800 Years Later

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  1. Near Greenville, Baton Outpost?

    The commander waved his hand. Weapons could be heard sliding back into their sheaths. There were now only about 150 of them standing directly in front of the man speaking. The rest had set up a border (or really a patrol) up the river and across all the way to a very small community called Little Rock, a place the where the Western Expedition had crossed. To the east, they patrolled up to the old I-55 highway. They weren't taking any chances. Regardless of whether or not these people were simple southern folk, if they passed the expeditionary force and made their way to Memphis, it would be the greatest folly the cities's army has ever had.
    "My duty bounds me to my blade. If you are a knight like I am, then surely you also know that to not have a blade by your side is the same as surrendering. We will certainly partake in your generous meal nonetheless." As he finished this, shuffling could be heard among their ranks, then followed by the sound of marching from the north. As the commander turned to look, he saw 100 cavalry men bearing the colors of the City of Nashville. His men opened a path as three of the 100 slowly came forward. The two in the back carried the flags of the Kingdom of the Four Cities and the Royal Traylor Insignia. At this, he knew that the Princess herself has come.

    The men bowed while the Commander-knight struck his own blade into the ground and knelled. One of the flag bearers declared loudly that the princess was here. "Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess of the Kingdom of the Four Cities, Chevalia Trish Traylor, has returned from her Western Expedition and has come to open diplomatic ties with those that the Southern Expedition has met." The princess, riding a magnificent brown stead spoke in a gentle and cheerful voice. "Please, rise."

    She then climbed down her stead herself. Upon seeing this, every man riding a horse immediately stood on flat ground, paying respect to Chevalia. Still wearing her horse riding outfit, she turned to face the other party. Lightly touching the tip of her helmet and moving her left hand behind her back, she made a slight mix between a curtsy and a bow. "I am Chevalia Trish Traylor. I apologize for my appearance and my short notice, but I do insist that you allow us to see your... Emperor... The kingdom has conducted many crusades alongside smaller communities and sovereignty in the fair land of the South, but we had no explicit knowledge that an emperor resided on the Mississippi.
  2. Outpost Cain, Greenville MS

    "I am Sir Gregor, and if you stand at peace I do as well until my lord demands otherwise." He said to the group his own men putting away their swords as the peasants slowly began to disperse back to the normal life, it was obvious that the baton where trying to reach far and claim what of the river they could and this outpost in Greenville would certainly make a good addition with the ones set up more south in Tullula and Lake Providence. During the short stand off a lone rider had doubled back to quickly try and inform the Emperor of what was going on ahead of the expeditionary force, "We have plenty of food in many a variety. My men must stay here to defend this territory but I was just on my way back to the capital, welcome to the Empire" He said as suddenly horses rode up, it was a suprize to suddenly see so many horses and it not be part of and raiding party, Sir Gregor gave a quick bow to be certious but did not wait to be told to rise. While a guest she had no power over him or his men, "a pleasure to meet you your grace, as I was telling your caravan I shall escort you all back to the capital for a nice meal and you may dicuss whatever you with with our Emperor. If you have any questions in the meantime I would be more than happy to answer them on the way" Gregor said as a horse was brought up to him, "it is pleaseing to see a fresh face that isn't trying to kill us, most of the south has become rather calm now days. All of Louisiana is now under the banner of the Empire and we already make advances into Texas and Alabama' he said mostly bluffing about it but they had no way to know if this was true or not and eventually it would be.

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    The revitalization of the Kingdom of Columbia's infrastructure progressed smoothly into winter and was nearly complete, Vivian proudly observed. The workers, close to the end of their job, seemed to only accelerate once more of the struggle was behind them. In the years and decades to come continued growth and expansion was all but ensured for future generations.

    Which was why it was now time to turn his attention to the incessant question of water in the Los Angeles Basin. Many hundreds of years before his time the ancients used great aqueducts to supply the same thirsting city he ruled now, but they had all irreparably broken down due to neglect and the destruction of old world black magic from the lands of North America. Vivian's predecessors attempted to construct their own, the remains of which are scattered throughout the desert, but they had never fully completed in light of the lives and gold that they consumed as astonishingly quick as leaves in a forest fire. The Kingdom of Columbia could now with many hundreds of thousands of men at it's disposal, at the height of it's power, finish what it's past selves have been forced to abandon and discard part-way through in order for exponentially greater harvests and water supplies to more comfortably weather famines and droughts.

    The Kingdom of Cascadia and it's seat of Seattle was impressive, although noticeably smaller in scale than his lordship's, Ambassador Roland of the Kingdom of Columbia and representative of his majesty King Vivian Wylmot found. The timber and fishing industries appeared to be the mainstay of the peasantry, and a profitable one at that. Still, he thought, it paled in comparison to the bustling marketplaces and crowded ports of his homeland. Documenting the size of the Cascadian navy and army wherever he found it only further confirmed reports that the military strength of King Edward I while notable appeared to be at a glance heavily parceled to the sea to the detriment of it's land forces. In other words, a serious contender and possible challenger of Columbian dominance of the coastline and the ocean beyond it, yet an almost equally matched opponent on the common soil they happened to share should Columbia's advantage in numbers not prove a deciding factor in the conflict rather than the widely held experience of Cascadia's men in the art of warfare. Regardless, the current objective he held was to achieve a trade agreement and a military alliance between the two realms, be they Protestant heathens or not.

    Over the next hours he and his escort of knights disembarked from the carrack that facilitated their journey and patiently waited for the reception party of their many splendored host to receive them.
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  4. Edward sat on in his chair in the discussions room. As he sat there, he peered out into the city and soon saw the Great Libary of Seattle. It was a marvel and one of the greatest achievements the city had ever made in its existence. Constructed 200 years ago by King Maximillion II, it held the knowledge of the entire realm, containing books of history, religious texts with commentaries by different preists, works of fiction, paintings (which include every king ever to rule Cascadia), sculptures , and pre-war relics, which included a rusted pole that had some sort of flame that was powered by a long lost concept called electricity (hough some said it was powered by magic lost when the Great Plauge came through), some sort of old sign that had in yellow letters "Mc" but the rest had long ago been washed away (some believe it was a place of learning called a university), old pieces of paper and cloth with an odd transcription of "E Pluribus Unum", with many historians beliving it used to be something meaning unity in a language long dead and lost to the plague. There were numerous other artifacts, but the most prized one was a metal barrel in a caseing with a handle with a trigger on it. If you flipped the barrel open, it had holes in it. Some belive it to be it fired the "fire arrows" spoke in Indian legends while some belive it was nothing more than a child's toy

    Edward shook himself from his stupor, and looked to his navy. It was impressive, and quite powerful in the region. After all, the remnants of the slaves in Vancouver always did want to extract sweet vengeance on them and tried to raid their ships for supplies, and a large and powerful navy was needed. Meanwhile, their army was powerful quite powerful, while the standing army was decent, most of the population was in reservers and every male who was not nobel at the age of 18 was forced to be in the military for 2 years, meaning the population was trained and ready for war. His gates were open and he sat in his seat, waiting for the ambassadors to arrive
  5. Greenville

    Chevalia smiled, "Of Course." She turned to her own knight-commander and told him to keep his men here. She'll bring along her 100 men. Of course, that included her maids and servants who refuse to let Chevalia leave their sights. She climbed back onto her horse and her 100 Calvary and Flagbearers trotted forward in columns of 4 behind Chevalia. She beamed a child like smile to Sir Gregor. "Shall we depart? Oh! and may I ask the full title of your nation?" It would be worrisome for Kingdom to have to deal with another nation as powerful as itself, and one who controls the southern part of the Mississippi river.

    When she returned to Nashville, she declared that the lands crossed by the Northern Expedition (Kentucky) would become part of the Kingdom. She knew that she was gonna have to expand south, closer to the communities of Birmingham and Atlanta, or at least to cover the entirety of the Tennessee River. Because of that, she was cautious of the bumping into other powerful nations. She knew all this, but she couldn't stop her own excitement at the travel to new lands.
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    Seeing the work on the improved and extended road networks finished and the final segments of the aqueducts on their way to completion, the only thing left to do in Vivian's mind was to encourage the now accelerated expansion and economic growth of the Kingdom of Columbia as best as he is physically capable of. In light of the noticeably depleted royal treasury he turned to tax incentives to draw the attention of the peasantry to the frontier. Peasants or nobles who can double their current amount of cultivated acreage through their own effort or those that establish a new estate or farm of no less than six hundred cultivated acres are to be exempted from their obligatory taxes for the entirety of a year since the day of completion of either of the two tasks.

    After the initial favorable responses from his allies and confidantes he enacted the decree and spread the word throughout all the land as to galvanize the subjects of his nation into action taken in pursuit of their own self-interest. To secure additional arable land ten thousand able bodied men are to be levied from the ranks of commoners and trained for a duration of two weeks as pikemen before being sent along with sizeable groups of knights and in the wake of rangers to secure through diplomacy and if necessary through war all the land and villages south of the Kingdom of Columbia all the way to the post-plague borders of the Kingdom of San Diego (encompassing the entirety of San Diego County) and the pre-plague borders of the former and unimaginably great Kingdom of California.


    Ambassador Roland entered the discussion room at the King of Cascadia's leisure. Heading a column of four pairs of attendants carrying a series of gifts for their kingly host, he sat down without the following of the etiquettes or courtesies normally expected of his position in foreign lands. As representative of his lordship Vivian Wylmot, he was to be treated as if it was he who sat on the throne. Anything more or less would imply that the two kings were unequal in stature. Gesturing to his sides as the servants placed chests on the table executed themselves, he opened the containers one by one, showcasing and offering the contents inside them to Edward I before setting them aside. "I've brought an exquisitely crafted yew longbow, a trio of aged wines selected from the finest vineyards of Columbia, ten pounds of roasted Geisha coffee beans, and the latest designs of minimalist Columbian fashion to thank your royal highness for so graciously receiving our diplomatic overtures and hosting our delegation."

    He paused in his thrice prepared remarks, his dark eyes scanning the facial features of Edward I. "At your bidding we can transition to matters of business between our two realms."
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    The meeting with Maria Colombo had been... unfortunate. Tiberio had hoped she'd be civil, but upon the moment she'd met Hala she'd been cold and cruel. She mocked Hala for a full two minutes before exploding into anger and shouts, leaving poor shy Hala sobbing uncontrollably and with a bleeding nose before guards dragged Maria away. Tiberio tended to her wounds softly and carefully. They'd known eachother for only a few months compared to Tiberio's 7 years with Maria, and he already like Hala far more. Perhaps even love could grow between them, eventually. Besides, she would bear his son. Maria would never know Tiberio's bed again, that was for sure, not with Hala around. Maria couldn't grant him a kingdom, not even much else.

    The special adviser, Miguel Enseta, entered into the room. "Milord... ah, this must be Hala of the Hualapai. M'lady, you are more stunning than could ever be described." He was visibly uncomfortable at the crying girl. Tiberio smiled. "She cannot understand you. You may go, I'll be out in a few minutes." Miguel awkwardly exited. Tiberio turned back to Hala. "Poor, poor girl... I am sorry about Maria. It won't happen again." After a few more minutes his new wife collected herself and Tiberio went to speak with Miguel. "What is it, Enseta?" "Milord, some ships arrived while you were gone. These ships were greater than any we'd ever seen, and they claimed to come from a land of myth, the great Southern Continent. They call themselves 'Galapagueños' and brought great wonders, like tortoises the size of men and wonderful spices, even gold. They wish to trade with us." Tiberio thought for a moment. "This... this is strange, but if they do have such exotic wares it would be good to trade. I'm sure we can offer some of our finer product in exchange for these wonders. We shall trade with the 'Galapagueños'."

    @Ghost Toast
    The Pacific is visited by the Galapagueños, worshipers of the life-giver Darwin. They offer exotic idols, art, and creatures for trade.

    The lower Atlantic is visited by the Nortebrazilianos, worshipers of the Amazons. They offer amazing pelts and delicacies for trade. Also, @EmperorAzazel claiming all of Louisiana at once is too much. You can conquer maybe along the Mississippi, but you'll need to conquer the land. It isn't empty, villages and fiefdoms are everywhere.
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    Madalyn Gerye
    The Confederation of Florida

    It's a cloudy day in Piedrafort. Winds blow into the intercoastal. It sways the trees. It also sways the hair of the Siveyan of Peidrafort, Madalyn. She is in the city's palace. The palace is very old, and very large. Yet, it mostly stands, though a corner of the palace caught fire once long ago. They call the place the Ponc Leo; that's at least what an old artifact said it was. It served as the palace for Kings back when Piedrafort was an independent kingdom. Now it's where Madalyn and all the other Siveyans of the city live.

    At the palace, she awaits the arrival of a naval captain. Madalyn has been working on something new. It is an expedition northward. She has been interested in what was beyond Florida. All that was know was that there were some islands to the south and a large landmass to the north. It's been in her thoughts on what was on that landmass, hence an expedition. The woman asked many people if they would support an expedition, and they did. She then requested a naval captain to lead the expedition under a great reward.

    In the afternoon, the captain finally arrives. A party is held for him arriving. Everyone sits at a long table inside the Ponc Leo palace. Madalyn is the middle of the table. To her left is the captain, and to her right is her husband, Robert Lanmè. Her children are in another room in the palace with a caretaker. The Estupendo Siveyan makes a small speech.

    "My subjects. My friends. I am all happy to have you here today. In a while starts our great project: an expedition of the northern lands. Two ships are to head off with our captain here to lead them to the mysterious lands. They'll be bringing some stuff to show to anyone on the way. We wish them them good luck on their journey and hope that they discovery plentiful things."

    Everyone at the party claps for a few seconds. For Madalyn, she feels delighted. She thinks that there are multiple benefits to this expedition. Knowing new people may mean getting new things to trade for. With what the captain learns about the north, it might be worth to make trade post and expand north. She's been willing to increase the Floridian land north, even if not all of Florida is under the control of the Confederation. With more land, she could have more power in the Confederation. Perhaps all the Siveyans will see her as a queen if she is powerful enough.
  9. Port Washington, Alaska
    Early Winter, 2834


    It was just after midnight in the recently founded town of Port Washington located in a strategically chosen area in southeastern Alaska, far from the Mountain Complex but relatively close to the lower forty eight states. A town that was to be the capital of Directive 40's surface operations and their program to resettle all of the former United States and a new beginning for the old world and the American citizens that were now being vaccinated for the Plague and sent back out into the world they had fled from over eight centuries ago. Port Washington, named after the first President of the United States was a small but booming settlement, growing immensely by the day as construction continued day and night and for the most part twenty four hours a day seven days a week with crews from both civilian departments of the Directive and the Army Corps of Engineers being rotated in and out with the benefits of their hard work being that them and their families were the first ones to be resettled into the outside world again. The natural calmness of the surrounding forests, mountains, rivers and oceans was interrupted by the harsh mechnical whirring and buzzing of the various construction sites scattered around the growing town that occupied a small corner of the coastline of Baranof Island. Bright floodlights ensuring that those working on the sites could keep doing so no matter how dark it got and with sufficient warm clothing and heat sources being provided to the workers to also ensure that they could work as comfortably as possible regardless of how low the temperatures dropped.

    So far the fledgling albeit as mentioned before rapidly growing town had a population of around 2,200 and rising. With the majority of the population being made up of the construction workers, Army Engineers and their families however others had also been brought out into the world to join Port Washington as well, a small selection of medical staff and a detachment of Army Rangers had been stationed in the town to both protect it and make sure if there were any injuries that they could be treated. So far the town had it's own hospital, the Port Washington Medical Center. It's own park that had been named Freedom Park, like the town's name implied a rather large port along the river the town was being built on that was large enough to hold container ships and US Navy vessels with expansions being made so that it could be the homeport of even the William F. Halsey aircraft carrier. A smaller port for civilian fishing and luxury boats and yachts, a waste, water and energy facility all in one to supply essential utilities to the town, a small residential district filled with lovely suburban homes modelled after those in pre-Plague America for the workers and their families, a barracks for the military personnel stationed in the town with plans for those barracks to be expanded into a fully fledged US military installation with it's own airfield for the F-15's and helicopters that the Air Force were eager to bring out of storage, the town also had it's very own Town Hall which was to be the center for the Directive's civilian governing in the outside world and the town was even host to a small commercial highstreet in the center of town just next to the town hall.

    As for what the future plans for what the town was to have included were it's own nursery and elementary school for both the prepubescent population of the Directive alongside future children once the embyros had begun being unfrozen and grown, alongside these facilities would also be a middle school-high school combination as to acommedate both those age groups and an actual university which was to be named the University of America or UAM for short. Other plans also included a police station to restore a sense of civilian law and order for the citizens of the Directive rather than the military dealing with security and justice. A fire station for obvious reasons, a church, a cinema, a small sports stadium that would also be home to a leisure complex equipped with swimming pools and large gymnasiums for the civilian population to use, numerous large farms that would be on the outskirts of the town and also once Port Washington was deemed to be mostly complete a transportation network of roads and railway tracks to begin connecting the town to all of the other towns that would soon begin being set up along Balanof Island as well, a civilian airport was also on the list of priorities so that the population could travel between the towns on Balanof and the Arcadia Mountain Complex further up the state.​
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  10. (Sorry this is a little shorter then I would normally provide but I was not receiving notification and am really busy the next few days)
    While he knew not why, many hosts and messengers had arrived to meet with him and discuss relations with the Rust Belt. He mused 'Heathens they may be, but many follow the false faiths those before the great calamity followed and so I shall grant them audience, I suppose.' He had messengers meet them at the many points they were being held to keep foreign forces outside Belt Heartland. They sent the following message 'The Grand Fabricator invites you all to meet with his court in his palace. A feast will be held and the markets will provide their finest wears for your browsing pleasures.' With that they granted them entrance to their lands and all the information they would need to find the palace. Meanwhile the palace was emptier then before. The lords of the realm had return to their own halls and palaces and expansion plans were being drawn. He hoped to retake the rest of Michigan so that they could have a more secure northern border.
  11. "We are known simply as the Empire of Baton. We are a rather simple people but our Emperor will be more than happy to regale you with the tale of our people. After all his family has lead is through many hardships and it is with his knowledge and power that we continue your grow to expand and spread the wisdom of the mighty church." Sir Gregor would lead the expedition south to the current capital of the Empire at the delta plantation where the dignitaries could better speak with the Emperor.

    In that time as well the Emperor had opened his doors to the southern people eager for further trade. Eager to fully control all the lands in lousiana as quickly as possible, and fulfill the bluff sir Gregor had stated now with his knights returned from the north or at the least some of them. He focused all of his manpower on taming the south. It would be a long endeavour. However he was willing to do whatever it tool to unify this state he called home. To that effect he solidified his standing and began to march his forces south 4,500 knights all a very large number of peasant levy (about 50,000) southwards where they would try to make contact with and subjuate any fiefdoms who would challage his claim to the throne of the Mississippi river.

    All this however would only come after terms where dictated between the southern traders and the northern diplomats. Both seemed very interesting especially the woman sir Gregor had told him after but upon his return to the capital

  12. near Baton, Louisiana Delta Plantation,

    While riding her stead beside Sir Gregor, Chevalia nodded to his explanation. "If I may so ask, what is the church that the Empire prays at? Most of the south follows some form of Protestantism, is that not the foundation of your church?"

    As Chevalia asked with childish curiosity, her two flag bearers behind her shifted in their saddle. The citizens of the Kingdom all follow Southern Hospitality, a form of Southern Protestantism. All forms of Protestantism is tolerated, any other forms of Christianity is viewed with disdain. And god forbid, any religion beyond the word of Christ is simply barbaric. If the hundred cavalry heard an unfavorable answer from Sir Gregor, there would certainly be a ruckus. At this point, the flagbearers, acting as Chevalia's aides, placed all their hope in the drowning noise of their march.

    @EmperorAzazel (if you want, we can go ahead and speed up their march all the way to the capital.)
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  13. The trade with the Galapagueños had proven to be a good choice. The things they offered had quickly become quite the fad among the Cartel nobility, and owning some of the things they offered was quite the status symbol. For example, Tiberio himself had purchased a small collection of the gigantic tortoises they offered, which now meandered through the royal gardens. Hala enjoyed them immensely, which in turn meant that Maria Colombo had tried to kill them once. Maria was quickly turning from a mildly annoying arranged marriage to a full jealous psychopath. She now had to be accompanied by guards at all time to stop her outbursts.

    Tiberio lay back on a cushion in the shrine to Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest gods of Psicodélico. He supposedly had run a massive cartel empire, controlling all the way from Colombia in the Southern Lands to the Dragon Peninsula in the east. Tiberio was using a very potent cocktail of drugs and plants, a very strong hallucinogenic concocted by the priests. Already the world began to swirl around him. In front of him his father climbed out of the floor, melting his way upwards and becoming solid as he fully exited the bricks. "Tiberio, beware of the westerners. They come for your kingdom." The dead king morphed into a pine tree the size of one of the Old World's steel pinnacles, and the small room around Tiberio morphed into a strangely twisted mountain view. It was both day and night; the world was lit like it was daytime, but the sky was black and starry and had no sun. Tiberio felt as if he were being watched, and as he looked around he realized the mountains had eyes. They watched him silently for what felt like years until the ground below him collapsed and Tiberio fell into a dark hallway in the castle. A window was nearby, and outside he saw La Paz burning in the night, while wolves made of stars and fire, hundreds of feet tall, bound slowly away to the horizon. He heard a screech and saw Maria Colombo, twisted into a monster with claws and sharp teeth, charging and hobbling towards him, making ungodly noises as she did. Tiberio ran, navigating the castle, but it was not the castle he knew. It was endless, with new doors and rooms popping up, the castle changing and rebuilding itself as Tiberio ran. Eventually he could run no longer, and the world went black as the monster-Maria pounced on him.

    When he woke up, he was in the shrine's sleeping room with a bad headache. A priest sat beside him. "Ah, you awaken. What visions did the spirits send to you, my Cesár?" Tiberio explained the events of his hallucinations, or maybe dreams, to the priest. The priest stood up, mildly concerned. "Very good, Cesár. I will consult the tomes and spirits to find the meaning of these visions the gods sent to you." Tiberio stood up and left silently. The westerners would take his kingdom? What could that mean? All that was to the west was endless sea, unless you believed the scholars who said that there were lands far, far to the east, so far that they were west. No, there was no proof of those infinitely distant lands. The westerners... Tiberio would have to consult the geographers and the mapmakers.
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  14. They would arrive at the capital shortly after Sir Gregor finished explaining the jist of the religion he followed, it was rather simply. "Well we follow a path from the southern Protestantism but also what once the world called Catholicism, We choose to think that there is only one true god and that his word shall bring us to the promised land upon our death. Our works shall see us through to that world, no man or women poor or wealthy all shall be judged equally by the lord. So all of us work to the best we can each day to spread his word, our Emperor or Empress the divine leader who helps guide our hand and bring the good faith to the people." He made sure to choose his words carefully, keeping out that they viewed him as a sort of pope and instead simply as a guide, once they where all brought to the capital there was a nice feast prepared for them, the river was very plentiful to the plantation, a great number of fresh fish had recently been caught and cooked along with some fresh Maze and green beans.

    The Emperor was waiting seated up on a balcony overlooking the massive compound that was the Delta Plantation. "Welcome Welcome" he shouted down at the visitors as the great gates where opened allowing in the merchants the great Emperor eager to hear of news from the north only around 500 of his guards in attendance for the feast the rest helping with the slow pacification of the rest of the state it would take a long time but it would be worth it as things progressed.

  15. Baton

    Chevalia nodded and was generally satisfied with the fulfillment of her curiosity. The flagbearers were relieved that Sir Gregor had seemed to pick up on the sensitive topic of it. When Chevalia was part of the Western Expedition, their meeting with the first Mormon King didn't go so smoothly.

    As they entered, three of the four men carrying the flags of Nashville switched them out to their respective cities. One of the flag bearers rode up beside Chevalia and whispered something in her ear. After some conversation, Chevalia pulled back on her reins and allowed the her guard commander to take her place instead, riding alongside Sir Gregor. "My apologizes for not introducing myself earlier. I am Tyron Astler, Commander of Her Highness's Guards. Please do not take offensive to our actions. Even if we are a diplomatic envoy, we would like our esteemed princess to refrain from appearing to be equals with anyone other than royalty, even if she herself actively seeks to engage with the populous." The man remained in a high posture, exhibiting not an attitude of arrogance, but rather one of dignity.

    To be fair, this was a problem they encountered during their travels to Las Vegas. Those Mormon kings had assumed Princess Chevalia to be one of lower status, and this resulted in a fair bit of sword rattling between the men. Well in anycase, the new formation is as follows: At the front are Sir Gregor alongside Guard Commander Tyron Astler. Followed by two Flagbearers, carrying the flag of the Kingdom of the Four Cities. Then Crown Princess Chevalia Traylor herself, two more Flagbearers carrying the Royal Banner of the Traylor Family. Behind them were four more flagbearers, each one carrying a banner of one of the different cities, and in four lines of men, cavalrymen.

    Certainly they garnered some looks among the people. Chevalia herself waved to them with a cheerful smile. If it wasn't for the fact that she was part of a procession, she would immediately jump of her horse and start exploring the place. When they all came to an eventual stop, Tyron Astler would loudly declare Chevalia's presence.
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    The pikemen had excellent discipline and could march and form into shield wall and square formations as impressively as any man he had ever seen, Vivian noted. Mechanical movements that would hold up in battles no matter how dire with the weight of their faith and the emotionless resolve of their people. In short, it was everything that was needed of them before they set off for the southern expansion as commanded by their lord. The columns of men-at-arms rapped their halberds against the cobblestone of his castle's courtyard in unison before finishing with a final uniform crash of hobnails against the ground they stood upon and beginning their march out of the city and towards the wild frontier in the company of knights and rangers, followed by hundreds of those wanting to make their fortune in lands yet untamed.

    Vivian returned to the dockyards and finished the trade dealings with the Galapagueños, gaining much from the heathens with the loss of relatively little, in particular achievement of a ratio of one of the giant tortoises for a tenth of it's weight in wine. He even took his master shipbuilders to the negotiations in order to throughly document the innards and secrets of the foreign vessels. Their attempts at reverse engineering the crafts would begin immediately and offer a great boon to the merchantile fleet and perhaps even the Columbian navy itself in time if successful.
  17. Baton Capital, Delta Plantation

    As they came up the plantations roads they would see row upon row upon hundered of row of various vegetable and fruit stocks. The entire plantation was a fortified garden, if it was ever seiged there would be no telling as to how long the plantation could last able to grow their own food inside ment while they had a larger area to protect the odds of them going bindery where very slim, and even if them he outside did fall they would burn the crops and fall back to the secondary wall built around the home of the Emperor. A large circular wall which encompassed the house would be the last line of defense should the need arise, for now all enemies had been pushed to far away to be a real worry.

    Alistair von baton the 6th was the current Emperor and the man to welcome the group past the secondary wall and into the great plaza that made for the imperial palace, the palace itself stood atop a small hill a perfectly white house with some additions here and there mostly made of wood but with some stone buildings attached, it was the best for the moment Baton had to call a palace but it had made due for a long time. "Announcing the presence of his imperial magesty, Emperor of Baton and Louisana, Alistair von Baton the 6th." A speaker shouted as the emperor stepped from his home to go out and great the new arrivals with open arms. "Welcome to my humble home, It is a pleasure to meet you all" Alsiter said stepped down towards them his guards flanking him on each side another 20 with bows now covering the exit. You always had to be careful when allowing others into you our home these days.

  18. Baton Capital

    Everyone got off their horses and bent forward in respect to their host. Chevalia, gave a light nod, considering that her attire was still one of a horse rider's. After the initial exchange of respect, Chevalia walked forward to the Emperor while her aides rushed forward to make her more presentable, replacing the overcoat with a clean one and her helmet with headwear similar to the ones that her mother would wear when she was out in public, or so she was told. Chevalia's face strained ever so slightly in protest to the sudden change of attire. By the time she was several paces before Emperor Alistair, the aides had done their duty and returned quietly to their posts in the demonstration. As she lifted her right hand up to her chest, she noticed that they had also changed it to a clean one. In any case, she placed her hand to her chest and bent forward ever so slightly. "I am Crown Princess Chevalia Traylor of the Kingdom of the Four Cities. We have come from the north seeking to open diplomatic ties with your sovereignty." Raising back up, she smiled a gentle smile. "We would like to thank you for your hospitality."

  19. Madalyn Gerye
    The Confederation of Florida

    It's time for the expedition to start. The captain is in the city, the crew has gathered, the two ships are here, and the supplies are all collected. Madalyn and her family are at the harbour of Piedrafort, looking at the ships as they are about to depart. The captain on his flagship gives a faithful kiss in the air to the audience gathering at the docks. A bell rang, ropes were untied, and the ships headed off on their great expedition.

    The expedition consist of two ships. Both are single-masted longships. Sailors row on the port and starboard. The mast of the flagship has a blue, square sail with a white, diagonal cross while the second ship has a blue, square sail with white, vertical stripes.

    Each ship carries its own supplies to survive, at least for along with other things. Each sailor has a bow and a dagger, though they might not be trained in either. The captain carries a longsword and a metal shield. A bunch of cotton cloth sheets are taken, both for trading and because rumours claimed that the north had white rain that lasted for weeks in the cooler days of the year. On each ship was a small chest of gold and silver coins for trading. An extra amount of dried oranges and fermented orange juice are along in case some of the other food is lost. The captain is accompanied by his green iguana.

    On the flagship is a dozen of the guard to the Estupendo Siveyan, Madalyn. The guards are armed with halberders. They are equipped with padded cloth, chain mail covering all but their faces, and plated iron chestpieces and helmets decorated with silver ornaments. Madalyn's guards are there to show the wealth of Florida.

    The captain has some simple instructions for his voyage. They are to keep along the coast, just close enough to see things from it. When the ships have eaten nearly half of their supply of food, turn back to Florida. He and some others will jot down details such as the environment, visible animals, interesting masses of land, and people. If there are settlements, signal for trade, from the ships, by showing the chests of coins. If settlements appear hostile, turn back to Florida.

    With that, the captain and the two ships sail off to what's north of Florida. A crowd cheers the two ships off.

    After the departure, Madalyn returns to the Ponc Leo with her family. The Estupendo Siveyan has dinner, however, a messanger interrupts her meal. It appears that the Grandioso Konsèy is to meet to resolve a dispute between two Siveyans. They are to meet in Antiguoplaj. This means that Madalyn will have to take a three day long ride down to the city. She is suppose to be there already, as the city has a residence for the Estipendo Siveyan, but she keeps to the north since that where most of her realm is.

    The next day, Madalyn gets onto the a boat. It is a ship similar to what was seen yesterday, though this one has It's her personal ship for traveling around the coast of Florida. She and her personal guards get onto it. They start to sail off for Antiguoplaj.

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