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Fantasy ɪɴ ᴀᴇᴛᴇʀɴᴜᴍ ʟᴏʀᴇ


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The Setting.

Set in modern times, the Champions have been around for thousands of years and lived through many eras. Some have adapted better to the modern world than others.

The story so far.

As long as the Earth has been rotating, the Gods have been watching over every living creature on its surface. The ten gods each watched over a different land, with a whole nation of people whose culture centered around their assigned god.

After a millennia of supervising the Earth and fighting each and every monster that dared show their face, the gods grew tired of the humans’ frivolous problems.

So, the gods created a mighty champion to fight for them on Earth; the Titan Kraniais. However, the champion Kraniais grew too strong and turned on its creators. To replace and subdue the Titan, the Gods blessed ten human champions with the power of demi-gods. How did they choose these particular humans? Well, some were cursed to become the champions because they’d slighted the gods while others were “blessed” by the gods for their devotion to them. Though the new chosen champions powers were less than the Titan’s, together they were strong enough to defeat Kraniais with ease.

Together, the ten champions defeated Kraniais and locked him in the underworld prison Tartarus. With the Titan locked away, the new champions took over the gods’ duty of protecting Earth for the next several centuries.

The champions completed their duties through the centuries, some more resentful than others, while the gods lounged their days away on Olympia. The former humans had to watch their families grow old and die while they stayed young forever, repeating through the centuries as the world continued to change around them, yet they remained the same.

The only family they had was each other, the only constant in a never ending lifetime was those who also could not die. A thousand years of friendship and comradery has made the champions into their own makeshift family, but even the strongest families fight.

With the rising of Kraniais, the champions have bargained with the Gods for their freedom. If they can kill Kraniais for good, their curse will be lifted and they can live out a normal human life, no longer serving as the immortal warriors of the gods. While some of the champions believe the gods will keep their promise, the others do not.

The champions are now divided on whether they should stay true to their mission and have faith in the gods, or betray them by joining forces with the Titan to destroy the gods themselves.

By setting Kraniais free, the champions may be able to overthrow the gods, however the Titan has been locked away for so long that releasing them will certainly cause mass destruction. The decision is yours, will you stand by the gods and protect humanity from the wrath of an all out war between gods, or join the destruction of the gods and potentially all of humanity?


the lore.

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