❀
  • boss x assistant (but more family-friendly lmao)
  • diplomat x interpreter ❀
  • co-workers
  • doctor x patient
other adult life:
  • old flame
  • widow/er begrudgingly falling in love again ❀
  • neighbors ❀
  • shop owner x customer
  • werewolves from rival packs (either arranged marriage or forbidden love-type of vibes)
  • vampire x human
"fandoms"? - oc's only
  • teen wolf ... but more like young adult wolf lmao ❀
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